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Автор Indian Motorcycle (10 месяцев)
We are counting down moments from the past year on The Ride to Model Year

The next moment is the first consumer ride of the 2014 Indian Chief family.

Take a listen to what Duane P. had to say about the ride.

Автор bdseidler (2 месяца)
I rented 1 last year 6-14 and put 1000 miles on it. It was not to my
liking. I have nothing bad to say about the bike other then it did not fit
me well. 5-11, 6ft in boots. It just felt heavy and bulky.
Rode like a recliner on the open road though and was rock steady. Like I
said. Nothing bad to say about the bike, just not to my liking. 

Автор Michael Dodd (1 месяц)
I'm was trying to purchase a bike from Indian, but they're service is so
atrocious that I simply cannot justify giving my money to such a terrible
company. I walked into the door of their dealer here in St. Paul MN, with
money in hand and pre-approved credit for a brand new motorcycle. But the
condescending, belittling attitude of their sales staff was beyond
palpable. I mean... how do you screw up a sale from someone who already
knows what they want, with money in hand and all they simply want to do is
ask a few questions and place the order? I could barely get a brochure
from the guy and every question I asked was followed up by argumentative,
disgruntled attitude. And then when I called the Indian "customer service"
line, all I got was the canned "we're sorry for your experience Sir...
blah, blah, blah...". There was no sense of urgency, no escalation, no
personal responsibility to make things better, no reaching out personally,
it was like dealing with the cable company. The level of personal
detachment and corporate rigidity was breath taking! I went from feeling
proud to feeling embarrassed that Minnesota is the state that this company
calls home.

I was at the Harley Davidson dealer that's literally across the parking lot
from the Indian dealer and the difference is night and day. The Harley
dealer's attention and service was AWESOME! They worked with me, answered
every question, talked product, joked, gave me a tour of their entire
facility, talked about their service, programs, clubs, parties, bike
options, showed me their custom shop, their mechanics... they even showed
me pictures of their kids and talked about family. When I was in their
shop they made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.
The Indian dealer unfortunately was the complete and total opposite, which
may explain why the Harley dealer is packed from the moment they open their
doors to the moment they close... the Indian dealer is almost always empty.
I have to recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing a product from this
company to think twice... if their service is this bad when you're trying
to give them your money, just think how bad it will be after they have your
money. I wanted to shop American and more importantly, from a company
that's based in my own community. But I've never experienced service that
was so poor with an "I don't care" attitude from a company that I walked
away sincerely feeling like they simply don't care if I shop their or not.
It's no wonder Harley is out selling them 10 to 1. Save yourself some
time, spend the extra money and buy a Harley. There's no service here
because they simply don't care.

Автор Motorcycle Worth (3 месяца)

Автор Electronic Adventures (5 месяцев)
How long ya think it'll be before the lefties demand Indian Motorcycle
change it's name?

Автор Runeguy33 (10 месяцев)
Gorgeous bike. I'll never be able to afford one....

Автор Hattiesburg Cycles (10 месяцев)
We are counting down moments from the past year on The Ride to Model Year

The next moment is the first consumer ride of the 2014 Indian Chief family.

Take a listen to what Duane P. had to say about the ride.

Автор Erry Rollins (10 месяцев)
That bike.

Автор Danny Diekman (10 месяцев)
Love to take a ride looking good nice lines and sound . 

Автор Biker Insurance (7 месяцев)
What a brilliant looking bike... 

Автор bruskibest (10 месяцев)
I've test ridden all 3 Indian models...Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain.
These bikes are, without a doubt, the finest I have ridden and I've ridden
a lot of bikes over the past 48 years! My eye is on the Chieftain and I am
working on purchasing that model. Just hope I can do this soon!

Автор Aknoctum (1 год)
I dont like ... this new indian,

Автор David m (1 год)
I would rather ride their;;;Snow machines' And leave the bike riding to

Автор Dave ThePirate (1 год)
First 2014 Indian Chief Demo Rider Reaction
I WANT!!!!!

Автор Lou Montana (1 год)
Having a gray beard does not make you an expert on motorcycles.

Автор Hayes Lincoln (1 год)
I'm seeing a lot of haters here. Why. Harley, Indians are not like Honda or
beamers. There different. So whats the beef. I own a Goldwing. 4th one
now. I love them. But I live in Milwaukee. Lot of Harley people. Lots of
Harley jerks here. I personally want total reliable bikes. Harley's still
overheat, got electrical issues and are kind of pigs to drive. But if you
like em, who's to say. I like the Indian because It's American made, I like
old school stuff. It looks like it's right out of 1950. Cool. So to you
Harley purists I say say, Let's ride, to you Honda folks, Beamer people,
Ninga kids, Let's ride. Why did you buy a bike in the first place. I
wouldn't care if you got any kind of bike. Fire em up., head for some
twisty roads or roll on the throttle on a big road. Go watch wild Hogs. It
says it well. 

Автор Mich Sem (1 год)

Автор Ignas Ignas (1 год)
0:16 hi Santa.

Автор Victri Chief (1 год)
Good video. They're going to prove to be a great new American Motorcycle
and selling well here in Australia.

Автор Kevin Clifton (1 год)
The indian actually performed better than the new harley cruiser in every
way except braking was easier on the harley but for a brand new try at
making indian that's not bad at all imagine how good they'll be next year
if they're already so close to out doing harley.

Автор Marybgreat (1 год)
Missing the tour pack on the tour bike. 

Автор John Wright (1 год)
Maybe so Jack Sanders but given enough time I think that they will be able
to chip away at Harley's bottom line. IMHO.

Автор Sideways Miller (1 год)
I think the Bro loves it!
It is a pretty scoot.

Автор DanOblacksmith (1 год)
Glad to see the Chief is back. Indian kicked Harley's ass up and down the
block for 50 years and they will again too.
One thing I'd love to see is a resurrected Scout. Definitely room in the
market for it. The Indian Scout of the past is widely regarded as among the
best, some say THE best, production motorcycle in history. The Sportster
has always been a mediocre bike and a new Scout that the average working
guy can afford would make Willie G. choke on his dentures.

Автор tay crabbe (1 год)
you suffer badly from cock-breath mate !!! Go- Blow an Indian Chief !!!

Автор jeremy jannen (1 год)
wheres the dam bike

Автор genesishep (1 год)
No, I actually relish good discussion, healthy debate and welcome others
opinions. I just don't like douches like you who throw around insults in
some veiled effort to appear superior. You started with the name bashing, I
just called it as I see it. You've clearly earned the title "King of
Douches" wear it proudly. I'll stop feeding the troll now my apologies to
the other commenters. Good day :)

Автор Brad Enfield (1 год)
Polaris you wasnt paying attention to detail. You got a chain driven cam
with guides instead of gears. Your going to have the same problem HD
has....I'll stay with the Star rides.

Автор AudiophileTubes (1 год)
'Fans' you say? That's hilarious! I didn't know I came here looking for
any! Give me ANYTHING except Harley or Indian ancient technology! BMW,
MotoGuzzi, Triumph, Norton, Japanese, etc. Oh, I forgot to mention Royal
Enfield sucks too. As ancient technology as American pieces of crap.

Автор AudiophileTubes (1 год)
See what I mean? You clearly cannot handle my valid opinion! There are many
who agree with me, I know. I didn't post to "appear superior", as you so
ridiculously say! I called it as I see it, so deal with it you troglodyte.

Автор AudiophileTubes (1 год)
Another buffoon moron who can't handle someone else's opinion!

Автор kurtben519 (1 год)
Nice! Kudos on the styling, the new engine and the new Chieftain bagger.
That new bagger is a good gamble. Looks like they finally brought the price
range down from the stratosphere where now they can finally have a chance
at a real future. Way to go Polaris! For me, that's where the REAL "choice"
always started.

Автор cloverdale87 (1 год)
Uni-body V-rod? Metric swoop? Its not the bike its the people that rode
them. The racing. The times. Brotherhood. War stories. You can never remake
something from the past that is ever going to be as good as people
remembering how it was. Not to mention the age of the person remembering.
Make something for the KIDS and leave this stuff to Harley. Think TRON.
Batman. Think SEGWAY/motorcycle. Such a good company and wasting time on
re-inventing the wheel.

Автор grooviescycleshop (1 год)
If you like indian motorcycles you will love Hunter Johnson....the
soundtrack to your riding experience

Автор thereddragonband (1 год)
Very cool - can't wait to see the new Indian Motorcycles here in

Автор Bruce Bamforth (1 год)
I hope they do well, Give the yahoos at Harley something to worry about.
Them and their 50,000 s/f. boutiques! I've owwned HD's for over 30 years
and even bought a POS 79 when they couldn't give them away. We were loyal
to them and the Ma and Pa dealers that had to sell another marque to
survive and look what HD did for them...........;

Автор Marco ocraM (1 год)
I love the 2014 Indian chief. ist a Little bit swissness insiede !

Автор AudiophileTubes (1 год)
Well, DUH you simpleton! People DO check out many different, varied
websites and links you clueless dipshit! It's called WEB SURFING! And I am
entitled to my opinion, whether you like it or not! CAPICHE?

Автор ChiefBrock (1 год)
My 2009 Indian Chief fully loaded including Stage 1 performance is going up
for sale so I can get a Chieftain. :)

Автор dc5000123 (1 год)
The cast- aluminum frame sounds incredible !!!!

Автор robcig (1 год)
Mate, I stopped in at the dealer this afternoon, on my Road King no
less..All I can say is WOW!! Absolutely beautiful works of art!!! I sat on
a couple and they seemed lighter than my bike... Loved them all...

Автор genesishep (1 год)

Автор MrDevlin350 (1 год)
I think he loved it ! lol !

Автор MrThisIsMeToo (1 год)
Yet you come to an American website to profess such. Moron!

Автор Mike Z (1 год)
I hear you Bruce. I walked into a HD dealership and asked about purchasing
some clutch parts for my shovel. The guy told me I need to get rid of my
piece of shit. He didn't know me, or my bike. I let him know what I thought
and walked out. Never looked back. That shop has closed it's doors, the
shovels still hot out in the garage from the ride home from work.

Автор Zemo999 (1 год)
First, name calling doesn't get you any fans. So I take it you like cheap,
lightweight, highly rated, fast crotch rockets. Only trouble is, maybe
other people don't like the same thing...does not make them
'clueless'...some people don't mind paying more for stuff they like on a
bike, and heavier bikes handle better under some conditions. As for over
rated...by whom? And slow is a relative term also, there's only going to be
one fastest 'factory' bike...and yeah it won't be a American one. So?

Автор TenseNotDense (1 год)
What a charming fellow.

Автор seefriedm (1 год)
Glad to see Duane chose the red Vintage, my favorite so far. Now lets hear
the bikes ALREADY

Автор Haggis bagpipe (1 год)
tubes youre a fuckwit.

Автор waldenbuilder - Texas Outdoors and Motorcycle Roads (1 год)
I hope the company does well. The 'Indian' brand has been gone for too long.

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