Ku-Ku Jodel by Oesch's die Dritten

A sensational yodelling performance broadcast on German ARD TV September 2007. One of the best yodelling performances ever.

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Длительность: 4:48
Комментарии: 364

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Автор Nadine Pfeifenberger ( назад)

Автор Sadece Oyun ( назад)
''ku-ku'' i like dis name ohhh

Автор Helena Zegara ( назад)
Ihr macht den Menschen viel Freude mit eurer Musik! Danke

Автор Ylvaelise Weinefelt ( назад)

Автор Lajos Vas ( назад)
enorm wie sie jodeln tut aber ich muss noch sagen , dass sie wahrscheinlich
die huebschest jodlerin ist die es gibt.

Автор Timothy Oesch ( назад)
Wunderbar! (Wonderful.)

Автор Damir Senjan ( назад)
<3 idem ja spavat jodlajuči. good night joooddllo

Автор Frank Thywissen ( назад)
<3 SUPER!!! (y) :) ;)

Автор Zeev Zafrany ( назад)
wat en accent hoe verstaan ze elkaar?

Автор Donald Rowe ( назад)

Автор Tyrone Griggs ( назад)
Man, the way they do that is amazing. I cant do that I sound like a dying
seal if i try.

Автор Alfred Albion ( назад)

Автор Jose Salame ( назад)
I must be one of the biggest fan of this family group. I happen to be a
latin american who simply loves the art of jodeling. Melanie is out of
this world. Regards from Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America.

Автор 0thereaper0 ( назад)
Loved her German accent. Actually she speaks so closely to the way I spoke
before coming to Germany. It feels good to know the way I spoke wasn't
actually wrong.

Автор Jacobo López ( назад)
This could be the only time where I can stand lip sycing. I love this

Автор Валерий И ( назад)
Удивительный талант!

Автор SAMP BuLLe7 ( назад)
Das irrenert mi a Besjan Dzafferi sini Famillie

Автор Robert ( назад)
"Oesch's Die Dritten" means basically "Oesch's the third" in German,
referring to the third generation. They are from Switzerland. The
grandfather, Hans Oesch, who founded the group, is not present. Father,
Hansueli, who plays the accordion, was born in 1958. His wife Annemarie was
born in 1963. Melanie, the founder's granddaughter and lead singer, was
born in 1987. Mike, Melanie's brother, who plays the electric guitar, was
born in 1989. Kevin, Melanie's other brother, who plays the acoustic
guitar, was born in 1990. The other accordion player, Heinz Haldi, a
long-time friend of the family, started with the group in 2006.

Автор regina49ful ( назад)
Po prostu super , brak mi słów !!!!!

Автор iggy zep ( назад)
poshel na hui petuh!

Автор Vali Constantin ( назад)
Very nice, but not live. Clever angles manage to hide this. Great risk to
try it live.

Автор Markus Mccoy ( назад)


Автор artur shevtsov ( назад)
fucking sweden, rvrn theyr flag is goofy

Автор David Siegrist ( назад)
Amazing talent!

Автор Leo Xander ( назад)

Автор Eric p ( назад)
super ! bravo quelle voix... et super belle

Автор Trindade dos Santos (trindadesantos1) ( назад)
ela canta muito bem adoro ouvir ela cantar e o Gaitero é bom 

Автор windl1916 ( назад)
Die tät I a gern zum jodeln bringen *hust*

Автор Jane Austin ( назад)
Remarkable. What a cutie!

Автор Johannes Lang ( назад)
Zeltfest Arnreit OÖ. 5.7.2014

Автор Галя Галь ( назад)
очень позитивно!чудесная техника!хочется слушать и слушать!!!

Автор abelina janssen ( назад)
hoe is het mogelijk dit zo lang vol te houden!! man mijn tong zou allang in
de knoop zitten!! sterker nog ik begin er maar niet eens aan, want bij de
gedachte alleen al duizelt het me ha ha ha.

Автор Mann DesEisens ( назад)
ich bin zwar kein jodelfan aber das ist echt krass eyy der ihre stimmbänder
sind ja mal der wahnsinn

Автор Jürgen Sunni Zangerl ( назад)
dia Jodlat des isch der Wahn!!!

Автор maka ( назад)
Oberschlesien (Śląsk) pozdrawia. Super OK. Jesteście ekstra.

Автор Luciano Isnardi ( назад)
Come si fa a mettere non mi piace e un talento unico brava anzi bravissima
tipo topo

Автор hayotro ( назад)
k... seemz legit...

Автор sirio60 ( назад)
0:41 Ja, kompliziert ist das allerdings...

Автор sutonchef ( назад)

Автор trancehi ( назад)
Wow, finally found this clip!
I was on holiday in Amsterdam from the UK and this was on the hotel TV one
evening and I videoed it on my phone and just knew it was going to be good
before she started. Thanks for uploading this and much better quality than
my phone footage.

Автор kalle boll ( назад)
how can any one jodel that fast

Автор Delia Ramírez Pérez ( назад)
que habilidad,,,wawwwsuper

Автор Roberta Del Sole ( назад)
Bravissima! :*

Автор 김 태균 ( назад)
i want to know about her and franzl lang! how the relationship for
their?senior junior??

Автор RamsesTheStone ( назад)
It's her secret.

Автор Val Lamon ( назад)
so awesome :o) luv it

Автор Frappier ( назад)

Автор MacRief ( назад)
Dat throat!

Автор Dag Ekeberg ( назад)
The host asked about the fourth generation Oesch. My German is not quite
good enough to decipher Melanie's answer. Anyone?

Автор Amore PiccoloCoro ( назад)

Автор antonio bandelloni ( назад)
molto bello brava

Автор Noah Tobler ( назад)
Das beste lied der welt

Автор Iulian Anastasiu ( назад)
fantastisch ist eine Untertreibung zu sagen

Автор Ryszard Kupisz ( назад)
Oesch's wann werde ich dich im Fernsehen sehen ARD, aus Polen zu begrüßen.

Автор V's Demons ( назад)
There should be a heavy metal jodel band!

Автор VuK V ( назад)
Das ist FantastiIiIiIiIisch!!!

Автор SonoSuono123 ( назад)
Fenomenale! Bravi!

Автор terminusest0 ( назад)
Ben benieuwd hoe lang het duurt tot we nog meer sites bestormen :P

Автор TraianusImperator ( назад)
I would make her jodel all night, lip synced or not.

Автор kill40001000 ( назад)
Too bad, you're wrong. She IS lip syncing here, no doubt about it.

Автор kill40001000 ( назад)
Correction, this IS the original recording. They are just lip syncing here.

Автор kill40001000 ( назад)
Live? This is bullshit, it sounds exactly like the original recording, and
the instruments aren't even plugged in, or don't have any mics.

Автор Didier Lftne ( назад)
Quelle poupée cette fille !

Автор Roland Haultcoeur ( назад)
Plus belle que Mélanie tu meurs.

Автор yragselanera ( назад)
Amazing singer!

Автор Itxazoa ( назад)
This puts a huge smile in my face every time I hear it. Never fails. Great
song. amazing singer!!!

Автор Kei Swenson ( назад)
As much as I love Melanie.. thumbs up for the mustached accordion guy in
the background.

Автор YourUncleScroatie ( назад)
Wait,that's 4 generations...never mind ,who cares. Melanie!

Автор Ray Montee ( назад)
One of the most talented yodelers I've EVER heard! A mighty pretty young
lady as well. Try as I may, I just can't get enough of this. Thanks for

Автор tenente46 ( назад)

Автор Jordiw00t ( назад)
She's hot

Автор Fritz Frisen ( назад)
obviously that wasnt live


me gusta mucho apesar que no se su significado pero esta musica es muy
alegre es energizante con mis respeto desde venezuela VIVA SUIZA

Автор trilingual28 ( назад)
This music makes my heart happy! I'm so thankful for YouTube...see,
technology CAN be used for good!

Автор Iztok Pancur ( назад)

Автор Ulf Hansson ( назад)
love it !!!

Автор rosmarie wildhaber ( назад)

Автор Njugglesvatn ( назад)
Yes, I agree. The venom which pours out on this youtube makes me fear for
the future. A lovely lady with a lovely song and a refreshing change to the
sex laden bile that passes for music now.

Автор hitman06071998 ( назад)
It sounds like a castrated cat that's screaming when falling of a huge

Автор pierre baillarge ( назад)
you sould be ashamed to make such negative comment i bet you cant do
anything to us its nice melanie has many videos all wonderfull such a
pretty and talented lady

Автор archie bankker ( назад)
Huh! olipa kivaa...

Автор Fridolin Capuchino ( назад)
She is a very lovely and modest Swiss girl und still single.

Автор Robert C. Taylor ( назад)
I'm 68 and fell in love with Melanie's singing. Is there any way get her to
do an interview in English. I don't speak any other language, but would
like to know more about her. Ls she married yet?

Автор guranboroda ( назад)
Спасибо певице, она явный талант! Привет из России!

Автор m2soccerman1 ( назад)
Wow wow awesome!!!

Автор Leon Honken ( назад)
1:37 Jodeln

Автор Pixqwey ( назад)
Es ist einfacher für mich zu verstehen. Es klingt wie eine Spanierin, die
auf deutsch spricht...

Автор Dudley Delany ( назад)

Автор purity4all ( назад)
My God no wonder there are so many ugly untalented people out
there...............Melanie stole all the beauty and talent in the world.

Автор hitman06071998 ( назад)
oh my god:o... this is the worse sound i ever heard omg... this sounds like
a screaming cat or somthing like thatxD, my brother and i were looking for
this just to lay on the ground from laughing.

Автор Bexorcist ( назад)
Goddamn, what a beautiful natural girl :'(

Автор musikus48 ( назад)
Das ist so was von phantastisch was das Mäderl da vorträgt. Da fehlen mir
einfach die Worte. Spitzen-, super-, extraklasse usw. usw. usw.. Gruß Bert

Автор bhaggen (28 лет назад)

Автор lpsocean7 ( назад)
melanie would never ever ever ever lipsing that is just not like her.the
melanie we all love is an amazing singer and yodeler. probely the most
buttiful girl in the world.Melanie is not only mine but alot of people's
idel. i wont to be just like her when i grow up.wow i wrote alot.lol!

Автор lpsocean7 ( назад)
ok.....thank god she has a BOYFRIEND!

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Finally a Girl that can breath through her ears :) that "skill" comes in
handy (wink wink nudge nudge)!!!! Dear Me - can we get married? Mad skills
and strong lungs - what's not to love... I'm wondering if she sounds like
that in bed? Wooo Yelooo Ohhhhhh lol

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