Reaction to Donald Trump Winning Election (from Joe Rogan Experience #870)

This clips is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #870 with Bert Kreischer (https://youtu.be/lwn8gv_rWWk), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2ezWrRf).


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Автор Bert McCleary ( назад)
I voted Trump, because he butt-hurts all the right crybabies.

Автор Bradley Jarman ( назад)
Donald Trump isn't the president the U.S. needs, but he's definitely the president we deserve. He's a manifestation of all the ridiculous, unfounded hate, fear, and frustration that's been writhing under the surface for years and no other candidate wanted to legitimize. I literally weep for the future of our country...

Автор Red Zed O'Haughy ( назад)
He's a hot-ass bear. Woof!

Автор ThuckBuddies ( назад)
"Speeches related to" not "given in" NK / Congo.

Автор Lex_Ka ( назад)
fuck sake you dumb fucks, "why canada not mexico?" Because USA and CANADA share the same language ! Much easier transition

Автор plane gaper ( назад)
Remember what everyones saying, that Twitter feed is like a window to the Presidents mind, like a direct feed.. It creates a connection between his constituents and himself, so you know what he's thinking.. cut's through all the Spin, P.C. B.s, filter everything that came through Hillary etc.. it also shows he's flawed and human like the rest of us.. Remember, all that locker room talk was taken out of personal conversation.. at the end of the day we all say shit we regret, and he was willing to live with it .. didn't deny it.. we also know he's raised a family successfully, so we know hes not a total womanizer, or he'd have already ended up like Bill..
Let's also remember that It wasn't just Hillary going to the white house, this was a "Clinton".. I think the U.S. was weary of another Dynasty , Busch, his kid, Bill.. fucks secretary etc.. wife forgives him, only to keep her white house dream alive? what happens when someone truly betrays and damages the country, will she choose her political gain? I know what trump will do, there will be no cover up, the person would be fucked, his stance on radical Islam, which most reasonable people know to be true (evidence in Europe , Ann Arbor, and Brexit), took courage and balls that a leftist simply can't stand for.. despite the vitriolic aimed at him.. christ he goes to take a shit and the media is all over him..
Lastly you are correct, Hilary didn't use her time in govt very smartly, she spent too much time at the Salad bar, making chicken running old Bill like a donkey on the speech circuit, in a pay to play bid, instead of getting behind an issue ..a good one.. maybe nuclear proliferation, poverty.. she should have gone princess Di, instead of Bengazi failure, (her political and partisan games intersected with terrible consequences.. plus her campaigning was about ..well her.. elevating her.. not the country.. her platform was.. well just an elevator through the glass ceiling..

Автор ST I ( назад)
I really do not agree with Joe Rogan but I am very interested in his opinion. I do not like that he sounds nervous to actually give his opinion . What does that say about the state of the internet and politics.

Автор DJSbros ( назад)
Dude voted for Hillary and had no idea about all the corruption and emails....What a fool.

Автор JJ Keller ( назад)
"We don't like the lying, corrupt elites! Let's support the billionaire with the richest cabinet in history and ties to Russia who lied over 500 times in the campaign and continues to do so as president!"

Trump supporters are braindead. Acting like a bunch of white men are disenfranchised is nonsense

Автор GamingTaylor ( назад)
"Political correctness just took a missile to the dick" - Joe Rogan

Автор Kevin Jackson ( назад)
Lol Joe is high as fuck!

Автор iamfuturetrunks ( назад)
6:40 Unfortunately here in ND, the food is terrible at times. At least in my small town there isn't one decent restaurant out of the bunch. I've found the fast food restaurants are slightly better which is sad. There are some restaurants in other bigger cities here that are better but are usually packed etc. It's pretty sad that I have to make my own food at home most of the time because there isn't any decent places to eat if you don't want to cook.

Автор Reginald Samtrob ( назад)
"i voted for hillary."
*5 minutes later*
"wait, she deleted 30,000 emails in violation of a subpoena?"

and they still wonder why i voted for trump.

Автор Jeff Clark ( назад)
Obama was a good speaker if you didn't actually listen to the words he was saying.

Автор Denguin Entertainment ( назад)
surprising that the guy who voted for hillary didnt know shit about her...

Автор Billy Gruff ( назад)

Автор David Scalise ( назад)
Hillary received the questions to the debate BEFORE it started.  Any one can "sound" more eloquent than another with the proper preparation. Having personal military experience, it takes jets about 45 minutes to fly from Aviano AFB to Benghazi (around 1127 miles).  All she had to do was approve a fly over of a few jets and those rebel forces would have left the area.  Trump may not be perfect, who is?  But, at least no one died under Trump's watch. Say what you want about Trump, this is the first time in history we have a true negotiator in the oval office. Yes, we need a wall.  Walls are built in an effort maintain a form of deterrent, to decipher territory at first glance, and provide time to prevent hostiles from getting into your space.  If we don't need walls, why separate your homes, why separate businesses, and for God sake, why would Obama need to build a wall around his new home?  We are a land of laws, I am a legal immigrant and so were my ancestors - my Grandfather was a steel worker that help build the Trade Center which are not gone as a result of terrorism. Funny thing about America, we are reactionary and not preventative.  Perhaps we will begin to emulate the military and defense structure of Israel; after all we are surrounded by people that want to harm us too!

Автор Zachary Boles ( назад)
the only true winners of this election is the comedians, it doesn't matter what actually happens for the next 4 years, comedy is only going to get more amazing :D

Автор Steve's Thoughts ( назад)
I wanna try that taco truck now...

Автор Stephen Whitemore ( назад)
she got to pre prepare her answers

Автор GeneralJoystick ( назад)
Did anyone else think it was Fred Durst in the thumbnail?

Автор Flyers dad ( назад)
And Exxon is in bed with at least 5 dicktasters. Russia, 3 in Africa and others. Now the Exxon CEO is Secretary of State brokering Oil deals around the world and BTW he never met Trump a day in his life before being appointed as SOS. How does that happen?

Автор MrShelbyGTman ( назад)
Trump is also tied to all those businesses and is also just as sketchy. Goldman Sachs largest investor is Donald Trump. Goldman Sachs largest investment was Hillary Clinton. Either way, you elect Goldman Sachs. No draining of the "swamp" just a flood of crocodiles for it. Blacking-out the EPA, National Parks Services, etc. is ridiculous. We pay for that. People complain about losing their rights... then give them away. Americans are their own worst enemy. I live in Ohio. It's a ton of rednecks voting for him. Half of them pay absolutely no attention to politics before elections. Are openly racists. Every black person is a nigger. Every Asian is funny looking. Everyone brown is either a Mexican or a Terrorist. I drive all over Ohio for work. Hear it about everywhere I go; except in the major cities. Many of them can't even tell the difference between an Arab or an East Indian.

Автор G J ( назад)
9:50 😂😂😂

Автор Adam Dent ( назад)
Weird seeing this guy without his shirt off

Автор HNTR KLLR ( назад)
trump is life
trump is love



Автор Brian Ross ( назад)
I just looked up...Trump really did call Stuart a pussy over Twitter back in '13 lol hahaha.

One thing that little shit bag Jon...can say that few men can claim, "The President of the United States called me, specifically, a 'pussy'"

Автор RCrooklyn ( назад)
Joe Rogan's a smart mofo. He's nobody's man. I agree with him some of the time, I disagree with him other times. He's always entertaining, and he never fails to make me think. How many fucking media people can you say that about?

Автор Eric H ( назад)
Nobody cares about my comments but I'm going to type them anyways. I like Rogan. He is wicked smart. Politically he is on the fence. In this day and age (especially to have a successful podcast = $$$$$) you have to, or you lose your followers. Joe is good at it, almost sort of an art form. Retaining his audience is more important than taking a concrete political stance. He says some good things about Hillary, when in reality there are no good things about her. She is not stately. She is a crook involved in some wicked evil shit. She spent her whole life in gov't leeching off those who actually produce, like Trump. Trump won because people know this and are pissed. Trump won because he can't be bought! Trump is successful not because he sues people. He's not a lawyer. Sadly, litigation is commonplace in successful businesses. There is always someone who wants what you have and will try to steal it or whatever. You have to fight back, oftentimes in court. It's typical towards the end you have his guest a Hillary supporter advocating taking Trumps twitter away - wtf is with these people? Oh you don't think Trump can become president? Hold my beer!

Автор bizness ( назад)
Vagina rules! There is nothing better in my humble opinion than sweet puss!

Автор bizness ( назад)
I like Pussy!

Автор bizness ( назад)
Clinton's =sketch people!

Автор bizness ( назад)
Hilary= shit

Автор bob boberson ( назад)
in defense of hillary supporters say fuck half the country thats exactly what the racist, not the non racist, trump supporters said when obama was elected.

Автор bob boberson ( назад)
hillary was obviously corrupt but trump is obviously corrupt too.

Автор pissoff ( назад)
Personally I hated all the choices.

Автор eric delaney ( назад)

Автор eric delaney ( назад)

Автор Duquette Beats ( назад)

Автор Brandon Walters ( назад)
How could you vote in the election and not know the things Clinton did at all. He's like whoa I didn't know she did that. Seriously.

Fuck Joe how do you support Hillary??...I wanna like you and this is making it hard for me. You still have great podcasts though...

Автор Douglas Jack ( назад)
If Hillary won the debates why is she not President? Look up the Mena connection the Clintons are owtlaws.

Автор Douglas Jack ( назад)
Trump is my Commander and Chief.

Автор papinbala ( назад)

Автор papinbala ( назад)

Автор papinbala ( назад)

Автор gareth ogden ( назад)
It's possible to disagree with the left AND the right.. it's called thinking for yourself!.. just saying

Автор Rastafari Jah ( назад)
Joe says the Stupidest things .... 4:08 "Killary is a much better representative of America then Trump " WHAT
Joe is a Sell Out

Автор Rastafari Jah ( назад)
" Its kind of Legal , She's not really breaking any Laws " Are you Fucking kidding me Joe ?

Автор Sterling Archer ( назад)
if you voted for Hillary its because you are literally an idiot who did literally no research into the candidates. congrats, you played yourself.

Автор Jacob Katiegirl ( назад)
dude has to much spit in his mouth itts annoying, no wonder nobody watched his stupid ass shoe.

Автор Shelby Hamilton ( назад)
Political correctness just took a missile to the dick lol

Автор light saberAddiCt ( назад)
Even if Hillary did have some corruption over her head, Trump had/has just as much, if not more. I wasnt a Hillary fan, but preferred her for 4 years until something better. Trump is a modern day PT Barnum. So basically, America has said they want a circus for a government. I mean look at what is going on in the Trump administration already. Mark my words, the Republicans will impeach him and put Pence in the seat.

Автор Daniel O'neal ( назад)

Автор lance phengsiaroun ( назад)
Joe is wrong here just like how he was licking rondas ass as if she was an invincible human who can smash male fighters. Back pedal n take a seat

Автор J297WFD ( назад)
Look at Trumps county by county results he smashed her

Автор Alex Baughman ( назад)
Being pro-Hillary may make you anti-Trump, and being pro-Trump might make you anti-Hillary;

But being anti-Hillary doesn't make you pro-Trump, and being anti-Trump doesn't make you pro-Hillary.

They're both corrupt slimy pieces of human trash.

Автор Anthony Sullivan ( назад)
"she killed him in the debates" , well yeah CNN gave her the answers...

Автор Colton Schramm ( назад)
bro culture... Jesus

Автор CrzyNannerMunky ( назад)
lol this guest.. voting for hillary and not even knowing about her email scandal

Автор Nik P ( назад)
Wow. I have a little more understanding why people are warped on their views of Trump and Hillary. People are clueless to how corrupt crooked Hillary was and still is.

Автор pabby ( назад)
Hirary was a racist, criminal

Автор Michael P ( назад)
It's cute that Bert thinks Bill and Hillary live together. Hahaha

Автор David Lesan ( назад)
There's a lot of mysteriously deceased people who probably wish Hillary dealt with people talking bad about her with tweets.

Автор Riley Butterfield ( назад)
it's all a popularity contest to Donald, it's scary.

Автор ernie green ( назад)
Before you accuse Trump people.......go look up HC and Robert Byrd ...he was high ranking in the kkk in his earlier days and yes..... her and Bill knew him well and she called him her "mentor "!   Trump is about business and now that he is president ,you will see a real leader whose job is to put Americans first and get us back on track instead of bowing to our enemies like the previous traitors that have been removed !!  Joey is talking about how she deleted her emails to hide evidence from  the FBI  but get this ....her team busted up her blackberry devises for her to  ....yes  she is a criminal for sure !  Hacked emails revealed that she was giving her maid confidential papers to copy for her ....she is that incompetent ! ...

Автор La Sombra Del LoBo ( назад)
Not joe, but the other guy is a drunk and a drug addict, hard drugs, I don't know about you but I don't take the word of any hard drug addict. Dudes a joke...

Автор uncle Sam ( назад)
get on board pot heads.

Автор Vincent James ( назад)
I voted trump and I am not racist and I am not sexist. People get so easily offended nowadays and don't look at the big picture. That's why Hillary got all votes from people aged 18-25

Автор brad ireland ( назад)

Автор Iggy Spirit ( назад)
dude? duuude.....dude, duuuude! dude....

Автор Michael Grubb ( назад)
Yeah Joe...tell us again how voting is so important and how it works for
those who do it. Hillary Clinton wins popular vote, and we have Donald
Trump for president. I didn't like either candidate, but, Rogan sold
that lie not only on shows like this, but, in his most recent stand-up
comedy release where he talked crap against Trump and then downed the
crowd because they won't go vote to change the situation that CLEARLY
JUST HAPPENED. The popular vote went to Clinton but, the electoral
college ensured that Trump sat in the seat. So Rogan, let me say it
loud and clear..."VOTING DOES NOT WORK."

Автор Harry Hhhhjtfhn ( назад)
the American male just won the election BITCH, daddy's home!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор leroy Johnson ( назад)
It didn't take much for cubs man to say "9h really???????".
Reading too much news from his Facebook wall

Автор Scott Ward ( назад)
Wouldn't the NSA have records of all the emails Hilary sent? So even though she panicked and deleted them, they could just go to their 93 squillion terrabyte database and pull them up!

Автор j r d davidson ( назад)
hey guys he's still tweeting.

Автор Adrian Cline-Bailey ( назад)
Joe Rogan you fucking fake, jesus christ, other dude; "the kids left their classrooms in protest at Donald Trump being president elect" Joe, "something something" Of ALL the people on the internet to stand against Trump and this 3rd eyed open bullshit you spouse everytime, your politics are an absolute disgrace my friend. OF ALL THE PEOPLE, you have Bill Burr on your show and Loise Thereaux, and you of all people are sitting on the fence with historys biggest dickhead, jesus Joe??!

Автор mechanoid2k ( назад)
I don't blame him for not knowing the facts on Hillary. People are busy with their careers and families and shit. That's why we're supposed to be able to trust our news to give us the raw facts. That's what makes media collusion so nefarious.

Автор Madtroid ( назад)
Trump won and i must admit his acceptance speech was gold.
I really suggest many rehear it, he pretty much burned the last 3 decades of presidents
and people in office, i really hope he can do what he says..

if he can't , i guess we just got another 4 years of what the last 8 years where, but its worth a shot i guess..

Автор Slew One ( назад)
My problem is that they weren't offended by CLinton, but now they are rioting over trump. LIke you said, the leader dictates the behavior of the subordinate, and during the Clinton years, I had to suffer retaliation for helping a coworker with her EEO complaint.

Автор Seth W ( назад)
Can't listen to these two liberal dipshits for more than two seconds

Автор Greg Wallace ( назад)
you had me till you said you voted for hillary ..

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
Only a beta cuck faggot would have voted for Killary.

Автор Michael Cote ( назад)
Two fucking liberal retards!!!

Автор Kareem H ( назад)
so now you know who watches joe rogan videos lol

Автор wreckim ( назад)
Joe Rogan's reaction to HRC's emails and scandals are exactly why she lost. Whether or not anything was real, unethical, illegal--or not...the fact is she lost the faith of those that read and slightly peruse some websites or listen to talk radio. Trump won that part of the campaign, had lots of help from overseas...and got lucky to win a few states by a few thousand, while losing others by millions. Our President now...and probably for not 4 but 8 years.

Автор doseofreality100 ( назад)
How the fuck is Hillary more representative of America than Donald Trump?

Автор Karma Kecleon ( назад)
It's like everyone forgot the housing market crashed; it's only the politicians who are corrupt not the businessmen who do the corrupting of politicians. So yea, Trump isn't corrupt at all... *rolls eyes*

Автор FPrimeHD ( назад)
Seattle downtown looks like a shit hole. Vancouver is way nicer lol. Plus, there is Whistler.

Автор RDC RDC ( назад)
America is sick and tired of eloquence and PC wordplay. We need someone that's not afraid to say "Go fuck yourself" every now and then.


Автор Leanpockit ( назад)
shave your beard and buy a scarf dude. youre a fake

Автор Leanpockit ( назад)
typical hillary voter, didn't know shit

Автор Artur Oganisyan ( назад)
His girlfriend made him vote for Hillary #Cuck

Автор Lester Arant ( назад)
This guy has no clue. It's hilarious listening to Joe telling him what she has done.

Автор steveN111333 ( назад)
7:25 love Joe's impression of Bill ! lol 😂

Автор Patrick Bergin ( назад)
she was slaughtered in the debates with five words: "because you'd be in jail"

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