Reaction to Donald Trump Winning Election (from Joe Rogan Experience #870)

This clips is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #870 with Bert Kreischer (https://youtu.be/lwn8gv_rWWk), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2ezWrRf).


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Длительность: 14:8
Комментарии: 1995

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Автор sawyer yokedbra ( назад)
Can't listen to these two liberal dipshits for more than two seconds

Автор Greg Wallace ( назад)
you had me till you said you voted for hillary ..

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
Only a beta cuck faggot would have voted for Killary.

Автор Michael Cote ( назад)
Two fucking liberal retards!!!

Автор Kareem H ( назад)
so now you know who watches joe rogan videos lol

Автор wreckim ( назад)
Joe Rogan's reaction to HRC's emails and scandals are exactly why she lost.
Whether or not anything was real, unethical, illegal--or not...the fact is
she lost the faith of those that read and slightly peruse some websites or
listen to talk radio. Trump won that part of the campaign, had lots of help
from overseas...and got lucky to win a few states by a few thousand, while
losing others by millions. Our President now...and probably for not 4 but 8

Автор doseofreality100 ( назад)
How the fuck is Hillary more representative of America than Donald Trump?

Автор Karma Kecleon ( назад)
It's like everyone forgot the housing market crashed; it's only the
politicians who are corrupt not the businessmen who do the corrupting of
politicians. So yea, Trump isn't corrupt at all... *rolls eyes*

Автор FPrimeHD ( назад)
Seattle downtown looks like a shit hole. Vancouver is way nicer lol. Plus,
there is Whistler.

Автор RDC RDC ( назад)
America is sick and tired of eloquence and PC wordplay. We need someone
that's not afraid to say "Go fuck yourself" every now and then.


Автор Leanpockit ( назад)
shave your beard and buy a scarf dude. youre a fake

Автор Leanpockit ( назад)
typical hillary voter, didn't know shit

Автор Artur Oganisyan ( назад)
His girlfriend made him vote for Hillary #Cuck

Автор Lester Arant ( назад)
This guy has no clue. It's hilarious listening to Joe telling him what she
has done.

Автор steveN111333 ( назад)
7:25 love Joe's impression of Bill ! lol 😂

Автор Ed Schroeder ( назад)
WTF is wrong with Joe Rogan for having a jackoff like this on his show ?

Автор Ed Schroeder ( назад)
Fat pussy with a tuff man beard and a peanut brain in a red shirt and a
cubs hat.

Автор Patrick Bergin ( назад)
she was slaughtered in the debates with five words: "because you'd be in

Автор Anonymous Coward ( назад)
Hillary/clintons has a big death count.

Автор sweet loui ( назад)
Love it total stoners started talking bout food

Автор TootDip ( назад)
Trump Train!!!!!!!!!

Автор Dj Bootleg ( назад)
the fact that bert said "really?" when joe mentioned hillary having health
issues is ridiculous knowing that bert voted for a person he knows nothing

Автор PIZZA COWBOYS TV ( назад)
At 6:53 they talk about the taco trucks and he snorts like a fucking pig.

Автор Southern Slushie Chan ( назад)
Should Trump really get rid of Twitter? He just staying away from the media
garage propaganda. At least we could know the absolute moment we are
screwed together.

Автор wydeglyde00 ( назад)
Really Joe? but now, at the very least , me and my circle knows u be

Автор qqq Wilson ( назад)
as a blk MAN who thinks voting is a waste of time. i ask if obama was a
republican, and trump was a democrat. who would you vote for? just sit back
, and listen to the bullshit. and you will see that voting is a waste of
time. people aren't rep. or dem
we are both.just like capitalism .you want the highest price for your
house.but say the new house cost is to high, that robbery.

Автор LRLRLRLR 15 ( назад)
I cant believe that guy voted for Hillary and had no idea about all that
happened with her! Wow talk about winning the popular vote! Fucking idiot!

Автор 69adrummer ( назад)
Who is this lispy dope head.... Sthe deleeeted her emaillssttthsss ?!?!

Автор THE AMERICAN WOLF ( назад)

Автор Meech4500 ( назад)
"hello freak bitches" Joe. do you think freak bitches listen to the Joe
Rogan Experience? lol

Автор Taxtro ( назад)
The problem is the regressive, anti modern mindset of people.
That's why it's "make America great AGAIN".
People think that the past was better than today, so they keep making
idiotic decisions.

EDIT: If Trump voters actually cared about corruption, they wouldn't have
voted Trump.

Автор Adam Hubbard ( назад)
I also delivered her a subpoena. It was a small subpoena.

Автор steve boshakis ( назад)
Joe, Joe, Joe, life is a well trod path my brother and we must know that
others have cut the trail before us. You have a tendency to act like you
invented whatever you happen to be into. From the "Fight Game" to Weed. I
love your take on a lot of things but you ain't the first one to put two
and two together. The older you get the more sense you make. It's called
wisdom and you are acquiring it. Keep on keepin on!

... Jon Stewart.

Автор DCgreen87 ( назад)

Автор Cody ( назад)
The only part about this that bothered me is that Bert voted for Hillary
without knowing about the mentioned scandals. People need to become educate
themselves before making decisions. I personally don't care what someone
decides, just that they do there homework prior to checking a box. Too many
men and women give their lives for that right, don't piss it away.

Автор Justin McCartney ( назад)
"I'm moving to Canada!"...." What's wrong with Mexico? "

Автор Wesley Romero ( назад)
Wow Dan Bilzerian got FAT

Автор Analogous to Tower 7: Ameaning ( назад)
As many emails as she deleted Lybians...

Автор justin alvarado ( назад)
Fuckville is just a reference to how fucked a military enlisted or lower
level person would be. The level of fucked you'd be is well off of the
Fucked scale. LOLOL "Political correctness just took missile to the dick".
I couldn't of said it any better.

Автор Don Luthor ( назад)
And how does this channel not have 10 mil subscribers...

Автор Don Luthor ( назад)
I believe, in my own opinion, that a lot of white America is fed up with
being labeled misogynists or transphobic or racists. I'm not saying there
are not white racists, because obviously there are, but white Americans are
just sick of the rest of the country relating ALL white people to racism or
whatever claim is made.

Автор Tom Neu ( назад)
Cankles the fuckin clown lost because she's a horrible pathological lying
disposable scumbag

Автор Todd Landry ( назад)
I need to go rest my brain after that highly intellectual conversation.
Stick to the UFC Joe!!

Автор joe mores ( назад)

Автор James Smith ( назад)
white people get to be racist because they are disenfranchised.... they are
cry babies

Автор necrom21221 ( назад)
She got the questions before the debate lol. Do some research before you

Автор Michaeo Atkins ( назад)
trumpsters have cut their own throats and signed humanity's death warrant
denial is not a river in Egypt comrade

Автор micky mcfarts ( назад)
"obama the most presidential president ever." are you fucking kidding me.

Автор Bobby McDangles ( назад)
lol Joe's guest's reaction to finding out what Hillary did was actually a
crime and also after a subpoena. And he says he voted for her.. smh
uneducated voters.

Автор Sam Payne ( назад)
That guy should do a Bill Walton impression.

Автор plnkfloydian ( назад)
Joes funny af, "there's a lot of paper for me over there"

Автор khana ristobal ( назад)
Dude voted for Hillary cause he is a PUSSY and was afraid that he will lose
his free birth control pills.I bet if you ask Joe to repeat what that dude
just said, he can't because Joe probably tune him out like you do a nagging
woman. That is why I change my GPS to a male voice ,cause I kept spacing
out the female voice and missing the turns.

Автор Dale Couture ( назад)
The Hillary voter didn't know about the email scandal?! Go figure...

Автор Jerry McJingleberry's Funtime ( назад)
dude i saw the Arizona school storm out first hand i had no idea what it
was at the time

Автор 7t6e354r ( назад)
the guy in the red shirt is completely clueless

Автор ran litt ( назад)
She did better in a debate because she was given the questions.

Автор Thomas Pate ( назад)
Who's the moronic faggot in the Cubs hat?

Автор ziah Reid ( назад)
I wounder how all these trumptards feel after seeing their man appoint so
many wallstreet/washington insiders. So much for "draining the swamp". Not
that shillary would have been much better though.

Автор NdcintOne ( назад)
'Political correctness just took a missile to the Dick!' Gold!!!

Автор Dududu Dudu ( назад)
Same shit, different puppet

Автор Grant V ( назад)
These guys will all worship the god emperor when we have the wall and the
streets are paved with gold

Автор Demented souls Gaming ( назад)
Hillary called blacks super predators though

Автор The Architect ( назад)
Hilarious to listen to Bert say how ignorant he was about Hillary Clinton.
Every person who voted for Trump knew all about the emails, the speeches,
Benghazi, Clinton Foundation donations, the Iran deal, etc. Bert was just
too high and didn't care enough to look into it. Probably true of a large
portion of Democrats.

Автор Kyle V ( назад)

Автор Diabetesmonster ( назад)
The Dope States. Sick Shirt. Colorado!!!!!!

Автор Evan Argo ( назад)
He didn't say I like to go grab them

Автор domfonce ( назад)
Is this guy saying that he voted for Clinton and didn't even know about her
emails? WTF? This is why I'm so glad Trump won.

Автор SmokingFish ( назад)
It's easy to be eloquent in the debates when you know the questions

Автор Myona Murphy ( назад)
Doesn't that headline mean that Bill Clinton sought a State Dept OK to do
speeches "ON" North Korea and the Congo? Sounds like your implying he was
trying to GO to North Korea to do paid speeches?

Автор Ryan Santos ( назад)
I'm all for American unity but Trump is just a non-starter. I can respect a
person who voted for him but I can't respect their reasons. He's a complete
lunatic and isn't acting in the best interests of any citizen regardless of
who they voted for.

Автор rollie4 ( назад)
joe you were so on point for someone who doesn't know..well done bro

Автор Zack Right ( назад)

Автор Jay Cee ( назад)
This fool voted for Hillary and doesn't even know about the emails.

Автор Rob Jordan ( назад)
Jon steward is a pussy! And Bert I like you but I can't believe you voted
for that bitch!

Автор Matthew Hanson ( назад)

Автор Revived George ( назад)
Bert Kreischer is a pathetic sellout commie. What the fuck did you expect
him to say?

Автор dan pom ( назад)
He voted for her and didn't know she was a criminal? LoL. Should have to
take a test to vote to see if you know anything about the candidate you're
going to endorse.

Автор Wodney ( назад)
8:12 right click on "inbox" piece of piss.

Автор Terry b08lives ( назад)
the guy who voted for Hilary had no clue she deleted evidence after being
subpoenaed.... and the Dems wonder why she lost FFS.

Автор Big Zmoke ( назад)

Автор Patrick M. Blanchard ( назад)
The guy votes for Clinton yet knows nothing about the leaked emails, IDIOT.
Thats proof that the Dems have awesome marketing and people just plain
refuse to see facts

Автор Barbz ( назад)
This idiot didn't know about the deletion of 33,000 emails? That was half
the reason she lost....

Автор jim jimjim ( назад)
Trump or Clinton.

That's like choosing between a shit sandwich or shit soup...... Either one
is just awful.

Автор On 2Wheels ( назад)
I'm still waiting for those weirdo, sjws, and celebrities to leave. To add,
the Dems spent close to $600 million to elect Hillary, DT spent his own
money (mostly his). A fraction of what the Dems did... Again, I'm waiting
for these libertards to leave.

Автор westben2000 ( назад)
of coarse the fat guy new everything about food in Vancouver but didn't
know jack shit about Hilary.

Автор Achaes ( назад)
Just putting it out there.....he did not fund his own campaign...... I
repeat......he did NOT fund his own campaign

Автор Mike Fu ( назад)
The harder you hit Trump, the stronger he gets....he doesn't play by the
same rules. He's not sponsored by anyone, he's not a politician. Hillary
was a crooked career politician, wikileaks exposed her........she NEVER
stood a chance. I called it from day one...because I know Trump, I've seen
everything he does...watched how Shit Never sticks to him...he NEVER loses
at anything. When he does something, he's full bore or Nothing...the FACT
is, people underestimated him, out of arrogance and Lack of
research....they just wrote him off as a Joke....but NEVER bothered
realizing this man is a work horse...he literally sleeps 3 hours a night,
and Runs 21 hours a day.

Автор Kyle Scoppe ( назад)
Portland, Oregon here. Our food is the best. Thanks Joe lol

Автор David Kelly ( назад)
Ok, explain something (maybe it will wake up those empty-headed morons); IF
Clinton had some grand plan to solve so many of Obama's flaws, where was
this information 6 years ago? 4 years ago? 2 years ago? How is anyone so
gullible that they fall for that?

Автор Bobby Tree ( назад)
Who is this dum as fuck hick ass prick opposite joe rogan .voted for
hillary showing the masses he is a dumb motherfucking weebol .dont tell me
he and joe are bum chums ?

Автор YeshuaReigns ( назад)
Bert Kreischer has a C for "Cuck" on his hat.

Автор shoe maker ( назад)
This bearded f****** f***** voted for Hillary Clinton? you must be on drugs

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