Liberty - Italian Stiletto Switchblade / Flick Knife

Watch it in high quality!

Italian stiletto switchblade/flick knife.

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Автор Strangefingshappen ( назад)
Dude, this guy will be dead in a week with a knife and all that meth

Автор coolVideos231196 ( назад)
I live in the UK and they are 100% banned just smuggle them through customs
when you go on holiday.

Автор Zanith50 ( назад)
@MystikEssence they are illegal in the UK if you get hold of one don't take
it out with you

Автор ultrafarts123 ( назад)
i have one just like this but blue

Автор arsontoy123 ( назад)
thats a nice video ! i love the knife and dont listen to nubs like that who
troll on you! good job

Автор pugluver1000 ( назад)
love it wanna buy it

Автор Zach Hajduk ( назад)
lol, its considered a dagger, not a bayonet

Автор Ulysses stearns ( назад)
is a milano switchblade good quality

Автор timsurftim ( назад)
fuck that. i found one just like that, got randomly searched by the coppers
the same day. got 4 months ankle tagged. sucks

Автор Mason Munts ( назад)
i see... you put the knife on top of crack cocaine to make yourself look
cooler, then you used fail video editing skills to make a sad attempt to
make this look like the opening scene of a mobster movie

Автор tmw1263 ( назад)
wherd u buy tht my friend had the same exact one as u got

Автор SuperGhillie1 ( назад)
nice video

Автор stinkyskunkedmonkeys ( назад)
ive got one of those :)

Автор Tanker ( назад)
@martain8 switchblad es.it dont use space

Автор airsofter95062 ( назад)
question... on a scale of 1-10 how good are those AKC knifes?

Автор bdsxh ( назад)
thats one sexy knife xD

Автор bengepictures ( назад)
@afukinemu man your pathetic going around arguing with 7 year olds get a

Автор HiCapacity ( назад)
You can't even spell Stiletto. Fuck you.

Автор afukinemu ( назад)
lol bengepictures mabe steletos come out the top top in your world but in
this world there called otf's Out The Front and a stiletto is a type of
blade, thus the switchblade using thus blade makeing it a stiletto. ps.
pleeeese tell me what the hell a steleto is lol

Автор CheeseySpeed ( назад)
the chinese clone knives are made by the same manufacturer, but they just
dont have the logo inprint which makes the only difference in price. the
knife will have the same quality as its manufacturers model quality. its a
great knife for the price you pay anyways

Автор chris ( назад)
this is a fucking clone stilleto chinse made

Автор rivergerman ( назад)
you have to remember alot of these knives are for gangsters just to stab
each other

Автор bengepictures ( назад)
thats not a real steleto steletos come straight up not side ways

Автор TheBlitz1 ( назад)
this knife sucks donkey dong id rather have a nice mirror finish 9 inch
leverletto with dark horn or a swingaurd witha dagger blade with dark horn
or blonde horn

Автор HaBgOd ( назад)
$ 20

Автор Dylan Averack ( назад)

Автор rabbitforlyfe ( назад)
you can get em from 20 to 40 bucks new. there one of the best switchblades
on the market. and there alot cheaper (price wise) the most good knifes.

Автор SWlTCHBLADE ( назад)
Nice vid...I'd love that knife. Closest thing you can buy legally here in
the UK is a spring assist knife...

Автор godyah ( назад)
Oh, feck off. Knife crime has been on a steady decline in the UK since the
late 80's; Only a few high profile cases of late have got knees jerking in
our tabloid press. Besides all that I can walk into an army surplus
anywhere in Britain and buy a 12" combat knife perfectly legally. Don't get
too precious, and don't jump on the idiotic racist "all Yanks are
gun-toting maniacs" bandwagon. Are you 14 or something?

Автор mbcNOOFS ( назад)
Did I say that I wanted people to kill each other? I just said that having
a knife is no big deal. and don't you have anything better to do???

Автор Robble Ex ( назад)
Hey fuck face we have a real problem with kids killing each other with
knives at the moment. Dont encourage people to have concealed self opening
weapons. Fucking yanks just because you think its ok to have a society
murdering each other doesnt mean we want it.

Автор mbcNOOFS ( назад)
ahh... well that's too bad, but it's only wrong if you get caught, so they
say... ; )

Автор ChaOsAngEL1973 ( назад)
UK - illegal for both Flicks and switchblades, had to get my flick
illegally. tsk

Автор nunchaku101 ( назад)
nice knife but the blade needs to be longer

Автор mbcNOOFS ( назад)
I'm from the US, so I'm not positive how this would fly in the UK, but you
could try to find a kit online, so that you are not ordering automatic
knives, but you can still have one with a little bit of work. (again, I'm
not familiar with laws in the UK, but that could be an option.)

Автор chris turner ( назад)
u wil not find 1 ive tried,got 1 from amsterdam

Автор nunchaku101 ( назад)
smae i want one in the uk

Автор Onyx BlackScale ( назад)
dont bother unless you like the idea of being in the klink or owning a
flick knife get a assisted opener same but legal get the milano assisted

Автор MystikEssence ( назад)
Thanks! I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with UK customs and import
legalities nor do I know of any sites that would ship outside of the US.
However, if you are planning to get a good quality stiletto, look for stuff
by Frank Beltrame (Frank B.) and AKC. I'll keep an eye out for places that
would ship to the UK and will let you know if I do find one.

Автор MystikEssence ( назад)
It wasn't much. I'd say it was about $20-25. Don't buy one. They're crappy
in quality. I just wanted to test my video editing/production skills. If
you want to get a good quality stiletto, look to buy a Frank Beltrame or
AKC Italian made stilettos.

Автор SILABs0ftClient ( назад)
how much was it?

Автор justin smith ( назад)
tight music, it goes along with it well.

Автор AdamXXXPl0x ( назад)
That's right Duane, watch every video with stilettos. I know you want one!

Автор ieatsuka ( назад)
lol omg...you've outdone yourself

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