Man vs Wild Commercial

Here is the brand new Discovery commercial for the new season of Man vs Wild enjoy

This video is provided by discovery
not by me copy righting NOT intended videos are NOT downloded. courtesy of Discovery and The OFFICIAL Bear Grylls Fansite

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Автор Will Baker ( назад)

Автор little123456788 ( назад)
whats the song!!!

Автор Co-op Productions ( назад)
Look at how many people want it!!!!

Автор Co-op Productions ( назад)
Post the Song Please!!!!!! Look at how many please want it vvvvv

Автор Lazar Jovanovic ( назад)
@erikdinoxxx actually I heard it in one disco... but was too drunk to find
where DJ was settled... :((( xD

Автор FearProfitsManNothing ( назад)
i hate you discovery channel! tell us the song or make it! 

Автор TIEclon ( назад)
BEAR is best!!

Автор gbsons ( назад)
@Kismonos03 Bear was British Special Forces. He's a lot better trained than
Irwin. I liked Irwin but he was an idiot.

Автор alotus9 ( назад)
He is too handsome.

Автор krejn ( назад)
CG animation.

Автор Amel Bobar ( назад)
Back ground song, please?

Автор little123456788 ( назад)
What the hell is the name of the song?

Автор TTThedarkknight ( назад)
I love that song. NAME??????????????

Автор baboun213 ( назад)
Is this from an episode or something?

Автор Márton Monos ( назад)
I hope he won't end like Stewe Irwin... He's too professional.

Автор Márton Monos ( назад)
It's in HUngary right now... in january in the usa, one year later in

Автор snip84 ( назад)

Автор snip84 ( назад)
@Survivorguy74800 yes thats right. and shi* magazines like cosmopolitan
ect. made them so.

Автор Raggamuffin89 ( назад)

Автор Lazar Jovanovic ( назад)
zato shto su nashi gloopi da prevedu?? xD

Автор Lazar Jovanovic ( назад)
please please please tell me the name of this song!?

Автор Anja Cumic ( назад)
why is it called "Ultimate survival" in my country?!?!?! P.S. Serbia loves
you Bear!!!!! :D

Автор DJman230 ( назад)
Song name? Fantastic series

Автор Lydia Rodriguez ( назад)
My fave comercial on the discovery channel!!!!

Автор benitoparra ( назад)
This commercial fits perfectly with the name of the show, "man vs. wild".
The nature trying to stop him. Nice ad.

Автор MerryMidget136 ( назад)
Does any one know the name of the song its got an awesome catchy tune

Автор StreetBl8s ( назад)
is the song made only for the this commercial

Автор akselgokoz ( назад)
song is great but i think it was made only for this commercial =(

Автор petris112 ( назад)
Bear = Leader of the free world

Автор David Cao ( назад)
Also, if he lands in the wrong spot in the wild or anywhere and he cant
find any sources of food or water, they will pick up him and his 14 crew or
10 crew members in a helicopter or something and drop them off somewhere

Автор David Cao ( назад)
Bear Grylls is such a awesome person. He teaches a lot of people how to
survive in the wild, what things are deadly but look wonderful, how to find
certain things. But in some of his so called "adventures" he fakes it. Saw
a couple of videos of him walking at a volcano with no civilization then
the same area with a other guy walking there they show the border around
the area that Bear calls "volcano area" and there was cars passing by.About
14 ppl come with him.

Автор Fosg8 ( назад)
omg thats the song iv been lookin for!

Автор 11033066099 ( назад)
wats the name of that song playin in the background?

Автор Bheaze McRandus ( назад)

Автор Andreas Rasmussen ( назад)
That is a nice commercial! He is the Man. Peace

Автор dukcaboose ( назад)
he never told me what to use for toilet paper....

Автор hmongBoYz ( назад)
he's my man..

Автор Anthony Carelli ( назад)
i've seen this commercial a million times but i's still good everytime

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