Phil Emmanuel Duelling Banjos and TV themes.

Phil Emmanuel playing my Fender in his loungeroom about twenty years ago.

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Автор SweetLittleRnRoller ( назад)
@emcaf You're over 30, you're surely VERY old!!

Автор Trinity Ilagan ( назад)
I just realized that I think Joe Robinson was the one recording this, just
listen to the voice, it makes so much sense

Автор alexyousef ( назад)
damn this guy is underrated

Автор connortimoti ( назад)
dam looks sped up, sick!!!!!!

Автор Rikkyhardo ( назад)
@AndyBoy63 I think it is more to do with non rhumatic fingers lol

Автор Bradford Tidwell ( назад)
I have this guitar.

Автор debbieswinyer ( назад)
Wish I could play like that!

Автор Rikkyhardo ( назад)
@songpoemguy this is well cool ... looked at the other vids of this guy and
his brother. thanks for lettng me know about them

Автор songpoemguy ( назад)
dude this video rocks you play real well 5 *****& shared

Автор David W ( назад)
Back then, there were a bunch of lower cost acoustics available with
electric style headstocks. Fender made them in bunches. I'm sure there were
good ones, too - I doubt phil is playing crap. One of my bandmates had one
of the cheaper fender versions - it was kind of hard to get along with, but
that, of course, had nothing to do with the shape of the peghead. Lots
interesting combinations from the 1980s have gone by the wayside for more
traditional looking guitars.

Автор Mfpvehicles ( назад)
i reckon phils the better one of the 2, 1) his been playing longer and 2)
when the 2 brothers play together tommy is doin the rhythm while phil is
doing the technical solos...

Автор drizella (1960 лет назад)
tommy is better looking but Phil has always been the better guitarist

Автор Nick Frank ( назад)
man it does sound like keith urban

Автор lensdarkly ( назад)
The people you meet on Youtube :} I once walked from Smiggins to Perisher
through the snow to see Tommy & Phil and Goldrush play. Hey that was
nothing, one of my friends that night did it on crutches, with a broken
leg, and walked back again 5 miles. It was worth it.

Автор musodata ( назад)
Great memories. I used to play with Phil a bit when he played with Bill
Ryan and Steve Sampson

Автор Joel Cheong ( назад)
adam's family theme.

Автор Zac Benjamin ( назад)
Hawaii 5-o top song

Автор DerBassMann5 ( назад)
Does anybody know, what the name of song is, he plays at the end?? This is
important! Thank you! By the way: Nice playing. I didn't know him / them.

Автор captaintanuki ( назад)
Thanks for posting these Phil vids. Takes me back to seeing The Emmanuel
Bros and Goldrush at Paddo Green back in the day. Magic !

Автор joeanguspage ( назад)
should see him play electric!!

Автор 3e3op88 ( назад)
My God. I had no idea Tommy had a brother. He's great, too! Thanks for the

Автор Ellen Lane ( назад)
its eerie how much they look alike. phil is brilliant. just like his bro.

Автор Leksingen ( назад)
Tnx man! So cool gtr!

Автор Camker ( назад)
Nah it's a fender concord, about 25 years old.

Автор Leksingen ( назад)
What gtr is that :D An electric neck and acoustic body?? Cool man!

Автор Federico Sandroni ( назад)
oh my good... incredible

Автор Qpidon ( назад)
delicious comment ;)

Автор Camker ( назад)
From what I've seen the only difference is marketability.

Автор Camker ( назад)
Oh dear, are we all that old already?

Автор bigdood ( назад)
That's more like 30 years ago, mate! LOL "Lost in Space" hasn't had a "new"
theme song since the late 60s! :-) WHAT A FREAKIN GEM... I am forwarding
the link to TEs Mgr... I'm sure TE would get a kick out of this! :-D

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