Joe Rogan on Cris Cyborg Failing Drug Test

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j85Xgs).


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Автор BigMac Mick ( назад)
Chuck Norris had a fight with Cyborg,  he lost.

Автор djguy100 ( назад)
Cyborg has been a drug cheat all her life. She looks like a man from all of the steroids

Автор Péter Király ( назад)
Give her 10 years and a "we're not sorry" postcard.

Автор THE HUMUNGUS ( назад)
Eddie is starting to sound so stupid lately with some of his comments. When he starts raving on about the NWO and crap, he ends up sounding like a real dip-shit.

Автор Astiagogo ( назад)
Joe are you going to try that tooth stem cell shit on your head or are you past all that now?

Автор Arianna IP ( назад)
Cyborg is 75% fucking man. I can't believe she's even being talked about still for christs sake. And nobody found it weird that she passed on not 1, not 2, but 3 title fights? Also, spironolactone is an acne medication/diuretic; I had no idea it was on the banned list?

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
(S)he's just doing *WHATEVER IT TAKES, GOD DAMMIT!*

Автор necrom21221 ( назад)
This is why she cant make weight. Shes on ROIDS.

Автор ArcDevErik ( назад)
Dear World, stop saying shade. You sound stupid as fuck.

Автор Hyperborean Colonialism ( назад)
Is it just me or Joe Rogan sounds like a pretentious know it all in a bad way.

Автор gypsykatcher30 ( назад)
Nunes vs Cyborg, lets get it on!

Автор JaVale McGee ( назад)
i'm not surprised motherfuckers fools.

Автор Flashbangb4 ( назад)
It was obvious she was juiced up from the get go.

Автор bob dole ( назад)
a diuretic is a performance enhancer? the only reason to deadlift is to put on mass?


Автор Mr Rhombus ( назад)
Guyborg embarrassing himself again. Obviously someone roided out is gonna be stronger than Nunes. Holly juiced up would kill Cyroid, so would Nunes.

Автор Viktor Stagnetti ( назад)
I'm not surprised motherfuckers.

Автор Dan Man ( назад)
Imagine our (complete lack of) surprise.

Автор Downfacingdog ( назад)
Cannabis is a performance enhancing drug. Just ask Ross Rebagliati.

Автор David Kendall ( назад)
I went to a Brazilian pharmacy and asked for steroids, they brought out Cris Cyborg.

Автор kevin giacomazza ( назад)
Spirnolactone is not a performance enhancing drug by any stretch. It blocks androgens, specifically aldosterone. It is a diuretic though.

Автор STANLY IPkiss ( назад)
I wanna see Nunes vs Cyborg...

Автор SwayJJ ( назад)
305 lbs is like 140 kgs...there's females at my run of the mill gym that can do that. That's not crazy huge weight. If your a gym junkie and have been working out seriously for a couple of years, females can get to that dead lift weight clean with just protein shakes

Автор sl9sl9 ( назад)
Cocaine ''not a performance enhancing drug'' wtf?!? Mike Tyson and Diego Maradona would beg to differ on that one...

Автор Randall's Rest & Relaxation ( назад)
Lets just relax

Автор DR34MER777 ( назад)
she on the hot sauce

Автор Paul S Toner ( назад)
Hardly surprising another Brazilian tests for inhibitors, illegal boosters.

Автор PaytonFu ( назад)
I would argue cocaine is a performance enhancing drug, ever try and fight someone on cocaine...?!

Автор Nic Holbrook ( назад)
Maybe they can get her a circus fight with Gabby.

Автор Koincidence ( назад)
4:33 Hi Joe!

Автор I Just Fell Down ( назад)
60% sure those windows were handy in WW2

Автор nunya bizzniss ( назад)
She failed the Penis test!

Автор J Peterman ( назад)
fuck these ads

Автор Wet William ( назад)
She took it to prevent hair loss.

Автор OwlEyes85 ( назад)
Gabby start curling that shit lmao 305

Автор F. Flores ( назад)
those are bumper plates 264lbs/120 kilos

Автор Yunus Boyaci ( назад)
Chris Cyborg failed "her" drug Test, Every MMA Fan: "I'm not suprised Motherfuckers."

Автор Cherry Pauper ( назад)
"Gabi" Garcia

Автор comptoncity2 ( назад)
Everyone's on something let's not act new here. I know it's all a show but y'all taking it too far lol

Автор Leonard Halbert ( назад)
I love freaks like cyborg, too bad they can't just take whatever they want so everyone can see what kind of new human/animal hybrid mutants are really possible, all the rules are boring fuck it, they're all going to die prematurely anyway ,spike up bitches

Автор MR D ( назад)
Cyborg is Bert

Автор donald johnson ( назад)
Viagra ad before this video. :p

Автор Razear ( назад)
This cheating bitch should be fighting male heavyweights.

Автор halfmanhalftree ( назад)
"i use to rub it in my head, to prevent balding" well i guess that didn't work out too well lmfao

Автор Gotti360 ( назад)
Big shocker.....cyborgs on roids. lol

Автор Simply Orange ( назад)
I want a Rolex, too.

Автор aliasbrush2 ( назад)
As far as I'm concerned, Gina Carano retired undefeated. Cyborg is a cheat and should be banned for life.

Автор DARK MOON ( назад)
rhonda and cyborg career are ending and they never even fight each others, other saying cyborg has no legazy and it was fraudulent because she cheated through out her career and people are saying rhonda was all hype and dominated a developing division..

Автор Ralph Zimmermann ( назад)
its as clear as fucking day she is on a fuck ton of shit, I have seen men with more feminine features then her.

Автор Hyro Proto ( назад)
I'm not surprised mother fuckers

Автор Maza675 ( назад)
deadlifting 305 pounds is not ridiculous and is in the reach of a normal athletic woman

Автор Lewis Stephens ( назад)
he said she was dumb for takeing that pic. on last pod cast jocked went usada b straight o jet to brazill

Автор THIRST ( назад)
Everybody knows shes a roid head... b4 she was in the UFC I remember telling people on posts that she was on steroids and had tons of wannabee kid mma fans that said she was legit and Ronda was just lazy and thats why she didnt look like that. lmao!! look at her 4hed and shoulders. It's so obvious its like a aimbot in a video game and then saying " im legit"! lmao

Автор Let's Build A Wall ( назад)
Cris cyborg is the man

Автор J.J. NOX ( назад)
Look at Cris she's the manliest person in the UFC. NSFW! But I'm sure her clit is 9 inches long.

Автор AtanasovPetar ( назад)
Joe, yes John pissed hot for PED's the last time, remember? It was the same excuse as Anderson, dick pills.
Can you please stop protectionism towards Jones?

Автор MeGusta109 ( назад)
Eddie Bravo comes across as so fucking dumb.

Автор Jake NHale ( назад)
That anti hair loss steroid didn't work to well for joe I see

Автор Brad Simms ( назад)
I bet it's the contaminated dick pill like Jonny Bones

Автор oN Auz ( назад)
Be careful Joe, or Cris will wrap her dick around your neck and start you up like a fucking lawnmower lol

Автор Cyrus The Virus ( назад)
Yeah hard to be on Cyborgs side after this. Still a fucking wrecking machine.

Автор slimeballz ( назад)

Автор redhatlt ( назад)
Honestly,men taking steroids is basicly like adding to a car some nitro to boost it's speed.
But when it comes to women it's like sitting a horse into a ferrari and claiming he is the fastest horse.
Seriously these Brazilian chicks like Gabi,Cyborg and don't be surprised whit Amanda in the future are more of a man then most of us,well atleast when it comes to testosterone levels.

Автор Milktank171 ( назад)
cris man-lady cyborg

Автор Chad the Lad ( назад)
so that's why his head is so big..

Автор Ash Bruh ( назад)
this must have been a mix up. no way she could have been using steroids. i just don't believe.

Автор Conor McGregor ( назад)
Cyborg is the original big dick bandit

Автор captain black ( назад)
alex jones wants on the shoe joe.


get him on. talk about 911. mainly WTC 7 and the pentacon hole in the wall. 12 walls in fact

Автор Jimothy Snooker ( назад)
wait you mean Cyborg isn't natural? no way.....

been sayin it for years.

Автор David Stevens ( назад)
Chris cyborg looks and sounds like a man

Автор evendarkness ( назад)
How come diuretics are banned?

Автор ThePowerhouseHD ( назад)
How is that 305 lbs?

1 bar = 45
2 Blue = 90
2 Green = 20
8 Black = 80 (crossfit plates)

It's 235 lbs, which is impressive for a chick, what's her weight? Just clarifying as to not discredit elite female powerlifters who are the only ones able to rep out 300+

Автор Panthers Hockey ( назад)
so cyrborg tests for a diuretic, which coincides with what happened to her during the weight cut and brock tests for anti-estrogen to raise testosterone but he's ok and she's the bad guy...

joe try saying that without Dana's dick in your mouth

Автор 5piles ( назад)
umm spironolactone is a weak ass diuretic, what kind of faggot sport would ban someone for using it

Автор El ( назад)
Yeah, Cyborg fucked herself by turning down championship fights in the division she's always been begging for because of health issues, and then going on to post videos of her deadlifting. It just doesn't make sense, smelled fishy af...

Автор john doe ( назад)

Автор japakoniu ( назад)
Cris Cyborg failed drug test?! Unbelievable!!! Look at her she's clearly natural.

Автор DaCamponTwee ( назад)
If Cyborg is natural she's got to be pushing her natural limit to it's apex. I don't buy into that genetics bullshit. It's like asserting that the men in the Arnold classic are all natty with superior genetics, it's a fucking joke. They don't have testicles, Joe, where do you think that man juice is coming from? This woman's chin is as square as spongebob, a side effect of steroids. I'll bet you $1 that in a year Cyborg sprouts an Adams apple.

Автор mxamiss5 ( назад)
Cyborg has the most power cause she's on steroids and everyone else isn't

Автор DonD512 ( назад)
Who's the "Golden Snitch" ???😂😁

Автор stubben24 ( назад)
What a shocker huh. Oh w8 not really

Автор i cri evritim ( назад)
To prevent hair loss well joe we saw how that went

Автор GHOST OF SHADY ( назад)
the shades comin...just wait...it always does

Автор GHOST OF SHADY ( назад)
Cyborg has a boyfriend?...I always knew 'she' was gay

Автор HachiZenki ( назад)
"Her boyfriend..." Seriously Joe? You think Cyborg has a boyfriend? If anything, she'd be the.....NVM.

Автор GHOST OF SHADY ( назад)
how soon before the transgenderds start fighting in the women's division ?

Автор ☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ ( назад)
I hate roided fuckers.

Автор Jamessr23 ( назад)
shes addicted to PEDs like Tony Montana was to coke

Автор Shang Tsung ( назад)
Everybody's on steroids - Cris Cyborg

Автор ƃɹǝʎ ƃıɹl ( назад)
And nobody was surprised...

Автор Dan the Fisherman ( назад)
I don't know bout you, but I'd say cocain is a performance enhancing drug. Ever try catching a crack head who just stole your grill?!!😂😂😂😂

Автор Danny Nuno ( назад)
305lbs off blocks.... for a athlete? that's really not impressive

Автор Liam Quinn ( назад)
"Cris cyborg was never my friend" - Khalibib Stiopic

Автор ImYourDeity ( назад)
I couldnt find the sceptical cadillac that Brendan mentioned when i googled it

Автор Zack Heater ( назад)
Chris cyborg is a man

Автор Rick Atkins ( назад)
It's too bad. Cris Cyborg seemed like a stand up dude.

Автор Wil Ragan ( назад)
she's obviously on something

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