Finger after complete amputation

This is my left index finger after its complete amputation. The stiches will be out soon.

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Автор jerry arnold (jdawgsworld) ( назад)
i lost my right middle finger...have to tell people it's missing...

Автор Eric Cartman (1564 года назад)

Автор Tanners0202 ( назад)
Good spirit man!

Автор 90abcde6 ( назад)
dude...use pixie dust. u could find it in america. i'll do some research
for u and btw...if u dont mind me asking...how did it happen?

Автор MMAfighter521 (1603 года назад)
How'd ya do that?

Автор SuperRiceCooker ( назад)
@DNSRSLS Oh man. I'm sorry bro. You're so young..... and you already lost a
finger. I'm really sorry for you man. Hope everything goes well.

Автор Donis Rosales ( назад)
@yashmakkk 2 years later I come and read all the comments hahaha mmmm no I
have post a picture of it.

Автор Donis Rosales ( назад)
@SuperRiceCooker I'm 18.

Автор SuperRiceCooker ( назад)
how old are you dude?

Автор adz gerks ( назад)
i got mine caught in a timming belt working on my car but i lost my middle
finger and mangled my index it feels so weird when you try to use it and
its not there

Автор triniman2408 ( назад)
@DNSRSLS how did this happen?

Автор apollynz92 ( назад)
@XxTofumonkeykingxX ROFL

Автор bitemebeeotch09 ( назад)
What do you call an amputation of ba finger that involves having part of
your hand bone and everything above it removed? That happened to me 10 days

Автор 101popupking101 ( назад)
hahaha nice 1 man

Автор Stephanie Talbot ( назад)
Nobody likes a smart ass that thinks they know everything. GET OVER

Автор K7DFA ( назад)
This comment wasn't directed to you, so maybe YOU should "shut the hell up"!

Автор Stephanie Talbot ( назад)
If you hate to be critical, then why don't you shut the hell up?

Автор lukeatluka ( назад)
I am still in process of medical care and ensurance...

Автор K7DFA (1623 года назад)
Where (which country) is it against the law to post a picture of a hand
with or without amputated fingers? I suspect someone just doesn't want pics
of his hand used by others (as their own hand or as material for other

Автор K7DFA (1767 лет назад)
I hate to be critical, but COMPLETE amputation would be at the proximal
knuckle (the one closest to your hand), this is a partial amputation.

Автор youngsoldier93 ( назад)
u have a small penis!lol =)

Автор barfumer ( назад)
im gonna stick u in a crocodiles mouth unless u stop maaking that kind of
comments. stfu rcpenguin

Автор Robert Craig ( назад)
does it feel strange and if so did you get used to it?

Автор GGiantsk8 ( назад)
dude...that sucks

Автор lukeatluka ( назад)
I won't post it anywhere due to the law which i need to be still through.

Автор lukeatluka ( назад)
Accident...Machines are only off or on, they do't know if it's metal or
finger. I will care about them to the rest of my life but hey, i can't do
nothing now, i shold thing before, so less care more fun :)

Автор lukeatluka ( назад)
Be happy, on one side, even i can be, though i was left with 1 knuckle per
finger less on left hand. What happened with you?

Автор Donis Rosales ( назад)
its hella weird, it hurts and is getting really hard for me to get use to

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