QB Precision Passing: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Elite QBs compete in the precision passing drill for the AFC & NFC!

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Длительность: 6:52
Комментарии: 1521

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Автор Theresa Copanic ( назад)

Автор Vittorio Houston ( назад)

Автор Joe Dangit ( назад)
What's the song that Phillip Rivers throws to?

Автор GhostRecon ( назад)
I bet if TB did this he would hit all of them.

Автор yoana saenz ( назад)
Prescott the best qb

Автор Crazy Saves ( назад)
Philip with the dub

Автор arthur douglas ( назад)
i will never understand why people hate Phillip Rivers. Hes the best quarterback in the NFL. and VERY underrated.

Автор Philip Champion ( назад)
the competition should be to see who can knock out all the targets in the shortest time. making the competition short doesnt allow the great players to have a good chance to prove themselves

Автор arthur douglas ( назад)
gotta love P. Rivers. when gets a groove its over

Автор Joshua Epstein ( назад)
2:53 did I got that four?

Автор Salt. ( назад)
Rodgers would win this easy if he was there.

Автор azmodios ( назад)
This would be great with retired NFL QB Legends.. Network TV production, money for charity, a trophy and representatives from all 32 teams...

Автор Jay-tube Videos ( назад)
Drew breez

Автор Casuist Gaming ( назад)
Dak like damn where my Oline at!?!

Автор eToro BoT ( назад)
"I never fuss with a referee" - Philip Rivers

Автор Bradyn Hayes ( назад)
Why change to LA? oh,yeah the sun in San Diego.

Автор woodsettsnffc ( назад)
Anyone tell me the name of the song when Dak was throwing?

Автор King Destroyer ( назад)
where was Aaron Rodgers in this? he would get like 30

Автор Dylan Vincent ( назад)
No surprise andy dalton looks bad during the post season. Usual performance during playoff/superbowl time

Автор Sergeant Roland ( назад)
I would like to see this drill added to Madden NFL

Автор ricky bobby ( назад)
How come he can't do that in the game

Автор Rob White ( назад)
God I hate Philip Rivers

Автор Connor Adams ( назад)
What song is that playing with Rivers throwing

Автор memphis warriors ( назад)
go like my break em it call gbaby break em

Автор Zigzagoon ( назад)
4:10 - "COME BACK!" made me chuckle

Автор NickDaGawd ( назад)
Andy dalton?? Hell if he can be in the pro bowl, I'd want to see Matthew stafford. His arm strength is crazy and it's be fun

Автор Jose Alvarado ( назад)
Who think Rodgers would destroy everyone

Автор ranchosdelnorte ( назад)
Would have been interesting to see Siemien in this, since his ability to zip the ball is what impress Kubiak enough to give him a chance. Too bad he had to turn down the invitation due to his shoulder surgery.

Автор Scallywag ( назад)
This shows me that receivers make QB's look A LOT better in the game...

Автор Trevy Trev ( назад)
Keep doing stuff like this NFL, the pro bowl is finally entertaining to watch again.

Автор slrecordings ( назад)
Dalton and Prescott suck

Автор Sotero A. Gomez ( назад)
Lol #dak hahahah

Автор Lamar Gatica ( назад)
Shut up the announser

Автор Alberto Tominaga ( назад)
Rodgers, Brady, Carr, Winston, Wilson, all better and more accurate QB's than Prescott... all he does is throw short slant passes 5 to 15 yards out.. that's it... this video exposes him.

Автор Davide Surilie ( назад)
these guys actually sucked!

Автор Michael Oquendo ( назад)
Presscott sucks

Автор Kobeee24BRyant ( назад)
3:12 what's the name of the song

Автор Miguel Ibanez ( назад)
Let's go rivers and chargers

Автор Diaz&Co. ( назад)
Would love to see Rodgers in this competition.

Автор Oz M. ( назад)
dak has no arm strenght. 2nd year will be a bust...mark my words.

Автор Jerry and Malia ( назад)
Those 4 are hard, even NFL Qbs needed a few tries

Автор Aaron James ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers would've torched thru those targets

Автор Justin pellegrino ( назад)
stafford wouldve thrown a interception

Автор hirevS2K ( назад)
Should be called the loser bowl!

Автор Jonman12 1.1 ( назад)
I picked rivers

Автор June the Goon ( назад)
Russell Wilson would have spanked them all!

Автор Nona Yabuisness ( назад)
Phillip Rivers is super nice with it.

Автор UncleFrank414 ( назад)
This is the highlight of Rivers career

Автор TheEpicSoldiers ( назад)
Phillip rivers "come back" on that last 3 points

Автор Mr_ Flight1586 ( назад)
He's pumped hopefully the move to LA will get this team going!!! Welcome to LA!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Dak lol

Автор Vigilante Mj ( назад)
Aaay ofcourse Rivers Won! ☝🏽

Автор Uniquely Common ( назад)
I still think the Pro Bowl should be after the Super Bowl, so we can see all the best players.

Автор Nolan Bal ( назад)
id like to see aaron rodgers do this

Автор warren nichols ( назад)
Soooo the afc is better than the NFC basically?

Автор Cade Cronister ( назад)
the guy still said san deigo chargers lol

Автор MrNothingButAir ( назад)
as i Giants fan, i think this proves that Dak is a one dimension QB that only padded his stats through his good ofensive line, receivers and Elliot. Without that Dak ain't even better than RG3. #DaknextRG3

Автор Daniel Kleich ( назад)
no one likes philip rivers he sucks and so do the chargers

Автор Master Keezie ( назад)
Honestly, there's only a handfull of QB's with the type of accuracy most are bragging their fav. QB's have. Many are avg. in todays NFL standards & their WR's actually help them appear to be greater than they are.

Автор eric cartman ( назад)
bruh wheres ar12

Автор josh stonecypher ( назад)
Rodgers woulda destroyed everybody lol

Автор Nonya Biznes ( назад)
This proves Dak is a game manager who throw check downs 90 percent of the time.

Автор DriZzy1ZZy ( назад)
the pro bowl should only include playoffs team players that didnt go to the superbowl .

Автор badlandskid ( назад)
Warning: Pissing contest below.

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
if stafford was there he would've won easily

Автор VertMentality ( назад)
Yep Phillip rivers throws the most completions when there are no defenders to pick him off

Автор Jon Bobvee ( назад)
Any of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr instead of this amateur hour.

Автор Andrew Rohrman ( назад)
> Elite quarterbacks
> Dak

Автор Matt Chow ( назад)
Anyone else get anxiety from that background music?

Автор Anmol S ( назад)
Matt Stafford got snubbed. He would have killed this course.

Автор Justin Cieminski ( назад)
Where's rodgers

Автор ItzCarterBruh ( назад)
Brees and Rivers were the only competition in my eyes. Un biased

Автор Ratus ( назад)
I am here for alex smith..

Автор Freddie Rankin ( назад)
PHILIP RIVERS #17 💨🏉Anyone anytime can get injured , to not get injured is important . Rivers on the Field every game !! Derek Carr deeznutz .. 😂😂😂

Автор MrBigdrewbowski ( назад)
What's more pathetic? Participating in this crap or commentating on it?

Автор spencer brown ( назад)
Rg3 could have hit those

Автор Maximum Blaster ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers would've hit every single available target on sight

Автор oXJPXo ( назад)

"i got that four tho right?"

"yeah but when you get it once you cant get it again"

"they give me it tho?"

Dak drunk lmfao

Автор oXJPXo ( назад)

"i got that four tho right?"

"yeah but when you get it once you cant get it again"

"they give me it tho?"

Dak drunk lmfao

Автор Andrew Lopez ( назад)
That is why Dak had such a good completion percentage considering most of his passes were dump off's. We can CLEARLY see he sucks with the deep ball. #DakCheckDownPrescott

Автор infamouscoma886 ( назад)
Man they suck for being professionals!

Автор Gaz Lynot ( назад)
Dude it sucks how rivers and brees are LEGENDARY QBS on subpar teams

Автор cjnovo992 ( назад)
thank God rodgers spat his dummy out and pulled out...otherwise they'd be a 16 minute SAS segment on how the targets let rodgers down

Автор Julian Smith ( назад)
Man the NFL is learning from the NBA theyve got an all-star Saturday night like they've got a skills competition 3 point shootout and slam dunk competition Roger Goodell made the pro bowl more watchable have a skills competition

Автор cjnovo992 ( назад)
dakk can't go deep..

Автор Greyson Thompson ( назад)
I could do better than these guys

Автор Slight Art ( назад)
(L)Os(e)weiler could beat them all. #Truefacts

Автор Msike ( назад)
Phillip rivers is the bitchiest quarterback in NFL history I yell at my teammates and complain at the refs

Автор BlueMan HD ( назад)
"most accurate rookie qb" is it that or is it best o line to make you look better

Автор Natnael Tesfaye ( назад)
Keep this up I like this

Автор easeldoor ( назад)
awesome comp format! has the potential to be better than the nba's 3pt comp.

Автор Andrew Stowell ( назад)
why wouldn't you have every quarterback participate? what about cousins?

Автор SWN Lazer 3 ( назад)
I wish Kirk went

Автор THE BOSS ( назад)
I need to see Carson "Ginger Jesus" Wentz do this!

Автор Juan Garibay ( назад)
Where was Cutler?

Автор THE LOBSTER PLAYS ( назад)
Thats my boy philip rivers

Автор Menny Jr ( назад)
Well to be Dak Prescott's first time at the pro bowl he didnt do that bad

Автор Batman ( назад)
Why Philip rivers look so out of shape lmaoo

Автор Ashveen Sharma ( назад)
didn't rivers hit 3 twice ?

Автор Ryan Chacko ( назад)
No duh it's his last game as a "San Diego Charger" they're moving to love angeles

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