talking/farting english parakeet

My bird cassius talking/farting...words include "use force" "good boy cassius" "cody" "dutchess" "ha ha"

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Автор Brionna Polson ( назад)
so funny

Автор JON H ( назад)
i have a green banded budgie from 1998. still super healthy but i can tell
it is very mature.

Автор JON H ( назад)
lol hes like "PPHHHHHFFFFFHFHFHF.. FART" that shit is hilarious.

Автор MajorLeaguerAnubius ( назад)
mine lived for like 10 years... o.o

Автор cielparrotlet (1198 лет назад)
@WhatTheShittles a healthy english budgie, who is well cared for, you can
expect to live for 7-8 years, whereas an American budgie properly cared for
will live 12 years give or take normally.

Автор omarnug (1524 года назад)
-"0:31" -"No, R2-D2"

Автор CrazyHorseChick1989 ( назад)
@tanrat7 English budgies do tend to have a shorter life span than regular
budgies. I've read that they live anywhere from 5 to 8 years. The pet store
or breeder may have said 4 as a way to keep the new owner from being
disappointed if it didn't live a long time. Hope this helps! Sarah

Автор tanrat7 ( назад)
@rzcsc 3-4 years? I had a budgie that lived at least 9 years. Not sure of
its age at the time I bought it at a pet store. But I owned it for 9 years.

Автор Emily Davis ( назад)
i'm pretty sure he's quoting star wars... i hear some R2D2 bleeps and
bloops in there and he also says "use the force"

Автор tamra1975 ( назад)
@DonnySpielberg my conure is always giggling and saying "you farted...and
it was smelly" rofl

Автор tamra1975 ( назад)
@rzcsc only if they are not taken care of. their average lifespan is 15-20
years and I know this to be true from personal experience.

Автор tamra1975 ( назад)
@mgracemm also if you try it in different vocal tone, it makes it easier
for them to pick up

Автор Ashley Burnette ( назад)
XD haha budgie is so cute!!!!

Автор nwilkey1 ( назад)
My son thought the "fart" bit was so funny that he taught it to our budgie!
I'll post a video response- "Peanut the Farting Budgie"!! :)

Автор MajorLeaguerAnubius ( назад)
That's hilarious when he made a fart sound and he's like "Fart, fart!" Who
the hell does he think he is? Butt-Head? XP Either way, did he say "Screw
it" as well?

Автор mafrek ( назад)
he farts and laughs... haha just like men

Автор K Filice ( назад)
**LOL** LOVE the brrrrrrrrip and then he says fart fart too cute!!

Автор DonnySpielberg ( назад)
I love your bird! Looks just like my Pudge! He says "fart" then makes the
noise. How RAD is that?! :)

Автор Jess Bowman ( назад)
CUUUTTEE! I nearly died laughing when he did the farting noise.

Автор Nikki S ( назад)
LOL Does he say fart right after he farts? That's cute!

Автор rockybudgeboa ( назад)
LOVE him :)

Автор parakeet8157 (756 лет назад)
Love the fart noise. I taught my parakeet this noise 2.

Автор ahahahaha15 ( назад)
AHAHAHAHA i was on the floor laughing when he did the fart noise!

Автор chalomirof63 ( назад)
Such funny little sounds coming out of such a beautiful little guy! The
colors remind me of the Pittsburgh Steelers! LOL!

Автор ShinnSin ( назад)
Wait...so...the bird changed....colours...? lol, this seems like what
you're saying. But ya, budgies that have a blue nose are male, and brownish
pink nose, are usually females.

Автор gooflymuflergy ( назад)
domo arigatou

Автор Gayguy455 ( назад)
ok i got a new budgie today but he is scared like her wont eat plz if u
read comment on my chanel by cliking my name

Автор viarella218 ( назад)
if that cere or how ever u spell it is blue male brown is female..hope that
helps u out..take care

Автор FlameingKittenOfDoom ( назад)
yes it is they have the intelligence of a 3 year old while there voice may
not be as clear as other birds it is and is capable of talking

Автор canadadiabolo ( назад)
its not actually talking, guys.

Автор Katie Annabelle Cochran ( назад)
rotflol XD

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
just keep on repeating the word/s you want it to learn to it. Say it
slowly, pronouncing each syllable loudly. I also tried to get very close to
the bird, as i heard they can learn easier by feeling the vibration. Good

Автор firedrakelwarrior983 ( назад)
I hve4 parakeets. But they don't talk. Snowball, the white on keeps
screaming like it's dead or something!!! :-)

Автор JulioMEX4EVER ( назад)
love da babbly parakeet. gassy lil keet eatin too many beans

Автор Fishy20100 ( назад)
So that he cannot fly into things and hurt himself.

Автор Angela Schwaiger ( назад)
No, I meant it like I said it. :) Budgerigar (Budgie) is to Parakeet like
Cocker Spaniel is to Spaniel(breed). If Cocker Spaniel is to dog then
Budgerigar would have to be to bird. ;) And yes, parakeets in general are
all beautiful!

Автор XxHolyPuffxX ( назад)
LMAO of all songs its mr roboto

Автор Angela Schwaiger ( назад)
Ahem, a budgie is still a parakeet. Just because Americans say parakeet
instead of Budgie doesn't mean they don't know any better. It's just like
calling a Cocker Spaniel a "Spaniel". It's still correct to call it that...

Автор Angela Schwaiger ( назад)
They are frequently called parakeets in the USA.

Автор anamasri1975 ( назад)
why his wings r clipped ????????????????

Автор NintendoDSBOY ( назад)
Did your Bird say "Dusty Wusty Fart"

Автор carlycorinthos ( назад)

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
haha it does sound like that...never noticed that before

Автор tensaye123 ( назад)
hey i have a parakeet and it lives 20-25 years and its a budgie

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
Usually around 3-4 years...Mine is 3 right now, so I'm hoping for the best!

Автор lotusbandicoot ( назад)
Cassius is an awesome name! I love how slowly he speaks!

Автор mafrek ( назад)
lol i love the farting

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
it took him about 4 months...i've heard the same thing about two birds

Автор supfreak123 ( назад)
How long did it take your bird to learn his first word? I have two budgies
who I'm around 24/7. I've had them for about 4 and a half years. I wish
they could pick up a few words, but nonetheless I love their Company. I
heard that when you have two in the same cage they are less likely to learn

Автор LionGoddess1 ( назад)
the owner must fart alot.. lol

Автор AdictaAesto ( назад)
How to make it be loving. Cuz mine are mean.

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
What u wanna know

Автор AdictaAesto ( назад)
aaw please tell me, I have two budgies and I want them to be loving. Pretty
please, can you send me a message?

Автор Valfreya ( назад)
he sounds like he's possessed.. take it back!.. X_X

Автор bartsimpsons26 ( назад)
is it pausible for a normal budgie to learn english?becsue i've had mine
for 6 yearsand he trys to talk but he can't is that becsue hes not an
english parakeet?

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
keep on repeating words over and over and over and over...etc

Автор goko erdem ( назад)
how kan i let talke me parakeet

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
Thank you. It took a while, but he finally became the loving bird he is
today. Good luck with your new bird!

Автор Nicole Chassin ( назад)
I love how Mr. Roboto is on in the background. I just got an English Budgie
today and I already have a lorikeet, cockatiel, and American Parakeet. I've
always wanted an English Budgie and I think yours is just wonderful.

Автор WolvenSpirt ( назад)
hes sound sio mad XD like darth vader without a mask XD i love him

Автор Anhinga78 ( назад)
That was SO funny! What a cute bird:)

Автор JoVanna Esquivel ( назад)
great R2D2 impression!

Автор gamewizard ( назад)
Parakeet is a generic term for many similar types of birds. The species of
this bird is budgerigar.

Автор Morafo Regnos ( назад)
its a parakeet

Автор bLaCkRoSe53 ( назад)
Erhmmm right well this says a lot about the owner seeing as budgies imitate
sounds they hear around them. Budgies do not know what they are saying when
they imitate sounds and words and a lot of resources show that they do this
to keep themselves from getting bored or for defence in the wild to scare
of predators.

Автор Obeautiful ( назад)
Cute, little funny guy! I love him!

Автор pinkeyrajan ( назад)
Thats how parakeets sound! its not fake!

Автор StoneygateSquirrel ( назад)
ha ha, ours also makes fart noises in addition to his other vocabulary.

Автор rzcsc ( назад)
lol...ok buddy

Автор usuchb1lls ( назад)
this is fake!!!

Автор BismarcksOtto ( назад)
"use force" as in a jedi, or as in "violence"? ;-)

Автор sumoman25 ( назад)
im gettin a bird liek this....

Автор tikidancer1 ( назад)
i want it

Автор coppermoth ( назад)
what a riot! this is great

Автор Peter Suk Sin Chan ( назад)
cool bird , love it

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