SBC Valve Guide Installation

John @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine describes how to replace valve guides on the popular small block Chevrolet cylinder head. www.engine-machining.com

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Автор G hrvyck ( назад)
Zapwatt, small block Chevy heads DO NOT have replaceable valve guides,
thus, the need to do this type of machine work.

Автор Zach Phelps ( назад)
From the video it seemed easy, but I just aquired a set of 1970 big block
ford heads. And accidently broke the exhaust guide completely off. My
questions is, would it be hard to replace and how much would it cost to
have it done to a set of heads having the bronze valve guides installed?

Автор zwebx ( назад)
due to it being hammered/pressed in

Автор supercalo79 ( назад)
Thanks for the reply.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Not really.

Автор supercalo79 ( назад)
can this be done without the machinery?

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)

Автор joshua tibbs ( назад)
were are you located i just ordered a set of 291 double humps and they cam
in with a chipped cracked guide

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Install a guide and run it.

Автор chevman2448 ( назад)
What if the OEM guide area is cracked? Would this still be possible or are
the heads junk? One of them is just cracked to the lower portion where the
guide gets thicker,

Автор jim dandy ( назад)
Interesting, since you are using .002 interference fit no need to
shrink/chill the guide due to it being soft bronze?

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
I made my own tooling for that.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
No, I've been up to the Concorso Italiano with the race car in Monterey.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
It does, you are just using the machine incorrectly dude. Call me.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Dunno.... But-, they are a later model (mid-80's and on) casting - look at
the scalloped edge.

Автор Ean Turner ( назад)
hey john what casting/type of heads were those?

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Use a solid carbide reamer made for bonze guides.

Автор craigr13666 ( назад)
What do you use to ream bronze guides. I always seem to have problems with
the reamer getting tight toward the bottom of the guides. do they make a
hone set up to do guides like a .342" or some one suggested looking into
maybe a ball hone set up.

Автор vince l ( назад)
i was wondering were u are located i might be interested in sending some
piece that i need to machine,and how would resufarce and put new vavle
guide.redo the seat would cost.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
No, Sunnen BL-200.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Use a special drift to knock and are install, you will need to grind/cut
the seats after you are finished w/guides.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
Yes, 75 and 80 degrees.

Автор vince l ( назад)
hey john i was a long time subscriber and always like your video,i was
wondering i have a honda d16y8 head that i wana install on my d16y7 and i
wanted to rebuild the whole head and wanted to know how to remove the vavle
guide thx

Автор CrikeyMang ( назад)
John...Ive run out of engine porn to watch! I need more of your concise
thorough knowledge! Preferably V8 performance stuff and tricks of the
trade..I need my fix! :D

Автор Nick G. (861 год назад)
@zorrlander Its a Sunnen press fit lubricant, but i can see why you ask the
can looks pretty close. Gasgacinch is actually a milky transparent color
and its used to seal and aid in the removal of gaskets

Автор 李 德胜 ( назад)
@fiatnutz Hi Fiatuntz, great video! does this mean that you actually
milled/destoryed the old valve guides and insert the new guides into the
position regardless if there is any remaining of the old guide -- as long
as the size of the whole is correct, the new guides will sit there nicely?

Автор zorrlander ( назад)
Your lubricant is that just gasgacinch?

Автор knowtwodrugs ( назад)
Very nice videos! If you take requests, I'd like to see a video about the
process involved with epoxy-ing the cylinder heads.

Автор ericjen123 ( назад)
just a quick question John, I'm replacing my duel springs with a beehive
spring. The Beehive has a smaller bottom O.D. so I'll be using a valve
spring locator under it. I have a part 4705-16, just wanted to know if a
Gen1 SBC has the same size vlave guide ball as an LSx? .570??? thanks

Автор carcrusher001 ( назад)
@hppyadam yes you can drive it like this, on the oplder GM v8s, after they
have been sitting the night or whatever, like when there cold, oil seeps
past the worn out valve seals/ guides, and into the cylinder, or on the top
of the valve, or into the exaust and when you start it, it smokes for a
couple of seconds and then stops. this is perfectly normal for these
engines, so dont worry about it. 350 are very durable, and reliable
engines. I know you posted this 7 months ago, but hope this helps

Автор ipissed ( назад)
@zapwatt because these guys are not thorough. you and i are used to working
in aluminum by now but as far as i am concerned if you crack a head its
toast anyways, but without a doner you are missing out. new original guides
are the way to go. it prevents out of line and ovaled bores like you can
see in this actual video when he tests the last guide. but i have to say
that the workable head is only as good as it is.

Автор Timothayyy ( назад)
I was always taught to do the guides with the head hot, like after put in
the oven. Supposed to prevent cracks. But I guess you dont have to do that?

Автор MasterCrash2009 ( назад)
cobra428bigblock robysunnen if u ppl want to talk shit on hear when the guy
has been doing this kinda work sence the 60's i think then u should just go
fuck ur selfs great work john i love what u do

Автор mongo5888 ( назад)
Great work man. Nice vid. :)

Автор mongo5888 ( назад)
Then why did you even watch this video?

Автор rfhracing ( назад)
What guide clearance do you suggest for 11/32 stems?

Автор cobra428bigblock ( назад)
I wouldn't go to You Tube to ask for automotive help. There are many
reasons your plugs could be black.....the main one is that your A/F mixture
is too rich....

Автор fuckyoda ( назад)
and how would i do that?

Автор fuckyoda ( назад)
i have a question, my valve guides are bad on my 305, the spark plugs turn
black. do i have to go through this process or and i just take them out and
put new ones in?

Автор ytmachx ( назад)
I'm surprised about the rough ream job on the guide inner. My guess, this
is not your best work.

Автор MrGuvEuroman ( назад)
John you rock keep yr vids coming please :)

Автор Andy N ( назад)
Its essentially the same process, You cut the old seat out and hammer the
insert back in.

Автор 1972FordF100 ( назад)
This is interesting to see how its done almost similar I'd assume to when
my local machine shop put guides in my fe ford heads. Im wondering if you
could do a valve seat video as im interested to see how those are installed.

Автор fiatnutz ( назад)
The original guides are integral to the casting. OE's simply drill a hole
in the cast iron and call it a day, however in the reman world we have to
drill & ream for a replacement guide when the integral guide is worn out.

Автор zapwatt ( назад)
OK so I'm a bit new to valve guide replacement so I have a question; Why
were the old guides not drifted out but milled instead?

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