CoD 4 PC Unlock All Hack [Version 1.7!]

The simplest way to do the CoD 4 Rank hack. The Download comes in a zip that you can open. Just Run the program while you are in the Main Menu of MP and click what version of CoD 4 you have. Then click Easy Upgrade. Enjoy!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5duxzxfy0t2

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Длительность: 1:40
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Автор Ocho831 ( назад)

Автор Jake Wall ( назад)
works thank you so much 

Автор Agusaa4 ( назад)

Автор hertz ( назад)
It works but after a while I get error message "An error occured while
reading stats data, your stats have been reset" . And after that I am back
to lvl1 with everything locked. That is not the only problem,sometimes game
even won't launch if I use this program because I get iw3mp.exe has stopped
working and it crashes to desktop.

Автор zeneboy653 ( назад)

Автор NorwegianRoyalty ( назад)

Автор Sourav Mukherjee ( назад)
my cod4 version is 1.6 but when i select and click upgrade it makes me lvl
1 my lvl was 39..help me and lock everything

Автор Trollog ( назад)
My avast detected it

Автор Kristjan K ( назад)
fake or nor

Автор seane113 ( назад)
don't I got a Trojan horse

Автор Mady. ( назад)
thanks !
works for me :)

Автор Thomathis ( назад)
fake !

Автор Karl Wise ( назад)

Автор MixiGames ( назад)

Автор Jacob Donato ( назад)
Can you do it for COD 5?

Автор Vertigo Puffer ( назад)

Автор Rahul M Nair ( назад)
Awesome Bro.! Works like a charm

Автор DeathMerkz ( назад)
wont work fuck u bitch

Автор MONSTERxCILE ( назад)
Works great, trust this download.

Автор Jdog11233 ( назад)

Автор CrisPW ( назад)
thnx for the link i knew the hack its great tnx for link again

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)

Автор Magiciaani ( назад)
Worked great :)

Автор Joku Vain ( назад)
its troijan..

Автор trigerhapymonky1 ( назад)
couldnt help but come back and comment I couldnt believe this actually
worked, and also i didnt get a virus from it. (:

Автор Fjr Bader ( назад)
yes its works

Автор Abd elrahman mohamed ( назад)
thank you very very very much it really works thanks a lot 

Автор babeo berbe ( назад)

Автор bruno costa ( назад)
Works! i have everything unlocked ty my name ingame is [ELITE] Ghost 

Автор Manchot PetCrew ( назад)

Автор Kas Lousberg ( назад)
Virus don't download it!!!!

Автор Gimli Dwarf ( назад)

Автор Ara Ako ( назад)
hheeeellll tnx man sub for you

Автор FuzzyCornholer ( назад)
Thank You so much!!!! :) 

Автор HEPPYBANANA David ( назад)
Cannot execute

Автор Farzan GamingTR ( назад)
Thanks so much :D hope to you'll be big channel

Автор NBA6Fan ( назад)
Avast is my best pc friend if he says it is trojan horse than it is...

Автор Forrest Freeman (Mugsy) ( назад)
The program won't work if you remove the trojans, I should've stopped while
I was ahead.

Автор Forrest Freeman (Mugsy) ( назад)
Correction, the file also contains two trojans, but if you remove the two
trojans, the program will still work. Just make sure to remove the trojans
and not the risk-ware.

Автор Forrest Freeman (Mugsy) ( назад)
The zip file contains risk ware, but that does not mean it is malicious,
most anti virus software will mark risk ware as it does change some files
on your PC. Risk ware is, for the most part safe and this is a trusted
download and the file does work as shown. Thank you, Moopus,

Автор Austin Rivera ( назад)
its a virus dont download scanned with adaware said trojan viruses high
level do at your own risk 

Автор ForfeitCollection ( назад)
No its Not i Have it, it only Works For Offline Servers, like pezbots

Автор 99rar ( назад)
Auto likes with other accounts?Motherfucker this is a malware is a VIRUS 

Автор james cook ( назад)
nevermind. It was AVAST stopping it

Автор james cook ( назад)
download not working

Автор TheEnd953 ( назад)
Malware spotted.

Автор Giorgos Mantas ( назад)
ohh man it works thank you i subcribe it you are god 

Автор Laumola96 ( назад)
THanks friend!!!

Автор elkalyman ( назад)
thank you bro you are the best

Автор FranciscoJ Castrejon ( назад)
I respect your style of gaming but, What is the point of playing the game
if you hack it, trust me it willl be more fun if you play it normaly.

Автор Dragon Rob ( назад)

Автор JUNTEX ( назад)

Автор Dorothy Benjamin ( назад)
you go to yout little apps in the bottom right corner and click the blanket
avg thing then right click it got to disable avg teporarely and put 10 mins
and then do that download the mode pick your cod 4 pc version and click
easy upgrade YOUR WELCOME

Автор Tom ( назад)
omg it worked my antivirus worked !!

Автор Santino ( назад)
This is a trojan. And MoopusMaximus don't try to tell me it's not. Because
McAfee detected it as a trojan and removed it off my computer. So EVERYONE,
do not download.

Автор Daikataro Kamegawa ( назад)
Works like a charm, I tried all of those mpdata tutorials and none worked,
and this one was so easy I will never ever worry about the game deleting my
stats again, cuz i can restore them so easy!

Автор Eddie ( назад)
I do exactly as you do but nothing happen. Why?

Автор momodelair ( назад)
or right click on icon and then temporary disable

Автор Leonardo Henrique ( назад)
thank you !

Автор Maggsii ( назад)
Working!!! this is so easy!

Автор HQos nemesis ( назад)
many thanks my friend 

Автор dancidancii ( назад)
thanks man

Автор NoahRocks24 ( назад)
Will I be PB banned?

Автор somard1 ( назад)
Steals your key. This causes the "Key code in use" error. 

Автор codgodzmodz ( назад)
wait. how do i find what game i haz? 

Автор KarvaDille69 ( назад)
mine says playerstats.txt couldnt found

Автор BrandonMassacreBBY ( назад)
Works great and isn't a virus. Some people are too stupid for their own

Автор RedBullSlurpie ( назад)
You guys are all fucking retards. You search for a hack for Ranking up, and
RANK, Or whatever else your doing too modify the game. Idiots.

Автор somard1 ( назад)
Nice virus. 

Автор Jack Brunette (1473 года назад)
Where can I download the moops tool? 

Автор JoSpence ( назад)
thanks man :D !

Автор Z3RG J (187 лет назад)
is this legit?

Автор MrRevenget ( назад)
Êvery Time COd 4 needs to be running, but i have open it... pls help

Автор Seth W. ( назад)

Автор SinisterShady ( назад)
does it work in garena? 

Автор Call Me Nick ( назад)

Автор Johnathan Bradley ( назад)
when I do this do I have to repeat every time I start the game or just
once? and what are the chances of getting perma-banned from all of COD 4? 

Автор midgetman2271 ( назад)

Автор TheROXZzz ( назад)
Yeah also on black ops 2

Автор marian munteanu ( назад)
work on cod mw3? 

Автор ricardo128254 ( назад)

Автор TheTrueModest ( назад)
oh geez man. I literally clicked easy upgrade went back to cod4 tab i was
level 55 thats freakin pro .

Автор au rider ( назад)
thanks man...:) 

Автор Joshua Allison ( назад)
now i can change my key over and over and not have to rank up again ! i
love you !

Автор Joshua Allison ( назад)
worked like a fucking charm ! thanks !!!! 

Автор David ( назад)
it worked great for me, thank you very much! :)

Автор aboOdy ( назад)
yep it worked with me ^^

Автор aboOdy ( назад)
thank u i tried it and it works for the mw steam version and i scanned it
with Bitdefender and it;s okay no virus thank u soo much,, you helped me

Автор ThomasA2011 ( назад)
it wont download ? 

Автор Tincho fulanito (211 год назад)
thanks!! i lost my profile 

Автор AllBanG NoBooM (Quez) ( назад)
thanks worked great

Автор Mobster112 ( назад)
Thanks, works like a charm. No virus. 

Автор Squidlove ( назад)
Hey mmobster1 you are a total bro

Автор Moopus Maximus ( назад)
Open the Control Center, double click the Resident Shield and remove the
checkmarks next to the option labeled "Turn on AVG Resident Shield
protection". Don't forget to re-activate it when you are done.

Автор Mobster112 ( назад)
I know but how to disable AVG???

Автор Daniel Muniz ( назад)
Does it works on steam?

Автор Moopus Maximus ( назад)
Disable the AVG temporarily. Trust me, it's not a virus. It's a false
positive. Programs like these are picked up as viruses because they can
change files (i.e your CoD 4 Rank).

Автор Mobster112 ( назад)
THANK YOU. But my AVG freaks out because I want to run it, even when I run
it as an admin... What shall I do???

Автор Nikola Martins ( назад)
Every hack will be a trojan but if you disable your antivirus it will work
most of these viruses are fake.Hope it helped xD

Автор Hassan Aziz ( назад)
thanks work u are great 

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