CoD 4 PC Unlock All Hack [Version 1.7!]

The simplest way to do the CoD 4 Rank hack. The Download comes in a zip that you can open. Just Run the program while you are in the Main Menu of MP and click what version of CoD 4 you have. Then click Easy Upgrade. Enjoy!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?5duxzxfy0t2

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:40
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Автор Hrcy007 (3 месяца)
It works but after a while I get error message "An error occured while
reading stats data, your stats have been reset" . And after that I am back
to lvl1 with everything locked. That is not the only problem,sometimes game
even won't launch if I use this program because I get iw3mp.exe has stopped
working and it crashes to desktop.

Автор sourav das (3 месяца)
my cod4 version is 1.6 but when i select and click upgrade it makes me lvl
1 my lvl was 39..help me and lock everything

Автор Mady. (5 месяцев)
thanks !
works for me :)

Автор Jacob Donato (5 месяцев)
Can you do it for COD 5?

Автор Kris K (4 месяца)
fake or nor

Автор MixiGames (5 месяцев)

Автор Trollog (4 месяца)
My avast detected it

Автор Karl Wise (5 месяцев)

Автор ThomaThis (5 месяцев)
fake !

Автор MahliZocker (5 месяцев)

Автор zeneboy653 (3 месяца)

Автор NorwegianRoyalty (3 месяца)

Автор seane113 (4 месяца)
don't I got a Trojan horse

Автор Moopus Maximus (1 год)
Yes I know it works, I'm not some derp. I'm very smart :)

Автор au rider (1 год)
thanks man...:)

Автор azn7thst (2 года)
i know this video is a bit old but do u get banned from servers ??

Автор Z3RG J (1 год)
is this legit?

Автор aboOdy (1 год)
yep it worked with me ^^

Автор gianismotocros4ever (2 года)
@MoopusMaximus THNX ITS EPIC MAN

Автор RedBullSlurpie (1 год)
You guys are all fucking retards. You search for a hack for Ranking up, and
RANK, Or whatever else your doing too modify the game. Idiots.

Автор MONSTERxCILE (6 месяцев)
Works great, trust this download.

Автор Cristian Lockodi (6 месяцев)
thnx for the link i knew the hack its great tnx for link again

Автор Michael P. (2 года)
It seems to have worked. Decteced a virus though. Running full system scan
with MSE and Malwarebytes as we speak, although I'm not too concerned as I
think that most hack tools like keygens are also detected as viruses. MSE
reports it clean, only Malwarebytes is bitching about it.

Автор Joshua Allison (1 год)
worked like a fucking charm ! thanks !!!!

Автор Abd elrahman mohamed (7 месяцев)
thank you very very very much it really works thanks a lot

Автор gamer's (5 месяцев)
wont work fuck u bitch

Автор shiaat (1 год)
thanks man

Автор NoahRocks24 (1 год)
Will I be PB banned?

Автор ALonelyPaperBag (2 года)
Trying now

Автор Flapiick (1 год)
This link is not actual

Автор babeo berbe (7 месяцев)

Автор god0wn (1 год)
omg it worked my antivirus worked !!

Автор somard1 (1 год)
Nice virus.

Автор Mobster112 (1 год)
I know but how to disable AVG???

Автор BrandonMassacreBBY (1 год)
Works great and isn't a virus. Some people are too stupid for their own

Автор David (1 год)
it worked great for me, thank you very much! :)

Автор Moopus Maximus (2 года)
@gianismotocros4ever I am not sure...

Автор Ryuuji Otaku (2 года)
nice, but i have seen this before, have you leeched it? i dont see any

Автор Sir Mugsy (9 месяцев)
The zip file contains risk ware, but that does not mean it is malicious,
most anti virus software will mark risk ware as it does change some files
on your PC. Risk ware is, for the most part safe and this is a trusted
download and the file does work as shown. Thank you, Moopus,

Автор Dragon Rob (11 месяцев)

Автор HQos nemesis (1 год)
many thanks my friend

Автор Nikola Martins (1 год)
Every hack will be a trojan but if you disable your antivirus it will work
most of these viruses are fake.Hope it helped xD

Автор L2RAVE (1 год)

Автор BlockAps (1 год)
That means it is detected as a trojan because it is made to modify certain

Автор Matt Sklivas (2 года)
made a restore point, lets hope this works... WORKED!!! thanks a ton <3

Автор marian munteanu (1 год)
work on cod mw3?

Автор Moopus Maximus (1 год)
Disable the AVG temporarily. Trust me, it's not a virus. It's a false
positive. Programs like these are picked up as viruses because they can
change files (i.e your CoD 4 Rank).

Автор onnileevvi ros (6 месяцев)
its troijan..

Автор AllBanG NoBooM (1 год)
thanks worked great

Автор Moopus Maximus (2 года)
@gianismotocros4ever Yes It Will. :)

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