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Автор Future FaZe (6 дней)
Wtf THIS SONG IS NOT CALLED LETS RIDE dumbass that really pisses me off

Автор James Vetter (1 месяц)

Автор jeramiah jaish (3 месяца)
Jason gaudette woodrow st 2464🎋

Автор Shawn Miles (2 месяца)
I think the hole song is fire

Автор Perry Long (1 месяц)
this song is actually called Notorious thugs but still what a banging tune
when the bass drops

Автор Isaac Achuleta (3 месяца)
Notorious thugs

Автор Pro Haxer156 (5 месяцев)
I love this song it is one of my favorites of all time so said about my boy
biggie he was one of my favorite rappers the best. No one could touch him.

Автор David Pigbody (5 месяцев)
Bone Thugz & Biggie

Автор Aaron Prece (2 месяца)
My favorite song lol ps me and dad love's this song i love you dad♥¤:(:-[

Автор ismail ali (2 года)
have beef you no who ??

Автор LinksDrumer (2 года)
Why skip the beginning part? It's a great intro.

Автор Carol Miranda (2 года)
do meu tempo

Автор kalai131 (2 года)
bizzy had the best verse in this song.

Автор darrell hopper (3 года)
what album is this off of

Автор hud1231 (2 года)
I heard about this song from someone I work with..... it's not that good.

Автор Don Kique (2 года)
get high, get high, get high....

Автор sandor hardi (3 года)
Hungary like music

Автор Wanya Jones (2 года)
Got damn...im reading these lyrics...they fkin insane...coke, weed, hoes,
and killin....B.I.G. you crazy...

Автор Dee Gomez (3 года)
I love to listen to this when I'm high (;

Автор ☻IndigoSoul☻ (2 года)
nawwww you lien.

Автор Wizard (2 года)
What the fuck did you just fucking say about my gear, you little n00b? I’ll
have you know I am a lvl 90 Undead Arcane Mage, and I’ve won so many PVP
matches, and I have done raids on every 10 man heroic dungeon. I also have
a fuckton of macros and I have a GS of 10K. You are nothing to me but just
a lvl 12 gnome hunter. I will pwn the fuck out of you with Arcane Missiles
the likes of which has never been seen before on Azeroth AND Outland, mark
my fucking words.

Автор ace kid (2 года)
it is

Автор Insanity1,2(AK) (3 года)
"lets ride"? its called "notorious thugs" bro

Автор Rainee Grant (3 года)
Just Bone and Biggie Biggie..Just Bone and Biggie Biggie...Just Bone and
Biggie Biggie...It's Bone and Biggie Biggie

Автор hud1231 (2 года)
bring it!!

Автор Carlos Delacruz (2 года)
this is real music not a thing has change

Автор CinnamonQuinones (3 года)
I LOVE Bizzy Bone's verse.

Автор Austin O'Neil (2 года)
''WHAT DONT BREAK A NIGGA MAKE A NIGGA'' by christopher wallace

Автор DAVE GIBSON (2 года)
making my dummy rocks if i go broke says it all

Автор Lamar Lewis (3 года)
Biggie Smalls and Bone Thugs made this a classic song back during the years
1996-1997, real talk,believe it, ohboy,peace...

Автор Merchantofdeath channel (2 года)
When Im grow some indoor bud im going to play this before my plants go to

Автор Ryan L. (2 года)
this shit still be jamming, i dont care what anyone says they put Biggie
rappin first in this song, cause he is the fuckn Don... dude is straight up
gangsta... his rhymes are ridiculously smooth...RIP

Автор Fausto Ferreira (3 года)
this is an all time classic, no doubt

Автор levy mack (3 года)
the good die young rip e-z-e tupac and biggie hope u got it poppin in heaven

Автор mw2Roach1 (3 года)
@ps3Gamer101ablesquad what we have now is crap

Автор hud1231 (2 года)
you really didn't have to bitch about me saying something about it. that's
what the comment box is for. so I commented.

Автор ps3Gamer101ablesquad (3 года)
@mw2Roach1 they are hip hop it says on biggie smalls "juicy"

Автор lucina herrera (2 года)
i love this song but the ad before it started is stupid

Автор Anthony Lopez (3 года)
Man back when quality mattered. This is what you get . classic!

Автор TheNightrunner666 (3 года)
these arent the lyrics!?

Автор XxDayDay12xX (3 года)
Real Trill Music right here!

Автор Henkie Penkie (2 года)
op de fiets nei harkema

Автор cliff woodbury (2 года)
man if bone thugs stay togetha they would have smashed everyone, listin to
them niggaz flows, crazy

Автор mahin miah (2 года)
bad boi track:)

Автор KMdoza7 (2 года)
Notorious BIG ft Bone Thugs N Harmony - Notorious Thugs* *

Автор MajorProblems1 (3 года)
Top 3 Big flows ever.

Автор Eamon Ahmed (3 года)
Every1 on this track gotta a sick flow!!

Автор jspears19 (2 года)
Bizzy is a god

Автор Anthony Aguilar (3 года)
Hel yeah to the people likes biggie smallzz

Автор rock diesel (3 года)
classic song.bone thugs actuallly sound decent back then when with
somebody.RIP PAC!

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