San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors - Full Highlights | Oct 25, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Автор Yogi Ferrell #GOAT #UNDRAFTED ( назад)
ximo how the fuck did u not put kawhi's steal on curry, Ximo is a warriors fan

Автор Media JAK 1 ( назад)
lmfao ! Draymond makes a 3 and acts like he won the championship while they are down . Also Curry got haunting flashbacks from that chase down block lol.

Автор Holy F ( назад)
Its nothing new for the spurs.. its just a normal day kicking some overrated team of d*mbasses

Автор imabeast7028 ( назад)
9:01 warriors fan fuck you

Автор Zionna Johnson ( назад)
Y'all are all haters on the warriors they are the best team in the league so if I were y'all I will shut up because all that is telling me is that y'all are all haters

Автор Vanessa Bezerra ( назад)
spurs 2017 nba champions

Автор Taylor Friberg ( назад)
shooting practice for the spurs man

Автор Ant Scha ( назад)
Parker légende & Léonard superstar

Автор eugene buady ( назад)
heheheh GS in Sh**....see de faces of bandwagons

Автор mordigay sedna ( назад)

Автор Enrique Godinez ( назад)
Lol half the people left early 😂

Автор Roystekii2 Botkiller ( назад)
warrior sucks, warrior's fans better watch out

Автор Alex RB ( назад)
Spurs wins GS and Cleveland...

Автор Kuni Peg ( назад)
The master reminding the student...

Автор King Javon ( назад)
That last dunk truly put the icing on the cake

Автор Natércio Boss ( назад)
Memphis Grizzlies Is The Best Team In NBA Forever Great Team And The Champion Next Year 2017 Memphis Grizzlies

Автор Dogan copeland ( назад)
Where the warriors fans at after this one🙃

Автор ST4RTNG5 MUSIC ( назад)
0:23 Durant scared to take the ball

Автор Memo Aragon ( назад)
This spurs can beat any team,, they have all players and best bench in NBA lets be honest.... by the end of the season this team be very very good and not even golden be able to stop this.....

Автор Braig ( назад)
This sums up what the Western conference final is gonna be like

Автор Mathew HKPS4 ( назад)
We Spurs fan have been blessed with a crafty organization. Since drafting Duncan, I can't remember anytime that we did not have a chance to win it all. It was like we were hopeful almost every year that we would win a ring. Even now that Duncan's gone, our youngsters and our coup (Aldridge, then Gasol) are paving a way for a better and consistent future. I hope that the Spurs organization continue its model of class and excellence forever. Go Spurs Go!

Автор DB ( назад)
bruh Kevin Harlan bust a every time GS makes a shot like damn bruh

Автор Spurs Leonard ( назад)
I'm not going 2 b rude but draymond green face 5:55 can't c his eye???

Автор Spurs Leonard ( назад)
Look at draymond green face 8:55 haha...

Автор OG Darkmoon ( назад)
who the fuck is the reporter that said "spurs arent this good?"

Автор eric estrada ( назад)
Go.. Golden Nontop Spurs.

Автор David Akeya ( назад)
cash me ousside how bow dah whorrior fans

Автор MusicAnime23 ( назад)
that last dunk was sooooo DISRESPECTFUL

Автор SergioTheGreat 23 ( назад)
Steve Kerr can't talk to the G.O.A.T coach.

Автор SergioTheGreat 23 ( назад)
The chase down block by Simmons.

Curry: :( *Brings back LeBron memories*

Автор LT. Dan ( назад)
Warriors and cavs after the first game of the season be like,man Kawhi just got lucky,he's a system player...
Months later the same bandwagoner be like...oops ...but kd still be my hero

Автор Pablo De Bella ( назад)
the day Simmons outplayed everybody, that dunk at the end was just NASTY

Автор Adam Barett ( назад)
steph didnt guard delly in 2015 finals.

Автор Josiah Henry ( назад)
golden state is my 2nd favorite team and spurs are my 3rd so I'm happy to see 1 of them win but I'm sad cause 1 of them lost.

Автор cantstumpthetrump ( назад)
Biggest threat to the Warriors in the league. Cava got nothing on the Spurs as shown last night.

Автор M3Gamer ( назад)
Gay golden state warriors.

Автор Richard Santos ( назад)
The warriors did play javela mogee

Автор Richard Santos ( назад)
I didn't donkey from shrek was playing$

Автор Tijan ( назад)
Steve Kerr 0, Popovich 1

Автор Tijan ( назад)
Golden State is a weak defensive team

Автор Santiago Berin ( назад)
f****** GSW.....

Автор coolio johnson ( назад)
6:17 y'all already know Curry had flashbacks to June lol

Автор migol1984 ( назад)
Remember when sports analysts, like Stephen A Smith, were saying that Kawhi wasn't gonna have that many more games like this? Well, if you're not a Spurs fan and aren't paying attention Kawhi has scored 30+ points in five straight games.

Автор Adrian Laney ( назад)
I remember watching this game, it was so refreshing watching the warriors play catch-up the entire game.

Автор Darryl Wolfe ( назад)
Warriors was lucky they faced the Spurs in their first game because they were able to determine which parts of their game that they need to work on..

Автор Sasha Paola ( назад)
kawhi have my babies 😍😍💦💕

Автор Rajon Rondo ( назад)
The Spurs bench is basically a starting lineup .

Автор Jeremy Tacardon ( назад)
who went here after cavs got raped by the warriors? smh

Автор left mr ( назад)
God damn it :D

Автор Tobit Rubio ( назад)
I got the flu and I watch this vid just to make myself feel better.

Автор James K ( назад)

Автор Carl Thien ( назад)
Who heard them say God dammit...

Автор kb6eyc ( назад)
how can manu get past draymond like that

Автор Water Sniper ( назад)
6:15 Jonathan Simmons Block...The Juice Block

Автор Sebastián Macías ( назад)
1:23 lol

Автор Ed Guez ( назад)
@5:52 dray green celebrates like he hits a game winner! LOL! what an asshole!

Автор Mr. Sausage ( назад)
0:44 2:39 3:31 STEPH!!!

Автор MARK AKINO ( назад)
the gsw is not that bad, and the spurs is not this GOOD?
What if GSW won that game?

Автор San Antonio Spurs#1 ( назад)
the fans who left are bandwagon fans

Автор 1claumiami ( назад)
Spurs vs Cavs looking forward to it!!!!

Автор Yolo lightning ( назад)
6:16 Curry got rejected 🙅🏿‍♂️

Автор Adam Buenteo ( назад)
hell yeah spurs all the way

Автор prettyflirty_7 ( назад)
Javale Mcgee should make the allstar this year 💪


Автор Jim Connor ( назад)
"The Spurs are not this good" Anyone else get fucking pissed by this comment. Like godamn Reggie, you aren't that good either.

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Lol Draymond makes a 3 and acts like he won the championship already. Also Curry got haunting flashbacks from that chase down block lol.

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Steph CURRY is the best player in NBA !! (Chef CURRY)
Vote / Yes or No !!

Автор MrBigd1152 ( назад)
Reggie you're wrong! They're are that good that's why they won.

Автор Cookie Monster ( назад)
0:41 god damnit

Автор Cookie Monster ( назад)
I watch this every week just to enjoy the warriors getting blown out

Автор gorrow1990 ( назад)
So many analysts are sleeping on the Spurs. Yeah, the matchups aren't going to be this lopsided in a series, but they're definitely capable of giving the Warriors a series and keeping them from playing in June.

Автор Angelo Valinton ( назад)
When D. Green made the shot at 5:50 then his face on 8:54 .... just find it .. funny. :D

Автор Master Moosa ( назад)
1 year later, *Kevin Durant has know joined the San Antonio Spurs*, but don't get your hopes up high because he will probably leave again, 1 more year later, Kevin Durant has now joined the cavaliers.

Автор Ruslan ( назад)
Kevin Durant effect : comes to warriors,lose by 29

Автор Jai Hollins ( назад)
Roses are red
I play assassins creed
The cavs won
And the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Chanze Mcdaniel ( назад)
spuars coach bitch my nigg dig that bro piece

Автор Jonathan C ( назад)
I Hate the garbage Spurs. They are always good. Always beating the teams I like and always have players with the ugliest game!

Автор mirko djuric ( назад)
nobody can stop spurs 2017 champion

Автор john wong ( назад)
nice to see warriors got smash! fucking warriors!

Автор The Conscious Man ( назад)
Where's that Kawhi steal from Curry then dunk on Durant?...

Автор apri scammeR88 ( назад)
what's the score was so far omgggg

Автор Kevin Dunn ( назад)
who else comes here after the warriors kick you teams ass

Автор Kellen Kim ( назад)
quite the "loyal fans" u got there

Автор ian120587 ( назад)
9:00 is the best..

Автор Stronger ( назад)
Is nobody gonna talk about that camera movement at 8:52?

Автор Lester Rivera ( назад)
shout out loud gsw but sas got the crown..raining score hahaha...go SPURS

Автор Jhonmark Handong ( назад)

Автор 庄雄 ( назад)

Автор Leo Gillado ( назад)

Автор TheBirthOfJackie ( назад)
this was so satisfying

Автор stupidnamewaster ( назад)
I hope NBA fans learned the rule about overreacting to opening night losses

Автор FrostMo ( назад)
best game ever

Автор Madara Uchiha ( назад)
I come to this when I feel down

Автор Hazel Bandz ( назад)
When you try to make Megee career golden but he keep fucking up lmaooo that dunk tho

Автор camyl witherspoon ( назад)
Bruh, draymond green keeps on yelling "AND ONE" every time he goes for a layup.

Автор Jean Paul Donnet ( назад)
trop d l'a Bâle

Автор Tats Coolits ( назад)
yay spurs winned!!!

Автор Brandon Van ( назад)
Simmons' dunk even made the Spurs' assistant coaches stand up! The assistant coaches never stand up on dunks 😂

Автор Japheth Domingo ( назад)
Who's watching this in December 2016?

Автор greiby1000 ( назад)
Les metieron fue el palo y las dos bolas a golden en su casa..

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