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Автор tabemailaddress (1 год)
Fuckin jits

Автор Frankie Chavez (1 год)
By to 9:30pm 

Автор Frankie Chavez (1 год)
Tell me with a comment 

Автор Frankie Chavez (1 год)
we're did you buy it 

Автор Planet Review (1 год)
When some pepole get batons they like to open them alot and some pepole hit
tress but the baton unless it is like a $200 asp baton is a 1 time use

Автор KnicksTape17 (3 года)
if u got this online send me the link

Автор Cory Man (3 года)

Автор recon1s14 (4 года)
@loxas332 No try fury same materials for 13 dollars!

Автор lasfdog2 (4 года)
@Lonewolf6565 thats wat i did

Автор keyboardwarrior86 (2 года)
what britain do u live in? you must have a batin the brain? get it? bat in
.... nevermind.

Автор muuraap (4 года)
he keeps rubbing it until it gets longer

Автор Cory Man (3 года)
@axlehunter Just go on youtube and type in 12 inch expandable baton.

Автор JoeDurobot (4 года)
Also there is NO WAY your baton is hardened steel for $9, if it says that
on the box its just a lie. ESP non hardened batons are $30 and the hardened
version is over $60.

Автор ZacFire1 (3 года)
Dude your voice cracked at 2:11 in your vid

Автор JoeDurobot (3 года)
@xMRDAMEx "Baton" is actually the French word for "stick", the American
pronounciation is closer to the original French pronounciation.

Автор Chuck Norris (4 года)
wait is that STEEL?

Автор Cory Man (2 года)
Awe man. That sucks. Well its better to not get this one. Its a good thing
you didn't spend 90 to 100 dollars for an ASP,

Автор Cory Man (5 лет)
I was just saying that because I have a spring baton with both sections
spring. Its a metal bar.

Автор Cory Man (4 года)
@campfirewoods Hahahaha. I guess it is. :)

Автор Cory Man (3 года)
Man. That really blows. How bout a cane/walking stick.

Автор Cory Man (4 года)
@TheGooser123 Well... I dont really have the weight on the batons. But My
spring 16 inch baton is alittle heavyer. Just cuz its longer. The 12 inch
baton is pretty hefty for its size. And all you have to do is tat the tip
on the ground and both shafts go back into the handle. Hope this helps and
thanks for the comment. :)

Автор chase hurst (2 года)
i hit my own wrist and broke it

Автор Cory Man (3 года)
I took the metal loop off by simply unscrewing the screw.

Автор nohomo ibetyoukissgirlsfgt (1 год)
I got one today for 5kr or $5 it's pretty awesome, I wouldn't keep it on a
key chain, I took my off, I only keep it for my car, I also have a 21inch
for my house, they're fun to hit and break stuff with.

Автор airsoftguy85rocks (4 года)
The correct name for this baton is: Kiyoga baton, Steel Spring Billy or
Steel Cobra, it is illegal in Canada because it is a steel whip due to the
spring. A solid baton is not illegal in Canada.

Автор Graham Murray (2 года)
Where can i buy one of these in the UK?

Автор OutHere91 (3 года)
For the people who have this already, does it feel like one of those batons
that will snap if you accidentally miss what you're hitting and hit a brick
wall or something?? it looks pretty solid in the video but you never know!

Автор jjpds1 (4 года)
mines 10 inches longer...

Автор Jian Zhi Zhang (4 года)
What is the weight of the 16" and the 12" ? And can you tell me how you
pull the baton back into the staff :) ? Is it just push it into the floor,
or do you have to push a button and then push the staff, or what :) ? hope
you will answear

Автор Cory Man (4 года)
@Sk8er4life00 Ummm. I dont belive so. I dont think its even carry it in
ohio, And I seen on some other websites were you could by expandables and
they said not shipped to candada new york. Sorry that Im not sure but I
hope this helped. Thatnks for the comment. :)

Автор lasfdog2 (4 года)
got the same 1 yesterday i love it

Автор cstellmach (4 года)
@JoeDurobot like i said, i do agree about the quality of a product being
important for my purchases be it weapons, tools, or camping gear. But i
have never seen a cheap expendable baton be abused so bad that it wasn't
able to perform the task it was intended (clubbing things), and i like to
see some one like The gooser who is young, to have something lower quality,
than nothing due to not being able to afford the good quality.

Автор WeaponCollector (5 лет)
very Nice Baton, great review. Mike.

Автор shmuckling (4 года)
Thank you for this video. I like this design a lot. If I see it I'll have
to pick it up. Keep posting, fuck the trolls! :)

Автор 150DIRTMANIA (5 лет)
Nice I got the same one in black !! be safe

Автор jimmyhoffa9 (3 года)
@mattc1683 you're either hitting wrong or something. I've seen plenty of
serious injuries from not that hard swings at all. you need a heavily
weighted front end(like a RCB has) and you need to strike with the tip, but
yeah a 12" won't do it, not enough leverage. I've seen a 16" one do it
tho(police detective arresting this dude who punched him a few times)

Автор Cory Man (4 года)
@airsoftguy85rocks I do own a Spring billy club. This is a solid baton that
does not whip. So yea. Thanks for the correct name. I always welcome good
comments and stuff that I did not put in the video. Thank you for your
comment! :)

Автор JoeDurobot (4 года)
Dont waste your money on a cheap no-name-brand baton made in china like
this one. They are under $20 and may look just like the real deal but they
are made with poor materials and will bend very easily at the first use.
Spend your money on a ESP or ASP brand if you want a quality product.

Автор Cory Man (2 года)
Oh yea. I know about that! I made a kubaton flail video. The thing is
that's a little to heavy to be a key chain.

Автор will hunt (3 года)
@TheGooser123 ignore him lol, its pronounced baton in england aswell lol :)

Автор Mark Schalter (2 года)
i have the same and after 2 weaks the magnit brokes :|

Автор arushbhai (3 года)
a nice baton for 9 dollars but i think its too small, its not giving you an
enough reach. but again, you are probably not a noob and can use this short
baton very effectively. for noobs, i suggest a longer baton

Автор Lonewolf6565 (4 года)
if you want to get a better grip with it just go buy a roll of skateboard
grip tape.

Автор Cadon Christian (3 года)
0:37 thats what she said

Автор Joshua Nelsen (3 года)
@TheGooser123 America. Fuck yeah.

Автор OutHere91 (3 года)
You can buy this off assisted knives dot com, they ship to the UK without
any problems

Автор NekoRaver (4 года)
@TheGooser123 Uhm perhaps look at your own video, u clearly say at 0:51 "
this is hardened steel" Just replay 0:50-0:52. So it was not a mistake.
Perhaps you owe an appology to moOswe.

Автор Cory Man (2 года)
Really? Mine still works fine. You must have got a baton with a minor flaw.
I guess its all apart of the gamble.

Автор SB0083 (5 лет)
Interesting...might wanna buy that myself. On another note, why would you
say that a smaller baton is better for locks? I have been able to do plenty
of locks with my escrima stick, which is about 36" long and also applies to
my own telescopic baton.

Автор miguel de lara (3 года)
where to buy?

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