Expandable Baton Review

Short review of a 12" expandable baton I just bought

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Автор tabemailaddress ( назад)
Fuckin jits

Автор Frankie Chavez ( назад)
By to 9:30pm 

Автор Frankie Chavez ( назад)
Tell me with a comment 

Автор Frankie Chavez ( назад)
we're did you buy it 

Автор Your boy Bill Cosby ( назад)
I got one today for 5kr or $5 it's pretty awesome, I wouldn't keep it on a
key chain, I took my off, I only keep it for my car, I also have a 21inch
for my house, they're fun to hit and break stuff with.

Автор Adan M ( назад)
If it were left on a keychain would it tend to open up automatically, or
does it have enough resistance to keep it from doing that? 

Автор Cameron In Canada ( назад)
When some pepole get batons they like to open them alot and some pepole hit
tress but the baton unless it is like a $200 asp baton is a 1 time use

Автор keyboardwarrior86 ( назад)
what britain do u live in? you must have a batin the brain? get it? bat in
.... nevermind.

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
You can just go to google. And type in 12 inch expandable baton. Then is
should come up. 

Автор crateyour123 ( назад)
i have the same but without the thing for a keyring 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Really? Mine still works fine. You must have got a baton with a minor flaw.
I guess its all apart of the gamble.

Автор Mark Schalter ( назад)
i have the same and after 2 weaks the magnit brokes :| 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Lol. It is solid steel. I didn't realize that I said SOLID STEEL until I
watched it. But I was too lazy to remake it. Lol. And yes. it is solid
steel. :) Thanks for the coment. :)

Автор chase hurst ( назад)
i hit my own wrist and broke it 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Awe man. That sucks. Well its better to not get this one. Its a good thing
you didn't spend 90 to 100 dollars for an ASP,

Автор kirk885 ( назад)
i ordered one and uk customs confiscated it and sent me a letter telling me
what a naughty boy i was

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Im not sure about buying these in the UK. 

Автор Graham Murray ( назад)
Where can i buy one of these in the UK?

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
You could just go to Amazon.com and type in 12 inch keychain baton and it
would come up. the only difference is that it has a rounded tip to it. Not
a squared off tip like mine. But its pretty much the same thing. ;) and it
got 4 out of 5 stars on the amazon website.

Автор yeadallas214 ( назад)
Nice vid man where u buy the nice boton??

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Oh yea. I know about that! I made a kubaton flail video. The thing is
that's a little to heavy to be a key chain. 

Автор 8797DC ( назад)
Keep the key chain on and add 4 or more keys on it trust me keys to the
face will do serious shit

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Dude. I dont really know what to tell you now. Im sorry man.

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Man. That really blows. How bout a cane/walking stick. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Yea. That sounds like a "fun" place to live. Did you ever think about just
getting a baseball bat. Its cheap, legal, and the intimidation factor is
there. Just a thought.

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Yea. That's cool. But be careful. Check you local laws before carrying it.
I have a good amount of blunt weapons. But I don't carry them out in
public. Just make sure you check. I don't want you to get into trouble. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
I took the metal loop off by simply unscrewing the screw. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Yea. That cap that's on there is was a key chain cap. It had a little metal
loop on it to accept a key ring. But I think its a little bulky to be put
on a key chain. (my own preference) But it does come with a piece to accept
a key ring. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
Its pretty hefty but I dont know the hardness rating. Its better than bare
fists but I dont know if it will bend. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)

Автор Wayne Leong ( назад)
thats a chode mate 

Автор beeresident ( назад)
1:10 this is, then i yelled Sparta

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@DunKnowFam91 I do have to admit that its not the best of quality. You get
what you pay for. Its only $9. It would probly bend,

Автор OutHere91 ( назад)
For the people who have this already, does it feel like one of those batons
that will snap if you accidentally miss what you're hitting and hit a brick
wall or something?? it looks pretty solid in the video but you never know!

Автор OutHere91 ( назад)
You can buy this off assisted knives dot com, they ship to the UK without
any problems

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@1194malo All I did was go on google and type in 12 inch keyring baton. And
it should come up. Some websites also have it in black. 

Автор miguel de lara ( назад)
where to buy?

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@RiotxPorn If you strike to boney surfaces you could break them. But
striking to the body/soft areas, wouldnt do that much dammage cuz you dont
have the leverage/momentum.

Автор OverlyAnxiousBiker ( назад)
@TheGooser123 no we pronounce it baton in the uk... i dont know what this
kids on about

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@JoeDurobot Thanks for telling me that. I belive I heared that once before
but forgot it over the years. Thanks again. Learn something new everyday.

Автор JoeDurobot ( назад)
@xMRDAMEx "Baton" is actually the French word for "stick", the American
pronounciation is closer to the original French pronounciation. 

Автор Josh Nelsen ( назад)
@TheGooser123 America. Fuck yeah. 

Автор will hunt ( назад)
@TheGooser123 ignore him lol, its pronounced baton in england aswell lol :)

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@xMRDAMEx It might be pronounced Ba-tin in England and such. But its
pronounced Ba-ton in america. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@pwnernoob9 Yes. it is steel.

Автор Riley Curtis ( назад)
but is it steel though? 

Автор Cruz ( назад)
if u got this online send me the link 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@italouruguayricano You could simply slip it in your pocket. Or you could
make a hommade one out of cardboard and duct tape. But I never take my
weapons outside my house so I dont have a sheath for it. Thanks for the
comment and a really good question. ;)

Автор Halcyon ( назад)
Any ideas on how to conceal a small baton? 

Автор Cadon Christian ( назад)
0:37 thats what she said 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@TheGooser123 Sorry, I ment amazon. My mistake. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@axlehunter Just go on youtube and type in 12 inch expandable baton. 

Автор axlehunter ( назад)
where did u get it

Автор arushbhai ( назад)
a nice baton for 9 dollars but i think its too small, its not giving you an
enough reach. but again, you are probably not a noob and can use this short
baton very effectively. for noobs, i suggest a longer baton

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@thejayboy1 Yes, It is steel. 

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@mattc1683 Hey man. I said it CAN break bones. But I do see where your
coming from. I have a 24 inch straight baton and a 24 inch side handle
baton and those hit damn hard. If you crack the attacker in the head it
could possibly fracture the skull. But Im not saying your full of it. You
have a good point. - Peace out.

Автор ZacFire1 ( назад)
Dude your voice cracked at 2:11 in your vid

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@parkerthehicks Yup. Its steel. 

Автор Cameron Baird ( назад)
Battons actully r legal in Canada according to the guy at my local weapons
shop lol

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@shmuckling Hey man. Thanks for the comment. :) And I hope you pick one up
soon. Its pretty good for the price. :). Anyways. Thanks again. If you have
any questions on any of my self defense tools, or self defense in general.
I would be happy to give you my oppinion. :)

Автор shmuckling ( назад)
Thank you for this video. I like this design a lot. If I see it I'll have
to pick it up. Keep posting, fuck the trolls! :)

Автор Hank Moody ( назад)
Omg thats cute

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@moOswe All I said it was hard steel. Its pretty durable for the price. Im
not misleading. I just said that it was hard. But thanks for your comment.
Obviously you cant really hear real good. But its a common mistake. Thanks
for the comment. :)

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@airsoftguy85rocks I do own a Spring billy club. This is a solid baton that
does not whip. So yea. Thanks for the correct name. I always welcome good
comments and stuff that I did not put in the video. Thank you for your
comment! :)

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@campfirewoods Hahahaha. I guess it is. :) 

Автор campfirewoods ( назад)
hahaha isn't the entire thing a skull crusher?

Автор Jay B. ( назад)
Hi there... i got one exactly like that but mine's 26" long. Looks really
nice in chrome but its quite heavy compared to the others. = )

Автор Lonewolf6565 ( назад)
if you want to get a better grip with it just go buy a roll of skateboard
grip tape.

Автор cstellmach ( назад)
@JoeDurobot like i said, i do agree about the quality of a product being
important for my purchases be it weapons, tools, or camping gear. But i
have never seen a cheap expendable baton be abused so bad that it wasn't
able to perform the task it was intended (clubbing things), and i like to
see some one like The gooser who is young, to have something lower quality,
than nothing due to not being able to afford the good quality. 

Автор JoeDurobot ( назад)
@cstellmach Yes but even if you just use it one time you may need more than
one strike especialy with mutliple attackers.If your baton is bent after
two strikes and your attackers are still not down you may be in trouble.
Yes it may be enough for a couple of strikes but you never know how many
you will need.

Автор cstellmach ( назад)
@JoeDurobot normally i would agree, but for a one time use in a emergency
defense application its ok, i ruined one of my asp batons during an
altercation, i would be willing to bet that cheap metal swings just as well
as pricey stuff

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
@Koolkid736 HAHA sarcasm

Автор Cody ( назад)
@ireallylikemusubis HAHA retard

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
wait is that STEEL?

Автор JoeDurobot ( назад)
Also there is NO WAY your baton is hardened steel for $9, if it says that
on the box its just a lie. ESP non hardened batons are $30 and the hardened
version is over $60.

Автор JoeDurobot ( назад)
Dont waste your money on a cheap no-name-brand baton made in china like
this one. They are under $20 and may look just like the real deal but they
are made with poor materials and will bend very easily at the first use.
Spend your money on a ESP or ASP brand if you want a quality product.

Автор jjpds1 ( назад)
mines 10 inches longer...

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@TheGooser123 Well... I dont really have the weight on the batons. But My
spring 16 inch baton is alittle heavyer. Just cuz its longer. The 12 inch
baton is pretty hefty for its size. And all you have to do is tat the tip
on the ground and both shafts go back into the handle. Hope this helps and
thanks for the comment. :)

Автор Dawn Productions ( назад)
What is the weight of the 16" and the 12" ? And can you tell me how you
pull the baton back into the staff :) ? Is it just push it into the floor,
or do you have to push a button and then push the staff, or what :) ? hope
you will answear

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
@Sk8er4life00 Ummm. I dont belive so. I dont think its even carry it in
ohio, And I seen on some other websites were you could by expandables and
they said not shipped to candada new york. Sorry that Im not sure but I
hope this helped. Thatnks for the comment. :)

Автор Landon Shelvey ( назад)
Respond to this video... are these legal to carry in canada?

Автор 150DIRTMANIA ( назад)
Nice I got the same one in black !! be safe

Автор Matas M ( назад)
this one sucks. I had the same baton just around 24" long. It didnt last
lont either, after several fights and several broken car windows it all
went out. All the parts went out of it place. I will rather spend 70$ on
ASP or ESP hardened baton.

Автор Cory Man ( назад)
I was just saying that because I have a spring baton with both sections
spring. Its a metal bar.

Автор SB0083 ( назад)
Interesting...might wanna buy that myself. On another note, why would you
say that a smaller baton is better for locks? I have been able to do plenty
of locks with my escrima stick, which is about 36" long and also applies to
my own telescopic baton.

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