Worst Plays | NFL Wild Card Highlights

Check out the wackiest and most bone-headed plays from Wild Card Weekend.

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Длительность: 5:28
Комментарии: 986

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Автор Thebluefus ( назад)
NY Giants are all about themselves.. They got paid. That's all that matters

Автор John Targowski ( назад)
OK, they need to find a way to insert the sound effects into live
broadcasts. Those are golden

Автор RoyalSiege ( назад)
the sound effects ruin it

Автор #1 PackerFan ( назад)
Brah The Giants are so goners !!😂😂

Автор D BONEZ ( назад)
This is a deesaster

Автор AJ Eggert ( назад)
what is it with our right gaurds and Russell Wilson's feet

Автор Jelly AwesomeKiller ( назад)
ha players budder fingers and odell and shaper and brown one day I will be
in the nfl one day I'm 9 so 12 years I will be is the nfl running back

Автор HMS Kam ( назад)
the sound effects was Killin Me 😂😂

Автор the boss ( назад)
Bruh these comments are making fun of Beckham but just look back at the
Panthers in the super bowl

Автор Henry Scherer ( назад)

Автор NortonGaming ( назад)
Where's Bobby Rainy catching the kickoff and going out of bounds at the 3?

Автор Sebastian Avila ( назад)
This vid is pointless to watch.You think it's funny but it's just dumb

Автор Sebastian Avila ( назад)
Why is the giants on there it's not like Odell Beckam is a legend and will
catch every ball so stop making these dumb vids about the giants it's not
like it's a legend team

Автор Freemoney1000 ( назад)
NFL: multi-billion dollar organization, uses free sound effects download
off the internet lol

Автор Matt N ( назад)
You can't spell eliminated without Eli 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Seth Vanroekel ( назад)

Автор RauhlDoesWork - CoD ( назад)
Watching the Houston Texas gives me less hope for the Patriots, absolute

Автор Thrill with DrChill ( назад)
Didn't a guy catch a kickoff and go out of bounds at the 3 yard line?

Автор Spencer Wheeler ( назад)
I love the steelers

Автор sparstic ( назад)
Lol obj sucks

Автор Nicholas Pearse ( назад)
when you run the table

Автор Madnessonman ( назад)
Surprised the No Fun League puts in "boing" sound effects during the drops.

Автор mikeiswhite3 ( назад)
So brock dives but cam doesn't?

Автор Musicrecords10 ( назад)
Stick to one handed catches in the season Odell, choke artist

Автор Sconnie2k ( назад)
Where is bobby Rainey??? Anyone know?????

Автор Splash God500 ( назад)
odell cant play under pressure

Автор 111mahbra111 ( назад)
obj sucked against the packers

Автор CREEPONATER Minecraft ( назад)
Ervin needs help

Автор chefdsal1 ( назад)

Автор lost lost ( назад)
you got to love how some people think that the Texans can beat NE

Автор Adam Johnnson ( назад)
The reason why Aaron Rodgers didn't throw it to any one is he didn't want
to risk getting sacked

Автор Ayden Mossey ( назад)
Wow giants sucked against Green Bay well I like the eagles so I'm happy but
damn odell

Автор Water Bottle ( назад)
Dear NFL,

Give the man that added the sound effects a stern talking to... about his

Автор Deathlord10 Gaming ( назад)
these sound effects are giving me headaches...

Автор Porfirio Diaz ( назад)
Just saw the Raiders' BLACK KICKER. It's like seeing a unicorn.

Автор Tony Abbott ( назад)
Trucked him and picked up the fumble lmao

Автор OP COOKIN ( назад)
4:37 😂😂😂

Автор Justin Scott ( назад)
Lippett from the dolphins got to excited when he jumped over that goal line

Автор David Skelton ( назад)
Every week with these awful sound effects...

Автор Victor Hood ( назад)
4:38 play made it on the best and worst plays in wild card highlights haha

Автор Raytay286x ( назад)
I now realize I made the right decision by not watching the Raiders vs.
Texans game.

Автор Bob Le ( назад)


Автор Best of alltime Sports ( назад)
Watch my nfl videos/highlights its hot and very good quality.

Автор Ben Ehrman ( назад)
They should just play the whole texans raiders game

Автор MIAMI 82 ( назад)
the crap lippet

Автор Lord Tachanka ( назад)
everytime odell drops an easy pass I just feel the most immense joy

Автор tGamer28 ( назад)
Lmao 38 on the Dolphins should be cut...
But so should everyone who tried to literally fight them on the Steelers XD

Автор Wisconsin Sports Fan ( назад)
What about the giants fielding the kickoff at like the 2 yard line and
stepping out, I thought that would be on😂

Автор BrokenGames ( назад)
Odell's stickum wore off

Автор Daniel Perry ( назад)
Odell and Crabtree couldn't catch AIDS in a gay bar

Автор TrueSmithCraft ( назад)
This video just doesn't feel complete without the browns on it in some way

Автор Wickel Ym ( назад)

Автор HoytGamer ( назад)
i like how the packers threw the ball at beckham but the one packer stoped

Автор Solitude Guard ( назад)
Why is Odelle "butterfingers" Beckham even famous? I haven't seem him make
a good play since 2014!

Автор Alex Rudolph ( назад)
Man I don't like Eli Manning, but poor Eli! Played the best he could but
his sorry receivers couldn't get open.

Автор xenteko ( назад)
Hahahahaha! those sound effects on the Beckham drops... Comedy gold!

Автор Joe Sauter ( назад)
That Mathews clip gets me every time

Автор KYYC edits ( назад)

Автор Ed Vasquez ( назад)
4:54!!? what the heck happened here!!!??

Автор JT L ( назад)
Yo when clay Matthews hit Paul Perkins like that when he thought it was an
incompletion I thought wasn't right

Автор Logan Marino ( назад)

Автор Dank Dude ( назад)
Wassup with everyone dropping it

Автор RNGesus Waffles ( назад)
Bro f*** the nfl

St. Louis, Oakland, San Diego

Автор Bruhhh ( назад)
So many drops....

Автор Lunasia The Psychic Kitten ( назад)
What's with everyone's hands?

Автор Casey Douglas ( назад)
The Houston Oakland game was just a laugh factory without Carr.

Автор Neymarzito Soccer is life ( назад)
Hey Odell does it again wait that was actually Randall Cobb my bad , hahaha

Автор Kyle Ott ( назад)
NOdell beckham, what joke!!!

Автор Hazel Lambert ( назад)
I was dying wit the blowing the nose one

Автор Always Elite ( назад)
The reason why Odell dropped those passes was because it was cold as hell
in Green Bay

Автор Dirty Duo ( назад)
At 1:10 that wasn't a drop the defender knocked the ball out of his hands

Автор Eita M ( назад)
Odell has ONE job

Автор TMANONFLEAX ( назад)
with getting hold Odell catch with one hand,but can't catch open and with

Автор Frank O'Connor ( назад)
The sound effects though...

Автор Savage_giants 8202 ( назад)
pakers payed the refs

Автор Ugly Ass (Nigga) ( назад)
LOL the Giants are garbage

Автор Floris van der Linden ( назад)
Peeps, Omgwtfbbq valuable I think truly fine$wesult leg ! !

Автор Tomás Bonet ( назад)
more like Cleveland Giants

Автор fakeswain ( назад)
did nobody see King get his ankles broken from the guy like 15 yards away
from him oh my god @ 0:11

Автор Trey Adams ( назад)
0.53 Green Bay player threw ball at odell which would have been a penalty
if it hit him but his teammate saved him smart play 

Автор Monisrocks1995 ( назад)
missed that guy on the Giants who fell out at the three on a kick off

Автор Cody Grenzke ( назад)

Автор Val Folse ( назад)
Bet Carl Johnson the referee was thinking this is way older than

3:54 Lmao 😂😂😂 Jay Ajayi caused Moore to fumble

Автор Paxton Nouchi ( назад)
dolphins could be one of the best afc teams if we get an improved defense.

Автор lekeke kealoha ( назад)
@aaronrodgers. C'MON MAN

Автор The Dollar Sign ( назад)
I hope this doesn't take away from the fact that Odell is talented. One
game can't define you. But he does have a long way to go.

Автор BLUE ( назад)
as a Dolphins fan there were so many horrible plays that just sucked to

Автор Creme De La Creme ( назад)
This video editor needs to be promoted to the CEO of the NFL please

Автор Jonathan Earley ( назад)
most dropped passes award goes to... the new York Giants

Автор Konner Nick ( назад)
What about when the Giants kick returner stepped out at the three yard line

Автор Captain Conquer ( назад)
the music tho...

Автор Tina Minkel ( назад)
Go pack Go

Автор Mark the polok ( назад)
I have a feeling its going to be a patriots seahawks rematch.

Автор RevItUp 7 ( назад)
Victor Cruz and Odell are the reason we lost that game. Nearly 4 dropped
touchdowns. Green bay played a good game though. Great comeback. Respect.

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