Power Relay Race: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Four members from both the AFC & NFC Pro Bowl teams compete in the Power Relay Race.

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Просмотров: 2053777
Длительность: 6:55
Комментарии: 829

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Автор Home Slice ( назад)
How did J.J Watt NOT make it?

Автор Abraham9991106 ( назад)
Nope zeke would win

Автор Awesomenessgamer 78 ( назад)
Beckham and Presscott adding on with Zeke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор HD Bud Fire ( назад)

Автор Lincoln Shureih ( назад)
Woodson is a trader he played for the raiders and the raiders are AFC and he was coaching NFC

Автор Adam Bernal ( назад)
NFC Lost

Автор TBD brooklyn ( назад)

Автор therealist ( назад)
WTF is this? bring back the NFL fastest man comp end zone to end zone old school 100 yard race, new events to detremine the strongest arm like longest throw, fastest throw, how about an NFL obstacle race to determine the best athlete., strongest man competition with max bench, deadlift, powerclean and squat totals, give money incentive in hundreds of thousands to attract the best athletes in the NFL to compete, make this the equivalent or surpass the NBA all-star festivities.

Автор Kimlee Scott ( назад)
elliot is fast

Автор Michael Angel ( назад)
go Elliot go

Автор Soc God ( назад)
the one year I didn't watch it........damn

Автор Malahk Worthy ( назад)
look how ezekiel elliott put his face all up in the camera😂

Автор Declan Healey ( назад)
The NFC could have lost if they didn't get another try.

Автор Michael Angel ( назад)
good job Elliot I am proud of u

Автор Marady Mon ( назад)
Strong gentlemen.

Автор Steven Cruz ( назад)
R Lewis is there

Автор Rich Piana's Kidney Stone ( назад)
The serious interviews about the sled failure so hilarious..

Автор Epa Lulaca Floribert ( назад)

Автор Harrison Gomez ( назад)
They need to swap out the commentator. He sounds like a AM sports commentator.

Автор Landyn Dennis ( назад)
nfc the time didn't start until he was about to open that door

Автор jaykayhooray ( назад)
dude the challenges were more entertaining than the actual probowl

Автор I SEE U GAMING ( назад)
do track who is fastest

Автор John D'Arpino ( назад)
Von miller is already rich

Автор Andrew Andrade ( назад)
Bro that ref didnt seem real

Автор Vic Vids ( назад)
I feel bad for the NFC

Автор v Cordova ( назад)
I wish I had some tickets I'll stop everything what I'm doing just to be there

Автор Las MiLLpass ( назад)
Its crazy how us as fans get into each other to the point where it gets physical, yet all these players from different teams get along just fine. We are the losers.

Автор Nobleknight333 ( назад)
Hey plz sub to my channel

Автор Nobleknight333 ( назад)
Hey plz sub to my channel

Автор LMB Archer ( назад)
McCoy just too strong!

Автор Parma zyxwvu ( назад)

Автор ryan pearson ( назад)
the cowboys suck

Автор Niki Tatman ( назад)
skills challenge was fun. but way to short. two hours would be great. look forward to it. wanted more

Автор Peep This Shit ( назад)
Even if nothing was wrong with the track... They did it TWICE. Wasting just as much energy the 1st time they did it.
Theres no doubt in my mind that McCoy guy is one of the strongest players in the nfl....

Автор Noah Cutter ( назад)
Damn tom Brady must have snuck in there

Автор Haywire Tag ( назад)
I was at the clinic on Thursday for AFC lakemont elementary school

Автор Jefte Miranda ( назад)
Whole foam wall gets crumbled by Elliott!!! He's a beast!!

Автор jj king ( назад)
dak team got esposes

Автор jj king ( назад)
cause patriots are the best boy

Автор Blake Franks ( назад)
I died when zeke went so close to the camera and I'm a cowboys fan

Автор Mia Moore ( назад)
NFC Cheated

Автор Carter Bumgarner ( назад)
Thx for showing these NFL

Автор Maximum Blaster ( назад)
This is great! It's like watching buddies playing on the school yard, except they weigh a ton and are like 7ft tall

Автор jordan san jose ( назад)

Автор kenan clevenger ( назад)
Uso figure he could have pushed that flash being you

Автор kenan clevenger ( назад)
Uso figure he could have pushed that flash being you

Автор kenan clevenger ( назад)
He was so thank you

Автор OfficerGaming02 ( назад)
When they are relaxing the patriots and falcons do work

Автор Ivan Villavicencio ( назад)
they didnt start the time when the nfc guy start running

Автор John Schudar ( назад)
The Pro Bowl was very fun this year.

Автор Antonio Alberto Diaz ( назад)
pro bowl weekend is badass! pleasantly surprised.

Автор nymx ( назад)
they shouldve had this after the SB. how do u have a probowl with no players from either team

Автор G_HURLES ( назад)
How did the NFL find the announcers from Backyard Football.

Автор jbentley8383 ( назад)
6:14...That looks fun!

Автор Jayden Fletcher ( назад)
Love it

Автор Jonathan Sliwa ( назад)
Pause at 5:31

Автор Taliyah Hurst ( назад)
omg ran

Автор Taliyah Hurst ( назад)

Автор Taliyah Hurst ( назад)
sproles shouod have rab

Автор ricky king ( назад)
F'n Cheaters!!!!

Автор Music My Dude ( назад)
I bet he put the glove under. He said, that is a lie, that is a complete lie

Автор Grin Future ( назад)
They should of done a strongest qb arm competition

Автор Jesse Williams ( назад)
Jay ajayi!! afc

Автор Top 5s ( назад)
Bullshit. NFC cheated

Автор Josh ( назад)
they got Dak Prescott, Ezikeil Elliot, and Odell Beckham Jr. all 3 of them together are Beats

Автор theoneandonly 1 ( назад)
comment if ur going 4 the falcons

Автор Amy Fairbanks ( назад)
go NFC and Eliot

Автор Guyver2391 ( назад)
Zekes eyebrows looks like they could eat you

Автор Lindsay Riesett ( назад)
Very funny

Автор jj king ( назад)
it does not matter dak was been get exposes by patriots defense to real butler life saver cb

Автор BlitzWing 03 ( назад)
Zeek Elliot 💨 fast

Автор Mary Madgey ( назад)
ABC won NFC are just cry babies

Автор Unknown Unknown ( назад)
Dean Blandino blowing the call and being blind as a bat, nothing new.

Автор Kevin Lawrence ( назад)
Finally they paid attention to what works with the NBA great idea to do the challenges. The pro bowl might actually be better then the Super Bowl this year!

Автор DY123 ( назад)
this reminds me of American ninja warrior

Автор Surpy Woods ( назад)
Elliot better be in the pro bowl

Автор William Anderson ( назад)
why didn't they use tyreek hill for the afc run

Автор TheTrickster !! ( назад)
The Browns have a pro bowler?

Автор shawn McR ( назад)
they should have had to be in the same position when they pushed the sled, not let kelce sit on the side the second run

Автор Phillip Green ( назад)
What's the name off the song in the background when the afc is doing the relay?!?! From 1:36 on

Автор RoseCurry AndDeRozan ( назад)

Автор dax ( назад)
them are the words killing football every one gets a trophy

Автор ItzAidan 12 ( назад)
Dang... NFC Beast

Автор jesus cabrera ( назад)
NFC is going to win

Автор Jiysa ‹ ( назад)
God dammit brady,you always are rigging shit😂

Автор master millz ( назад)
even the competition is rigged smh

Автор J Dilla ( назад)
So NFC got to change shoes??

Автор MyLifeAsGina Msp ( назад)
Lol Odell and Prescott in there together at the same time

Автор Craftmasters ' ( назад)
AFC = away from controller

Автор Will Silversmith ( назад)
BS the nfc got a practice round that's BS

Автор Evan Rosiere ( назад)
I can't wait for the pro bowl

Автор Benzi Noel ( назад)
yarieeeka Odell

Автор Nike Ballersq ( назад)
geno and others pushed so easy

Автор skadoocher123 ( назад)
Its OJs glove. The juice is loose.

Автор Coby Bragg ( назад)
He is the man Zeke for MVP

Автор Coby Bragg ( назад)

Автор Coby Bragg ( назад)
Yo Von did your old spice really help

Автор Coby Bragg ( назад)
Falcons will win the super bowl

Автор Coby Bragg ( назад)
How bot them cowboys

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