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Автор Linux4UnMe (1 месяц)
Go Catman Go Catman Go!

Автор Puqk Zlaten (21 день)
the Catman doesn't have fingers...he's a cat, that's why he's not as good
as human drummers

Автор Bannin Tokino (5 месяцев)

Автор mrfrogbutt1 (1 месяц)
I love you Peter the TRUE AND ONLY

Автор Meir Kniazhev (1 день)
cool drum solo really cool

Автор Rob Jones (1 день)
Said it before and I'll say it again... Peter didn't have to be the best
drummer. He just had to be the best drummer for KISS. He's not other
drummers, but they aren't him either. Every musician is unique and has
their own qualities.

Автор Emerson Marchi (2 дня)
THE REAL CATMAN !!!!!! great solo...

Автор MrLonewolf65 (3 дня)
one of the best drummers of all times in my book

Автор anis ait hamou (4 дня)

Автор 65drummer1 (8 дней)
Some ppl did Criss but the thing to remember, is true he is no Peart,
Bonham, Bruford, Palmer, or Rich, but he made the big time, made a lot of
money, and became famous, just like Ringo, so it doesn't mean a thing when
you did him, he probably would laugh at you, all the way to the bank.

Автор saskia sordon (8 дней)
i love the

Автор yochivazo (3 месяца)
Does people not realized how old Peter Criss was in 1998. Dude, he is not
on his 20's anymore. Guy has join issues, artritis etc. Look at the
Rollingstones drummer, who cares, we love them. They are the originals. I
could care less if I Eric Singer in cat make up. It is not KISS. 

Автор Greg Patterson (1 месяц)
This is a simple but well executed solo great job Mr. Criss!

Автор Rob Jones (2 месяца)
I am such a fan of Peter Criss!! He is such a talented drummer, but he
always plays for the song, song his kicks. No one really knows just how
good Peter really is, until he does a solo. I can see and hear a lot of
Gene Krupa in his playing too.

Автор eroticvoicemusic (2 месяца)
Peter Criss plays like Ringo Starr...lol.

Автор Victor Huerta (2 месяца)
At what time does the drum solo start?

Автор Craig Capinjola (4 месяца)
Well I have been drummer for 20 years.. respectfully I tell you... peter
was not there best drummer... gene and paul have even mentioned that in
interviews... you can even find videos for yourself to see that peter would
even have time issues... being technical is harder then putting out a
simple beet.. really it all comes down to preference... ...

Автор TheLokocarlos (4 месяца)
where is this show rock am ring?????

Автор Bill Dozer (3 месяца)
I'm sure Peter is much better than this but I was doing this back in '78
when I was 17. Hey, the band made music and people listened! We covered a
lot of their songs including Love Gun....that was fun to play! 

Автор Catcriss Frehley (1 месяц)
te amoo peter crisssss yeaah !!! 

Автор Mark Heath (16 дней)
Love Pete !!!!!

Автор eatme douche (23 дня)
....and for all of you that think you know something about drumming and say
that Peter Criss is even mediocre at best, why don't you go listen to Gene
Simmons, in his own words, it is right here on youtube. He says that Peter
Criss "was tone deaf, didn't know what a bar of music was, to this day
doesn't know what a 2 and a 4 is, and was not a very good drummer. One
producer didn't even think he was good enough to be on a KISS album." That
comes from the band themself !

Автор anis ait hamou (4 дня)

Автор Albert Zwozdesky (2 месяца)
peter was amazing for his age and in the seventies he was a beast on the
drums better then the fake catman of today. eric carr was just an amazing
drummer he was the best of them but he was not an original and nothing
beats the original band they had an amazing show in the seventies

Автор Στελιος Γρηγορακος (1 месяц)

Автор MTD45 (1 месяц)
I saw them In Charlotte N.C. this same year.

Автор Bonnie Sanders (19 дней)

Автор MrSnapy1 (2 месяца)
John Bonham he is not....
He helped make kiss what it was him and Ace.Their attitude and lifestyle
put the rock in kiss.Neither was a technical genius at their art and
regressed as time passed.Just too much partying and less practice..."its
not how much you know its how much you practice" ~Jimmy page

The band would fight over solo's saying the person wasn't good enough
etc.They should have stuck to what they did best.A jam band where the
energy could lift each others performance.Giving a good live show....Imo
none should have been doing solo's like this.

Don't get me wrong Kiss will always rock! but imo they was all over rated
to a certain degree as artists.Always legends of rock just not on the
instruments they played on...

Автор spxxky scxxbin (1 месяц)

Автор Anthony Amodeo (2 месяца)
I was there in the front row and am in this video at 3:59 

Автор cloudsblues (22 дня)
... i won't argue w anyone on the point if you feel different, but all in
all i think he's a great drummer...he has a concept with the solo...its not
supposed to be in your face...its more about groove...and i was watching
him drum on Shock Me from '77...his vibe and drumming is awesome there,and
he dances when he plays... a great drummer dances while he

Автор Alex Macdonald (1 месяц)
still think hes one of the best

Автор Matt Montalto (3 месяца)
Easily the WORST drum solo Ive ever heard.

Автор Matt Learoyd (4 месяца)
I know you said you delete negative comments, but I just gotta say this is
probably the most awful solo ever performed. Everyone in attendance is now
dumber for having been exposed to such simplistic, un-musical shabbery. 

Автор jean ferland (4 месяца)
Peter Criss is easy to criticize when we are not a drummer. Peter Criss
was the best drummer of Kiss. Because as the drummer's most difficult thing
to learn that Eric Carr and Eric Singer rhythm. Eric Carr and Eric Singer
were more technical which is not difficult thing.

Автор Claire Pandora (5 месяцев)

Автор MrYAMUHAT (1 месяц)
Wonderful mediocrity with enormous talent for makeup

Автор Felipe Chalfun (1 месяц)
He´s not so fast nor so strong as other drummers, but shows a lot of
feeling and musicianship. 

Автор nancy cordero (3 месяца)

Автор Benjamin Altair (3 месяца)
lol what a terrible and cheesy drum solo. Peter Criss an KISS SUCK.

Автор Lance Brooks (3 месяца)
Awesome Solo

Автор john matos (4 месяца)

Автор kraig evans (2 месяца)
Easy for posers to talk crap from behind a computer, don't see you wannabes
out on stage...so turn off your computers and shut up.

Автор jayman6677 (1 месяц)
Love it ... KISS RULES!!!

Автор cholulasaucehot1 (3 месяца)
this is comical, my entire life ive preached that kiss is a poser group and
to no avail . kiss fans would fight tooth and nail...this is talent lol my
next door neighbor could do this I just gotta buy yhe old retired postman
some drums and make-up lol 2 funny

Автор solarwind1985 (3 месяца)
Why bother, Peter was cool but Eric Carr was a much better Drummer and

Автор TheLokocarlos (4 месяца)
great Peter

Автор Scott Balmer (10 месяцев)
at some point the catman was de-clawd and neutered

Автор Emiliano Poli (6 месяцев)
Peter was awesome, that's speed at 4:30 hahaha awesome. hi speed snare!!!

Автор Joe Kannelopoulos (10 месяцев)
Great Peter !!!

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