Live from Dodgers Stadium!

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Автор Carlos Sánchez ( назад)
mmm 6.5/10 in my opinion

Автор CaptainFantastik1 ( назад)
This is where i'd be making a run to the beer line.

Автор Rick Nombe ( назад)
I remember I played this drum solo in my 6th grade talent show. Petely was
there and asked if he could use it on the next tour. I told him yes, but I
said he had to pay me $1.00 every time he fell out of time. I'm now quite

Автор mike galasso ( назад)

Автор pinball1970 ( назад)
this is a good rock a long solo, listen to the crowd. 2.35 a little bit of
Neil Peart thrown in ha ha! Anyway if you want a real drummers drummer solo
you listen to Buddy Rich- forget the rest, they are all copy artists or try
to be. Just like me!

Автор LORE LORE A A ( назад)
What he played just very Basic nothin special just an average

Автор Fernando melo ( назад)
muito bommmmmmmm

Автор Siberia Romanov ( назад)
I'm a drummer my self but wow he can play! LOVE IT! 😇 kiss is awesome! And

Автор Judas Rising ( назад)
Peter criss was better back in the 70s and 80's he slowed down since then
for some reason

Автор Sir Druss ( назад)
ich bin Kiss Fan von 1980 an bis heute. aber es gibt nun echt bessere
schlagzeugspieler ! Hammer ist Buddy Rich ! gleiches alter, aber viel
besser. ich bin kein Kiss Fan nun mehr. zuviel verarsche. immer neue leute
aber nur durchschnitt an den instrumenten. orginal war super, danach nicht
mal 30% schade- MfG

Автор bRad “bRadicalMagic” Nichols ( назад)
Peter Criss, you might should have spent some time studying Buddy Rich or
for the kids of today, look to Dylan Elise for your inspiration ! ! !

Автор Steve Libby ( назад)
my god this is awful, and there's another drum track running under his

Автор Arch Angel ( назад)
They way Paul and Gene make it sound is that he cannot play at all. He
might be the best drummer in the world, but this wasn't half bad for a guy
his age.

Автор Yulan Ottenfwicke ( назад)
Straight outa da garage. T'anks fer alla cool drums,Dad!

Автор Josue Acevedo ( назад)

Автор Zomby Woof ( назад)
I'm not gonna bad-mouth Peter. But allow me to say, that is 5 minutes and
53 seconds I will never get back.

Автор cast390 ( назад)
LMFAO,there is a 6 yearold kid here on the tube that smokes this has
been....LOL,why solo if you dont know how to play in the first place...Most
lame shit i've ever seen..

Автор Marcos Alvares ( назад)
i speack espanish :v

Автор Stevie G. (343 года назад)
Another pocket drummer like Ringo and Charlie Watts. Except they knew
enough not to make fools of themselves with a 5 and 1/2 minute amateur

Автор Virgil R ( назад)
Trigger Drums? #LOL!!!

Автор Peter Andersson ( назад)
Peter criss var hette bra som trummis det är min idol

Автор Stephen Willingham ( назад)
Worst drum solo ever

Автор Nintendonix ( назад)
I think most of you are missing the fact that Peter Criss has influenced
many drummers that came after him, like Dave Lombado, Joey Jordison and
Mike Portnoy

Автор Kevorkian Deathcycle ( назад)
Holly shit ! Really, this is a live solo ........?
2 levels below terrible !
I also question Gene's bass guitar skills .

Автор Bill Guinn ( назад)
I could play this today and i dont play drums lol

Автор thom korol ( назад)
wow was that sad

Автор IMMAROCKA ( назад)
Peter Criss...THE LEGEND!!!

Автор Keith Podgursky ( назад)
This is pathetic.

Автор Paul Bachelart ( назад)

Автор @Guigo.br ( назад)

Автор Ralf Mönnikes ( назад)
I like it!

Автор Edward Binion ( назад)
MORE cowbell!!!

Автор eisem howerd ( назад)
awesome ..nice .. i love kiss

Автор Tony Liotta ( назад)
always great!!!!

Автор ghostdancer2302 ( назад)
Not exactly the Alive solo but still pretty good for a guy in his 50's.
Peter worked hard to get his chops up for the reunion era. He had to pace
himself so he wouldn't be burned out after and hour and a half and they did
two hours almost every night.

Автор Natalia Melo ( назад)
Thats was a boring solo....however I like Peter Criss , I think he played
much more exciting in the 70's....even so he's a competent drummer and gets
the job done , not a virtuoso but so what

Автор Tamati motorbike ( назад)

Автор MrHeavy67 ( назад)
I guess you are not KISS fans.so shut it

Автор peter klumpf ( назад)
hey that s kisssssssssssssss drum s solo +
Peter crisss
i love it

Автор Ca Nadian thepride (MrCanadianPride) ( назад)
Not like Neil Peart from Rush but he is a good drumer

Автор Jerry Jocoy ( назад)
That is pathetic!!! I hate to be critical but that was the most morning 3
minutes of my life!!! Oh wait I played with a dead rat once!! No the dead
rat was more fun!!! 

Автор alphaville99 ( назад)
Neil Peart ....He is NOT!

Автор ADVENTUREFACE ( назад)
I think this was a sound check

Автор matty ( назад)
haha, drunk bastard

Автор VINYLBEATLES ( назад)
I can play that "solo" with my dick
C´mon !!! who are this dumb ????!!!!!! a "drummer" ???

Автор nightsongs1970 ( назад)
More cowbell gawddamn it!!

Автор Vertical Horizon ( назад)
Pretty weak effort.

Автор Dillon Moore ( назад)
Has anyone ever thought that maybe being a rockstar isn't about how much
better you are than everybody else, or that it isn't all about
musicianship? You can just have fun and bring joy to people through music,
without playing the greatest solo of all time. It is a thing that can
happen. Maybe fucktons of skill didn't go into this drum solo, but i had
fun listening to it. And I'm sure the people at the concert had a blast.
Why can't music just be about having fun and making yourself and others

Автор TheBigHase ( назад)
Does anyone know why on KISS albums his drums were always recorded in
Mono!? Would be interesting to know why.

Автор Jason McHenry (ʎzɐɹɔʇuǝʍuosɐɾ) ( назад)
I think our cat Gypsy has been watching this. She can play an empty paper
bag like a freakin' pro.

Автор 5PeopleWithACamera ( назад)
What was that

Автор Eddy Style ( назад)
Peter Criss sucks, Kiss sucks! Stick to doing Wal-Mart ads and collect your

Автор JoeTyler85 ( назад)
bunch of angry nobodies pretending that Peter can't play the drums

Автор Alfredo Joselito ( назад)
I prefer Moby Dick.

Автор Anders Lindberg ( назад)
I used to be a Kissfan in the late 70s and the 80s, but this so calledsolo
sounds like shit, I think I could do this, and Im not a drummer.

Автор Dan Finnegan ( назад)
Neil Peart eat your heart out.

Автор Juana Maria Garcia Ramis ( назад)
Ya sabéis que el cáncer de mama afecta también a los hombres. Uno de los
que lo sufrió es Peter "Catman" Criss, el batería y fundador de la mítica
banda KISS. :)
¿Este fin de semana, un poco de rock? ¡¡¡Disfrutad!!!

Автор Xubra Mastectomy Wear ( назад)
Ya sabéis que el cáncer de mama afecta también a los hombres. Uno de los
que lo sufrió es Peter "Catman" Criss, el batería y fundador de la mítica
banda KISS. :)
¿Este fin de semana, un poco de rock? ¡¡¡Disfrutad!!!

Автор Atbash 77 ( назад)
This is by far the worst drum solo I've ever heard coming from a
"rockstar". Honestly my 12yo son plays waaay better than Peter. Kiss has
been and still is overrated, they are lame musicians. The only good thing
that I heard from Kiss is Paul Stanley's son Evan, that dude plays the
guitar like a real rockstar.

Автор John Osterhout ( назад)
PETER CRISS DRUM SOLO LIVE 1998: https://youtu.be/Pfb3iE92_Oo

Автор Gary Middleton ( назад)
paul said peter didn't know how to read music eric is an awesome drummer

Автор malawri67 ( назад)
Peter's playing was ok till 1975.After that he became increasingly
lousy,uninspired and lifeless.Saw them in 79 and he was disastrous.Barely
went through the motions.

Автор Bojo Mojo ( назад)
Don't drink the cool-aid. He played all the parts himself. Greatest drummer
on earth? No, but a good rock drummer. It's disgraceful what Paul and Gene
say about their former members. No better than what Eddie is doing now.

Автор Avery Nelson ( назад)
Wow. What a horrendous display or a drummer...

Автор Fredrik Wilhelmsson ( назад)
Var grymma när de var i Göteborg 98

Автор XidiotX ( назад)
technically the best drummer on earth. i love his power.

Автор sirkazm ( назад)

Автор Jairo Ramirez ( назад)
oh a greatest solo fantastic is true, peter criss is a big big teacher of
the drum, her drum is great i am crazy for he for her way of play the
drum. just that some people know not what is play the drum is god of it.
her best solo about all.

Автор RIKLASVEGAS ( назад)
I just cried a bit.

Автор gary scott ( назад)
Peter Criss isnt a great drummer, never was so he should not have attempted
this , Peter has however managed to make the drum solo an even more boring
thing !

Автор Gringo Espana ( назад)

Автор Bob Ayers ( назад)
This guy is a pro ? Im nobody and im 100 times better... Probally the
worst pro solo that i ve ever seen, boreing.

Автор plexiseagull ( назад)
Peter was a wild cat in the 70's but not the same after 1978 due to an
accident and drug abuse. He was an important part of the Kiss sound; edgy,
wild, straight, leaning forward - with a temper. Listen for instance to
"Love Her All I Can" or "100.000. Years". Criss' drumming has inspired
generations of musicians. In this video you can hear that his chops are
gone; the things about his musical timing that was charming in his younger
days has accelerated and become disturbing and dominating.Still he is a
legend, but this is a saddening.

Автор Vinicius Lima ( назад)
0% solo

Автор dennis stewart ( назад)
sad solo

Автор Cravin Moorehead ( назад)
I was just listening to the audio book of where Paul rips on Peter's solos
and drumming capabilities. I'm like, come on now, he wasn't that bad. Then
I decided to watch a few videos, including this one and I have to say, Paul
was right. That was amateur hour at open mic night kind of drum solo. I
wonder if Paul is right about everything he bashes Peter and Ace for.

Автор Daz X ( назад)
pure shit

Автор Ink Black ( назад)
Aaaaaaaaaaaa......make it stop......he is fucking awful.....

Автор J bLACK ( назад)
Taylor Swift sucks and she makes millions,so you all tell meWhat is real

Автор Michael John ( назад)
as much as i like peter, this was not one of his best

Автор Antonio Lopez (878 лет назад)
Wow no solo just crap

Автор devolved555 ( назад)
The reason I took up drums

Автор Robert Haizlip ( назад)
To all the morons drumming as with music is subjective. Neither side is
"right" its all a matter of taste. While I don't think its his best effort
he was a great rock drummer influencing millions. Even more than the "so
called" greats of Bonham etc. To me Bonham was lame to others he's a God.
So as long as a drummer is up there with heart and energy and playing for
real. He deserves props..

Автор anonymous gamer ( назад)
he copies neil peart

Автор anonymous gamer ( назад)
he sucks ass

Автор Matthew Pinnix ( назад)
Love it.....

Автор John Penza ( назад)
+Carsten Gaulshøj ......Neil is beter than everyone! ; )

Автор william elliott ( назад)

Автор Dan Finnegan ( назад)
This is not meant to be a negative comment...but Peter Criss simply fails
as a drummer. I had friends that were better than this when they were 12.
I'm not trying to be negative though, Peter still played drums. You can at
least say that about him.

Автор bradz staxx ( назад)
hmmm Paul Stanley was right!

Автор parrish6696 ( назад)
Criss was OK not very good, or amazing or spectacular just OK just keep in
your mind KISS is not dream theater.

Автор Nacho Lopez Menendez ( назад)

Автор micaela ross ( назад)

Автор Virgil R ( назад)
I'm sorry...
This is one of the saddest drums solos I've seen in my life!!!

Автор Matt Charles ( назад)
he kept speeding up gradually during the entire solo

Автор oldie eulidorp ( назад)
is this a man whos playing for over 40 years of drums ?mmmmmm
horse shit its bad bad bad! eric singer is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better than
peter on is best day

Автор rob graves ( назад)
How many here are professional musicians? Just curious. Peter Criss is a
rock-n-roll drummer with strong ties to jazz & swing. He's not using
triggers here as suggested. His solo on ALIVE! was the catalyst for many
aspiring drummers. Is he the best? Certainly not. Does he deserve this
lever of disrespect? Hell no! He has achieved things that others can only
dream about. Paul & Gene never mention the fact that Peter & Ace were under
a constant barrage of insults challenging their collective educational
prowess and literary skills. This was as cruel and uncalled for as any of
the stuff that went on in their inner circle. They didn't get along. Many
bands don't. For any of them to air their personal negative feelings for
one another in the first place is/was a bad move. The original mystique is
what had a hold on me. Once that was gone, so was I.

Автор Ronny Van Waelderen ( назад)
voorganger van Tiësto... (Y)

Автор Rick McGhee ( назад)

Автор Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu ( назад)

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