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Автор Ronny Swift (3 месяца)
Peter got more pussy than everyone in the comments saying his bad combined

Автор deztroyer76 (9 месяцев)
Embarrassingly bad. 

Автор inerkore (12 дней)
100% show, 0% solo

Автор IloooooooveBeatles (17 дней)
Way better than any Eric Singer solo! At least he's got originality and

Автор stan danley (2 месяца)
For all of you gay uneducated kiss haters, both of peters hands and all of
his fingers were broken during this tour and he had to wear tape on them
under the loves+ peter was 60 years old so STFU all u gay retards

Автор Mr. Ben (23 дня)
It's all about the show with these guys and they do it well.

Автор Victor Chayks (4 месяца)
It sounded pretty steady and straight, even there haven't been any of
extreme technical Moments.Its a show after all, and its not an independant

Great performance! 

Автор Steve Hammond (3 месяца)
Kiss was ALWAYS about the show and not so much about the music. Just look
at their songs. None of them were really very good musicians either, and
Criss here is living proof.

Автор mac hamons (6 дней)
he is in the top 100 of all time, but this is really bad

Автор Veronica Stanley (3 месяца)
solo de bateria de peter criss -kiss

Автор Darrylizer1 (3 месяца)
Wow I never expected him to get worse, but he actually did. Well done Pete.

Автор tfair5 (4 месяца)
I gotta have more cowbell!!

Автор charly lenon (22 дня)
el peor solo q vi en mi vida!!!!una mierda total

Автор TheAdultChild101 (3 месяца)
Like Ringo Starr, Peter wasn't known for being a stand out drummer. He
didn't have to be. They were both a component of very popular bands, that's
all. But I did dig the floating drum riser.

Автор Fred Suero (8 дней)
this is a fucking joke . right ?

Автор M Mckissack (2 месяца)
KISS did what they did, nobody else. Very awesome.....

Автор Jiří Streit (5 месяцев)
Nejlepší z nejlepších... Hluboká úklona

Автор tgnomercy (6 дней)
BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...... facts........ No Ace..... No Peter.... Kiss would
have never made it...... only thing Gene and Paul could do to reclaim the
mastery.... was put subs in and call them Peter and Ace.,........You
subs,,,, yea tour all that trying to copy the cat man and Ace note for
note........ Gene and Paul so much of an ass they calling the subs Peter
and Ace... you two to damn dumb to learn the new names?????So true kiss
fans NOT offended Paul says,,,, Ace Frehley Shock me.... when the whole
freaking world knows it Tommy Thayer?

Автор Ron Albanese (2 месяца)
At 4:32 you can tell was in good playing form; his snare rolls (with the
occasional cymbal hits, etc.) show that he was pretty loose, and on the
mark. I like the actual sound of the drums here, too - much more organic
than the Reunion Tour. I think even though I am a big fan, I tend to
discount ALL of Peter's playing from the Reunion forward - I'm happy to say
I was wrong!

Автор rod7139 (1 месяц)
Sad to say one of his worst and probably a reason why he was flicked out of
the band by Gene and Paul.

Автор gahloot (2 месяца)
But none of u complaining bitches look as good as he does in cat make-up!
So shut up all you drum whisper's!

Автор Sandeep Narang (5 месяцев)

Автор diichertz1 (3 месяца)
I've heard far better drum solos played by high school students.

Автор Kevin Mcswain (25 дней)
Crowd participation. He did what he came to do.

Автор Gerhard Wartner (1 месяц)

Автор emanuel olofsson (27 дней)
Peter might not be the most technical drummer in Kiss, cuz that's Eric Carr
all the way, but he did have Stamina and charm. 

Автор ERICK CARRILLO (1 месяц)

Автор starfun17 (1 месяц)
Who's better, Peter Criss or Lars Ulrich?

Автор muddfoot69 (6 дней)
I'm surprised kiss never did a flying drum solo like Mötley Crüe...just
saying they put on quite a show but never expanded the drum solo like
Mötley Crüe. Not judging as I'm a a big fan of both bands just comparing
stage show drum ideas.

Автор ed dess (3 месяца)
all u fuckwits dissing his solo, get up there at over 50 and do better for
a 2 hour show hes a legend always will be you all are nothing!
both shoulders are damaged, carpal tunnel, and wearing thumb braces on both
hands, yeah do better

Автор TheElixir2 (1 месяц)

Автор leonardo sampaio (2 месяца)
my six year old kid does it better

Автор Revo Lution (6 месяцев)
i mean, it is no problem when your are not the best drummer. but it is that
exaggerated shown around that solo what makes it so ridiculous and bad. i
mean bad. you definitively should not play a solo in such an exorbitant
choreography when you just do not have the skills to play a solo.

Автор Michael Carubelli (2 месяца)
Just found this great solo!!!!!

Автор paulndot (2 месяца)
I started playing drums because of my love for KISS. Truthfully
though…unbiased…compare this to Neil Peart, Aquiles Priester, Buddy Rich,
or oh boy, dare I say Eric Singer or Eric Carr and Peter falls way, way
behind. Props though - he's an original and more lives than a real cat. 

Автор bob mueller (5 месяцев)

Автор NoLove DeepWebbb (5 месяцев)
I can do that... and i play drums

Автор John White (2 месяца)
fuck kiss. 

Автор Don Berg (5 месяцев)
He's still too good for the Kiss band, he could have a better career as a
street drummer .

Автор Thebuilderofthings1 (7 месяцев)
I'll take Peart, Bozzio and at least Bonham. This solo is a bit over

Автор cocoramon (3 месяца)
I don't Know who is worse drummer..Peter o Ringo Star jaja,....
The truth is that Erick Singer is the best thing that could ever happened
to a Band like kiss,

Автор NFS1970 (15 дней)
Criss is the original but Carr was the best

Автор greg55666 (2 месяца)
I swear to god I could play this drum solo and I have never sat down at a
drum kit before.

Автор John Camerota (3 месяца)
What amazing playing and showmanship, nice smoke and pyro tech finale to

Автор PANTTERO (2 месяца)
Bad drummer no good

Автор Igon el vazzor (6 месяцев)
Peter Criss is not the best drummer but he was good enough for Kiss band.
Kiss is ( was) glam rock, power rock and hard rock, Kiss is not
heavy-metal-power-speed-trash.......Kiss is great live show, unforgettable
songs like 100.000 years, detroit rock city, rock and roll all night,
parasite, creatures of the night, i love it loud and more and more.......
People who say " I could play a better solo" are stupid. 

Автор Robert Chambers (1 месяц)
No offense to Peter, but I,ve seen better drum solo,s.

Автор lilaluft (3 месяца)
so much for freedom of speech, hahaha!

Автор Ariel Hernan Paiz (2 месяца)
Y el solo? :/ baaaaa

Автор METALQUIL PAOLO (3 месяца)
el proyecto tambien es una delicia, en ecuador el gran coleccionista javier
diaz, en fbk es uno de los mayores sicopatas melomanos de la musica de kiss
y de todo su line up

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