Live from Dodgers Stadium!

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Автор Drummernut ( назад)
Still waiting for he solo...

Автор John Steven (1222 года назад)
Weak sauce!

Автор Hector Sand ( назад)
I'm still waiting for the drum solo!

Автор Don Van Riper ( назад)
This solo is so weak!!! I could blow this clown off the stage!! BASIC!!

Автор BOGATA9 ( назад)
I remember when peters drum set had a huge epic sound back in the 70`s.
This set sounds like shit. His old pearl drums rocked the world from it`s
foundation. This set sounds like tin cans.

Автор john smith ( назад)
The bottomline.... there should have never been a reunion tour and paul and
gene knew it ! its all over YT to read and watch. They said when they went
in for rehearsals peter criss couldnt even remember his drum parts from pre
79 and physically couldnt even play the drums! What is aggravating gene and
paul are always saying ... its about the fans above all else . Thats
bullshit ! They put filling the bank accounts above the "fans" ! The put
out a shitty sub standard product ! Stanley said, peter was so weak they
had to rig up his drums with electronic sensors that were super sensitive
so all peter had to do is tap the drums to trigger the electronic computer
generated sounds ! So in other words peter was doing the equivalent of
fucking lip syncing! Stanley said, if it was the old days criss wouldnt
have been able to play and there would have been no reunion. So once again
you lied and ripped off your fans ! The last tour they did gene and paul
said, it was the worst tour they ever had and disingenuously said, they
felt bad for the fans. Yeah but you still took the fans MONEY instead of
doing the right thing and cancelling the tour and giving their money back !
Once again, they put the money above the fans ! Thats all fine and dandy
but dont say its ALL ABOUT THE FANS ! Bullshit !

Автор Robert Roberts ( назад)
my little brother can play drums better than this and I dont even have
alittle brother:,

Автор Symmetry50 ( назад)
I still can't believe Seattle didn't run the ball.

Автор Richard Hardy ( назад)
Chris can keep a beat and was/is a good fit for the style of music Kiss is
known for but falls extremely short in the solo area, limitations are just
laid bare for all to see. Respectfully I would suggest that his persona and
history with the band carries the solo, not talent.

Автор unfukmeessexslave ( назад)

Автор Fred Peart ( назад)
Lol, I just watched Neil Peart's solos and I ended up here. Sorry Kiss fans
but this solo is a joke!

Автор Sebastián M ( назад)

Автор Mo Ping ( назад)

Автор Anton Novikov ( назад)
bun you won't delete 'dislikes')

Автор billy macdrums ( назад)
Good Lord , I can never un-do hearing this from my brain.

Автор Fred Garvin ( назад)

Автор Joseph Niyamosoth ( назад)
At least he is much better than Meg White.

Автор HELLODERIS ( назад)
Eric Carr must be twisting in his grave after this

Автор WC HEAD. (318 лет назад)
when have drum solos ever been popular?.

Автор Jose M ( назад)
Paul was spot on, peter criss is a miserable stupid untalented asshole
search that here on you tube

Автор Major Woody ( назад)
That was pretty lame.

Автор artbeau (1405 лет назад)
not a whole lot of complexity to this "solo"... really?

Автор Dave Bryant ( назад)
A joke...right?

Автор ctlegacy ( назад)
Well, the stage was cool... Drum solo....not so much.

Автор Abida Babida ( назад)
how this guy became famous i'll never know. His drumming was as basic as
Charlie Watts n Ringo, but at least they both knew rudimentary drumming.
This fool just banged away like a beginner

Автор Dancing Spiderman ( назад)
waynes world waynes world party tyme excellent woo woo woo.

gadd GWAR SUX...

Автор Derrick Smith ( назад)
you guys don't get it... drum solos aren't about polyrhythms and odd time
signatures... f*** Mike Portnoy... he will never be in a band as big as
Kiss ... playing music is about soul... not technical proficiency...

Автор William Ramsden ( назад)

Автор vtxrider1800r ( назад)
I hear the crowd cheering and screaming. Anything interesting or exciting
going on?

Автор vladlashing ( назад)
It is amazing they pulled these tours off.

Автор pingcho ( назад)
Lot of Haters on here, I think you should show how well you play,,, put up
the video. Lets see your expertese lol.

Автор Mimi Sarvarian ( назад)

Автор Michael Huff ( назад)
Kiss must be the only band in history to get stage fright during the
percussion breaks.

Автор HamRadioConcepts ( назад)
Here's my negative comment.. This solo sucks shit. His choice of halloween
costume is shit, this band sucks shit. Your description to this video sucks
shit. You suck shit.

Автор MrDlt123 ( назад)
For all of the negative commenters: Criss was the drummer for Kiss, not Yes
or Dream Theater, and he was old and sitting on his butt for a couple of
decades by then too. What did you expect? Neil Peart? :)

Автор C2CONTINUE (299 лет назад)
I kid with downs syndrome, playing on a Muppet Babies drum kit would be
much more entertaining.

Автор gartner10112 ( назад)
I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking how pitiful this is lol. Kiss was all
show, no substance

Автор Игорь Завгородний ( назад)
Ничего выдающегося, но так-то кайф!!!!!!!!!!!! Крису РЕСПЕКТ. Детство,

Автор michael61465 ( назад)
Fuck Will Farrell. That cowbell sounds ok to me!

Автор Christopher Pfeiffer ( назад)

Автор Brian Carroll ( назад)
LOL this guy is pathetic. The comment section is even more sick

Автор Alejandro Rivera ( назад)
maybe he is a REAL cat !!

Автор Shawn K ( назад)
Love all the drum kings commenting, if you can do better link your solo on

Автор mokanlines ( назад)
5.22 "How 'bout it! Peter Criss on the drums!" That says it all.

Автор Harvey Banger ( назад)
I'm going as Peter Criss to a 80's and 90's themed party

Автор Paul Lvamp ( назад)
This is like having to watch someone's Dad workout in his basement or in
some trailer park somewhere~!!! WTF~???

Автор Keith Morgan ( назад)
Huge Kiss fan. This is extremely weak. Wow.

Автор Mickey Bitsko ( назад)
That was.....horrible.

Автор Mike Cristofani ( назад)
Awww... that's really cute.

Автор Jason Zaremba ( назад)
Not bad for a guy in his late 60's for crying out loud !

Автор Dean Haynes ( назад)
What's that smell?....Oh yea, a KISS solo of any kind.

Автор chris thomas ( назад)
boring as bat shit

Автор miisu ( назад)
That's entertainment.

Автор michael ( назад)
shameful. He played good as a drummer for the band but trying to create and
perform a solo? He must be totally embarrased of this video. amazing the
musicians you hear locally thru your life that are amazingly much more
better than the musicians that made it big and become stars.
When I was a kid I played music with a guitarist (Dewitt Baldwin) that was
better at 16 years old than eddie van halen in the late 1980's but he never
made it big. then you hear drum solos from big stars like this... shame.

Автор michael ( назад)
shameful. He played good as a drummer for the band but trying to create and
perform a solo? He must be totally embarrased of this video. amazing the
musicians you hear locally thru your life that are amazingly much more
better than the musicians that made it big and become stars.
When I was a kid I played music with a guitarist (Dewitt Baldwin) that was
better at 16 years old than eddie van halen in the late 1980's but he never
made it big. then you hear drum solos from big stars like this... shame.

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)

Автор spooky girl ( назад)
cool is not bad

Автор henry henderson ( назад)
People forget that Peter Criss did something that no other drummer has
done. He brought a jazz, and swing drumming style into a rock
setting....and it worked. True he let his playing get worse as time went
on, and didn't seem to want to learn basic reading, and song structure
however he did influence a hell of a lot of drummers since his time in
Kiss. It is a shame he couldn't humble himself and pull his personal thing
together. He still has plenty of loyal fans though........

Автор YouCantHoldOnTooLong ( назад)
Hey "rossrules6869" you said "NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED" but I've
realized three users by the names "Virgil R" and "George Dobson" and "Jerry
Jocoy" have already said some negative and rude things about this clip. You
didn't delete the comments, therefore you are truly a lying sack of shit!!

Go fuck yourself you fucking lying shithead!!!


Автор Carlos Sánchez ( назад)
mmm 6.5/10 in my opinion

Автор CaptainFantastik1 ( назад)
This is where i'd be making a run to the beer line.

Автор Rick Nombe ( назад)
I remember I played this drum solo in my 6th grade talent show. Petely was
there and asked if he could use it on the next tour. I told him yes, but I
said he had to pay me $1.00 every time he fell out of time. I'm now quite

Автор mike galasso ( назад)

Автор pinball1970 ( назад)
this is a good rock a long solo, listen to the crowd. 2.35 a little bit of
Neil Peart thrown in ha ha! Anyway if you want a real drummers drummer solo
you listen to Buddy Rich- forget the rest, they are all copy artists or try
to be. Just like me!

Автор LORE LORE A A ( назад)
What he played just very Basic nothin special just an average

Автор Fernando melo ( назад)
muito bommmmmmmm

Автор Siberia Romanov ( назад)
I'm a drummer my self but wow he can play! LOVE IT! 😇 kiss is awesome! And

Автор Judas Rising ( назад)
Peter criss was better back in the 70s and 80's he slowed down since then
for some reason

Автор Sir Druss ( назад)
ich bin Kiss Fan von 1980 an bis heute. aber es gibt nun echt bessere
schlagzeugspieler ! Hammer ist Buddy Rich ! gleiches alter, aber viel
besser. ich bin kein Kiss Fan nun mehr. zuviel verarsche. immer neue leute
aber nur durchschnitt an den instrumenten. orginal war super, danach nicht
mal 30% schade- MfG

Автор bRad “bRadicalMagic” Nichols ( назад)
Peter Criss, you might should have spent some time studying Buddy Rich or
for the kids of today, look to Dylan Elise for your inspiration ! ! !

Автор Steve Libby ( назад)
my god this is awful, and there's another drum track running under his

Автор Arch Angel ( назад)
They way Paul and Gene make it sound is that he cannot play at all. He
might be the best drummer in the world, but this wasn't half bad for a guy
his age.

Автор Yulan Ottenfwicke ( назад)
Straight outa da garage. T'anks fer alla cool drums,Dad!

Автор Josue Acevedo ( назад)

Автор Zomby Woof ( назад)
I'm not gonna bad-mouth Peter. But allow me to say, that is 5 minutes and
53 seconds I will never get back.

Автор cast390 ( назад)
LMFAO,there is a 6 yearold kid here on the tube that smokes this has
been....LOL,why solo if you dont know how to play in the first place...Most
lame shit i've ever seen..

Автор Marcos Alvares ( назад)
i speack espanish :v

Автор Stevie G. (343 года назад)
Another pocket drummer like Ringo and Charlie Watts. Except they knew
enough not to make fools of themselves with a 5 and 1/2 minute amateur

Автор Virgil R ( назад)
Trigger Drums? #LOL!!!

Автор Peter Andersson ( назад)
Peter criss var hette bra som trummis det är min idol

Автор Stephen Willingham ( назад)
Worst drum solo ever

Автор Nintendonix ( назад)
I think most of you are missing the fact that Peter Criss has influenced
many drummers that came after him, like Dave Lombado, Joey Jordison and
Mike Portnoy

Автор Matt Shultz ( назад)
Holly shit ! Really, this is a live solo ........?
2 levels below terrible !
I also question Gene's bass guitar skills .

Автор Bill Guinn ( назад)
I could play this today and i dont play drums lol

Автор thom korol ( назад)
wow was that sad

Автор IMMAROCKA ( назад)
Peter Criss...THE LEGEND!!!

Автор Keith Podgursky ( назад)
This is pathetic.

Автор Paul Bachelart ( назад)

Автор @Guigo.br ( назад)

Автор Ralf Mönnikes ( назад)
I like it!

Автор Edward Binion ( назад)
MORE cowbell!!!

Автор eisem howerd ( назад)
awesome ..nice .. i love kiss

Автор Tony Liotta ( назад)
always great!!!!

Автор ghostdancer2302 ( назад)
Not exactly the Alive solo but still pretty good for a guy in his 50's.
Peter worked hard to get his chops up for the reunion era. He had to pace
himself so he wouldn't be burned out after and hour and a half and they did
two hours almost every night.

Автор Natalia Melo ( назад)
Thats was a boring solo....however I like Peter Criss , I think he played
much more exciting in the 70's....even so he's a competent drummer and gets
the job done , not a virtuoso but so what

Автор Tamati motorbike ( назад)

Автор MrHeavy67 ( назад)
I guess you are not KISS fans.so shut it

Автор peter klumpf ( назад)
hey that s kisssssssssssssss drum s solo +
Peter crisss
i love it

Автор Ca Nadian thepride (MrCanadianPride) ( назад)
Not like Neil Peart from Rush but he is a good drumer

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