Zastava EZ9 Pistol - What a Value!

Manufacturer: Arsenal, Inc. ZEZ9-102
Item: 2-AISZEZ9-102

Arsenal Zastava EZ Compact Semi Automatic Handgun 9mm 3.85" Barrel 15 Rounds Black Polymer Grips Blued Finish.

Specifications and features:
Zastava EZ-9 Compact Semi Automatic Handgun
3.85" barrel
15 round capacity
Firing pin block safety
Single/double action
Ambidextrous controls, decocker, slide release & magazine release
Lightweight, aerospace aluminum frame
Blued finish
3 dot sights
Solid steel machined slide
Loaded chamber indicator
Full length claw extractor
Spurred, skeletonized hammer
Integral accessory rail
5.5" height
1.5" width
7.75" overall length
33 oz. unloaded

The Zastava EZ Series pistol features ambidextrous controls, three dot sight system, double/single action trigger, lightweight frame, machined steel slide, machined integral accessory rail, firing pin block safety, spurred hammer and full length claw extractor.

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Автор Deezildennis ( назад)
Love mine still! Bought a bunch of cheap Beretta mags did the D notch in
them like the stock mag has. Major plus since I have a 92c and I can swap
them back and forth to both Pistols.

Автор Beba Stanojević ( назад)

Автор zul448 ( назад)
The "alloy" of the frame refers to an aluminum alloy. So it's not all
steel. Some people prefer aluminum frames some prefer polymer and some
steel. I'll leave that argument for another time but I just wanted to clear
up that the CZ99, CZ999, and EZ-9's were only ever produced with aluminum

Автор juan querendon ( назад)
anyone know if this gun has microchip?

Автор Legan Arabach ( назад)
Now the ultimate question...where can I find one in 2015...?

Автор truthtone58 ( назад)
I had one, it was garbage. I sent it back and when it came back it was
worse. wouldn't shoot w/o jamming up. They sent me a new one. I sold it
before I ever fired it.

Автор TheLaw OnGuns ( назад)
Love my EZ9. You simply can't beat it for the money. It is a true go to war
type of pistol that can take serious abuse and just keep shooting. If you
want fancy lookin bbq guns then there are many others that will be better.
But, at the range when it's time to do what handguns are built to do, the
Zastava is damn near impossible to beat.

Автор filoIII ( назад)
I wonder what differences there are between the EZ line and the CZ999 line
from Zastava. I actually prefer the Commander-style hammer and light rail
on the EZ. Where can EZs be purchased?

Автор filoIII ( назад)
You used real brake cleaner, or Safariland breakfree clp? Does that stuff
just dry, and you not have to clean it out of the little places?

Автор ABQ GUNNER ( назад)
Like the handgun he thanks for the info in the m92 buddy it gave me so good
things to know about my gun good video

Автор JOE RAM ( назад)

Автор Jovan Gorgievski ( назад)
That is a great fucking GUN better then P226 Sig Sauer twice the value
third the price . that`s police and military issue . You sir got a bargain
now show them the spring inside :D. all best greetings from Macedonia .

Автор Dejan Petrovic ( назад)
What is interesting is that you guys in USA like CZ99, and i here in Serbia
like SW model 10. Although i am not saying which one is better, cheaper
etc. Regards man...

Автор Cole Rakocevic ( назад)
Where can I buy this thing in the USA ?

Автор Fire Mountain Outdoors ( назад)
Enjoyed the video. Really thinking about getting one of these. 

Автор tclause1 ( назад)
century arms imports them now and the price is back down
they call it the zastava cz999 compact cheaper than dirt list them
for$333.00 same price as the full size cz999

Автор Nick Joslin ( назад)
Is this gun really reliable? $320-ish bucks seems like a little too much
of a bargain. What is the difference between the EZ9 and the CZ999?

Автор basshnter1997 ( назад)
I disagree that its a Sig knockoff.
I would say inspired by Sig and Walther but not a copy.

Автор MrDeathd ( назад)
Man date the only problem i have with those days is you don't know how safe
they are ,and to make cleaning easer i cover my weapons with froglube

Автор Groovaholic ( назад)
Nice gun though.

Автор Pacifica2181 ( назад)
That a direct knockoff of a sig. Looks cheap though.

Автор cool water ( назад)
Norinco np22r or this?

Автор Old Grumpy ( назад)
I prefer Canik55 series of guns

Автор Redža Levi ( назад)
It's still the official police/military pistol in Serbia. Glad you enjoyed

Автор blake hudson ( назад)
yeah, alright thanks I will try that, i used some gunzilla and it started
to take off the paint so now im just gonna strip the whole frame. 

Автор Misa Malecki ( назад)

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
You mean the paint on the frame? I used Brake cleaner

Автор blake hudson ( назад)
I own an EZ9 as well, and wanted to take the paint, what did you say you
used to strip off the paint? and did you have to put anything on it after
to keep it from rusting? 

Автор Marshal Tito ( назад)
Does it fit in a Sig holster? 

Автор david ansell ( назад)
Nice pistol would like one dont sell to Australia :-(

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
By far!

Автор joe grayson ( назад)
better than high point?

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
Thanks for watching!

Автор GraveyardDave19 ( назад)
i might buy one of these next week. thanks for the video great info

Автор GraveyardDave19 ( назад)
looks like a sig

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
That's a good thing!

Автор hujan4ik ( назад)
TZ99 = CZ99. CZ99 - early model.

Автор Rubengt303 ( назад)
what about the tz99? its the same gun i believe

Автор Rubengt303 ( назад)
its funny how often i find your videos when i wasn't even looking for em"

Автор hujan4ik ( назад)
Great gun. In Russia is not for sale, unfortunately.

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
They do now, used to be EAA

Автор zbor41 ( назад)
Nice video doesn't K-VAR import the EZ-9.

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
Just dont feel I have enouph trigger time behind it yet. Havn't been able
to get out shooting like I used to.

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
Just one left bro...pretty sad

Автор Danne Eriksson ( назад)
Hey my wife never send me away to do some shooting. WTF? Married the wrong
girl I guess LoL. Nice vid bro. Just out of curiosity, how many AK:s do you
have now? I know you had like an addiction to ´em before. Later bro!

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)

Автор XIUXIU1313 ( назад)
LOL. Already have a Sig P220

Автор vikingssoul ( назад)
Great info carter!

Автор OnTheEdge72 ( назад)
You are a brave man going back to the gun vids lol I hate all the assholes
that try to prove how much they know about guns... That's the reason I
don't make many gun vids even tho I have more money tied up in guns than
knives... Great vid Carter =)

Автор Grant Loan ( назад)
Like the gun vids.

Автор Behemoth Knives ( назад)
I remember the older ones in a article. They had polished blue with wood
grips. I like the decock / slide release. Its actually a feature found on
the higher end Walther 9mms. 

Автор mikedifeo ( назад)
I llike it. What is the going price range oin these? Also will the 9 conver
to shoot 40s? I know that is possible with the Glock. 

Автор fluffymarksman777 ( назад)
You can get a sig sauer p6 for around $350

Автор Jester7 ( назад)
Nice... looks a lot like my CZ75b. Sweet. 

Автор eltenda fabrizio ( назад)
nice gun! 

Автор rajvosa71000 ( назад)
I got my EZ9 watching your video and venturahwy76 and Im happy I got it,
shot tons of rounds through it and it never failed. Definately good buy for
the money.

Автор bladeramble ( назад)
looks alot like a sig, sweet shit man

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