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Автор yet more (1 год)
The problem with religion, whether Amish or any other, is that it is based
upon outside rules. Outside rules in life aren't bad but you cannot
regulate someone's inner spirit just with rules. There is a difference
between a living relationship with Jesus when you ask Him inside, and just
following religious rules. Jesus inside gives you a new life, a new
spirit, you are a new person called a "new creation".
No one can achieve this, only God can do it within you. Then you don't
have so much of the desires to do certain things. You will still have
temptations, trials and problems but there is still a vast difference. The
Bible itself says in Romans that no one seeks God, no one is good. Only
Christ was good, He kept the law and He borre all our sins, sicknesses and
problems so that we could have His life in exchange. This is a free gift
for the asking. It's not something you "earn" by "being good" and keeping
religious rules. Keeping religious rules will always lead to one of two
endings: self righteousness, in which you look down on and despise others
and thing you are better because you keep the religious rules and they
don't, OR
despair. Despair is when you realize you can't keep all the rules no
matter how
hard you try. Despair is supposed to lead you to Christ as your answer. But
if you don't know Christ loves you and is there as your answer to help you,
may be driven to other things such as drinking, drugs, suicide, etc. But
the truth is that inside of us we all know that we are not perfect, that we
do and think things that we feel guilty about (even though others or
society may tell us it's normal),
and that something is missing. We all need God because man and woman were
never made by God to run on their own. When humans run their lives and
society without God, we are without the inner fuel or inner life we need.
We are like electric wires without the electricity (God) to power us and
give us life. Unfortunately most Christian religions, as well as non
Christian religions, are basically man made
traditions of man trying to reach up to God, or trying to get to God by
supposedly spiritual or "good" things. This doesn't solve our basic
problem, however as we are still running on mere human energy, and without
God's life. We
are all born spiritually dead and separated from God's life because we
inherited this state from Adam and Eve. Adam rebelled and Eve believed the
LIE of the devil that she didn't need God, she could be as God herself. We
will never be gods, we
will never be truly OK without Jesus. Most Christian religions and groups
do go
off course in emphasizing various outer behaviors rather than focusing on
eternal life we receive from God. With God in you, His life flows and your
and interests will change. You will have access to His unconditional love
which we all desperately need. We all need love and acceptance and we are
not going to find the kind of love we need in another human or in fame, fun,
drugs, drinking, sex, etc. We have drives but our MAIN need is for God.
Him we are like we are starving. Unfortunately God is warped so much that
the way He is presented by religion and the way we naturally perceive Him is
very twisted from what He actually is. God is love and He loves us; He
sent Jesus to bear all our sins and sicknesses; He is not holding anything
against us and isn't mad at us but wants to help us. We need help and
because of the state we are born into. We are naturally proud and resist
idea that anything could be wrong with us or that we could need God or
something outside ourself. Even extremely successful and rich people still
are empty inside and need God. God is NOT like the Amish, Catholic,
Protestant or any other reliigion portrays Him. He is love. Basically we
to be rescued and helped out of our fallen human state. We are born
dead, and only God can give us Life. We have human natural biological life
but we don't have spiritual life. Our attempts at various faiths and
do not solve our dilemma but may serve to blind and fool us into thinking it
does hold our answer. A spiritually dead person is dead on the inside, in
his spirit, and needs to be born again. We can't be fixed we need to
die and receive a new spirit, which was done for us by Christ so that all we
need to do is receive Him inside as Lord and Savior. We are not good in
ourselves, and we don't seek God........He is the one seeking us. He loves
you. Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and read a Bible for yourself
the help of the inner Holy Spirit. You don't have to earn anything or work
God, all He asks is that you believe and receive His solution, His free
gift of love for you which is Jesus Himself. No church or group is perfect.
True Christianity brings freedom, not rules conformity and bondage. You
cans till be yourself and have some fun. The choice is not between a
rigid religion of conformity vs total wild living. Receive true life in
and you will be a new person on the INSIDE, with eternal divine life and
that only comes from God. No religion, no group, and no human can give
that to you. 

Автор OrthodoxTradition (1 год)
The Bible says nothing about showing your face on camera. I don't know what
Bible she is reading.

Автор godsfiddler (1 год)
I wonder how many become teen parents.

Автор jhon doe (1 год)
GOD i remember growing up with people of this mentality

they will always find the hardest way to do something, they believe in
work, work, work

not work as trying to accomplishing something but work to keep you occupied
from exploring life.

but the biggest sin is reading books, thinking, using ones imagination and
individual expression

Автор kfant (3 года)
Claire J. Weinraub Weinraub

Автор FromA2mee (2 года)
one more thing..at the end of the video they said the Amish believe that
"Modern technology weakens the family and brings temptation & vanity."
There are a LOT of bad people out here nowadays, bad tv shows, bad movies,
bad music, etc.....it's up to YOU AND ONLY YOU to not give in to evil.
There's almost always temptation. Your family wont weaken if you stay
happy, talk to each other, and even if you do other things outside that you
never did b4 you can still be a family at home..

Автор madamewoselle (2 года)
Ja, Junkfood ist scheiße, aber die Amisch essen scheiße hier. Diesen Amish
sind Nebraska Amisch. Sie sind gesund. Das ist gut! Aber mein Deutsch ist
nicht so gut.

Автор Eric Hohl (3 года)
The funny thing is. "Rumspringa (Rumm-Shpringa)" is a word out of a german
dialect. The dialect, called "Schwäbisch", is spoken in the south of
germany and this is exactly the region i come from. And it means "jumping
around" if i translate it.

Автор rockergod789 (3 года)
and a kick in the jaw from a mule.

Автор Ioulum (3 года)
Amish go wild!

Автор swillspingston (3 года)
@RoseDillinger90 They are not yanked from school so that shows how much you
know, they are done with school at the 8th grade but they speak 2 languages
and can read in 3 languages how many can you speak or read?? I would say
their way is proven better because no crime, no murder, no teens pregnant,
2% divorce rate and everyone pulls their own weight without welfare and
every other form of government help that our society depends on so hard
work seems to be way ahead of homework LOL!!!

Автор Biały (2 года)
Propaganda. Thats what he is "saying".

Автор 700composer (2 года)
I saw a video of a youth who left Amish, got a good job, had a bright
future. He died in a car wreak on the way to work one day. at the funeral
the ex Amish friends had to hear,[off by themselves of course] this is what
happens when you leave Amish. What happened to a reason for everything?
including leaving Amish. Do they say when an Amish buggy gets rear ended
this is what happens when you stay Amish? In scripture our LORD gave us
choices,back in the garden of Eden. Maybe they don't read this

Автор AkiraSRT9 (2 года)
I beloved there's a god and I respect anyone till they disrespect me.

Автор SiliconBong (3 года)
You show wisdom beyond your years, LiteSwitch100.

Автор madamewoselle (2 года)
That's a bunch of horseshit. The Amish eat frozen pizza, hoagies, Doritos,
candy and soda. I grew up with Old Order Amish as neighbors and worked at a
store where they all bought their groceries. They have some of the worst
eating habits I've ever seen. They have their own family farms, but have to
adhere to state farming standards just like everyone else. They're
integrated within the community, not completely separate. I butcher with
them every Thanksgiving.

Автор Sarah Cherry (2 года)
HA! NEVER! lol

Автор sheriwhispers (2 года)
Your like talking about 40 to 50 years ago I mean really these people
adhere to rules set up to keep them in isolation, the mere fact that wont
give their children an education beyond grade school but still benefit from
medicine an fones an obviously markets, they can ride in a car fly in
airplanes then disown you if you disagree with their theology has noting to
do with Christ I mean really now, no disrespect intended...

Автор Annie Yoder (3 года)
@DrakulanOfficial go home

Автор HeyItsWinner (2 года)
So... Do the use condoms?

Автор theoneandonlyolya (3 года)
i wanna live with the Amish, do i have to go to church ;(

Автор ThePrincessleonor037 (2 года)
This is not what Jesus wants for people!

Автор Azatha (3 года)
I don't like how they say they will choose between family and freedom. As
though if they choose their Amish life, they aren't free. But they were
free to make that choice, weren't they? Ugh.

Автор madamewoselle (2 года)
Ja, sie sind schlau....Sie sind dreisprachig!

Автор Sara Tansey (2 года)
what. the. fuck. ever.

Автор chechnya (3 года)
There are a shit load of hot Amish girls.

Автор FromA2mee (2 года)
All I have to say about the Amish is this. You're suppose to believe in God
and Jesus Christ right? it says in the bible... And when you stand praying,
if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in
heaven may forgive you your sins. " Mark 11:25 Then Peter came up and said
to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?
As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven
times, but seventy times seven. Matthew 18:21-22

Автор applegamer12345678 (2 года)
thank chirst that the Amish doesn't have tv

Автор SomeoneNamedTom (3 года)
neither of these lives sound good to me. Either be separated from the rest
of the world with no electricity or be addicted to all kinds of crap and
never actually being happy. I'd rather just live the life that I'm living.
Never touched alcohol or drugs but live in a big house with a big family on
the coast of Southern California, and i'm perfectly happy everyday, all
day. (Ya I'm Mormon)

Автор Foxhole (3 года)
@Glovefullavasoline fuck off douchebag. Don't like what I have to say, suck
it XP

Автор francheska carolina (3 года)
and by the way german is NOT similar to dutch not at all

Автор Humdedum16 (3 года)
I was looking up smosh and auto correct brought me here under ''amish'' lol

Автор Engineer245 (2 года)
I guess I need to continue mystudies of the Mennonites now that I have
found the Amish are not true Christians. I hope the Mennonites prove to be
true New Testiment followers of Jesus!

Автор Annie Yoder (3 года)
@arf900 well arent we glad theres at least one good smelling perfect person
in this world!! Bless you

Автор yurity (3 года)
@LiteSwitch100 I guess you haven't hit puberty yet. Wait till you do

Автор catcout33 (3 года)
What weird world do you live in? Christians murdered American Indians and
forced many of them to conform to "English society". Maybe you're trying to
say that those that murdered weren't real Christians in your eyes, but they
were Christians none the less.

Автор Petra Anderberg (2 года)
I don't know, but I'm just guessing that it's different for every amish

Автор supran1986 (1 год)
Retarded idiots!!!!! Stupid amish!!!!!!!!!

Автор Pasquale Grasso (2 года)
THANK you. I live in the heart of Amish Country and I have seen a gang of
amish guys and girls all drunk as hell. They aren't really that different
from the rest of us.

Автор Badger at Toad Hall (3 года)
@ItsMeGandhi amish shop at wal mart, they do

Автор nanotech2080 (3 года)
@LiteSwitch100 And thats why you are a idiot and know nothing (ur 15). No
one is forcing u to do all of ur listed stuff. Sounds nice to you? Why are
you at the computer then? I bet you have a cell phone aswell. Whats so bad
about being able to call someone whenever you have a need to do so? It
saves people, you know. Get your 15year old head out of ur ass and think
about this stuff for a second.

Автор Breezy Bree (2 года)
@ninyae and who told you that! :( organic ways of producing food cannot
provide for 7 billion. Biggest propaganda I've ever heard originating from
pesticide genetic producting parasitic corporations in order for them to
continue their crappy practice. There's plenty of food on earth (many of
which just gets thrown away!). Distribution of it is the problem for those
that can't afford it.

Автор bigrigJim (3 года)
@swillspingston The Amish don't make many reports to the police , but if
you think that there is no crime or murder in the Amish Community you are
very ignorant to the facts. My brother is a cop in the Lancaster, PA area
and he has many horror stories of rape, murder and incest within the Amish
that they tried to cover up and handle themselves "within the church" .

Автор Foxhole (3 года)
@geekylie sorry I only had to do a paper on it and nothing else so I don't
have much interest so I'm not dedicated like you. Sorry I don't measure up
to your standards. >.> if you want to correct someone try being more nice
instead of making an a** about it. As for the grammar, its a Youtube
comment, not formal writing -.- Get over it and get used to it. And treat
others the way you want to be treated. Thank you for your knowledge and
have a nice day, geek.

Автор seraphiccandy21 (2 года)
There may not be toxins but there is a LOT of artificial crap. Coming from
South Africa and then living in America for half a year you can really
taste the difference most strongly in the fruit. It doesn't taste anything
like fruit is supposed to taste because so much is imported and has been
sprayed with stuff. Another friend told me that a number of girls that go
on exchange actualy stop getting their periods from all the hormones in the
milk that their bodies are not used to.

Автор Frenchazn94 (3 года)
@LiteSwitch100 This is reverse psychology. These teens have never
experienced the outside world until they turn 16 and they decide to
experience by going all out and taking it to the extreme with the excessive
drinking and smoking etc. Then they think they're not doing anything outta
of their lives and decide to go back to get baptized and promise to stay
Amish. Do you know women are seen as inferior? They stay at home and pop up
babies. Do you need a religion to control yourself? Don't think so

Автор OldEarthChaos (2 года)
Here's my plan, me and my friends are gonna find a kid on Rumspringa,
snatch him up and take him to EDC

Автор NostalgiaLP (2 года)
I thought about becoming Amish I did not plan it just think about it.... I
think I would have the biggest problem with the things they believe in,
since I am not really a religious person... I mean I believe Jesus existed
and that the 10 commandments are good rules... but I don't believe in the
old testament, Adam and Eve and stuff :P

Автор ScienceOfThePS3 (2 года)
the fuck are you even talking about? Are you implying that the government
is trying to poison us?

Автор DorPurseFreak (3 года)
I'm soo NOT Material, I'm very conservative.

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