The Outsiders: Amish Teens Pt. 1

Amish teenagers go through a period of their lives in which they have to decide whether they are going to stay in the community, or not. Testing their religious beliefs. Ashland, Ohio. Rumm-Shpringa which means "to run around" in their language.

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Автор jhon doe ( назад)
GOD i remember growing up with people of this mentality

they will always find the hardest way to do something, they believe in
work, work, work

not work as trying to accomplishing something but work to keep you occupied
from exploring life.

but the biggest sin is reading books, thinking, using ones imagination and
individual expression

Автор OrthodoxTradition ( назад)
The Bible says nothing about showing your face on camera. I don't know what
Bible she is reading.

Автор yet more ( назад)
The problem with religion, whether Amish or any other, is that it is based
upon outside rules. Outside rules in life aren't bad but you cannot
regulate someone's inner spirit just with rules. There is a difference
between a living relationship with Jesus when you ask Him inside, and just
following religious rules. Jesus inside gives you a new life, a new
spirit, you are a new person called a "new creation".
No one can achieve this, only God can do it within you. Then you don't
have so much of the desires to do certain things. You will still have
temptations, trials and problems but there is still a vast difference. The
Bible itself says in Romans that no one seeks God, no one is good. Only
Christ was good, He kept the law and He borre all our sins, sicknesses and
problems so that we could have His life in exchange. This is a free gift
for the asking. It's not something you "earn" by "being good" and keeping
religious rules. Keeping religious rules will always lead to one of two
endings: self righteousness, in which you look down on and despise others
and thing you are better because you keep the religious rules and they
don't, OR
despair. Despair is when you realize you can't keep all the rules no
matter how
hard you try. Despair is supposed to lead you to Christ as your answer. But
if you don't know Christ loves you and is there as your answer to help you,
may be driven to other things such as drinking, drugs, suicide, etc. But
the truth is that inside of us we all know that we are not perfect, that we
do and think things that we feel guilty about (even though others or
society may tell us it's normal),
and that something is missing. We all need God because man and woman were
never made by God to run on their own. When humans run their lives and
society without God, we are without the inner fuel or inner life we need.
We are like electric wires without the electricity (God) to power us and
give us life. Unfortunately most Christian religions, as well as non
Christian religions, are basically man made
traditions of man trying to reach up to God, or trying to get to God by
supposedly spiritual or "good" things. This doesn't solve our basic
problem, however as we are still running on mere human energy, and without
God's life. We
are all born spiritually dead and separated from God's life because we
inherited this state from Adam and Eve. Adam rebelled and Eve believed the
LIE of the devil that she didn't need God, she could be as God herself. We
will never be gods, we
will never be truly OK without Jesus. Most Christian religions and groups
do go
off course in emphasizing various outer behaviors rather than focusing on
eternal life we receive from God. With God in you, His life flows and your
and interests will change. You will have access to His unconditional love
which we all desperately need. We all need love and acceptance and we are
not going to find the kind of love we need in another human or in fame, fun,
drugs, drinking, sex, etc. We have drives but our MAIN need is for God.
Him we are like we are starving. Unfortunately God is warped so much that
the way He is presented by religion and the way we naturally perceive Him is
very twisted from what He actually is. God is love and He loves us; He
sent Jesus to bear all our sins and sicknesses; He is not holding anything
against us and isn't mad at us but wants to help us. We need help and
because of the state we are born into. We are naturally proud and resist
idea that anything could be wrong with us or that we could need God or
something outside ourself. Even extremely successful and rich people still
are empty inside and need God. God is NOT like the Amish, Catholic,
Protestant or any other reliigion portrays Him. He is love. Basically we
to be rescued and helped out of our fallen human state. We are born
dead, and only God can give us Life. We have human natural biological life
but we don't have spiritual life. Our attempts at various faiths and
do not solve our dilemma but may serve to blind and fool us into thinking it
does hold our answer. A spiritually dead person is dead on the inside, in
his spirit, and needs to be born again. We can't be fixed we need to
die and receive a new spirit, which was done for us by Christ so that all we
need to do is receive Him inside as Lord and Savior. We are not good in
ourselves, and we don't seek God........He is the one seeking us. He loves
you. Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and read a Bible for yourself
the help of the inner Holy Spirit. You don't have to earn anything or work
God, all He asks is that you believe and receive His solution, His free
gift of love for you which is Jesus Himself. No church or group is perfect.
True Christianity brings freedom, not rules conformity and bondage. You
cans till be yourself and have some fun. The choice is not between a
rigid religion of conformity vs total wild living. Receive true life in
and you will be a new person on the INSIDE, with eternal divine life and
that only comes from God. No religion, no group, and no human can give
that to you. 

Автор godsfiddler ( назад)
I wonder how many become teen parents.

Автор William Boynton ( назад)
This is what happens to many young people who's lives have been strictly
controlled by others, as opposed to being guided by parents and/or
organized religions. It's much like so many college freshmen who suddenly
have new-found, unbridled freedom, but no clue about what to do with it.
They've been controlled instead of guided. By the end of their 1st
semester, their grades are in the toilet, their driving records have been
seriously bruised, and many times they've had run-ins with the law.

Автор hats242 ( назад)
I think it's because they love God and want to obey Him. They are a strong
people to be able to follow their way of life and to forgo temptation. I
haven't visited any Amish places, but watched a lot of documentaries on
them.They seem to be loving people, so I am surprised they didn't at least
say hi, but some do keep very isolated. I am also captivated with how they
live- so quiet, peaceful, close knit families, self-suffcient. Those are my
favorite aspects of Amish life. 

Автор William Boynton ( назад)
Thanks for your reply. I'm really trying to understand the "why's" of how
Amish people live, Why is that?? I don't really know. I've only been
through Pennsylvania (and Lancaster) once. Unfortunately, it was a
whirlwind trip. Still, I found myself captivated by what all I saw. I
stopped at a roadside park for personal relief, and parked next to a
minivan with an Amish family getting out of it. I smiled and said "Hi!!",
but they pretty much ignored me. Made me kind of sad.

Автор hats242 ( назад)
I believe I saw the same documentary! I think they eat out like that just
as a treat. Was the family shopping at Target? Because I think they ate
there for lunch while out shopping. For the most part though, Amish people
are self-sufficient in growing their own food. 

Автор hats242 ( назад)
They view pictures of themselves as graven images. The Bible says not to
have any graven image (a picture or thing that you worship). So they avoid
pictures and cameras to prevent becoming prideful and making a graven image
of themselves. 

Автор William Boynton ( назад)
@ 3:15. How does having your picture taken or being filmed violate Biblical
teachings?? It's not like they had cameras during Biblical times.

Автор mikeshots200 ( назад)
Mrs. Waterman brought me here.

Автор LordTrolldemord ( назад)
Retarded idiots!!!!! Stupid amish!!!!!!!!!

Автор Remc0 Schedel ( назад)
What i don't like is that in shows like this the difference between a
religious and non-religious life is portrayed as the religious life being
just and pure and the "normal" life being one where you have to drink, do
drugs and sleep around. I am not religious, but my life doesn't evolve
around drinking, smoking and having sex Not being religious doesn't mean
you have to live your life like a 24/7 spring break. I do drink, but don't
smoke or do drugs (note: i'm from Holland). I'm a regular joe

Автор Sara Tansey ( назад)
what. the. fuck. ever.

Автор southport97 ( назад)
Another flawed religion that turns it's followers into rapists and drug

Автор Biały ( назад)
Check suicide ratio in Amish society... who is living "normaly" and why in
wikipedia info about suicide ratio is hiden in page description and its not
in page main text? This movie is clearly main stream propaganda so u can
feel good that u live "normaly", sometimes truth hurts and thats why people
avoiding it and believing in lie so they can feel happy.

Автор Biały (449 лет назад)
Propaganda. Thats what he is "saying".

Автор sodasirap ( назад)
Your comment is stupid. You clearly misunderstood what @madamewoselle was

Автор Tino LaFratta ( назад)
The Amish are dying a slooooow death like the roman catholic church, more
moderate reforms are needed to keep the masses happy.

Автор The Gardening Mongrel ( назад)
Yes, it is true that ecological and organic farming methods will not
provide for 7 billion but the facts are that the resources that have
enabled chemical/fertiliser inputs into agriculture are on the decline.
There will come a point where industrial ag will not be able to keep
supporting 7 bill or more. Then those extra billions that have been
produced by artificial means will have to face desperate times. It then
won't be a matter of choosing which 3 bill or more, it will just happen.

Автор Biały ( назад)
"...worked at a store where they all bought their groceries..." your
statment is that all Amish going to this one store - that is "bunch of
horseshit". Also u cant know people that are not going to store at all
because they ARE NOT GOING TO STORE. I see absolute lack of logic in your
comment. And people using fire to warm food from stone age... I dont
believe that Amish people are like apes but u clearly trying to sell this
kind of picture.

Автор David Cameron ( назад)
Got a source for that? I fail to see why the body would care whether or not
a handful of the trillions of genes it ingests daily have been re-ordered.
There isn't a checking system - it all goes down to your stomach acid and
is broken down. Also, GM a) uses genes that exist in other 'natural'
species and b) does nothing mutations don't do anyway. There's no reason ti
would reject GM food. Seriously, learn2science.

Автор David Cameron ( назад)
For a start, you haven't actually answered any of my points. Oh, and I
could as easily say "oxygen is sick!" An empty statement is meaningless.
What, exactly, is wrong with genetically-modified food? I realise you're
going to come out with a bunch of illiterate hogwash I'll take great
pleasure in dismantling, but the rules of debate insist I give you a
chance, so shoot.

Автор David Cameron ( назад)
Fun fact: every single thing in existence ever can be described as toxic.
Even water thins your blood and destroys your cell via uncontrolled inward
osmosis if drunk to excess. It's all a matter of degree, and the level of
pesticides in food is low enough to not be detrimental to human health. Oh,
and we'd be able to support a maximum of ~ 4 billion people using only
organic farming methods. So, which 3 billion individuals so you want to
starve to death? Southern hemisphere? Born after July?

Автор ThePrincessleonor037 ( назад)
This is not what Jesus wants for people!

Автор David Cameron ( назад)
Implying "organic" food has any health benefits whatsoever, as opposed to
simply being a brand name much loved by scientifically-illiterate

Автор Greg Hunt ( назад)
So true! 

Автор ScienceOfThePS3 ( назад)
the fuck are you even talking about? Are you implying that the government
is trying to poison us?

Автор nataliekw ( назад)
Then why is their life expectancy so low? 

Автор erichllenz (71 год назад)
You're delusional dude... lol. You need to spend more time here in PA. If
you DO live in PA, then I don't know what the hell you're on. 

Автор wheelmanstan ( назад)
I have no idea how much farmland the Amish have, not do I know how much
land the Native Americans have, (public schooling). :(

Автор Lennie Davis ( назад)
Do you have any idea how much farmland the Amish own? Its more than you

Автор seraphiccandy21 ( назад)
There may not be toxins but there is a LOT of artificial crap. Coming from
South Africa and then living in America for half a year you can really
taste the difference most strongly in the fruit. It doesn't taste anything
like fruit is supposed to taste because so much is imported and has been
sprayed with stuff. Another friend told me that a number of girls that go
on exchange actualy stop getting their periods from all the hormones in the
milk that their bodies are not used to.

Автор wheelmanstan ( назад)
if some amish didnt leave wouldn't they run out of room on that farm land?

Автор manualLaborer ( назад)
the food they eat may seem healthier, but amish conditions are both
psychologically and physically unhealthy. i'm not sure that benefit
outweighs a lifetime of deprivation. anyone can farm their own food, but
with the benefit of sinful, worldly pleasures.

Автор jiggaboocounty ( назад)
so can everybody else they will just have to get there food right from the
farmer or grow it themselves

Автор madamewoselle ( назад)
Englisch, Deitsch, Pennsilvanisch Deitsch

Автор madamewoselle ( назад)
I live in Amish country too. I've always liked the Amish neighbors we had.
One taught me how to butcher a pig! One taught me how to play checkers!
Maybe you should try talking to them and learning something. 

Автор madamewoselle ( назад)
Ja, sie sind schlau....Sie sind dreisprachig! 

Автор madamewoselle ( назад)
Ja, Junkfood ist scheiße, aber die Amisch essen scheiße hier. Diesen Amish
sind Nebraska Amisch. Sie sind gesund. Das ist gut! Aber mein Deutsch ist
nicht so gut.

Автор Felix ( назад)
Why did the Amish let TV Producers in?

Автор hatingmyphone ( назад)
@fromA2mee There is no god. Only people that are pressured into believing
I'm les

Автор FromA2mee ( назад)
one more thing..at the end of the video they said the Amish believe that
"Modern technology weakens the family and brings temptation & vanity."
There are a LOT of bad people out here nowadays, bad tv shows, bad movies,
bad music, etc.....it's up to YOU AND ONLY YOU to not give in to evil.
There's almost always temptation. Your family wont weaken if you stay
happy, talk to each other, and even if you do other things outside that you
never did b4 you can still be a family at home..

Автор FromA2mee ( назад)
(continued 2) I hope I didn't offend but in all seriousness, that's the
reality of it. We think if they don't accept Jesus Christ, they will not go
to heaven. BUT, out int he world we talk to Jewish people, we talk to
Atheists, we talk to Muslims, we talk to many different people with
different religions and accept them for who they are because you have to
"love your brother." There are prostitutes out there & we consider them
sinners, but i remember not all of them WANT to be doing it..forgive

Автор FromA2mee ( назад)
(continued) If you SHUN your family & friends...you are NOT showing
forgiveness at all. If the Amish religion considers it a sin leaving &
going out into the world, they don't have to APPROVE of it and they can
think it's a sin, (I'm sure a lot of us here have been in a situation where
you or someone you know wanted to do something you didn't agree with); For
ex. If you're Christian or anyone who believes in god and Jesus,
technically Atheists, Jewish people, and others are going to hell to us!

Автор FromA2mee ( назад)
All I have to say about the Amish is this. You're suppose to believe in God
and Jesus Christ right? it says in the bible... And when you stand praying,
if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in
heaven may forgive you your sins. " Mark 11:25 Then Peter came up and said
to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?
As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven
times, but seventy times seven. Matthew 18:21-22 

Автор Petra Anderberg ( назад)
I don't know, but I'm just guessing that it's different for every amish

Автор 700composer ( назад)
I saw a video of a youth who left Amish, got a good job, had a bright
future. He died in a car wreak on the way to work one day. at the funeral
the ex Amish friends had to hear,[off by themselves of course] this is what
happens when you leave Amish. What happened to a reason for everything?
including leaving Amish. Do they say when an Amish buggy gets rear ended
this is what happens when you stay Amish? In scripture our LORD gave us
choices,back in the garden of Eden. Maybe they don't read this 

Автор aka ( назад)
LOL that Dutch sentence is not even correct.....wrong translator?

Автор sheriwhispers ( назад)
Your like talking about 40 to 50 years ago I mean really these people
adhere to rules set up to keep them in isolation, the mere fact that wont
give their children an education beyond grade school but still benefit from
medicine an fones an obviously markets, they can ride in a car fly in
airplanes then disown you if you disagree with their theology has noting to
do with Christ I mean really now, no disrespect intended...

Автор Martin Čop ( назад)
I can imagine that the sin and temptator of this world - Satan is what they
hate - not people not her. But it can be different person from person or
even anabaptist community form another AB community. By the way I am a
evangelical Christian. 

Автор Martin Čop ( назад)
How can you say "it is a revelation to me" ? Yet it is what this one girl
who is fed up with living the Amish way has said. Watch the movie Amish
Grace. I do not know so much about Amish, Mennonites and Hutterites yet,
but I can imagine, the family would be pretty sad for her diciding to leave
them and the values for this spoiled world. Is it really worth. 

Автор MisterBeaucoup ( назад)
This is so sad. I know the Amish life is strict, but it seems like they
could find some middle ground.... not go completely wild.

Автор Loose Korn ( назад)
I saw what I think is an Amish or Mennonite family at a county fair last
week....they looked like they were from the olden days....my sister said
she saw a family like that at a yard sale she was at.....I was watching a
commercial today, there's gonna be a show called "breaking from Amish" or
something....they looked like the people I saw....so ya....I didn't no
people like this existed.........very interesting...

Автор applegamer12345678 ( назад)
thank chirst that the Amish doesn't have tv

Автор Sarah Cherry ( назад)
HA! NEVER! lol

Автор Pasquale Grasso ( назад)
THANK you. I live in the heart of Amish Country and I have seen a gang of
amish guys and girls all drunk as hell. They aren't really that different
from the rest of us.

Автор OldEarthChaos ( назад)
Here's my plan, me and my friends are gonna find a kid on Rumspringa,
snatch him up and take him to EDC

Автор Varg Elysia ( назад)
the amish are awell and good but it is not natural in a first world
modernized society. whch is all around them pressuring them. 

Автор HeyItsWinner ( назад)
So... Do the use condoms? 

Автор MondoBeno ( назад)
Do the Amish have a problem with child molestation like the Hasids in
Williamsburg are having right now?

Автор AkiraSRT9 ( назад)
I beloved there's a god and I respect anyone till they disrespect me.

Автор AkiraSRT9 ( назад)
At2:56 its Fucked till the end

Автор madamewoselle ( назад)
That's a bunch of horseshit. The Amish eat frozen pizza, hoagies, Doritos,
candy and soda. I grew up with Old Order Amish as neighbors and worked at a
store where they all bought their groceries. They have some of the worst
eating habits I've ever seen. They have their own family farms, but have to
adhere to state farming standards just like everyone else. They're
integrated within the community, not completely separate. I butcher with
them every Thanksgiving.

Автор Meg S ( назад)
You don't have to be Amish to do that. You can easily grow your own food on
your own land. 

Автор Kid Cheno ( назад)
But having all this fancy stuff just gives us English reason to envy and
hate each other. Did you hear they have colored TVs now? Back in my day all
we had was the radio and back then all that was on it was Thomas Edison
saying the alphabet over and over. But they just want to keep a simpler
life. No car=Not constantly having to spend money on gas. Sounds lovely. 

Автор neetrab ( назад)
Well, neither do a lot of people. The bible I go by says we are not
supposed to envy each other. Though many people do it... we are not
supposed to do it. I think many people who are not amish just feel like a
car makes it easier to get around. I believe God made people and gave them
the knowledge and will to help us out in many ways. Doctors.. lawyers...
those that invent cars...lights.. etc.. etc.. etc..

Автор Kid Cheno ( назад)
The Amish don't have the "Jones" syndrome meaning, they are all equal to
each other and don't have that petty "Oh, he has a new _______ I want a
better one" 

Автор fishodorvagina (371 год назад)
One thing I like about the Amish community is that the U.S. government has
no control over the food they eat, Amish people don't have to worry about
the tyranny of the USDA, which means they can eat healthy organic foods
that have no government-sanctioned toxins in it. 

Автор DrJay DrJay ( назад)
I think Mormons tend to convince themselves their lives make them happy cuz
that's what they're taught to believe. Because those who leave the Mormon
faith have a VERY different story to tell. For the Amish, it's generally
the same. Life is perhaps richer & more fulfilling for those who don't just
believe everything they're told from birth onwards (most religious folk),
since they actually have to THINK & reflect for themselves. In the USA, I
see a LOT of believing & very little thinking !

Автор jordansallee (889 лет назад)
i have amish near my house in kentucky they get drunk all the time and
fight there wilder than hell.

Автор neetrab ( назад)
Someone, PLEEEASE answer this for me, because I REALLY would like to know
this. How does a car "weaken the family"??? I am not amish, but I pass the
lancaster area all the time. I live in central pa.. but not in lancaster. I
also passed Intercourse, pa today to get home from jersey. I do not
understand their beliefs at all, BUT I do respect what the fact that they
do not want to be tempted in some things.. that's just like my religion.
I'm pentecostal/apostolic.

Автор Aeolia Shenberg ( назад)
reminds me of an episode of x-files

Автор tausendstein ( назад)
There is very good british documentation...I have to admit it is much
better because not focused on the show for itself...16 parts but very good.

Автор Frugal Sue ( назад)
You "living in a big house" doesn't make you any better than anyone
else.Who cares if your mormon?

Автор longtail4711 ( назад)
Agreed wholeheartedly. I'm atheist, and my husband and I are working
towards getting our own hobby farm and having a simpler lifestyle in the
peace, comfort, and joy of friends and family out in the country. 

Автор longtail4711 ( назад)
I'm honestly baffled by this, because the Bible itself has quite a few
stories about God ordering folks to kill each other. 

Автор Simply dor ( назад)
I'm soo NOT Material, I'm very conservative.

Автор Simply dor ( назад)
I think the way the Amish live is nice. For Us it would be like Back to the
Basics. & with ALOT more Religious practice which everyone should do. I do
like my Cell phone ... To be able to keep in touch Daily with my Family. I
know how to Cook from Scratch. I'm a CHRISTian, but I Need to be Even More
focused on the Lord than my own wants & Desires. I think Every Family has
1-2 people who want more or who are Troubled. But this is in Every Family.
I'm so not Material I'm very conse

Автор Amish Edwood ( назад)
Hello, im amish

Автор catcout33 ( назад)
What weird world do you live in? Christians murdered American Indians and
forced many of them to conform to "English society". Maybe you're trying to
say that those that murdered weren't real Christians in your eyes, but they
were Christians none the less.

Автор Niomi webb ( назад)
Waite oky i'm not amish i was just wondering how it is to be amish like you
guy's have NO freedom and how are you even allowed on the computer? i
thought Amish people don't use electricity 

Автор Martine K. ( назад)
Teue, but Amish is the opposite..when you are born Amish. You will have a
terrible (boring ) life. because your parents already figured out
everything. Girls get not full education but should be married ang give
birth to children the rest of their lives...Hallelujah.

Автор francheska carolina ( назад)
and by the way german is NOT similar to dutch not at all 

Автор francheska carolina ( назад)
believe me its not dutch i am dutch sounds more like german dialect
probably changed with time a bit

Автор FrancisJoa ( назад)
You are wrong. They sound like Germans from the South-West region of
Germany (Mannheim ,Kaiserslautern...) and dutch from the Netherlands is
totally different.Dutch is more spoken in the throat than German. Believe
me I´m German myself and I live near the Nehterlands.Kannste mir ruhig

Автор amyyyamy ( назад)
@MeandmySara yeah, but german is VERY similiar to dutch, and believe me,
"rumspringen" means to jump around, springen =to jump. not to "run around"
as it says in the description

Автор Sara Tansey ( назад)
@amyyyamy It's not German, it's a dialect of Dutch, and though the Amish
can normally communicate quite well with Germans, they do not speak the
same language.

Автор YTfancol ( назад)
That is the unfortunate result of all that stupid religious brainwashing. 

Автор amyyyamy ( назад)
rumspringe actually means to JUMP around. greetings from germany :)

Автор iamGLAD ( назад)
and that kids is what happens when u don't let people live

Автор veridisquo ( назад)
@kastnmagic Pretty happy to see people doing what they want and not being
forced to a religion.

Автор Choice777 (126 лет назад)
i wonder if the amish care about solar flares

Автор scrambledeastereggs ( назад)
chose between amish life or redneck life.... amish it is. 

Автор Humdedum16 ( назад)
I was looking up smosh and auto correct brought me here under ''amish'' lol

Автор Annie Yoder ( назад)
@JMU1023 some of them, my hubby is ex amish and his family wasnt allowed to
they used old socks :( Thank goodness were not amish !!!!

Автор Annie Yoder ( назад)
@arf900 well arent we glad theres at least one good smelling perfect person
in this world!! Bless you

Автор Annie Yoder ( назад)
@DrakulanOfficial go home

Автор CaligirlSofia ( назад)
@kastnmagic its not just about choice, they have to leave the only life you
knew, friends and family you leave behind, you miss the simple things you
did, its like starting over, not everyone can do that

Автор Eric Hohl ( назад)
The funny thing is. "Rumspringa (Rumm-Shpringa)" is a word out of a german
dialect. The dialect, called "Schwäbisch", is spoken in the south of
germany and this is exactly the region i come from. And it means "jumping
around" if i translate it.

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