parking trick

super car sunday motor museum gaydon

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Автор ardian gashi ( назад)
thats how i park my push bike whahahaha

Автор DaytonCarCare ( назад)
I failed my driver's license test when trying that. Go figure. ;)

Автор pera gamer ( назад)
This is evo ;)

Автор Clutchy ( назад)
I bet that gets all da bitches not to talk about losing your license on the

Автор sgdeluxedoc ( назад)
Yeah OK .. so let's see you try to get OUT now ;-)

Автор Jimmy Jay ( назад)
thats pretty fuckn badass

Автор mecca6801 ( назад)
somebody played GTA San Andreas a lot!

Автор Andy Kewley ( назад)
It's Russ Swift not Ken Block :)

Автор Mark Reed ( назад)
I bet some one eles can do that to

Автор Rigóczki Márton ( назад)
II. Ken Block :D

Автор pramesti budi jati ( назад)
Wow wow i like it !

Автор ryan calland ( назад)
no protection and still was up to it and best parking ever

Автор Bugattilife ( назад)
look at the number plate on the car he parked in front off... wtf

Автор FirstBattlefield28 ( назад)

Автор FirstBattlefield28 ( назад)
Still working on it.

Автор Iyswift ( назад)
I used to do this, than I took an arrow to the knee

Автор JTV84 ( назад)
agreed. absolute legend!

Автор Ducksauce ( назад)
Mitsubishi Are the far superior parkers of all cars

Автор foom5 ( назад)

Автор Rory Robinson ( назад)
Russ Swift is the boss!!

Автор Rush Gotti ( назад)
Give him a brake...

Автор ansonx10 ( назад)
Now try pulling out. lol

Автор Roman Remus ( назад)
nice one bro :)))

Автор EpicMars ( назад)
How to learn this trick: Get a Lancer Evolution.

Автор paint3ball ( назад)
I do that shit drunk every weekend...

Автор Jack White ( назад)
wonder how many cars he wrecked before knowing how to get it right. lol

Автор glock29sf ( назад)
for the record this is real. and yes u can "Photoshop" a video

Автор Glenn W ( назад)
The girls must love you.

Автор chris quinones ( назад)
Evo 9

Автор C4Fuu ( назад)
I know him, he is a great stunt driver, and a funny one too

Автор Relentless Reza ( назад)
That was badass

Автор Arctic530 ( назад)
They still did it better in bluesbrothers

Автор Fred Gagnon ( назад)
Franky, couldn't you tell right off the bat "mike hawk" was a troll? His
initial reply should've been a dead giveaway, but if anything you could've
at least noticed you were arguing with "my cock".

Автор flash012234 ( назад)
This dude has negative votes for everything he says... Give him a break!

Автор Jordan Liske ( назад)
that's what the handbrake is for. anyways, i looked at DSM turning radius'.
bit pathetic lol

Автор 69roklord69 ( назад)
by turning circle i was refering to the turning ability of the car, not a
rounded driveway, and im just the voice of experience having owned a 1990
lancer sx a 2001 lancer gli and an 2005 outlander and all have had
horendous turning abilities

Автор Jordan Liske ( назад)
1. im 18 and will be going to college soon so i dont have a mitsu 2. i dont
have a house 3. if i did, it wouldnt have a turning circle. 4. im not a
pompous ass hole, i just like mitsubishis

Автор 69roklord69 ( назад)
is that because your shit house turning circle prevents you from parking
like the rest of us?

Автор baggyroo10 ( назад)
Check guiness world record for parallel parking in reverse. Makes this look
shyt also japanese WR parallel parking pisses all over this.

Автор Jordan Liske ( назад)
only possible in a ... MITSU!

Автор Darth Nihilus ( назад)
dat framerate

Автор Willis R ( назад)
Not gonna lie here, I'm a little underwhelmed by this, I dunno somehow in
my mind I just expected way more, and it was so quick and dull. Yeah.

Автор Nicky_Projectz ( назад)
the people's champ!

Автор GrouchOsa ( назад)
youre retarded

Автор Walter Melon ( назад)
So you park like shit? lol

Автор Patrick s ( назад)

Автор Creep ( назад)
At first i was like WTF he just threw a towel and went back thats it, but
then that happened and im like oh shit!!

Автор TheNoBSZone ( назад)
Actually last time I checked, videos are compositions of photos. Noob

Автор ksmuffin ( назад)
I park like that when I'm going to fuck someone's bitch.

Автор bignickstar ( назад)
Now get it out of that space

Автор kylieduke ( назад)
Has nobody heard of the legendary stunt driver Russ Swift? He's the one
driving the car and does this trick all the time! Surely, the clue is in
the number plate of the mini - RU55 WFT!

Автор Lheonard Felix Mostoles ( назад)

Автор Xtreme66productions ( назад)
jesus christ...

Автор Zapbagable ( назад)
Like a glove

Автор jenicero gerson ( назад)
best parking style.. great

Автор Ahmed Alfasatwi ( назад)
So you believe that the whole film making process goes through a Photoshop?

Автор Tianni Myers ( назад)
how do you photo shop a video?? dont be mad cause the man got skills

Автор Homer Simpson ( назад)
It's called "photo"shop, not "video"shop

Автор Bailey Price ( назад)
1) Photoshop is for imagery. 2) After Effects is for video
aesthetics/alterations, which clearly wasn't imposed here.

Автор Ben ( назад)
No one liked it, shut the fuck up.

Автор yeomansc ( назад)
If ever there was a video that was 30 seconds too long - this is it...
Driver has skills no doubt but just post the last 10 secs...

Автор Азат Аскеров ( назад)
You're so funny! :D

Автор Kenny ( назад)
Are you kidding? I swear, 99% of people who love to claim things as
photoshopped have never even used photoshop.

Автор winetou900 ( назад)
I spy with my little eye a FORD GT40 in the background! cannot be unseen!!!

Автор trabelify ( назад)
Yeah baby shake that camera

Автор Eric Foreman ( назад)
polar bear of course, what kind of self respecting man has a warm bear in
his hands

Автор Eric Foreman ( назад)
for times when photoshop doesn't exist spending countless hours mastering
this trick is also very effective ... this is easily the 200th time he has
done this move

Автор D0M1NIX ( назад)
God DAMN that was cool.

Автор Christian Vinall ( назад)
'Russ Swift' by any chance......

Автор elan Ziza ( назад)
i can do it, hold my bear..

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор Sp3NgL3R ( назад)
Kid go suck a dick....

Автор U_Wot_m7+1 ( назад)
Get a life beta phaggot.

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор Dee Deedz ( назад)

Автор GrammarNazi36 ( назад)

Автор Sp3NgL3R ( назад)
I can do that, hold my beer.

Автор Ryan Bentley ( назад)
The mini had the reverse lights but it had THE BREAK LIGHTS

Автор Aaron Kendrick ( назад)
You can clearly see the minis reversing lights come on to give him more room

Автор Dim4ik2012 ( назад)

Автор vovej ( назад)
the other guy with bigger parkinsons :)

Автор truevilmeow ( назад)
Tbh, you actually can. Photoshop has a 'import video frames to layers
option'. It's a horrible thing to do, but you can do it.

Автор jesse ryan ( назад)
hold my beer let me show you how its really done

Автор Kush Kruze ( назад)
You cant necessarily photoshop a video but you can definitely edit one...
Not that this one is edited... because it isnt.

Автор Steadroy Brookes ( назад)
I see people do this everyday back home....IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC

Автор Anthony Kartsev ( назад)
last time I checked, I do not think you can photoshop video...

Автор minifranky93 ( назад)
a 1973 vw beetle with no power steering, no abs ,no servo assisted brakes
and 4 drum brakes

Автор mike hawk ( назад)
what kind of car do you have

Автор minifranky93 ( назад)
it is when you drive my car

Автор mike hawk ( назад)
2 1/2 years of driving is not very much experience

Автор minifranky93 ( назад)
funny because ive been driving for 2 1/2 years and currently in around a
foot of snow without an accident and having fun every time i get in the car

Автор mike hawk ( назад)
not with motor vehicles

Автор minifranky93 ( назад)
there a difference between fun and unsafe

Автор mike hawk ( назад)
the safety of others must be taken in to consideration as well

Автор minifranky93 ( назад)
but the journey to work is a different story

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