Good Time 4x4 Club Event June 12th 2011

Don't say i didn't tell you now!!!! 840 Lure rd manchster NY will see you there!!!!

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Автор Takogonettochno ( назад)
нормальные покатушки, не глупые монстры которые тупо давят старые машины

Автор Dave Bratt ( назад)
You forgot to say DOWN THERE LOL 

Автор leadfoot driver ( назад)
king sling 

Автор Ashton Lanier ( назад)
i love how theyre more concerned about the truck than the person lol

Автор tsido73 ( назад)

Автор RPKVids ( назад)
I love the sound of those machines. Glad the guy got out in time.

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@DanielRemains Failblog Steel Videos from everyone Not just me and They
will pay for it in the long run like what your saying now 

Автор Alex St-Georges ( назад)
Awesome video!

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@pisser20001 My fart's are Sweet!!!! you will see Saturday on the way to
the NYS fair grounds LMAO

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@Xxslayer410xX WOW!!!!! ok 

Автор 2024JayZ ( назад)
@TheOutlawVideoSS Hey Patrick I have been a sub to you for over a year now
Dude I left my youtube logged on and I have friends fucking with my
computer Sorry bud I hope you can except this i am the worst speller lol
its my bad buddy 

Автор DanielRemains ( назад)
Failblog didn't remove the video but they did lose over 500,000 subscribers
lately LOL

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@Xlife93 he might be there who Knows Every year There is NEW trucks that
Roll in were Open to all trucks at This event from Stock to what you see
here ... 

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@45x45bw Yes 

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@vasey420 Black widow has a NEW owner and i have not got to met him yet so
i will tell you all when i see him and I'm sure the Black widow MIGHT be
around at Lloyd's Farm The Barnyard Top Truck Challenge in July!!!! 

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@carrabec99 Tony The MUD BOGGER!!!!!

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@WiryOak Just google Mud Events in Your Area they come up for me they must
for you... 

Автор WiryOak ( назад)
my dad has a few giant trucks, do you know any mud events around indiana? 

Автор 45x45bw ( назад)
does Kirby run a radiator on his mud truck?

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@2024JayZ OMG are you the dictionary commenting on my video??? well Glad to
have you Mr. Dictionary i been looking for you for over 3 years... Please
go to all my videos and Correct them Please i have 621 of them you can
start with and let me know how many times i just messed up LOL 

Автор RustyTec ( назад)
what would u do if grave digger came with his truck ?

Автор 2024JayZ ( назад)
Don't say I didn't tell you NO (Know is showing a act of knowledge) Like I
know you're right 

Автор Jumper ( назад)
whats with all the black

Автор TheOutlawVideoSS ( назад)
@lGaming thanks My Friend !!!! 

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