BESAME MUCHO - Classical Guitar

Besame Mucho by Consuelo Velázquez
Performed by Modesto De Renzio
Arrangment by: Unknown
Instrument: Guitar: Di Giorgio - Brazil - Model Amazonia n. 30 - 1979
Recording Microphone: Rode Stereo NT4

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Добавлено: 5 лет
Длительность: 2:21
Комментарии: 16

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Видео загрузил: Modesto de Renzio
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Best damn female guitar players I have ever seen! INCREDIBLE !
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Best damn female guitar players I have ever seen! INCREDIBLE !


Автор DavetheIV (5 лет)
Worth watching, well played.

Автор TheclassicOL (4 года)

Автор ZOLTANHODOSSY59 (5 лет)
Very nice!

Автор elyisus (3 года)
Muito bon! Obrigado!

Автор SierraKilo9 (4 года)
Nice! I hocked that identical guitar 10 years ago to play a show. Very
regretful. Did you buy it new or second hand?

Автор Alexandros Galanis (4 года)
mate this is very beautiful! ive been trying to find the tabs for weeks now
but i only found chords after all but your playing is truly fantastic! can
you please send me the tabs? its very important for me to learn how to play
this! again, hell of a job! 5/5

Автор terrierbw1 (5 лет)
Good to see you back. Very nice music. John :O)

Автор Pavel Andreevich (2 года)
very interesting version!

Автор mrwormburn (4 года)
this arrangement is pants

Автор turkamine (5 лет)
Viva la musica de los mexicanos. Great job.

Автор spronev (5 лет)
Nicely played! Nice to see you playing again on youtube! Svilen

Автор Hugo Eiroá (5 лет)
mui bueno

Автор adamccl (5 лет)
Me gusto esta musica! Thank you for sharing!

Автор Yilo Quinones (5 лет)
Muy buen sonido! excelente

Автор Lee Roesner (5 лет)
i'd like to play like that but i can't stop biting my nails :( ha

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