How to Frost an Ombre Rose Cake.m4v

Learn how to frost a cake with roses and the popular pink ombre (fading from light to dark pink) coloring.

Visit my blog at http://52kitchenadventures.com for more beautiful desserts!

The vanilla buttercream frosting can be found here: http://bit.ly/STLo35
And you can learn how to dye the frosting pink without any artificial coloring here: http://bit.ly/PKEw5t

I Am Baker created the original Rose Cake: http://bit.ly/N6Yo3f
See her video tutorial here: http://bit.ly/Qd66Z7

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Автор laura stowell (1 месяц)
good try and good idea however that is definitely the 2d tip but easy
mistake to make

Автор Quiniri Grant (3 месяца)
Too Much air bubbles

Автор Eartha Apurba (3 месяца)

Автор Cory Mitchell (4 месяца)
Ever messy ! My gid i did better my first time. You got to love the art of
design in a cake if u dont then theres no reason to do it or make a video
on top of it all sorry but horrific job

Автор Generic McName (4 месяца)
Woah... That's one sloppy looking cake.

Автор LynseyLoody1980 (7 месяцев)
I don't want to sound mean but I'd never ever upload this with how messy
this cake is. I'm not a cake maker but my first attempt at piping roses was
much much better than this. These don't even look like roses. I'd have
scrapped it into the bin and started again with thicker buttercream. Sorry

Автор haudenosaunee19 (1 месяц)
I really appreciate you sharing this video! I do agree,its not the best but
I think you should change gears,you have a wonderful voice and tone!

Автор Elire Perez (9 месяцев)
The roses are tearing apart, i think you should practice more and more if
you are going to upload a tutorial video. 

Автор Auriel Coggsdale (10 месяцев)
omg people are so cruel...
first off her frosting was way too warm the butter was melting so becomes
more loose and doesnt hold well..

Second the reasons the flowers were tearing had to do with buttercream
being too warm and not enough pressure applied not the other way
around..she was probably preserving the amount of warm buttercream she
applied or it because it wouldnt have held up and gooped off.

In the end she showed you the technique behind it considering the fact of
warm buttercream which isnt fun to be stuck with at all trust me.

Автор Emily Winter (11 месяцев)
eek not to mention your rose technique... yikes!

Автор Trang Tran (11 месяцев)
Hi, thank you for this video, how much butter did you use to make butter
cream for this cake ?

Автор Emily Winter (11 месяцев)
wow your buttercream was horrible....maybe you should use another

Автор Ava C. (1 год)
I'm surprised you even HAVE a husband being the hater of a witch you are.

Автор Giftofmelodyy (1 год)
Inspired :) thank you!

Автор Monica Hoang (1 год)
You should probably put a little bit more pressure for better flowers.

Автор batgirl7865 (1 год)
Like she said the frosting wasnt to TEMP!!! Listen b4 u HATE!!

Автор Haylee Love (1 год)
You're trying to be a troll. you fucking fail dude. Lets see you do better
then her? stop hating.

Автор reemy18 (1 год)
I think u used 2D tip not 1M

Автор silentgirl24 (1 год)
looks like poop

Автор RuthiieBaruthiie (1 год)
Gosh! I know is not an omg cake she is amazing but seriously stop hating so
much if you say your so perfect the fucken do a video an uploaded.

Автор Torrence Gill (1 год)
What is the frosting on the cake prior to adding the roses. Do the roses
adhere pretty well to any stiff frosting?

Автор ALYNNYAO (1 год)
Really cute cake, and seems easy. Thanks!

Автор xoxmilahxox (1 год)

Автор Tamroro (1 год)
I did not like the consistency if the butter , but I would like to thank u
for the video it's useful indeed

Автор cloudydaez (1 год)
I am Baker has a better tutorial this one is too messy and I do believe the
tip is a closed star which is a Wilton 2D. If you watch I am Baker you will
see perfectly that her tip is a Wilton 1M and it makes a better shaped
ribbon rose.

Автор Murisaki55 (1 год)
Your putting a little too much pressure that's why the roses are tearing.

Автор baclil (1 год)
I use "Whip It" from Dr Oetker - it does not alter the flavor of the cream,
nor make it gritty. It makes the whipping cream stiff enough to pipe
decorations. oetkerfoodservice.ca/en/product/Baking-Aids/Baking-Aids/85033

Автор Alicia Nicole (2 года)
Beautiful cake!!! Im going to make it for my B-day, the only thing is I
dont like buttercream frosting. Can I use a cream cheese frosting ( w.
light cream cheese) instead? Thank you for this amazing video! :)

Автор Kae M (1 год)
so...yeahhh...I need to eat this cake. kthnx.

Автор nee kassh (1 год)
U made it seems so easy..awesum result!!!

Автор Carmen Gaxiola (1 год)
I've done roses with whipped cream because my family doesn't like
buttercream (too sweet) and I've never been able to get a good consistency
anyway (too soft). What are your tips to get a good consistency in
buttercream frosting? Should I refrigerate before using? Also, my cakes
always come out very small in height. I use a regular 9" pan that came in a
set from WalMart. I use one cake box for 2 pans because I'm afraid if I put
all the cake box mix in one pan it won't set in the middle. Help?

Автор Hess8purple (1 год)
This was very helpful and much easier than the other techniques out there

Автор Shelby Deleon (1 год)
I love this idea!!

Автор XPinkInfernoX (1 год)
that is a 2D tip and you dragged the tip through your roses. Ideally you
would not drag the tip

Автор samuelscho92 (2 года)
(came from foodgawker) This is amazing! I didn't know that it was so
simple! Will definitely try for my next cake. :)

Автор axoxog (1 год)
Wow!! Are you serious?? My husband can do better than this shitty ass
"tutorial" OMG!! Take some cake decorating classes before you upload a
video like this.

Автор mendolady1 (2 года)
THANKS so much..this is beautiful!

Автор ananneproduction (2 года)
Wow! this is way simpler than I thought it would be... I'll have to try it
sometime... maybe a Neapolitan cake with brown (chocolate), pink
(strawberry), and white (vanilla) flowers. p.s. I found you through Cupcake
Project. My blog is arainparade.blogspot.com, and I recently made a pink
lemonade cake with marshmallow slices dipped in sprinkles as flowers (a
neat trick I learned from BHG).

Автор mahee hussain (1 год)
hi, ur cake is beautiful. can u share ur icing recipe ??... n how tall is
ur cake??...

Автор Súa López (1 год)
Thanks for sharing the technic!

Автор Annileeze (2 года)
Hi, the tip you are using in the video you described as being the Wilton
1M, but it looks more like the Wilton 2D. The 1M is a much larger opening
start-shaped tip. Are my eyes deceiving me??? Thanks...

Автор 52 Kitchen Adventures (2 года)
Thanks! It is so much easier than it looks. I'd love to see what you create
- feel free to post photos to my Facebook page.

Автор Laura Joanna (1 год)
Hi. Loved your video. Can you tell me what name or type of color food did
you use? please. I just want to make one like yours Thanks in advance and I
hope you can answer me back soon.

Автор nwarguy (2 года)
Thank you so much for this. Like the others said, much easier than I
thought it was going to be.

Автор Guadalupe Cordova (1 год)
I Hope That I Can Do This LOL

Автор MamaKatTV (2 года)
Wow! You've totally inspired me!

Автор Deborah Wagstaff (1 год)
your pressing down too hard on the cake and removing the frosting from the

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