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Ph.D. Psychologist Dr. John Breeding talks about the psychology bipolar disorder.

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Автор RJCHodges ( назад)
I was never diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, but they tried to say I had
psychosis, then some sort of bipolar with new symptoms every new

Автор Noah Hughes ( назад)
God ... for the first two minutes I thought, well, yeah I can kind of agree
with toddlers being diagnosed as ridiculous, but he is being very smug
about this "so called bipolar disorder". Then at 2:00 when he talks about
evolution .... like humans are Charmeleons and apes are measy Charmanders
... when we are on our way to all becoming Charizards...

Of course he didn't use those words, but that's the message he is
conveying. That isn't how evolution works. 

Автор stacy2146 ( назад)
truth truth & more truth. thanks for your work Dr. John.

Автор Rebecca Havard ( назад)
you speak the truth...I have a sweet friend who was a great school teacher,
but she was taking Adderall for years, when she was taken off it , she
became manic, now she can't work and has bi-polar disorder.

Автор J Perez ( назад)
Our backs, but instead, are now diagnosing any one with an opposing view as
mental. Wake up, rights are being taken away, there is no evidence of such
a disorder, it is made up to control the majority. Once diagnosed, a person
looses all standing in society, their unable to defend themselves because
the first thing thrown at them is their mental illness, and bipolar is made

Автор J Perez ( назад)
They become cash cows for the institutions that get paid to make up things
as they go along, showing emotions is very healthy, to feel passion,
sadness, anger, sick of b.s, fed to us daily by people that should have 

Автор J Perez ( назад)
This video is priceless, misdiagnosing an individual can have many
consequenses. It destroys a persons life forever. They are left vulnerable.
Unable to take a stand for anything.

Автор barefootization ( назад)
Yur not the only one my friend stay strong . your not alone 

Автор Stenonema Rangers ( назад)
I am not seeing any documentation to your diagnostics of bipolar. If you
ain't one you can never know, nor understand from any type academic
accolades the mind of someone like me. You can call me what you like, but I
know I ain't right. God made me me and that is who I shall always be.
Fucked up

Автор Cyaneyed ( назад)
sounds like ignorance. but it makes sense when you take into account that
you only have your own preception of reailty. to take on another persons
perspective requires you too see their world through YOUR eyes. now how
would that cloud your judgement?

Автор Daniel Burdick ( назад)
You could study up on these things. The less speed and the more, other
healthier things - probably the better. Optimal dosing as Raymond
Pattarachi writes of. Optimal dosing of drugs, supplements, foods, fun. 

Автор Daniel Burdick ( назад)
Lendon Smith "In an effort to make a more scientific diagnosis, I tested
these children for nutrient deficiencies, and found that most were
deficient in magnesium, especially, and calcium. Some also needed zinc,
vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and essential fatty acids. Supplementing the diets
of these children plus removing dairy products and sugary nothings made a
big difference in their ability to focus and sit still." Phosphatidylserine
& DMAE can 'cause focus" too. DHA can be very good 4 braincells

Автор movado ( назад)
mabye the work you are trying to do is extremely boring, many of us need
more stimulation.

Автор Fred Rogers ( назад)
The idea that you could psychoanalyze a historical figure whom you couldn't
possibly meet face to face indicates the phoniness of this whole field gone
wild completely detatched from reality.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
expose them as money grubbing frauds.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
only if you intent to thoroughly read and study the journal articles and
research papers. One last part to the puzzle is the where the money comes
from for research. It North America the pharmaceutical companies provide
something like 90 percent of the grants to scientists for pharmaceutical
research and it always comes with strings attached. These multinationals
are the ones with the most clout on regulatory agencies that approve or
disprove of human research experiments like one that 

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
are prescribed for legal consumption by medical practitioners this spurs on
a stigma towards the study of the brain damage suffered by long time
amphetamine consumers. There would be a lot of money and a lot of
professionals careers that would become nonexistent if there were to be
research that was put into more visibly studying the effects of amphetamine
on children with psych diagnoses. There is some out there but it is hard to
find and I will give you citations if you want them. But,

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
Amphetamines cause brain damage that begins and the neurochemical receptor
sites where the neurochemicals are produced. The amphetamines produce
neurochemical cascades that essentially burn out the receptor site axons
and cause them to eventually break off. You can see this under
electromagnetic spectroscopy and various forms of microscopy. Its not
unknown at all and is ironically a very heavily researched area of brain
damage amongst methamphetamine abusers. But when methamphetamine isomers

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
about this subject until you have thoroughly thought about that.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
free. It cannot be done solo but it often come much more slowly and
painfully. If only people like you cared more and saw the man or woman with
a mental illness and got to know them in order to help or add something to
their lives then people wouldn't need to desperately reach out to
manipulators like the majority of behavioral science professionals. Its not
that easy when you have no one and feel empty inside to do something that
will take a long and hard fight. Stop opening your mouth 

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
set you sane give you a way to a better life. As, I said above I did it
with a ex who suffered from it was a wondrous thing for the both of us.
But, it was someone else who stood up to her crazy parents and literally
stood out in front of my house and told them to get out when they wanted to
see her and she did not want to see them. So, people with a good amount of
energy and compassion or love have to put themselves out their and fight
through the entanglements they are stuck in and break

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
away from the abusive relationships and willing to stand up physically,
mentally, and socially to their parents and say NO MORE. Stay the hell away
and if you come close again you will suffer my, someone who is more capable
of planned out defense and offense strategies, wrath, anger, and vengeance.
So, in short the problem is apathy all around for these people. If you are
not some hot little Bipolar minx then you more often than not will not get
a boyfriend to ground you and take the time to

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
the dangers of a Manic Depressive quitting the drugs and becoming angry,
manic, and obstinate towards people who never really loved them for who
they were and only loved the idea of them being something different that
they could stand being around that never existed. There are plenty of
abusive adults who are parents and are the main source of problems in their
children's lives. It becomes cumbersome to break the bonds when someone
like a very caring intimate partner is not there to steer

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
What is called "treatment" is not treatment at all. It is forced drug
addiction and hysterical indoctrination of ideas that teach the patient to
believe free will does not exist or at least in the case of mental illness
is irrelevant. Its not against the sufferers best interests to become
agitated and aware of how they have been screwed over and manipulated. Its
against the best interests in many ways of the people who are close to them
and pressured them into the abuse cycles. So, what are

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
the premises of a program they have in America called 12 step programs. I
would encourage people even without substance abuse problems to try them
out if they have mental health problems and are looking for people to give
their time and energy out to someone who is not looking for something in
return as a reason to stick around. You will have to lie or look at things
from another perspective when it comes to if you are an addict of one sort
or another. But, it is a small price to pay for help

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
for years. As shallow as it sounds, it was fortunate that she was utterly
physically beautiful beyond words as it kept me around the time before and
prevented me from just walking out. You cannot rely on just finding someone
who will help you out if you are mentally ill by offering you personality
because there is something fundamentally wrong and flawed about your
personality and so you have to dig deep and find something to offer people
that will make them want to stick around. I understand

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
competitive law school. But, we are still closer than friends and she has
never gone back to the way she was after that night. She needed someone to
care about her enough to do things that put myself in danger and required
me to go out and very far limb. Its same thing with anyone with
debilitating mental illness. You HAVE TO HAVE people who genuinely care and
push you to change because your perspective for it and desire to do so is
not enough if you have been stuck in a dysfunctional cycle

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
featured me threateningly staring into her eyes with usually only foot at
most of distance between us. And guess, what? I worked. She came down
around 30 minutes after the whole speech and started crying and saying how
sorry she was. She started to change from then on at my prodding and
reminders about how different her perspective of reality was from mine. She
moved away and we eventually had to take a permanent break because she
wanted and needed to for her dreams to study at a 

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
caring for and starting to hate you from the bottom of my soul. I will not
care about your pain anymore because you will never see me again and I WILL
mock you like a freakish stalker who never was intimate with me and only
lied about having a relationship with me to feel good about herself and
smear me hereafter you don't screw in those loose screw in your head and
grow the hell up. Anyway, this was a modified version of the speech I said
to her. The original was well over an hour long and

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
downs, hyper-jealousy, and general wretchedness told her while she was in a
"manic period/cycle" while holding her hard and tight by her shoulder up
against the wall this: "I will walk out of the door and leave you to die
and hurt yourself in whatever wretched and miserable way you want if you
fucking dare keep up this freak out from this point on. I will leave you a
miserable psycho who has NOTHING but tears, and memories of abuse. So,
don't test me anymore. I am this close to not anymore

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
regular basis. Its not as if there is much that can be said for that has
been done that can be the huge band-aid that will fix it all instantly.
But, Manic Depressives need to all go off their medications eventually if
they ever want to get better. They need to first, though, work out of being
mentally fucking children who feel SOOOOOOO BADDDD when they become
depressed or hyped up/manic. I had a girlfriend who turned out to be
Bipolar who after I could no longer stand her shit and ups and

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger ( назад)
The medicines are given in cocktails that are mind altering and not too
much live an alcoholic going off of alcohol. Although, at the roots of it
they are different chemicals and do have differences in the withdrawal
effect. Bipolars cannot be fixed if they will not in the first admit that
they are extravagant children who take little or no responsibility for
their moods swings because they have conditioned to believe they are
permanently out of control and incapable of behaving sanely on a

Автор sheri eva lorraine Culver ( назад)
Thank you.I'm learning & will continue to do so.

Автор sarevor ( назад)
videos like this only compound the problem of stigma and seep suffers
deeper into self denial which leads to refusing treatment. not good.

Автор tERtasdf ( назад)
and btw, how do you get adhd other than being born with it?

Автор tERtasdf ( назад)
those who do not know the history are condemned to repeat it

Автор gorillatwist ( назад)
Exactly what happened to me-- Oh yes first you are ADD and then drs give
you medicine that makes your emotions go up and down and then you are bi
polar!! The causes of this disorder are--the people's relationships. Then
the real causes of the distress are never addressed.

Автор Karen Coulsell ( назад)
you have a tick 

Автор Ian Mcgaffney ( назад)
"So called" ....Prick

Автор hoeloloo ( назад)
And Kay Jamison? Well, she is one of those smart and creative people who is
held up as a shining example of bipolar that gives the diagnosis the
credibility and legitimacy that it enjoys. But, to reiterate, Jamison is
only on lithium. She finds that drug works for her. And if you read her
book you will know that it was with great trepidation that she began taking
it. Compared to all the other psychiatric meds, lithium is very cheap and
relatively benign. 

Автор hoeloloo ( назад)
"So called schizophrenia" means that John Breeding is a dissident
psychiatrist who finds the diagnoses of mainstream modern psychiatry highly
questionable if not downright false. The terminology is that of the
mainstream but not his. It is effectively saying " for want of a better
term". I just listened to this again. He is bang on the money. No one wants
to be schizophrenic. But bipolar means you are smart, creative and look at
all the smart and creative people who are/were bipolar. 

Автор hoeloloo ( назад)
@MyTouched This guy is on the money. He's talking about bipolar, not
schizophrenia. I think bipolar I might be legitimate. I have great
reservations about bipolar II. I was diagnosed bipolar II. I am 100%
convinced the diagnosis is BS. I talked to the doctor who did ECT on me.
She thinks BP II is BS. That's a long story that I wont go into. I've read
"An Unquiet Mind". Jamison is only on lithium. As far as I know, she
doesn't take any of these other drugs. In a way, I wish she did.

Автор andrewgrabner99923 ( назад)
i enjoy your videos very much. i especially like the ideology that you have
like previous experiences impact somebody diagnosed with bi polar. i often
find myself furious many psychiatst have this idea that once you've been
diagnosed all your behavior is because of a chemical imbalance. its such
radical view with no science to support theses claims. its simply demeaning
to the human experience. i would appreciate if you could post more videos
on bipolar. thanks for being open minded 

Автор jeshika22 ( назад)
I think in some part, maybe large or small, is caused by poor diet more
specifically from drinking a lot of soda, whether it's caffeinated or not,
diet or not. I know a few people who are supposedly bipolar, and don't take
their medication, but all they ever drink is soda and they rarely eat
anything. One of them even smokes a lot too. Lots of psychoactive chemicals

Автор crypter27 ( назад)
Its all about social control.

Автор boxheadsnow ( назад)
Bipolar disorder is not caused by medications in children, it is triggered
by them. If bipolar is not real, explain the fact that much of these
children have it in their family history. Many of these children would
probably be fine until they hit an older age and something stressful caused
it to surface. Take these kids off their meds and their bipolar will not go
away. Observe them in their 20's without meds, you would be a fool to say
they simply exhibit extreme behaviors . 

Автор Marlene Wilson ( назад)
I would do anything to get rid of my bipolar disorder. My bipolar
depression experience is that of having the flu, muscle aches, heightened
sensitivity to light and sound, headache, confusion, inability to make
decisions or concentrate. How do you explain the suicide rate of bipolars?
You are a contributor to stigma, which keeps people from getting help that
need it. As far as I am concerned, you have their blood on your hands. Why
dont you use your "so called" degree to help someone?

Автор Rossco795 ( назад)
This is self righteous garbage. Come and live in my Bi Polar shoes, just
for one day and tell me to drink more water to solve the problem. It will
never work! I bet your one of these cretin's who doesn't believe in
vaccinating kids as well. 

Автор kym angelique Jablonski ( назад)
@MyTouched Brain dsyfunctions... ADD , ADHD , DEPRESSION, schizophrenia,
BIPOLAR are seriously BULLSHIT! where was that diagnosis Before technology
,What we eat could cause the systoms but I believe it's all theory and his
Proff so he knows what's his talking about ! U the idiot btw u dont have
mental illness ..... Money , people will make up the biggest load of
nonsense to get it. What is it with people and branding things to explain
the oddness of humanbeings, who is normal?

Автор SixSixSix ( назад)
@1388dimevader I suspect I've got septupular disreorder type IIX with
comorbid hypercycling delusions of robotosity....I'm ahead of the game like

Автор SixSixSix ( назад)
@SibbyOrourke I agree with you completely, in the sense that I think you
maybe perhaps missed my point, but it doesn't matter...........also, I have
been diagnosed as having bipolar by 4 different pdocs, so......in your last
statement, you're the one who seems a bit closed minded. And presumptuous.
I'm just asking questions and seeking other points of view on diagnoses.
Sometimes I get sick of hearing "You are this, and you are that, and our
statistics show that you are likely to blah blah blah"

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@HelloAgain151 Many people with bipolar go undiagnosed, as it is a
difficult and lengthy process to diagnose as a history of mania and
depression needs to be observed. And no, they weren't normal because they
were undiagnosed, why would a person kill themselves unless they were
depressed, whether due to their environment and lifestyle or a mental
disorder. You're view point on this seems closed minded. Clearly you've
never had much to do with someone with bipolar. I live with one. 

Автор SixSixSix (657 лет назад)
@SibbyOrourke So 13% of the population that was expected to potentially
kill themselves actually killed themselves. What about the rest of the
population that has not been diagnosed with anything? How many of those
people killed themselves? Were they normal because they were undiagnosed,
or were they "mentally ill", but just undiagnosed?

Автор mike vernon ( назад)
Its so easy to judge and persecute humans with tools that dont tell us
exactly whats going on with the brain and how it works with the mind. The
mor we dig holes into path ways that are not truly understood,which of
corse costs more money in therap and less money in pharmocology) the worse
it will get.Understanding from a post of observation without harsh
judgement or pre concepts from badly educated profeesionals is essential to
a reveiw in the development of our understanding in MENTAL HEALTH.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@JacobsJaffa My science expertise extends to a highschool biology class and
a general interest in the subject so I'm certainly no expert. But I've seen
medication work wonders and make peoples lives a lot more bareable. On the
medication they function perfectly, take it a few hours late and they grow
anxious, unreasonable, paranoid, not to mention angry. Don't find yourself
in rush hour traffic with someone who forgot their meds haha. Learnt that

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@JacobsJaffa I think even if it didn't make them bipolar, it would at least
see some sort of effect, and definatly predispose them to the disorder. A
possible explanation for the genetic link? There have been numerous studies
done all showing abnormalities such as brain tissue loss after episodes
making the condition progressive if not properly managed.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@JacobsJaffa It was actually Aspergers syndrome Einstein and Newtons brain
activity mimics. While causing social difficulties Aspergers can also have
benefits. Those with the syndrome often having above average intellegence
and one charecteristic of the syndrome is the fixation on a limited amount
of topics, which is beneficial in the persuit of science. There are
neurological difference between people with Bipolar, such as the presence
of 30% more grey matter than usual. It's not just a label.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@TuRdSandwitch18 People with bipolar have 30% more grey matter,
particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and decision
making. Acting like it's just trying to put a label on strange behaviours
is just plain ignorant. Having been depressed doesn't make you an expert on
the topic. It's not simply depression and hyperactivity. Bipolar I
sufferers experience psychosis, 13% of those with bipolar commit suicide,
that's no coincidence when you consider the torment they suffer.

Автор Michael Anderson ( назад)
"What's madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance" Theodore
Roethke. Thanks for posting.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@JacobsJaffa Everyone judges everyone, it's human nature, sad but true.
Either way it doesn't have much to do with the issue at hand. There are
neurological differences in people with Bipolar such as a 30% increase in
grey matter, particularly in the areas effecting memory and decision
making, so it's not just a blanket term to explain peoples behaviour. There
are actual differences in brain chemisty and thus how their minds function.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@JacobsJaffa "She is a brainwashed robot." Excuse me if I'm wrong, but is
that not you judging her? Couldn't be, that would just be hypocritical.
From someone who lives with a person with bipolar, he seems a textbook case
to me. 

Автор katkal3 ( назад)
why do psychologists and scientists love their beards?

Автор halo0o0o3 ( назад)
@MrNetZip you may start showing paranoid symptoms, i talk from experience.
just try and think about how and why would the government be after you?
theres almost 6 billion people in the world, why would they be after you?
calm down. and if you feel like losing control ask for help, mostly to
people around you. dont keep quiet.

Автор Aaron McCoy ( назад)
if you got it you know, your life is in shambles, homelessness, addiction
etc. it.'s easy to say it is mind over matter, but its really not being
able to cope on this planet so you go within

Автор MrHood1313 ( назад)
@MyTouched Did you not know he says "So called" like 8 times in this video
alone. Calm down.

Автор Geri Fan ( назад)
well the more psychiatrists there are the more they have to diagnose to
keep a job, write more scripts, keep the drug companies happy and their
pockets full.

Автор Shibby O ( назад)
@TuRdSandwitch18 Clearly you do not understand the complexity of bipolar.
Sufferers are not merely hyper, they engage in risky behaviour, have
delusions, feelings of grandiosity and wake up the next morning depressive
which can be equally as dangerous causing extreme feelings of low self
worth, anger, etc. Bipolar carries a 13% suicide rate, that's to high to
discount. Look at charlie cheen - grandiosity, risk taking behaviour,
feeling on top of the world, drug use hes textbook manic.

Автор bigdaus1965 ( назад)
It's easy to stand on the other side of the fence and comment on the grass
but you wont know what it feels like until you leap the fence and feel it
under your toe's . I have the bipolar condition which is fairly mild now
and i enjoy my life due to medication . I dont have a PHd Doctrine from
some fancy university , however i live with this disorder every day and i
embrace all of the goods things it can do for me . I walk on that grass,
thats on the other side of the fence ........

Автор Ascend3r ( назад)
Funny how that guy has a Ph.D. and i see ALOT of people in the comments who
know more on the subject than this guy does proclaiming it as a "trend" and
a "missing link". It's rusted-minds like these that stop progress and come
up with proper solutions, instead discarding it as something which it is
not and denying the issue.

Автор Isaiah Goodreau ( назад)
I was just in the mental hospital for suiciside, they told me i need
medication, i told them with respect, i have no ilness, just a broken
heart. i do not take medication now, cause its all about yourself, don't
let people tell you need medicine. Look inyourself, and there is always a
way, and if anybody ever just wants a friend to talk to feel free to email
and will help u with what i can while also on my road to my own recovery

Автор Mark Dekker ( назад)
@waypor1 I like that one mate. I feel like that but feel extremely lonely
in my search for truth. Michael Tsarion references Carl Jung's work in this

Автор lankeypete ( назад)
this guy is a fucking retard

Автор Feli Dawn ( назад)
after having been on these meds for about two.half yrs now..have been
through years of physical and sexual abuse.. im 24.. i also apparntly have
bpd.. for sure have had bulimia for 12yrs..im not thin..im drink alot... i
dont wanna b part of the problem but.. what does one do..im going to
treatment for the first time.. ive always drank lots of water.. and i sleep
ALOT because of my seroquel dosage..im literally leaving in 10 days..so
glad i cam across this..opened my eyes to some important issues

Автор Feli Dawn ( назад)
wow thats like me for sure.. add.. meds when i was a kid cuz i was too
energetic and social .. and couldnt sit still i wanted to talk and play or
w.e.. i got put on that about 12.. but only for about three months cuz my
mom was like noo im not giving my kid this anymore...things got wayyy
worse..we flushed all my meds down the toilet.. after that i was almost
insane at times...wow now im on seroqeul..and zoloft.. but it makes sense
to me how ive lost all my passion... and almost feel worse 

Автор SevereMalfunction7 ( назад)
@gogirl0404 "and my God are what really balance me out :)." Plz add
dementia to your list of disorders.

Автор empyblessing ( назад)
it's very easy to believe what consensus believe. most people will never
veer from this consensus reality but there have been some throughout the
ages who've campaigned against the popular held misconceptions of their age
in the name of truth. 

Автор David Cosgrove ( назад)
Considering that psychiatry/psychology is riding shotgun on the
standardized breeding program. Who else to enlighten us but a Breeding

Автор greenalert08 ( назад)
At 1:20, When he said the toddlers where elated I thought he was going to
say by tickle me elmo xD Dr. Breeding is amazing he calms me down :). 

Автор Alexiou T. ( назад)
@GaoAsaurusG maybey you should try doing what you love again..

Автор Bill Otinger ( назад)
I suggest 100% Cure Rate for Bipolar any type of Depression if You get the
Proper type and Proper Amount of MAGNESIUM. They been Leaving Magnesium out
of Fertilizer for over 80 Years, Soil is Depleted, Cows without Magnesium
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but good Magnesium if you get the shits take little pepto bismol etc, I add
2TSP to Quart of Water drink 4-6oz at bedtime

Автор Bill Otinger ( назад)
Catholics created ISLAM (see Walter Veith,) to Kill Jews , Real Christians
and control Arabs, Catholics Lost Control of ISLAM Jesus told them Your
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Fight NEUROTOXIN in brain see georgeeby & FLUORIDEALERT

Автор Dave M ( назад)
good nutrition and excercise is the best medication for curing any
psychological disorder. What you eat is the fuel that drives you. Crappy
food = crappy feeling. Theres been cases where children with (ADHD) simply
had their diets changed and sure enough there behaviour changed for the

Автор MrBenquo ( назад)
@ionabreeze with migraines

Автор Sarah Copeland ( назад)
@ionabreeze Have you watched any of Dr. Breeding's YouTube videos at all? I
find your comment to be inappropriate, considering everything Dr. Breeding
stands and fights for.

Автор Sarah Copeland ( назад)
This is my life story. Thankfully, I am finally 6 months free/sober of
'medications' after 10 years. Ages 15-25 and several labels. I am so happy,
healthy, free, and I enjoy good peer relationships, reading, I am in love
with a wonderful man, I love running through the woods, and I am painting
unlike ever before. Thank you Dr. Breeding, from the bottom of my heart.

Автор Sarah Copeland ( назад)
This is my life story. Thankfully, I am finally 6 months free/sober of
'medications' after 10 years. Ages 15-25 and several labels. I am so happy,
healthy, free, and I enjoy good peer relationships, reading, I am in love
with a wonderful man, I love running through the woods, and I am painting
unlike ever before. Thank you Dr. Breeding, from the bottom of my heart.

Автор barkulator ( назад)
Yeah I had unspecified chest pains as a child, so they gave me a bunch of
chest x-rays 45-50 yrs ago. Now I wonder what the hell they might have done
to me. In 20 yrs we'll have people wondering what medicine might have put
them through in the 80's thru 2010.

Автор barkulator ( назад)
How did humankind survive the Ice Age with all these ADHD and bipolar
children underfoot? These dx's are way overdone.

Автор barkulator ( назад)
ADHD? Try having smaller class size, instead of one teacher for 28-31 kids,
and see if the kids do better with more and better attention form the
teachers. Jesus what a country we live in. There's money for drugs, but no
money for teachers. An outrage.

Автор bambinangel ( назад)
you are AWESOME! keep telling the TRUTH! we need you!!!!

Автор MrBenquo ( назад)
After I moved to MI, I saw a doctor for migraines. He asked me How I came
to live in MI and i explained that my daughter lived here, the result of a
long distance relationship. The doctor then asked if I usually "up and
leave my home and move to another state" i said "i didn't 'up and move'"
but he said "i think you are bi-polar" and prescribed a mood stabilizer. He
effectively took an act of love and responsibility for my baby girl and
turned it into a brain defect. I never saw that quack again

Автор Pieter Smal ( назад)
VERY good! Excellent! :-)

Автор Cami Chitwood ( назад)
Can I see your PHD?

Автор Gumflapper ( назад)
If you look up John Medina (personal website)... under "publications" there
is an article he wrote about using genetic markers to determine if bipolar
is evident via blood test. I'm quite positive he is of a reputable source.

Автор Tornado In The Garden ( назад)
I am beginning to think it is better to just give up than to try meds.
Nobody can stand to be around me for more than a week. I'm 37 and I don't
want to be alone anymore. I don't know what to do about this...dammed if
you do, dammed if you don't

Автор philipo lawther ( назад)
The diagnosed as 'bipolar' people I have met in my life have all been VERY
smart people, genius in fact :) They are extra sensitive people, I love to
hear their philosophy, they FEEL more than the average person, a LOT more
and they actually have a CONSCIENCE :) and can be very selfless individuals
and VERY VERY caring.

Автор Jonas Butler ( назад)
If you resist, suppress, or demonize "bipolar" you will never heal. The
healing process is often painful and more than a few of us have undergone
severely painful experiences that society tells us to shut up about.
Psychiatrists seem to have succeeded when they are able to dull the
*behavior* of a person, but they do this exclusively through the use of
prescription drugs which amount to no more than a chemical lobotomy. I'll
chose my own drugs, thank you ;-)

Автор ParadiseOnLand ( назад)
Don't cite Lincoln. His unnecessary war freed no one. It caused the deaths
of 620,000 Americans, maimed millions, and destroyed 40% of Dixie's

Автор wilray6453 ( назад)
I believe we should be wary of giving drugs to the very young, however, I
feel that way about all drugs. I would never go to this guy for anything -
ever. Those who think BPD is simply about being happy and sad are
absolutely mistaken. People with BPD can have total breaks with reality
i.e. crazy - experiencing hallucinations and delusions. Their mood swings
can be so great as to be manic and suicidal within the same hour. Try
talking to someone having pressured speech.

Автор George Garcia ( назад)
i love this. smart

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