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Автор Noah Hughes (2 месяца)
God ... for the first two minutes I thought, well, yeah I can kind of agree
with toddlers being diagnosed as ridiculous, but he is being very smug
about this "so called bipolar disorder". Then at 2:00 when he talks about
evolution .... like humans are Charmeleons and apes are measy Charmanders
... when we are on our way to all becoming Charizards...

Of course he didn't use those words, but that's the message he is
conveying. That isn't how evolution works. 

Автор stacy2146 . (1 год)
truth truth & more truth. thanks for your work Dr. John.

Автор Ian Mcgaffney (3 года)
"So called" ....Prick

Автор tERtasdf (3 года)
and btw, how do you get adhd other than being born with it?

Автор ELaine B (1 год)
To the dumbass doctor in the video. If it's not a genetic defect? Then Can
you please explain to me why both of my aunts are completely nuts And
ridden with mental illness? They have been written off by my family, Due to
mental illness!!! You don't know what goddamn fucking thing about mental
illness, "DOC"!!!!

Автор Cyaneyed (1 год)
sounds like ignorance. but it makes sense when you take into account that
you only have your own preception of reailty. to take on another persons
perspective requires you too see their world through YOUR eyes. now how
would that cloud your judgement?

Автор Geri Fan (4 года)
@TheWezid Exactly!!! My ex-wife is bi-polar. And she is rich. And extremely
violent in her mood swings and severely depressed despite all the
medications and therapy. And the best part is the psycho is raising our
kids. And if anybody isupset with me calling her a psycho, she literally
testified to "punching, kicking, biting, throwing, me and the kids" for
years during and after the marriage. But she's also a connected attorney
and got sole custody despite me being a great involved dad.

Автор Isaiah Goodreau (4 года)
I was just in the mental hospital for suiciside, they told me i need
medication, i told them with respect, i have no ilness, just a broken
heart. i do not take medication now, cause its all about yourself, don't
let people tell you need medicine. Look inyourself, and there is always a
way, and if anybody ever just wants a friend to talk to feel free to email
and will help u with what i can while also on my road to my own recovery

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger (2 года)
downs, hyper-jealousy, and general wretchedness told her while she was in a
"manic period/cycle" while holding her hard and tight by her shoulder up
against the wall this: "I will walk out of the door and leave you to die
and hurt yourself in whatever wretched and miserable way you want if you
fucking dare keep up this freak out from this point on. I will leave you a
miserable psycho who has NOTHING but tears, and memories of abuse. So,
don't test me anymore. I am this close to not anymore

Автор boxheadsnow (3 года)
Bipolar disorder is not caused by medications in children, it is triggered
by them. If bipolar is not real, explain the fact that much of these
children have it in their family history. Many of these children would
probably be fine until they hit an older age and something stressful caused
it to surface. Take these kids off their meds and their bipolar will not go
away. Observe them in their 20's without meds, you would be a fool to say
they simply exhibit extreme behaviors .

Автор Stenonema Rangers (1 год)
I am not seeing any documentation to your diagnostics of bipolar. If you
ain't one you can never know, nor understand from any type academic
accolades the mind of someone like me. You can call me what you like, but I
know I ain't right. God made me me and that is who I shall always be.
Fucked up

Автор Shibby O (4 года)
@TuRdSandwitch18 Clearly you do not understand the complexity of bipolar.
Sufferers are not merely hyper, they engage in risky behaviour, have
delusions, feelings of grandiosity and wake up the next morning depressive
which can be equally as dangerous causing extreme feelings of low self
worth, anger, etc. Bipolar carries a 13% suicide rate, that's to high to
discount. Look at charlie cheen - grandiosity, risk taking behaviour,
feeling on top of the world, drug use hes textbook manic.

Автор Rossco795 (3 года)
This is self righteous garbage. Come and live in my Bi Polar shoes, just
for one day and tell me to drink more water to solve the problem. It will
never work! I bet your one of these cretin's who doesn't believe in
vaccinating kids as well.

Автор ObeyBunny (5 лет)
The Czars of normal have decreed that all behaviors, no mater how necessary
to emotional and physiological growth, should be controlled using drugs. If
a kid is intellectually higher than his class -and he therefore finds the
school material boring do to its lack of challenge- the school will
diagnose him as ADD, simply because he's staring off into space or doodling
pictures. Im sighting the case of my brother.

Автор hoeloloo (3 года)
"So called schizophrenia" means that John Breeding is a dissident
psychiatrist who finds the diagnoses of mainstream modern psychiatry highly
questionable if not downright false. The terminology is that of the
mainstream but not his. It is effectively saying " for want of a better
term". I just listened to this again. He is bang on the money. No one wants
to be schizophrenic. But bipolar means you are smart, creative and look at
all the smart and creative people who are/were bipolar.

Автор empyblessing (4 года)
it's very easy to believe what consensus believe. most people will never
veer from this consensus reality but there have been some throughout the
ages who've campaigned against the popular held misconceptions of their age
in the name of truth.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger (2 года)
regular basis. Its not as if there is much that can be said for that has
been done that can be the huge band-aid that will fix it all instantly.
But, Manic Depressives need to all go off their medications eventually if
they ever want to get better. They need to first, though, work out of being
mentally fucking children who feel SOOOOOOO BADDDD when they become
depressed or hyped up/manic. I had a girlfriend who turned out to be
Bipolar who after I could no longer stand her shit and ups and

Автор J Perez (1 год)
This video is priceless, misdiagnosing an individual can have many
consequenses. It destroys a persons life forever. They are left vulnerable.
Unable to take a stand for anything.

Автор Dave M (5 лет)
good nutrition and excercise is the best medication for curing any
psychological disorder. What you eat is the fuel that drives you. Crappy
food = crappy feeling. Theres been cases where children with (ADHD) simply
had their diets changed and sure enough there behaviour changed for the

Автор quartercherries (5 лет)
maybe you won't allow yourself to focus for more than a few minutes?

Автор ItsTheWooo (5 лет)
Actually lincoln was noted as a famous DEPRESSIVE. If lincoln were to see a
psychiatrist today, they may or may not consider him bipolar but it is
certain that his severe depressions would have been the focus of t
reatment. And, I think, if lincoln could have treated those debilitating
depressions, he probably would have liked to. I have never heard of lincoln
referred to as afflicted with mania. Having revolutionary ideas is not
mania. Being psychotic and nonfunctional is mania.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger (2 года)
for years. As shallow as it sounds, it was fortunate that she was utterly
physically beautiful beyond words as it kept me around the time before and
prevented me from just walking out. You cannot rely on just finding someone
who will help you out if you are mentally ill by offering you personality
because there is something fundamentally wrong and flawed about your
personality and so you have to dig deep and find something to offer people
that will make them want to stick around. I understand

Автор Sarah Copeland (5 лет)
This is my life story. Thankfully, I am finally 6 months free/sober of
'medications' after 10 years. Ages 15-25 and several labels. I am so happy,
healthy, free, and I enjoy good peer relationships, reading, I am in love
with a wonderful man, I love running through the woods, and I am painting
unlike ever before. Thank you Dr. Breeding, from the bottom of my heart.

Автор Fankytore (5 лет)
@4realimjared cannabis can causes depresion and when you get in depresion
you have chance to get manic after...

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger (2 года)
competitive law school. But, we are still closer than friends and she has
never gone back to the way she was after that night. She needed someone to
care about her enough to do things that put myself in danger and required
me to go out and very far limb. Its same thing with anyone with
debilitating mental illness. You HAVE TO HAVE people who genuinely care and
push you to change because your perspective for it and desire to do so is
not enough if you have been stuck in a dysfunctional cycle

Автор barefootization (1 год)
Yur not the only one my friend stay strong . your not alone

Автор MrNetZip (4 года)
it's unbelievable how long this man talks about nothing..before he comes to
something., then ducks and never seem to get to his point. I guess this is
how he gets around.

Автор ciaochowbella (6 лет)
Bipolar is the new name for manic-depressive. Same shit, different day.

Автор Mark Dekker (4 года)
@waypor1 I like that one mate. I feel like that but feel extremely lonely
in my search for truth. Michael Tsarion references Carl Jung's work in this

Автор SevereMalfunction7 (4 года)
@gogirl0404 "and my God are what really balance me out :)." Plz add
dementia to your list of disorders.

Автор Michael Anderson (4 года)
"What's madness but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance" Theodore
Roethke. Thanks for posting.

Автор barkulator (5 лет)
How did humankind survive the Ice Age with all these ADHD and bipolar
children underfoot? These dx's are way overdone.

Автор lankeypete (4 года)
this guy is a fucking retard

Автор bambinangel (5 лет)
you are AWESOME! keep telling the TRUTH! we need you!!!!

Автор Sarah Copeland (5 лет)
@ionabreeze Have you watched any of Dr. Breeding's YouTube videos at all? I
find your comment to be inappropriate, considering everything Dr. Breeding
stands and fights for.

Автор MrBenquo (5 лет)
After I moved to MI, I saw a doctor for migraines. He asked me How I came
to live in MI and i explained that my daughter lived here, the result of a
long distance relationship. The doctor then asked if I usually "up and
leave my home and move to another state" i said "i didn't 'up and move'"
but he said "i think you are bi-polar" and prescribed a mood stabilizer. He
effectively took an act of love and responsibility for my baby girl and
turned it into a brain defect. I never saw that quack again

Автор ELaine B (1 год)

Автор hoeloloo (3 года)
@MyTouched This guy is on the money. He's talking about bipolar, not
schizophrenia. I think bipolar I might be legitimate. I have great
reservations about bipolar II. I was diagnosed bipolar II. I am 100%
convinced the diagnosis is BS. I talked to the doctor who did ECT on me.
She thinks BP II is BS. That's a long story that I wont go into. I've read
"An Unquiet Mind". Jamison is only on lithium. As far as I know, she
doesn't take any of these other drugs. In a way, I wish she did.

Автор JulianTheApostateII (5 лет)
Prescribing drugs to children unnecessarily is very wrong. Speaking in
absolutist terms is also wrong. This man cannot prove that all bipolar
cases are psychology-related alone. His example where 100% of the subjects
were already prescribed drugs before developing bipolar is obviously not a
balanced representation. To say that 100% of all bipolar patients were on
meds before going manic is a ridiculous statement. I'm not defending the
drug industry, I'm just saying "Think For Yourself".

Автор ciaochowbella (6 лет)
Did you ever try to change your diet? I understand EXACTLY where you're
coming from. I had the same experiences with bipolar. However, the meds
didn't help me....just made things worse. I got complete relief with no
side effects from dietary change. In many cases, a person who isn't bipolar
is diagnosed as such simply so docs can make money off treatment.

Автор Cami Chitwood (5 лет)
Can I see your PHD?

Автор Fred Rogers (2 года)
The idea that you could psychoanalyze a historical figure whom you couldn't
possibly meet face to face indicates the phoniness of this whole field gone
wild completely detatched from reality.

Автор Jack Johnson Doppelganger (2 года)
about this subject until you have thoroughly thought about that.

Автор ELaine B (1 год)
This is why you don't give bipolar patients ssri based drugs!!!! There
counterproductive and cause patients to commit suicide!!! A holistic
approach is crucial!!!!

Автор Bill Otinger (4 года)
Catholics created ISLAM (see Walter Veith,) to Kill Jews , Real Christians
and control Arabs, Catholics Lost Control of ISLAM Jesus told them Your
Father is the DEVIl 200 AD TALMUD=says Jesus Mother was Whore see TED
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see Alberto Rivera tells of SECRET GROUP controlling JESUITS & they
controll Catholics, J/J stole American money system 1913 see"FIAT EMPIRE"
Fight NEUROTOXIN in brain see georgeeby & FLUORIDEALERT

Автор ELaine B (1 год)
I'm so glad this quack Is not my psychiatrist!!! I am bipolar and I take a
holistic approach to my bipolar. The biggest problem here is the
pharmaceutical companies not caring about the individuals who they are
killing with these killer drugs!!! All they see is a cash cow and nothing
else!!! Find a holistic psychiatrist who actually cares about your personal
needs and not a pill pusher!

Автор TuRdSandwitch18 (5 лет)
thank fuck someone agrees with me the bipolar is horseshit, it really
annoys me that these people r surposed 2 get s'pecial attention' bcos they
cant control there moods, someone in school slaped me across the face and
got away with it bcos they were 'bipolar' in actual fact they were a twat

Автор Pieter Smal (5 лет)
VERY good! Excellent! :-)

Автор mike vernon (4 года)
Its so easy to judge and persecute humans with tools that dont tell us
exactly whats going on with the brain and how it works with the mind. The
mor we dig holes into path ways that are not truly understood,which of
corse costs more money in therap and less money in pharmocology) the worse
it will get.Understanding from a post of observation without harsh
judgement or pre concepts from badly educated profeesionals is essential to
a reveiw in the development of our understanding in MENTAL HEALTH.

Автор gorillatwist (3 года)
Exactly what happened to me-- Oh yes first you are ADD and then drs give
you medicine that makes your emotions go up and down and then you are bi
polar!! The causes of this disorder are--the people's relationships. Then
the real causes of the distress are never addressed.

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