bobbed 5ton pulling out ford with tractor tires

me pulling chad out after he launched into the worst hole in the pines labor day weekend 2010

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Автор sssnowday ( назад)
It's not a Chevy, it's a Ford...

Автор motox430 ( назад)
Does anyone know what tires are on the 5 ton? 

Автор gasmask1942 ( назад)
damn... jizzed in my pants after this

Автор mrmegaskillz ( назад)
more like pulling through, not pulling out

Автор Just a Name ( назад)
how did i get here..

Автор jimmy erdman ( назад)
deuce has shorter hood.that hole is for aircleaner on 5 ton.

Автор jimmy erdman ( назад)
it's a 5 ton cab that hole on the side is for the air cleaner.

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
@ymschings It's a 5 ton. Looks a lot like the deuce and a half but the
deuce and a half is a 2 1/2 ton.

Автор TheSummit396 . ( назад)
sick truck

Автор Colin Zapalac ( назад)
@Twankiejones The cab is that of a deuce. They've been making deuces since
the 40's. They've seen gas engines, naturally aspirated diesels, and
turbo-diesels. Plus it's bobtailed, so the frame has been shortened and the
rear tandem has been removed.

Автор Colin Zapalac ( назад)
You'll get a little better traction if you turn those treads around...

Автор Antithropocentric (1779 лет назад)
Real bright of that guy sitting on the back - when the strap could
potentially break and go airborne.

Автор Vincent Smith ( назад)
i thought trucks like that were stupid coz all they could do was go in a
straight line through a bog but i think that could be changed after seeing
that truck! :p

Автор ymschings ( назад)
hahaha yah good point there

Автор Twankiejones ( назад)
@ymschings its not the deuce and a half if it was you would hear a turbo

Автор ymschings (749 лет назад)
that would be what looks like a deuce and a half

Автор Deathwindow Production ( назад)
These monster reminds me with twisted metal contest era

Автор Phoenicion ( назад)
is that a REO??

Автор jaymanxxxx ( назад)
@restorethat454 ty

Автор TheTripleTail ( назад)
@jaymanxxxx Shortened

Автор jaymanxxxx ( назад)
whats the term "bobbed" mean?

Автор ratman (1695 лет назад)
why is the ford bagging it so hard that monster would drag em out in

Автор Leroy Hogwash ( назад)
That thing is just toooo cool.

Автор pcblakeley ( назад)
Love to see that 5 ton blowing black smoke pulling that truck, killer video

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