bobbed 5ton pulling out ford with tractor tires

me pulling chad out after he launched into the worst hole in the pines labor day weekend 2010

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Автор motox430 (4 месяца)
Does anyone know what tires are on the 5 ton? 

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 (3 года)
@ymschings It's a 5 ton. Looks a lot like the deuce and a half but the
deuce and a half is a 2 1/2 ton.

Автор Colin Zapalac (3 года)
You'll get a little better traction if you turn those treads around...

Автор Antithropocentric (3 года)
Real bright of that guy sitting on the back - when the strap could
potentially break and go airborne.

Автор pcblakeley (4 года)
Love to see that 5 ton blowing black smoke pulling that truck, killer video

Автор Taylor Green (3 года)
how did i get here..

Автор jaymanxxxx (3 года)
whats the term "bobbed" mean?

Автор TheSummit396 . (3 года)
sick truck

Автор Vincent Smith (3 года)
i thought trucks like that were stupid coz all they could do was go in a
straight line through a bog but i think that could be changed after seeing
that truck! :p

Автор mrmegaskillz (3 года)
more like pulling through, not pulling out

Автор Leroy Hogwash (4 года)
That thing is just toooo cool.

Автор gasmask1942 (3 года)
damn... jizzed in my pants after this

Автор Colin Zapalac (3 года)
@Twankiejones The cab is that of a deuce. They've been making deuces since
the 40's. They've seen gas engines, naturally aspirated diesels, and
turbo-diesels. Plus it's bobtailed, so the frame has been shortened and the
rear tandem has been removed.

Автор ymschings (3 года)
hahaha yah good point there

Автор nastynate4two0 (3 года)

Автор Phoenicion (3 года)
is that a REO??

Автор Twankiejones (3 года)
@ymschings its not the deuce and a half if it was you would hear a turbo

Автор Emma d ghostgirl (3 года)
These monster reminds me with twisted metal contest era

Автор restorethat454 (3 года)
@jaymanxxxx bobbed means removing the second rear axle and making it a four
by four instead of a six by six

Автор jimmy erdman (3 года)
it's a 5 ton cab that hole on the side is for the air cleaner.

Автор ymschings (3 года)
that would be what looks like a deuce and a half

Автор ratman (3 года)
why is the ford bagging it so hard that monster would drag em out in

Автор jimmy erdman (3 года)
deuce has shorter hood.that hole is for aircleaner on 5 ton.

Автор TheTripleTail (3 года)
@jaymanxxxx Shortened

Автор jaymanxxxx (3 года)
@restorethat454 ty

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