Alien: Covenant Official Trailer #1 (2017) Michael Fassbender, James Franco Sci-Fi Movie HD

Alien: Covenant Trailer 1 (2017) Michael Fassbender, James Franco Sci-Fi Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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Автор O-CINEMA ( назад)
2:43 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e »

Автор Vlad Xavier ( назад)
Maybe Fassbender will just whip out his new hidden blade and lay waste to
the muthafuckas.

Автор Michal Slatina ( назад)
Interesting trailer.Stupid song that doesn´t belong into alien universe.It
remind me trailer for X men 6.Where it ends?Country?Metal?Soul?Lol!

Автор hollywoodsaint57 ( назад)
i will watch anything with james franco in it. hes a bad ass!

Автор Nedzad Ramovic ( назад)
Bravo Ridley Scott

Автор Bob Thenob ( назад)
remember when ridley scott said he was tired of the alien storyline and
wanted to branch out and do a story about the engineers?

well that didn't last long did it

Автор Juan Pablo Rojas ( назад)
Guess who's back? Back again, alien's back, tell a friend

Автор Kim Sanderhoff ( назад)
Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to the world of dumb scientists.

Автор dave theo ( назад)
1:16 the ship the girl was on in Prometheus ! Just now realizing

Автор Firdaus Halim ( назад)
wow..since james franco name there,we must add seth rogen.

Автор Helder Martins ( назад)
Holy Mother of God!! I will never get tired of seeing any ALIEN movie...

Автор E101ification ( назад)
I love how Ridley Scott is just completely backpedaling on literally
everything he said about these movies not being Alien prequels, not having
anything to do with Alien beyond being set in the same universe, not riding
on Alien's popularity, being their own thing etc etc....Yeah, you really
stuck to that one once you saw how unimpressed everyone was with
Prometheus, didn't you, Ridley?

What pisses me off the most is because of Ridley Scott we now have to wait
another few years to get Neil Blomkamp's 'Alien 3-b', the new Alien movie
people actually care about...

Автор CipherBytes ( назад)
Mandatory nude scene. It's so vital for the story.... lol Hollywood is a
porn peddler disguised as art.

Автор Kevin Factor ( назад)
Question ? Why couldn't she open the door, save her then close the dam door
while alien or this thing is about to burst out

Автор shumkachai ( назад)
looks shit......got a bad feeling about this one. Scott has lost his plot

Автор Paulo Teixeira ( назад)
Does anyone know a link to those secret 15 minutes of footage? I´m drooling
over this because despite some dumb things in Prometheus I really liked the

Автор Vignesh Senguttuvan ( назад)
I never really never liked Alien for the gore. There really wasn't any
except for one scene really. I hope they don't relegate all of the scares
as just gore porn.

Автор Nubias ( назад)
Dig most of the Alien installments,but they are not giving me a good enough
reason to go see this. Nothing new,monster kills Humans,got it,I have
already seen that flick many times over.

Автор ledinh Dylan ( назад)

Автор Apfel ( назад)
thanks for showing me the whole movie in the trailer...

Автор J.R. Smith ( назад)
no Sigourney Weaver?

Автор wes wes ( назад)
they make a good trailer but they complain the movie wasn't good, then they
make a shitty trailer and they say the trailer sucked, people are fucked

Автор ks22 ( назад)
this looks so meh.

Автор Marcus Skyfall ( назад)
Stop putting your damn face right next to those damn pod things, fool! How
many times must you be told!

Автор lolitiamilisha ( назад)
Prometheus + Aliens + Species = Alien:Covenant....

Автор Bree Hoffman ( назад)
11:34 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e »

Автор Blaine Perry ( назад)
we all know how this is going to turn out

Автор Blaine Perry ( назад)
The whole story change

Автор Blaine Perry ( назад)
This doesn't make any seance

Автор Blaine Perry ( назад)

Автор Wanderer628 ( назад)
You know, with how often they have encountered aliens like this you think
they would stop just going up to eggs and virtually stuffing their faces in

Автор Drake Anthony ( назад)
And she will never have sex again. lol

Автор Escapade Central ( назад)
Yoo y'all check out my reaction to this 🔥 trailer right here on my channel

Автор stratobee ( назад)
I love it - back to it's horror film roots. But I'm only the second person
in the world that liked Prometheus too.

Автор Z E D ( назад)
2:59 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e » https://pocket.co/sMRnNx

Автор Greg Valdez ( назад)
Lol wow save me a neomorph is gonna burst from this dudes back ! Fuck that
shit I'm out ya"all have a funtime with it lol!

Автор 1&1 ( назад)
Nice trailer 😜👌👌👌

Автор Renato Sousa ( назад)
I have least ten reasons:
1 ) Another Sci-Fi landing horror film :LANDING? Again? Why is everything
that has to do with Alien must have 20 minutes wasted on landing on another
planet shit. Its a filler. Ridley is beating around the bush.
2 ) Teamwork conspiracy bullshit.: We have the skeptcist,the lover,the
bitch,the "no with me girl", the cowboy and the guinea pig ( the first
moron who got screwed by spores before being torn apart by a proposhitalien
3 ) Another "between my legs" pseudo erotic slaughter. Come on!!
4 ) Flat and pathetic dialogue lines AGAINNNN
5) What kind of shit SOUNDTRACK was that ? Enya? Era? Lorenna Mknennit?
It´s worst than Rhianna on STAR TREK . What kind of fans the moron wants to
reach out by adding a stupid soundtrack like that on a trailer like
Alien?God How i Miss James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith
6 ) Another "look! I´ve found a derelict shit ..lets go inside and see what
we can find hoorrayyyy. Fuck off Ridley Scott!! Again? A bunch of lunatics
cowboying into a ship without having a fucking clue on what they can find
inside? Only David again knows about the conspirary...predictable conspiracy
7 ) The dude´s backburst scene : Lamest CGI scene i´ve ever seen in my
life. God how i miss the 70´s and the 80´s . Pure acting and hard work
8 ) those girls screaming like whores seeing a big black cock!! give me a
fucking break
9 ) A new planet? helmets? Suits? no..no it´s not necessary. A new eco
system? Precaution? Come on;...no! it´s alice in the wonderland..lets go
out there and have some nice shooting fun time :FUCK OFF RIDLEY SCOTT
10 ) shaw´s fate? A pathetic excuse to get people heading for the cinemas?
how about new names such as Protoforms or the old xenoshitform agaain. It
proves my point ! total fail ! Total disaster
IN SUM, Crew finds shit on planet > crewmember gets infected > alien(s)
come out > crew dies one by one > female crewmember survives.
FUCK YOU COVENANT and RIDLEY SCOTT ! Respect us the real fans!!

Автор Ricardo S. Melgarejo ( назад)
Alien xenomorph?

Автор Lavonne Cervantes ( назад)
Our again scholarship if African-American violent big could.

Автор White & Nerdy ( назад)
where is james franco in this trailer? can't find him

Автор IconicJhai ( назад)
So this is the sequel to Prometheus.

Автор IXC LCF ( назад)
Seriously?! Another planet again, another derelict again... All Alien's
movie are different but it, look like Prometheus/Alien copy/paste. Let's
see ...

Автор luizfe torres ( назад)

Автор Kyle Schuant ( назад)
couple killed having sex in the shower? 1983 called and wants it slasher
fic trope back

Автор reymart christian Cruz ( назад)
Sko much for the premethous sequel with a deacon.

Автор Anup Manandhar ( назад)

Автор alienindacloset ( назад)
Where's Ripley???

Автор Munees Maruthadukkam ( назад)

Автор Shashi-10KiloAmps ( назад)
Will Ridley Scott make Prometheus 2 before he dies

Автор Arief W.Haknjo ( назад)
prequel of Prometheus yah?

Автор Leanne Jaconelli ( назад)
6:39 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e » https://pocket.co/sMRnNx

Автор vicky singh ( назад)
Is it just me or there was a HALO ring at 0:41 on the left side of screen.
and by the way that last sex scene was "Ultimate"!!!

Автор Francis Mil (Francis) ( назад)
where is james franco

Автор The Legendary King Clorox ( назад)
Where's Ripley? :(

Автор Dane Taitano ( назад)

Автор Mario S ( назад)
looks like crap.

Автор Gimini Salazar ( назад)
Does anyone notice in part 1:29 he kinda looks like a jedi XD

Автор ron ron ( назад)
i dont like this story anymore, so boring!!!! the end left one person
survive n human won but left something behind, allien still breathing
outhere... Duh.... Plase redly scott make other unboring stories
pleaseeeeeeeeeee..... where is sekuel of Prometheus?????

Автор Charles Jones ( назад)
there are more trailers coming right

Автор Dániel Szabó ( назад)
The OST is by Aurora?

Автор dave mart ( назад)
great yet another shit rehash

Автор Daytron ( назад)
So we just get to forget about the end of Prometheus now?

Автор Iamgodwhybecisaidso ( назад)
this sucks

Автор Nehemias L. ( назад)
American horror-suspense movies be like: Lets kill somebody at sex scene

Автор NyomNyom solk ( назад)
callum lynch is that you?

Автор Freddy Brainy ( назад)
FASSBENDER is everywhere these days. I'm happy for him. Assassins creed.
X-men, alien etc

Автор OMG ITZFUZZY ( назад)
i wish the trailer was more..........prometheus style

Автор That Guy ( назад)
xenomorphs actually have a story. lore? or more of the same bullshit over
and over with ever answering the viewers questions?

Автор Juancho Corleone ( назад)
So... Where is Noomi Rapeface and blond Fasbender?

Автор p084657 ( назад)
Where is the giant head?

Автор Graham MacRury ( назад)
since when does abstergo send assassins into the future

Автор Adhy Bae ( назад)
I need the name of song ?

Автор Kenneth Anderson ( назад)
A Jedi at 1:30

Автор daniellanier85 ( назад)
Will they ever bring back Ellen Ripley?! Sigourney Weaver has said she
would love to return.

Автор Hector Ramirez ( назад)
eeew ,creepy unknown ALIEN pod , I've never seen in my entire life. looks
extremely suspicious. hmmm, I've got it, I'm just going to gingerly walk up
to it and take a peak. what is the worst that could happen? fucking idiot

Автор mushroomroom007 ( назад)
Not one original thing here. Should've left the first two originals to
stand alone

Автор Brent Hill ( назад)
Leaves his ear exposed to alien infection for plot development. Rest of
body fully protected. Yeesh. Lost dollars watching the last one. I'll wait
till this comes out on Flix. That is if it does. If not whatever. Yawn.

Автор lazerith840 ( назад)
What happened to Prometheus 2, or is this what that turned into. I see they
have the actor who plays David. In any case it looks good, I can't wait to
see it.

Автор znakoviporedputa ( назад)
I think I saw all of this before in previous installments of Alien

Автор Valerie Henry ( назад)
Alien without Ripley is not Alien!!

Автор Anthony Ellis-Henry ( назад)
S000 this is NOT an post PROMETHEUS?? I am sick of this reimagining shit
and not completeing storys. Lets just create create create with no
substance. No novelty. No deep storyline. Blah!

Автор tarth Garl ( назад)
Ruining your legacy like a boss...

Автор vilcantroper ( назад)
is this the same movie as last time?! a crew goes to alien planet, dont
know shit about aliens so they do dumb shit like approach spores while we
know better in the audience. Im dissappinted in this trailer.

Автор Jack McCall ( назад)
Another formulaic, tired, overdone, Hollywood retread.
Do something original you no talent hacks

Автор madrid 1 ( назад)
Looks as crappy as Prometheus. Can Ridley Scott stop making movies already?

Автор lagoSaltoGrande ( назад)
Those people don´t listen Ripley in 1986!!!

Автор Nazri Buang ( назад)
I heard that the stocks for KY Jelly were gone producing such Alien films
for the special effects.

Автор Kristina Willhelm ( назад)
Looks like a great one, can't wait!

Автор alex alvarez ( назад)
dam.. rolling up on them while they are getting it on in the shower..that's
cold. lol
can't wait to see this!!

Автор Aaron Delaney ( назад)
This is the sequel to Prometheus right?

Автор Fighthunter95 ( назад)
Why this AGAIN? We have been there! We have seen that aplenty. The last
movie - as bad as it was - promised an interesting sequel. Now the same old
story repackaged again?

Автор Lucas Lecocq ( назад)
Is this Dr Manhattan?

Автор cforchange1 ( назад)
Same old shit, this all Hollywood do now. Constantly regurgitating old

Автор One Zero Media ( назад)
how upload a video without copyright issues

Автор itzfuntym ( назад)
soundtrack name AURORA - Nature Boy ,you are welcome

Автор edry lai ( назад)
so this one plot before or after prometheus?

Автор kaitlin campbell ( назад)
Peeps, admission It's actually %sifk minority .

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