Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - S&S Screamin' Swing CFR

This is the Screaming Swing CFR made by Archbak. This CFR is a great CFR and will be released very soon. I hope you enjoy this video and please follow the progress of the screaming swing on this thread in Atari Forums :

I hope you enjoyed this video,
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Автор Bryce Jones ( назад)
Is this ride suitable for the kids?

Автор Zachary Stahl ( назад)
OMG I thought I was like the ONLY person who knew who Dangerous Muse is!!!

Автор MegaFifila ( назад)
this is the giant swing at silver dollar city 

Автор DJMean100 ( назад)
i dont mean to be a noob but where can i download coz the link dont go to a

Автор joeystorm ( назад)
@Metallicarockdude666 I'd like to know this too!

Автор declan ( назад)
So i downloaded this CFR, but where do I extract the files to? HELP!

Автор jrch coasters ( назад)
@rscrocksatw yea, did you follow the link in the video? because that forum
isn't used anymore, atari has moved - try signing up to their new website.
Most people are on there! :) I have put the new URL to the new forum in the
discription :)

Автор Detroitredwing25 ( назад)
Is it out yet? This would be great for a Skyhawk recreation..

Автор jrch coasters ( назад)
@craze710 there is already one in game. lol

Автор Cameron Garcia Hicks ( назад)
i have a scream swing but its not realistic enough wasnt this supposed to
come out on the 31/3/10?

Автор KoasterKing 205 ( назад)
Like "Rush" at Thorpe Park!

Автор Minicoopergardh ( назад)
nice =)

Автор TPG Videos ( назад)
how do you make your own rides on RCT3?

Автор deathfearsnone ( назад)
fantastic animation

Автор Patrick Crowne ( назад)
one word...wow!

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