Ella Fitzgerald sings So in Love by Cole Porter

"So in love" Ella Fitzgerald (by Cole Porter from "Kiss me Kate")
Video made by Natalie Rassoulis
dedicated to one of the most brilliant singers ever

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Автор Ruby Jack ( назад)
Cole Porter's best ever song!

Автор robson rocha ( назад)
muito bom

Автор Aleks GrindHead ( назад)
Miss Ella :D :D :D

Автор seheabol ( назад)
even without you, my arms fold about you (my dear abbott)

Автор Maria Aung-Thwin ( назад)
Did she always sing like she was Caucasian in those days? Perhaps it is the type of songs she sang, not a hint of being Black. Not important I was just surprised.

Автор Maya Elle Santiago ( назад)
what key is this in?

Автор INA ( назад)
Her vocal performance is so outstanding !!   It has so many colors!!  It is lovely voice...

Автор Stephen Murph ( назад)
KD's version is my favorite! Just saying...

Автор Denis Lasseel ( назад)
Best voice ever First lady of song Miss Ella fitzgerald

Автор Joy D'Alessio ( назад)
No one better!

Автор The Best ( назад)

Автор Steven McClintock ( назад)
Perfect song for Ella's voice...I just love it..

Автор kusze ( назад)

Автор Rosa Rodrigues ( назад)
Amo essa voz, essa música! Linda, maravilhosa!

Автор D Anton ( назад)
Pure gold.

Автор enrica stronati ( назад)

Автор Derek Lyons ( назад)

Автор Gabriele Tarchetti ( назад)
M E R A V I G L I O S A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Lenir Vicente ( назад)

Автор галина кудрявцева ( назад)
Элла, Вы - чудо! Ваш голос затмевает всё и всех. Нет мира, нет войны. Реален только Ваш голос, Ваша улыбка, Ваше тепло и женственность. Вы живая, Вы рядом, с Вами так хорошо...

Автор Alan Zamarron ( назад)
The orchestration is divine and together with her voice is pure heaven on earth.

Автор Arkelk2010 ( назад)

Автор Gaby Bustos ( назад)
Belos recuerdos¡¡

Автор Teresa de Jesus Marín M. ( назад)
Ella Fitzgerald y Cole Porter. dos grandes....

Автор Ilknur Gokalp ( назад)
Yüreği okşayan sesin güzelliğinde kalışa ne denir???

Автор micha baz soucy ( назад)
The Best  The Best!

Автор Marta Binetti Seguí ( назад)
Thanks a lo!

Автор Barbara Pettard ( назад)
GREAT voice doesn't need the band!  no matter the song.

Автор maureen1938 ( назад)
Superb song and singer fabulous.  Thanks for posting this beautiful share.

Автор Darrell Kiel ( назад)
mysterious and horny

Автор julie abillo ( назад)
am so misty eyed...listening to Ella...love u Ella Fitzgerald!!!

Автор Paul Johnson ( назад)
is that rythem bossa nova?

Автор Isabelle Frost ( назад)
The One and Only Ella !!!

Автор carlos eugenio Alves ( назад)
Good.But I prefer K.D. Lang 

Автор Cyrus Nanavati ( назад)
This has got to be one of the best renditions of this wonderful ballad - I love it and I love Ella

Автор Antonella Bianca bis ( назад)

Автор corinne fluri ( назад)
she is the QUEEN of all singers, her voice is smooth like a pussycat

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
This is so beautiful, it made me cry.

Автор Genesis Adelia ( назад)
i just love the almost-hispanic sound mixed with jazz and the Heaven that is Ella's voice! My favorite version, i can't stop listening to this!!

Автор irakey ( назад)
my favorite

Автор Vincent Griffin ( назад)
lovely lyrics and a fantastic tune.

Автор Yfrum Nevets ( назад)
Absolutely incomparable! This is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Ella's interpretation is also accompanied by an excellent orchestration. Here she is at her best, unlike works in which she is babbling on in unnecessary scat.

Автор masefu0 ( назад)
Imagine the beauty of this song compared with the s....t we hear nowadays.....raps, hip hops, funks....oh my gosh.....I should have lived in those years.........cant stand madonnas, beyonces, lady gagas, justin bieber no more.

Автор Carlos Navarro ( назад)
I praise your caring to let us know the lyrics; deep...

Автор bgbreakdown ( назад)
How can anything be as perfect as this?!!

Автор Gilberto Mattos ( назад)
Really I don´t know what to say..... Fantastic and Fantastic!!!!!

Автор maureen1938 ( назад)
Thanks for posting this superb video.... Ella is as wonderful as usual and this song from Cole Porter is awesome as usual.

Автор FAS RICHARD ( назад)
Well...let's face it: Like Sinatra...Lady Ella was in a class all by herself!! This marvelous song was written by Cole Porter for the 1948 Broadway premiere of "Kiss Me, Kate." Many have sung this tune, including Sinatra...but this rendition by Ella is one of the best--maybe THE best!!!

Автор Emilie M ( назад)
just magical!!!!!

Автор infrantasi ( назад)
I'd put this jewel right on up on top of all the others she sang, he wrote — and I love!

Автор marmencal ( назад)
Que coisa mais linda do mundo, me fez chorar, pqp!

Автор babyboomerrodg (781 год назад)
cole porter and ella...a match made in heaven

Автор Dan Elman ( назад)
that stupid ad in the beginning could not be more out of place... lol

Автор NutriGenicsClinic ( назад)
Oh so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing.. It is timeless

Автор lostinpa46 ( назад)
I imagine heaven with her voice in the background

Автор necktieguy1 (1129 лет назад)
A great song for all ages. Thanks for this poist. What a beautiful version by Ms. Fitzgerald. Again, thank you. Again, love this song.

Автор Lourdes B ( назад)
LOVE this song and no one sings it like Ella....I see there is one person that apparently doesn't know what great music is.

Автор High Carb Whole Foods ( назад)
Her voice is like honey - smooth, satisfying, and multidimensional.

Автор i davo ( назад)
@Benzfever sums everything up about this! Your comments have put a big smile on my face! =0)

Автор i davo ( назад)
Find it difficult to type. She has the voice for Cole Porter, hell..... she could sing the phone book and I would melt. Thank you for posting

Автор isaac moses (586 лет назад)
Compliments and thanks to you for caring to share this splendid recording
and for the pleasure of listening to this delightful song. Cheers !

Автор Sheila76754 (531 год назад)
Adoro essa música, essa é a melhor interpretação de So In Love, ma ra vi lho sa !!!

Автор kinny garden ( назад)
I cry every time i hear this song T T

Автор Sandra Guerrico ( назад)
Ella is superb!!!, thanks !!! nélida ,desde buenos aires

Автор Dave Sheskin ( назад)
We were blessed while she was alive. he encompassed her audience and captivated them. There will never be another one such as Ella......

Автор americanfellow ( назад)
So in love with Porter and Ella am I. None greater nor none more talented musically than these 2! Thanks for the upload!!!

Автор Lydia ( назад)
I'm so in love with her voice.

Автор Shungabali (1879 лет назад)
So in love with you am I....
So in love with you am I...
So in love with you am I...

as a mantra

Автор Debra Ann Petitan ( назад)
Ella is one of a kind. This is beautiful but please listen to Dame Shirley Bassey and Patti Page. These are the very best of all.

Debra Ann

Автор rogerdotlee ( назад)
They broke the mold with this one. She had smooth down to a science, and she had this instinctive ... thing (since I ain't got 'it', I wouldn't know what to call it, even if I did) that captivated, regardless of what it was she was singing. I'd call it professionalism, but damn, it was WAY too natural for that. She just had 'it'.

Автор 1408alan ( назад)
@Timc1145 I couldn't agree with you more. At her best, Ella was awesome.

Автор Timc1145 ( назад)
Extraordinarily beautiful. A wonderful interpretation of the song.Such awesome vocal skills. When I was younger I did not appreciate what a great talent she was.

Автор alam jorge ( назад)
@geneimperfect I think you could like the "bossa nova" version from Caetano Veloso... Very good..

Автор xenathunder ( назад)
untouchable singiing from her soul.

Автор ponderosa1850 ( назад)

Автор LMalzinha ( назад)
Cole Porter é simplesmente único. É o máximo !!

Автор geneimperfect ( назад)
Her interpretation is so beautiful and expressive... there is so much emotion in her voice.

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