#2 Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Week 16 Christmas Game Highlights

The Pittsburgh Steelers used outstanding games from Ben Roethlisbeger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown as they pick up a 31-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North.

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Просмотров: 946317
Длительность: 7:35
Комментарии: 2320

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Автор Jace05 Jones ( назад)

Автор Joe Flacco ( назад)
it wasn't my fault

Автор pstwin71 23 ( назад)
it sickens me knowing we left points on the feild and the score could have
been 34-31 with 9secs left, while I sit here watching the steelers make it
to the afc championship. but GG steelers can't w8 to play yall next year

Автор Tech inc ( назад)
I'm a Steelers fan, but if you're a Ravens fan..........then you're
supporting a very good team. props to you.

Автор Tech inc ( назад)

Автор Oreeo_Kiing ( назад)
Baltimore Chokers

Автор Biscuit Ramirez ( назад)
great effort by Baltimore!!! as a Steeler fan I will admit that until
Christmas day they dominated this series for a few years and secondly they
are a huge reason why we have made deep runs into the playoffs. they make
the steelers perform at the highest level. the rivalry is all fire but I
respect the hell out of them. Flacco is a quiet savage that walks around
with ice water in his veins. Great Game by 2 elite teams

Автор Arav Bhatt ( назад)
As a bengals fan I hate both the ravens and the Steelers. The only
difference is that I respect the ravens. I have no respect for the

Автор Stephanie Chen ( назад)
Big Ben throwing picks. Oh wait, but he still did good, we forgive you Mr.

Автор the creed ( назад)
chiefs are next on the stair way we beat them it then comes to steelers vs
texans or steelers vs patriots to head to super bowl 51 thier is 3 teams in
the nfc that steelers can have a rematch at super bowl the three are green
bay packers seattle seahawks and the dallas cowboys thouse are the 3 teams
steelers had played againts the super bowl the two i want to see the most
is dallas vs steelers or steelers vs packers super bowl revenge

Автор DJ Knight ( назад)
I know we won the game...but did anyone catch the facemask grab when Brown
reaches over the goal line at 6:45? js

Автор Masamune Higashi ( назад)
there is no better team than steelers!!!!! GO STEELERS!

Автор Marcantony Pierce ( назад)
one thing

Автор Marcantony Pierce ( назад)
bell is like that and pierce is so trash

Автор J Mouch ( назад)
Steelers vs. Patriots for the AFC Title. I'm sure both sides want it to

Автор Andrae Coleman ( назад)
this was better than the game against the Cowboys! #steelernation

Автор Janet Conard ( назад)
Steelers till I die. This was a great game. looking. forward to this
Sundays game against Miami. if we get past them i am pretty sure we will
face the Chiefs
that will be a tough game.

Автор George Senda ( назад)
The City of Steel will always win in the end. I will be a Stillers, 'Bucs,
Pens & Pitt fan until the day I die !

Автор Lillg Fgjyg ( назад)
The Ravens vs. steelers games are always the most interesting I'm always on
the edge of my seat and im not even a fan of either

Автор Charles Stevens ( назад)

Автор Jake ( назад)
good luck pittsburgh... im voting for the chiefs vs pittsburgh afc

Автор spartan9199 ( назад)
The touchdown rule needs a change. Cheap score. It shouldn't be a touchdown
unless the player is completely inside the end zone, in bounds, and until
after the ref blows the whistle.

Автор Nick Rizzo ( назад)
"hes a video game in football shoes"

Автор Stevie Contreras ( назад)
Steers you to good

Автор Joseph Simmons ( назад)
Steelers need to beat Miami so my Chiefs can whoop up on these fools...we
owe them a loss. Based off this game I'm not sure they can get passed Miami

Автор Justin Cross ( назад)
I was at this game, it was an awesome comeback!

Автор The Benjamites ( назад)
that was the stupidest touhdown i have ever seen in the NFL the ball came
back out it shouldnt be a touchdown #steelerssuk

Автор elcivilista ( назад)
big ben¡

Автор Geminijets33 ( назад)
Happy to see my Steelers win! :)

Автор pussan Fertil ( назад)
if only they still had Wallace I would of pick them over patriots easy

Автор Robert Stiffler ( назад)
Ha.,.Ha....Haa! Steelernation

Автор Jeremy Wahman ( назад)
If they do lose to the browns that would be sad

Автор Jeremy Wahman ( назад)
That was a good game

Автор java java ( назад)
Steelers made three comebacks a very good team effort

Автор Michael & Carolyn Paolini ( назад)
the Ravens are a gross team and aren't good enough to play Pittsburgh

Автор Michael & Carolyn Paolini ( назад)
bad teams find ways to lose

Автор Koby Jackson ( назад)
What A Game This Was.

Автор Diego Chávez ( назад)
This should be number 1, because it was practically a playoff game, it's
the classic rivalry between the steelers and ravens, it was a great
comeback by the steelers and it ended up with an unbelievable play

Автор Wwh King ( назад)

Автор Jermy Carmichael ( назад)
Hell of a game

Автор Cam ( назад)
What if they lose to the browns...

Автор SteelersFan #1 ( назад)
why the #2?

Автор James McCoy ( назад)
232 ravens fans visited video

Автор amazingdude03 ( назад)
This squealer team thinking they are the best. Hope the patriots knock
their teeth out

Автор Ripa Is Hyped ( назад)
Lol, I wanted the Ravens to win but I can't cuz Bell and Brown are Michigan
Boyz. (Central and Michigan State.)

Автор Hunter Wegley ( назад)
AB got facemasked in the game win touchdown

Автор RUBELIO ( назад)

Автор Elusive ( назад)
i was watching this game. it was great. i am a die hard steelers fan, my
room is decked out with steelers things and merchandise and my birthday is
on christmas so this was the best present ever

Автор Jojo Stieff ( назад)
Black & Gold Champions!!!!!!

Автор Jorge Vasquez ( назад)
Bell its just the goat

Автор Logan ( назад)
roethlisberger is looking seriously overweight...

Автор Superstar Brandon ( назад)
5:36 Comical touchdown for the Ravens!!!!!

Автор Superstar Brandon ( назад)
3:58 Absolutely amazing

Автор Superstar Brandon ( назад)
0:40 Its hilarious how #89 twirled after he was barely tackled.

Автор Margy Ponun ( назад)

Автор Steve Smith ( назад)
Johnny Connecticut 😁😁😁😁

Автор TallkidJosh ( назад)
Hats off to the Steelers. This one still stings and will continue to do so
until next season. Although the outcome of the game wasn't how Ravens
Nation would have liked it, with time, we can look back at this as one
great Christmas day battle between the greatest football rivals of this
century. Good luck in the playoffs, wish we could see you
there!#Ravennation #farewell89

Автор Zachary Rollins ( назад)
My friends like the Ravens and I like the steelers they always try to make
me feel like my team is trash now that they beat the Ravens feels so damn

Автор lolerz222 ( назад)
A Steelers/Cowboys Superbowl would be an amazing throwback.

Автор Yout Tuka ( назад)
Meanwhile the Browns couldn't even keep a perfect score...

Автор Bryce Holmes ( назад)

Автор Laga Savea ( назад)
5:43 look at Bud Dupree (48 steelers) just watching lol smh

Автор Brooke Genest ( назад)
Out of all of the ColorRush jerseys this year I must say that the Steelers'
jerseys are the best! The yellow really plays well with the midnight black.
However, Pittsburgh's throwback jerseys are UGLY

Автор Football Never stops ( назад)
I'm glad someone realizes that Landry Jones is trash

Автор Jesus Luna ( назад)
I hate bashing on players, but Mitchell #23 is a horrible tackler. He's
given so many damn plays up this season. Steelers really need to get new
safeties and corners

Автор PittRunsTheShow69 ( назад)
he's a video game in football shoes

Автор Solo Virgo ( назад)
SB 51 Callin it Pittsburg & Green Bay.


Автор Adrain Spoony ( назад)
great looking steelers uniforms

Автор Minecraft diamonds in the dust ( назад)
NFL means no fun League

Автор Ciarra Johnson ( назад)

Автор Mc Vay ( назад)
Hey, i'm quite new to American football. Hope someone can help me out here.
How was that last Steeler's TD counted? He just extended his arm...

Автор chirayuthapa ( назад)
great job steelers! patriots fan!!!!!!!

Автор Submissivewaffles 123 ( назад)
just like the Cowboys steelers with 9 secs

Автор Eli Ocken ( назад)
Farewell ma Ravens 😪😔

Автор MAXIMYS TV ( назад)
Good afternoon pіdpishіtsya whether weasel on miy channel dyakuyu

Автор yum yum in mah tum tum ( назад)
doesn't this commentator commentate in the nba too?

Автор charmel hamiel ( назад)
another win let's go about to be 11 and 5

Автор Dr Frostedflakes The King Of Monsters ( назад)
Who cares, Ravens get draft picks before all of you black n yellow fans.
And you still have to get past New England in the playoffs. But if you do,
then I'll give you respect

Автор CyoUNxtTuesdayy ( назад)
Still gives me chills

Автор Handsome squidward Lookinahh ( назад)
All this crap I see ppl talkin about the ravens? We barely lost and it was
close throughout the entire game. Can we jus get r props ? Damn... idgaf if
ur team is in the playoffs

Автор Ronald C. Uehara ( назад)
Uh, uh. We see how it is. The Pittsburg Stealers done did it again.

Автор Alex Soares ( назад)

Автор Parker Libolt ( назад)
Steelers won this game

Автор jeziel ortiz ( назад)
brown and bell did good this game

Автор Occams OX ( назад)
I say Pittsburgh hosts a game every Christmas from now on, no matter what
day of the week it falls on.

Автор Jake Monty ( назад)
Super Bowl LI : Pittsburg vs Seattle

Автор Harrydanglers 076 ( назад)
Love this rivalry good clean football with both teams giving it there all
no matter what

Автор Loudpackmike ( назад)
Hey Cleveland .... Y'all next 💩 #fatality #herewego #steelersnation

Автор Loudpackmike ( назад)
proud steeler fan that was the greatest comeback since Michael Vick vs the
giants ...#herewego

Автор escdelesp ( назад)
The Steelers are the only team that can beat NE. I would love to see a
Pittsburgh vs. Dallas SB!

Автор Explict DP ( назад)
@3:35 Mosely INT classics

Автор Zack Wyse ( назад)
Bye bye ravens

Автор MightyManotaur22 ( назад)
I hate the Steelers, but I'll have to root for them if they end up playing
the Pats in the playoffs. Ugh.

Автор Viper God ( назад)
game ball goes to big Ben

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