undertaker druids theme

here is the undertaker druids theme song

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please comment and rate my vid
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Автор Nash1586 (2 месяца)
"Undertaker it's time to come home"

Bray Waytt 

Автор supermariofrogssalvador (1 месяц)
Wow Bray Wyatt lose by undertaker Bray Wyatt made a bad mistake to
challenge the undertaker if Bray Wyatt challenge him again he will make a
very bad mistake again

Автор Joshua Camacho (3 месяца)
+N1TR0 F1GHT3R hey man how come she cried?

Автор Salvador Flores (17 дней)
Bray broke ankle while practicing the match, so he walked on an injury the
whole time

Автор Christian Tyler (1 месяц)
I know this might sound weird, but i would love to have my funeral based
around this!! Just think the Pallbearers would dress up as Druids and bring
in my coffin into the church with the lights out and the smoke pouring
everywhere as they walk in slowly with them singing this theme song!!!!

Автор Leonard Cain (2 месяца)
Bray Wyatt has lost his freaking mind to Challenge The Undertaker at

Автор RandomHelpingGuy (10 месяцев)
Funeral song for me.

Автор KILLERMANJOE (2 месяца)

Автор N0M0R3 L13S (4 месяца)
My friend cried when I let her listen to this song during wrestlemania and
she cried for a week. Rest In Peace: The Streak

Автор juve11 The King of Kings (3 месяца)

Автор Connor Lee (1 год)
I was at a church as a child doing a play and this song came out of nowhere
I staired at the coffin and thought the undertaker was gonna come out

Автор Verny Cordero Ramirez (6 месяцев)

Автор 100Israeli (2 месяца)
When the druids music started playing at Fastlane, I was marking out like a
madman! WWE pulled a good one, I honestly thought Taker was returning that


Автор rickengothic (10 месяцев)
Does it have lyrics??

Автор Cole McGee (1 год)
rest in peace streak

Автор fahad alharthy (9 месяцев)

Автор Dylan Yeager (1 год)
Who else wants to riot for Undertakers Wrestlemania loss against Brock

Автор Steven Sanchez (1 год)
sounds like if you were in the church

Автор 128987508987 (3 года)
the 2 people dislike this video may now rest in peace.

Автор KeenOn TheDeen (4 года)
@Roin7 well.... i know but its..... before after kane buried taker he was
different stronger and now he just looks weak and after wrestlemania where
the heck is he know

Автор capri cox (1 год)
my new ringtone

Автор or640 (4 года)
song title: try dark side by jim johnston. theres another name i herd thats
like in latin.... greg somethin.... tatianos.. try those twp as key words
in a search engine

Автор Adam Nicholson (2 года)
0:38 "We're sorry"

Автор pjtoohot (4 года)
@GCamp2010 where yeah he has been getting hurt latelt but i dont think hes
gonna retire anytime soon well at least not this year

Автор DANIEL BAILEY (1 год)
oh thank god I been trying to find the druids theme all over YouTube but
finally I found it :D

Автор sahbi rezig (2 года)
Thanks , man

Автор Marc Hutley (4 года)
@Mider999 And yet what's the market share on TNA? On ROH? If it is as you
say, people follow the stars... they've got Hardy. They've got Angle.
They've got all these people you name... but WWE is still on top. Your
argument sounds good, but it simply doesnt match the facts.

Автор Justin White (4 года)
@or640 Gregorian, Da pacem.

Автор KalvinEllis (2 года)
Correct. And his earthly vessel is a man called Mark Calaway.

Автор supersasukemaniac (4 года)
@SnipingIsFun i know i cant wait to play as him in a tag match Druid and
taker vs Hart Dynasty for the Undisputed Tag Team Title

Автор 123nyc1 (4 года)
best them off all time

Автор mørk kongen (3 года)
@punklaw37 yeah me too

Автор mørk kongen (3 года)
@GOR225 yeah you know the truth, is pure evil is the minister of darkness
the undertaker the phenom the greatest legend

Автор cancr24 (4 года)
@trmpt35 me too and wedding, GRADUATION

Автор sahbi rezig (2 года)
what language that bein' used in druids the song ???

Автор JRock2326 (4 года)
@trmpt35 sick

Автор thebadboybrothers (4 года)
loving this

Автор McHaleMega (2 года)
Hes gonna be return either Sunday or at Survivor Series. He went to FCW to
shake off an injury. But when he comes back, SHEAMUS WE COMIN FO YOU NIGGA

Автор KeenOn TheDeen (4 года)
im haiting the last outlaw i liked the deadman better version of the

Автор butcheredwards (4 года)
@SnipingIsFun wow epic now im diffinately getting the game

Автор Charlez Reignz (2 года)
me too

Автор Nemo (2 года)

Автор Adi Catalin (3 года)
@GOR225 it`s lycris?

Автор Raven12516 (2 года)
When I first saw them, they were carrying a casket (with Taker in it) to
the ring.

Автор Marshall Burlew (1 год)
Is this Latin that they're singing in?

Автор Larry Byrd (4 года)
he will never rest in peace

Автор TheDedrickyoung (4 года)
Song:- Christfuckingchrist by Impiety Album: 18 Atomic Years Satanniversary.

Автор DANIEL BAILEY (1 год)
and this song is soo fucked up scary I even always scare my mom with this
song lol

Автор devilbelmont (4 года)
@gamerfreak1011 who's gone? taker? well they are saying that taker is
practically retired but also he will return to raw when he is 100% if not,
he might return to next year's wrestlemania

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