undertaker druids theme

here is the undertaker druids theme song

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Автор Ermuun Orgil ( назад)
i dont wanna die . but i want relax

Автор Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy (Infowarlord) ( назад)
This is by The Monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame.

Автор Trevon Brower ( назад)
The Phenom The Dead Man Big Evil

Автор Joey Stanley 4732 ( назад)
what language is this that the druids are singing i heard someone said that
this is in latin i don't know if this is in latin is that true

Автор marcus burden ( назад)
restttt innnnnn peaceeee

Автор Joey Stanley 4732 ( назад)
is undertakers druids evil or good

Автор Lion Heart (91 год назад)

Автор Jay Hamilton ( назад)

Автор Jeffrey Woods ( назад)

Автор Darth Daniel ( назад)
When The Undertaker's opponent hears the druids song he knows he's in big
trouble :p

Автор Duke of Death ( назад)
I like this song because I feel just like wake up from Death.

Автор Connor Reid ( назад)
When I was younger watching wwe and this music came on I absolutely shit
myself because its creepy and weird but now I like what's creepy and weird
. then people came out with the torches and I was like wow and then
undertaker came outta nowhere 

Автор Salvador Flores ( назад)
Bray broke ankle while practicing the match, so he walked on an injury the
whole time

Автор supermariofrogssalvador ( назад)
Wow Bray Wyatt lose by undertaker Bray Wyatt made a bad mistake to
challenge the undertaker if Bray Wyatt challenge him again he will make a
very bad mistake again

Автор Christian Tyler ( назад)
I know this might sound weird, but i would love to have my funeral based
around this!! Just think the Pallbearers would dress up as Druids and bring
in my coffin into the church with the lights out and the smoke pouring
everywhere as they walk in slowly with them singing this theme song!!!!

Автор 100Israeli ( назад)
When the druids music started playing at Fastlane, I was marking out like a
madman! WWE pulled a good one, I honestly thought Taker was returning that

Автор Leonard Cain ( назад)
Bray Wyatt has lost his freaking mind to Challenge The Undertaker at

Автор Nash1586 ( назад)
"Undertaker it's time to come home"

Bray Waytt 

Автор KILLERMANJOE ( назад)

Автор J money (1717 лет назад)
+N1TR0 F1GHT3R hey man how come she cried?

Автор N0M0R3 L13S ( назад)
My friend cried when I let her listen to this song during wrestlemania and
she cried for a week. Rest In Peace: The Streak

Автор Verny Cordero Ramirez ( назад)

Автор fahad alharthy ( назад)

Автор rickengothic ( назад)
Does it have lyrics??

Автор RandomHelpingGuy ( назад)
Funeral song for me.

Автор Connor Lee ( назад)
I was at a church as a child doing a play and this song came out of nowhere
I staired at the coffin and thought the undertaker was gonna come out

Автор Cole McGee ( назад)
rest in peace streak

Автор Dylan Yeager ( назад)
Who else wants to riot for Undertakers Wrestlemania loss against Brock


Автор Steven Sanchez ( назад)
sounds like if you were in the church

Автор capri cox ( назад)
my new ringtone

Автор DANIEL BAILEY ( назад)
and this song is soo fucked up scary I even always scare my mom with this
song lol 

Автор DANIEL BAILEY ( назад)
oh thank god I been trying to find the druids theme all over YouTube but
finally I found it :D

Автор Jadennn ( назад)
The day he retires is the day wrestling dies 

Автор Nathan Hoefgen ( назад)
I love scareing people with this song

Автор ravenking13 ( назад)
i looked it up, i dont know how many, and are you REALLY AJ?

Автор Bryan HDGaming ( назад)

Автор ravenking13 ( назад)
a druid is a priest from the iron age. they are the undertaker's followers

Автор TheRaven878 ( назад)
indeed. the bell tolls for a lost loved one like paul bearer. funniest
manager I know being a wwe fan since in the 90's

Автор J.T. Stevens ( назад)
I want this at my funeral

Автор Lucas Stroebel ( назад)

Автор Randall Thoreson ( назад)
R.I.P Paul Bearer 

Автор sliptream hog ( назад)
what are druids and what are they supposed to do for the undertaker

Автор Shadow ReplayyZ ( назад)
R.I.P Paul Bearer

Автор Shadow ReplayyZ ( назад)
WrestleMania 29 R.I.P CM Punk 21-0

Автор legendofBrazilRio ( назад)
R.I.P Paul Bearer!! :'( 

Автор Josiah Plummer ( назад)

Автор Josiah Plummer ( назад)
For anyone who may be interested, here are the lyrics: "Da pacem, Domine,
sustinentibus te, ut prophetae tui fideles inveniantur: exaudi preces servi
tui, et plebis tuae Israel." Translation: "Give peace, O Lord, to them that
patiently wait for Thee, that Thy prophets may be found faithful: hear the
prayers of Thy servant, and of Thy people Israel."

Автор TheHEEL Ibra ( назад)
Paul Bearer [*]

Автор canchow1000 ( назад)

Автор Ben Attwood ( назад)

Автор Darryl Barry ( назад)
This song is good give peace

Автор Bryan Quijada ( назад)
this is the best song

Автор sahbi rezig ( назад)
Thanks , man 

Автор Adam Nicholson ( назад)
0:38 "We're sorry"

Автор Nemo ( назад)

Автор sahbi rezig ( назад)
what language that bein' used in druids the song ???

Автор Nemo ( назад)
translation: Give peace, O Lord, to them that patiently wait for thee, that
thy prophets may be found faithful: Hear the prayer of thy servant and thy
people Israel. I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: We shall go
into the house of the Lord Give peace, O Lord... Pray ye for the things
that are for the peace of Jerusalem: and abundance for them that love thee.
Give peace, O Lord...

Автор Nemo ( назад)
Da pacem Domine sustinentibus te ut prophetae tui fideles inveniantur
exaudi preces servi tui et plebis tuae Israel Laetatus sum in his quae
dicta sunt mihi in domum Domini Da pacem Domine... Rogate quae ad pacem
sunt Jerusalem: et abundantia diligentibus te. Da pacem Domine... 

Автор Timothy Guilbeau ( назад)
And wedding ceremony LOL, including a graveyard theme!

Автор Mike Kretz ( назад)
Hey, guess what else you are, a joke. Why not go with the flow? We know
it's not real, but it's all in the fun.

Автор Emigdiosback ( назад)
They're back!

Автор DarkGreenHero ( назад)
Coolest entrance for taker ever. Makes you feel the intensity of your
surrounding always saw in every wrestlemania went never happen I was like
damn it. Now I have a challenge for anyone, can anyone translate this to

Автор slickmick18 ( назад)
Rip paul we love u buddy

Автор AlystarianMasamune ( назад)
Rest in Peace, Paul Bearer. You will be sadly missed.

Автор Christophoros Wolf ( назад)
RIP Paul Bearer.

Автор Charlez Reignz ( назад)
me too 

Автор christopher robinson ( назад)
me too 

Автор MindaugasLegend ( назад)
im not boy, but thnx for attitude. gor just wanted different post, he is
fan of wwe, dont think he is retard kid who thinks wrestling is real :) but
we all are watching wwe like movie/tv series ;)

Автор Benjamin Y ( назад)
hey hey boy I know the attitude era you I love it I am a fan of the
undertaker I am just saying that GOR225 just made his comment a little to
fantastic if you know what I mean

Автор MindaugasLegend ( назад)
and we are fans to love them for it. feel it! go watch 1997-2001 raw sd and
all ppv's u will understand!

Автор Benjamin Y ( назад)
he is a wrestler who playes a role 

Автор MindaugasLegend ( назад)
thats why undertaker is most iconic superstar in wwf/wwe history. he
introdyced darkness to wrestling, so many epic themes.... just chills

Автор KalvinEllis ( назад)
Correct. And his earthly vessel is a man called Mark Calaway.

Автор LisaH ( назад)
''march of the druids'' 

Автор Jueves Grande Sheriff ( назад)
No... EPIC!

Автор William James ( назад)
...Guys. The Druids are walking down my street. 

Автор TheUnchosenOne ( назад)

Автор McHaleMega ( назад)
Hes gonna be return either Sunday or at Survivor Series. He went to FCW to
shake off an injury. But when he comes back, SHEAMUS WE COMIN FO YOU NIGGA

Автор chase Facebooker ( назад)
you know whats a pity the undertaker has not been inducted in the hall of
fame yet :(

Автор sjm8890 (1938 лет назад)
da pacem domine

Автор An Unknown User ( назад)

Автор TheUnchosenOne ( назад)
yeah and ppl dont understand this but you CANT KILL A DEAD MAN ESPECIALLY

Автор TheUnchosenOne ( назад)
thanks man ive been looking for this theme forever P.S whats the name of
the song

Автор Raven12516 ( назад)
When I first saw them, they were carrying a casket (with Taker in it) to
the ring.

Автор james manorow ( назад)
oh shit this is scary i rember when i first saw them i criednd shit my
pants 3 reason why 1 undertaker was hurt bad 2 they was scary 3 i was very
afraid until now

Автор Roan Lill-Bovill ( назад)
lol dunno

Автор rellik4life ( назад)
Dires irae FTW

Автор päällikkö.fi ( назад)
dafuq bro?

Автор Flash Shady ( назад)
ya go shit yourself

Автор Flash Shady ( назад)
give me lyrics.... lol

Автор Fire Marshall Bill ( назад)
Is this "Da Pacem" ?? famous jewish/catholic hymm

Автор Sean Keegan ( назад)
@LoJoBolt Ah, you're probably right :3

Автор LPS Jocelyn ( назад)
@punklaw37 me too LOL.

Автор mørk kongen ( назад)
@GOR225 yeah you know the truth, is pure evil is the minister of darkness
the undertaker the phenom the greatest legend

Автор mørk kongen ( назад)
@punklaw37 yeah me too 

Автор Sean Keegan ( назад)
I've always wondered what language they sing in....lol (^_^) I've always
loved this regardless.

Автор Roan Lill-Bovill ( назад)
@bensonguitar lol...I was being tongue in cheek I'm not quite that much of
a dork

Автор Lord Bahoi ( назад)
@GOR225 it`s lycris?

Автор Muhammad ( назад)
@jackgiun36 Lolhhahah yess you are right ;) we should bury them alive LMAO

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