Leona Lewis - X Factor - Over The Rainbow

Leona - Over The Rainbow

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Длительность: 6:23
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Автор Edward Chan ( назад)
Your song leona

Автор Anne Julie Jacob ( назад)
Amazing talent..

Автор Apoorv Salar ( назад)
She's a disgrace to good singing. Shaky Vibrato and singing with ZERO

Автор David Brian Benson ( назад)
No where near as good as Eva Cassidy version . Released after she passed
away from cancer

Автор Nicolas Soto Barrera ( назад)
bolero way!!!!!

Автор Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert ( назад)
ha. hear jewel sing this song.

Автор martin rogan ( назад)
Shane ward sing it better

Автор Varun Venkatasubramanian ( назад)
It's not bad per se. Maybe a little quivering at one point. But I do admit
I'm against hearing this on vocals.

Автор LaCurrone C ( назад)
that is how you do it.

Автор Ali Adkins ( назад)
She has a great voice

Автор Ammonite ( назад)
Far too much warbling and talk about forced, NOT a patch on Eva Cassidy,
keep trying.

Автор Jkaterchannel ( назад)
I love Leona. So sweet and hugely talented. I just wish that the credit for
this version was given to its rightful creator : Eva Cassidy.

Автор J.B. van Mourik ( назад)
is it her sister that passed? i see her in ultimate light as a daughter of
truth. she was here just for a while to show that life is not what we think
it is ...so do not mourn she is free and you leona + family, will as well
in due time .... talk to her from where you are ..

Автор hvormyeerklokka ( назад)

Автор kath david ( назад)
X factor sucks.

Автор Strawberryblonde93 ( назад)
Her voice is just stunning and full of beauty.

Автор Brianna John ( назад)
Leona doing it nice.

Автор John A. ( назад)
It kind of leaves me speechless.

Автор Doug Robinson ( назад)
freaking goose bumps, yo!

Автор Jay Sarigumba ( назад)
the single most talented winner of any singing competition. #imho

Автор Allison Kitaguchi ( назад)
that long note at 3:40 was unreal...

Автор Tinkerbell33 ( назад)
I love her version so much.such strong voice and sweet wow so much talent
leona has Bless her ♥

Автор Armida Aguilera ( назад)
wow....how she hits high note then down to low so fast n calmly.

Автор Mick Markwick ( назад)
Wow that was so Amazing!!!!

Автор dudley dooright ( назад)
Brave and bold choice of music for such a competition...

Автор Teresa Gib ( назад)
People who thumbs down this performance are out of their frieken mind.

Автор Helen Hirst ( назад)
just brilliant

Автор Lars Dols ( назад)
good voice. really!
too bad she messed up the song.

Автор Eroni Bale Lagilagi ( назад)
my favorite x-factor winner of all time and hands down my favorite
rendition of this song. I reckon they should've gotten her to perform this
at the 2014 Oscars. much as I love Pink, Leona would have smashed it!!!

Автор ojosazulescanada ( назад)
Leona, thank you for your God given gift to be able to sing like an angel.
If I sing, the cows and sheep disappear in horror .jaja.
And remember to be good with the children because they are the inspiring,
singers, teachers, doctors and others. Love you alot and greetings from
Vancouver, Canada.

Автор Christian Satine ( назад)
So beautiful. This brings me to tears every time I hear it. I would love to
buy this version of the song.

Автор ForceStudios ( назад)
I really love and miss Eva Cassidy and her "rainbow"... and her version was
definitely the inspiration for this performance.
But also I`m "near on tears" with Leona`s performance here... and damn,
she`d made such a unbelievable-wonderful job and a great career...just one
word: Amazin`!

Автор stylish (701 год назад)
a bit boring..

Автор Rick Harrington ( назад)
The best rendition of Over the Rainbow I have ever heard, and I have heard

Автор Prisca Donald ( назад)
talented gal

Автор alan stewart ( назад)
beautifull voice but needed up tempo a lil,,

Автор A Dube (1683 года назад)
It's so unbelievable the confidence that some people have to insult a
performance online. She did a great job

Автор Jaciel Ramiro ( назад)
Vendo em 2015.

Автор KyristalKool Kidd ( назад)
She could sing a song about poop n it would sound amazing lol she is such a
good singer

Автор BigBangStudios ( назад)
Leona gave a powerful performance but this is Eva Cassidy's version who did
a more subtle, touching rendition.

Автор scott dunbar ( назад)
Excellent performance prob her best

Автор JamieOwen50 ( назад)
I 've loved Leona since 2006 and this is one of my favourite performances
she gave on the x factor that year. Shayne Ward sang it the previous year,
Go watch his performance. He made it his own and absolutely nails it.

Автор Steve Dwyer (TheCARS1979) ( назад)
There is nothing like the original , i cant, sorry

Автор Andrew Ryback ( назад)
And did anybody else watch this on the night and think "yep, that oughta do
it, she's just won"?!

Автор Andrew Ryback ( назад)
I don't think I could ever tire of listening to this.

Автор E.L .M ( назад)
you are right best ever winner x

Автор summertimeloveful ( назад)
shes a beautfiul woman but i dont know how simon cowell say she has no
confidence but she has developed an emotional and confident personality
since the x factor and has her own style. she sings with a lot of

Автор Jade Ward ( назад)
This girl was everything I liked. She didn't put on an act like most do,
she gained strength throughout her journey on this show. Her voice was
effortless and, it was her own which is more than can be said for some on
this show. Everything about this performance just sends shivers down your

Автор globalchick1 ( назад)
Not as good as Eva Cassidy's version I'm afraid. Look up Eva's on youtube.

Автор Leo nitus ( назад)
she did not make that song her own its eva cassidys rendition of over the

Автор TopherXC ( назад)
the beginning was terribly boring but the rest was good.

Автор Nick Osborne ( назад)
Good but I preferred Marlisa on XFactor Australia it was more impressive
than this and she is 15

Автор CyprusHot ( назад)
Come back Leona! Simon Cowell never cared about her talent 

Автор Glenn Bill ( назад)
Best Winner ever!!! 

Автор jwmcmac ( назад)
Leona made the song her own and did a great job of it ... just as did also
Marlisa Punzalan in Austrailia ... Just as Judy Garland (Dorothy) ... Just
as Katherine McPhee ... Just as Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole ... Just as Eva
Cassidy ... all of them singing 'their' version as if it being the only
version. BTW ... isn't Leona gorgeous in that outfit and her hair ...
just a beautiful girl ... so that I wish she would remain a modest girl
like this. GOD Bless Leona ... and GOD Bless them all.

Автор Elisa Weber (670 лет назад)
Just phenomenal. I'm speechless. Wow.

Автор htoi seng ( назад)
She made the song more beautiful

Автор GarageStudio (1599 лет назад)
She has such a beautiful and effortless tone!!!!

Автор 883superlow1 ( назад)
A stunning performance, one of the best versions by far.

Автор Ashton McAlpine ( назад)
Eva Cassidy was better

Автор Ella Houston Morris ( назад)
So sad she lost her cousin she really put heart into the song.

Автор Tone Loke ( назад)
Yeah, it was based on Cassidy's version, which I've listened to, but this
is a whole different ball game. There's no word soft and beautiful enough
to describe that tone, and the control of her vibrato is unreal. Then
there's the emotion, like WTF, those power notes would've turned Mike Tyson
into a blubbering wreck. Can't believe there's actually people here who
can't even feel it (check if you have pulses, you know who you are!!)

Автор Pam Shipon ( назад)
OK, for all you haters Judy sung this superbly as a lullaby, can't fault
her there. Eva Cassidy took the lullaby and turned it into a song with
expression for people with more sophisticated musical taste. As a tribute,
Leona took Eva's version and poured a ton of sentiment into it so that you
could feel the emotion in the performance For me, music is all about making
you feel emotion, and *this is just a beautiful performance that rips your
heart out*. What more could you want. If you can't connect with it and feel
the emotion, then I guess that's just the way you take stuff in, as we're
all different. However, *if you were expecting to hear a lullaby, and were
disappointed, that's easily fixed - just go and watch the Wizard of Oz.*

Автор Jacqueline Lever (474 года назад)
Amazing x x

Автор Gudeg Tjokro ( назад)
woooowwwww.....love U voice

Автор bobby james ( назад)
so,where is she now.i have been singing covers for the last 40 years.and i
can sing LOADS of fast songs .and also ballads,and big band.and jazz.

Автор shiroikiba ( назад)
I think she ruined the song, but that's just my opinion

Автор Freda Goling ( назад)
OMG still makes me cry in 2015, beautiful version.

Автор Nicole Paterso ( назад)
got me emotional for sure, love her voice x

Автор ah goor ( назад)
sure F#*&#$D UP a nice song..

Автор Rachel Aquino ( назад)
Absolutely out of this world. 

Автор charlie van ( назад)
Perhaps she should learn the fucking melody!

Автор SimplyyHappyxx (207 лет назад)
why she sing until like totally not the same already.. :( 

Автор Simon haines (461 год назад)
Good voice,shame it gets ruined by the usual x factor sob story at the

Автор Tomas Jönsson ( назад)
this was so crappy compared to the real iz <3<3<3

Автор Ken Drick ( назад)
My good it's like it was only yesterday lieing wi shorty has to have been
one of the best Christmas's the year she won it was someone's first album
lol ah xxx

Автор w1o2n3n4y ( назад)
A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Leona!!!

Автор Ry Hopkinson ( назад)
My favourite live performance of all time. Never heard something as
beautiful, emotive and flawless in my life. Moves me to tears every time.

Автор Razor Gen ( назад)
She is by far the best female vocalist,... never the less , the fade in and
outs are awful .. I mean, cringe worthy ...... bad edit

Автор Sam Longbow ( назад)

Автор musicpianoman ( назад)
Leona has an amazing voice, however this rendition was like giving the
song an overdose of Valium. When you start to deviate too much from the
original melody you start to lose the songs quality and cohesiveness.

Автор Tracie Hughes ( назад)

Автор Christian Satine ( назад)
I love hearing Leona Lewis sing this timeless classic. She was emotional
when she sang this because of the loss of her cousin. Now she needs to
release a GREAT album. 

Автор Dorothy Hanahmas ( назад)
and u to shaun feel sorry for heartless people like u

Автор Dorothy Hanahmas ( назад)
i think she beautiful and she sang it well aven no she never but sad that
your heart is harden and so cold i feel sorry for people like u u so
heartless god have mercy on your soul

Автор Scott Alexander ( назад)

Автор Archiduc De Belgrade ( назад)
She sure is amazing singer,I dont really like this arrangement..her vibrato
sounded bit.. well wobble-ish.

Автор Hey Yasmiin ( назад)
She has such a beautiful voice I cry :')

Автор R. S. Kurtz ( назад)
Leona changed it into her own style. Her voice is very good and if Simon
Cowel likes it, she must have sung it well. It is funny to listen to some
of the criticism of folks who don't know what they're talking about. Look
at the stats. Over twenty thousand people liked it and ten percent of
that number didn't. The majority wins, I think.

Автор iamintheburg ( назад)
Up and Down, Back and Forth, Heads and Tails : Always two sides and two
viewpoints to 'most everything : I, personally, am repulsed by her inept
vocal and weird phrasing, but there are definitely definitively differing
opinions, right here under my commentary. I have to believe that she's
become more accomplished as a performer, because I know she's had a lot of
success. ( I mean, " Bleeding Love " , wow!! ) This was horrid,( IN MY
OPINION, AND YEAH, I"M ENTITLED TO IT ), and Simon was calculating $$$
mentally when he said otherwise, 'cause he knows commercially viable when
he sees and hears it. Good on you, Simon. ANYways, she's grown and
progressed, and Good on you, too, Miss Lewis.

Автор heidos7 ( назад)
Seriously the best version of this song I have ever heard!

Автор Renee Moser ( назад)

Автор Neurometabolic ( назад)
AMAZING performance. OMG, that girl can sing. I could listen to her all

Автор Mega Morgan ( назад)
This gave me shivers tbh

Автор chris koumoullos ( назад)
She owns that song

Автор Chris Landis ( назад)
Good grief! She's stealing the version that put Eva Cassidy on the map...
and she's choking!!! What is wrong with her vibrato??? she shounds like a
records that's been slowed down ... awful.

Автор stargirl ( назад)
nope. sorry

Автор colincourier ( назад)
aven look up to the right of this screen.thats it you've got it.10,999.625
views .wow ! whose right whose wrong? you decide.

Автор rayman2012rayman ( назад)
for once the british public got it right

Автор Iris Katherine Zarate ( назад)
it's as if i am listening to another song...
not a good version...

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