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SPOILER WARNING! Christel Dee and Luke Spillane discuss this year's Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below...

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Автор Doctor Who ( назад)
Merry Christmas! Let us know what your favourite bits were from The Return of Doctor Mysterio... 🎁🎄

Автор Benovix The Epic Gamer ( назад)
Bill will probably be the most realistic companion I mean she's actually reacts like a real person
Clara and Rose didn't really have a personality basically what I mean is Bill reacts to monsters and time travel like a real person would and no other companion did that

Автор Benovix The Epic Gamer ( назад)
React to Love and Monsters 😏

Автор Valoric The Dragon ( назад)
This episode was DALEK-table

Автор Barely Barley ( назад)
the Superman and Spider-Man references are outrageously awesome!-!

Автор Levi Squad ( назад)
I don't like spoilers

Автор Dawn Harvey ( назад)
i spotted 7 mini Tardis es. ohh Xmas Doctor Who jumpers must get one.

Автор Aaron McCombe ( назад)
He's a bit like spider-man I would say

Автор Ryan Seven ( назад)
It was... boring.

Автор Bryan Braddock ( назад)
Still haven't watched it yet.
I was waiting until I was in a good enough mood/drunk enough to withstand it.
However having read a few of the comments on here and finding out that the unctuous River Song makes her presence felt in the episode I don't think I will ever be in a good enough mood or drunk enough to watch it. Perhaps I will wait until Moffat's final story and then watch it drunk out of my skull as I celebrate. At least then I can say that I watched it while having no unpleasant lasting memory of it. Oh and BBC please scrap this fan show. It's abysmal.

Автор Anny's World ( назад)
I wouldn't put too much hope in that Sonic (at much as I love it) I had the imagination it looked kind of dragged through the mud and did he or didn't he put on his glasses again?
I'm not sure bout the later one, but I felt like that Sonic might need a round in Repair Station Gallifrey...(again).
Yet I do think it'll come back, because just making it for one episode would probably be a waste of money.

Автор Sophie Dunne ( назад)
Will the doctor ever see river again?

Автор # So loko sabia nao ( назад)
porq els nao tras ostros dodors

Автор The Rebel Giraffe ( назад)
Just saying I thought this episode was a better version of man of steel(the 2013 movie)

Автор Shelia The power Tumbler ( назад)
Me my mom and my dad watched it together

Автор Kara Lee ( назад)
Luke, I love your sweater!
Where did you get it?

Автор VII ( назад)
the only good thing in this episode was peter capaldi. the rest was meh.

Автор Daniel J. A. Opolot ( назад)
I'm a life-long Who fan, and this was terrible. The worst Doctor Who episode I've ever seen. To be aphoristic, I think the DW fandom is delusional, I'm sorry, but the drop in ratings speaks volumes.

Автор DarkRainb0wKnight ( назад)
3:43 That is what you would call a "Nightwing" ;D

Автор David Raasch ( назад)
Also loved the Doctor eating sushi while eaves-dropping / while in a villain's lair. "I brought snacks" LOL !!

Автор David Raasch ( назад)
Loved Nardole as a companion! Hilarious! And a nice foil for the Doctor.

Автор shane daley ( назад)
I loved it the whole new york stuff was done so perfectly

Автор XxDachshundxX Productions ( назад)
I don't know why, but I loved and hated this episode at the same time. I like the villains, but they seemed so 1 dimensional and boring. The relationship between the Doctor and Grant was good,  but it was a very strange relationship. There were some very cringy parts as well, such as the dinner scene. Nardole was funny, but I wish he wasn't in it, because he would of been good as a one off character. I really liked the interrogation scene though, with Mr Huffle. I laughed my head off there. AND I REALLY HATED how the episode didn't actually have a solution, as the Shoal Leader just went into that UNIT soldier and the Shoal weren't actually defeated. I wish the company Winter Shoal or whatever it was called was explained a bit more and it was explained what they actually did. So, I would rate this episode 3/10.

Автор Louise Aubert ( назад)
I loved it ! My favourite moments : the little toy crying, the doctor playing with all the button and finally the doctor when he came like Santa Claus

Автор DarthJedi2005remixes ( назад)
You know how I know the first few seconds is fake? No, not the obviously scripted dialogue, nor the fact that they're being filmed. It's not the obvious greenscreening either, but this: What true fans don't listen to the theme all the way to the end of the credits?! Sacrilege!

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Thanks to those of you who will take the time not to notice that...

Автор emily is so weird ( назад)
I was doubting the episode because I don't like when doctor who mixes with other things but this episode was amazing!

Автор emily is so weird ( назад)
Absolutely loved this! Amazing! :)

Автор curt wall ( назад)
it didnt seem like a christmas special which was sad but good episode nether the less. i would love to write episodes i have creative imaginative ideas and they need to do a list of spinoff shows they obviously need to happen
1-The adventures of river song
2-The life of amy and rory: after the doctor
4-revived torchwood with cpt jack harkness,gwen cooper,mickey smith and martha jones smith(needs to happen)
5-The paternoster gang
series 10 looks good with the twelfth doctor and companions nardole and bill :)
and bring back donna but for once the doctor is wrong and shes fine fit and healthy and back on board as new companion

Автор WhiteWolf_99 ( назад)
Was anyone else annoyed that the Doctor was upset about River Song rather than Clara?

Автор Der Frühling ( назад)
we still want it in germany...

Автор TheFieldOfHats ( назад)
I feel like Doctor Who can be anything it wants to be, because it's DOCTOR WHO. If all the episodes had the same feel or setting, it would be a different show. I say, explore more places! Explore more times! Explore more ideas! That's what Doctor Who is about, and if you don't get that, then I don't know why you would watch Doctor Who.

Автор Jelly Fish ( назад)
I love the reviews even more when it's just Luke and Christel. They have different opinions that are similar at the same time, and you can always relate to one of them. Will there please be more episode reviews with just these two?

Автор iskald88 ( назад)
Does anyone know where to buy the blue sweater? Love it!

Автор OwTheEdge™ ( назад)
I loved this Christmas special, it was light hearted and fun to watch. Also the ending of the episode really touched me...

Автор tmage23 ( назад)
It was fun. Didn't expect anything groundbreaking or mind blowing. Enjoyed the interplay between Nardole and the Doctor (and hope this new Nardole sticks around for a while) and the interrogation scene was just adorable.

Автор Joseph ( назад)
Oh also how is the doctor using his tardis in New York?

Автор Tom Trigg ( назад)
I'm surprised you missed the refernce to the BBC comedy "Are You Being Served". One of the split heads tells the other "It will relax with wear" about the poor fit. That was the standard when the staff sold an ill fitting shirt or suit.

Автор The Mystical Gamer ( назад)
How did Nardole know how to fly the TARDIS ?

Автор moonlightdelights ( назад)
I have watched every episode of Doctor Who since the very first episode that I watched as a child but this episode is the worst episode ever. There were a couple of moments I almost enjoyed but they were pretty weak. The final moments with the space ship was so hard to make sense of in fact I have watched it four times and it doesn't make any sense. I'm going back to my DVD collection and watching them all again goodbye the new Doctor Who Capaldi and the new writers need shot. They have killed Doctor Who. I can now see why the young people I speak to just hate Doctor who and cant be bothered with it. The only part I enjoyed was the final credits as it meant it was over.

Автор NGC6144 ( назад)
A lump of coal made for a better stocking stuffer than this Xmas special. For shame Doctor!

Автор turbokid991 ( назад)
Sarah Jane wasn't as abrasive and annoyingly inquisitive as Lucy. Then again, all reporters aren't exactly the same.

Автор Billy Crutchfield ( назад)
I love Doctor Who been watching sense 1963

Автор gusbaker4u ( назад)
I have come to the conclusion that Doctor Who fans are even stupider than Star Wars fans...I didn't even want to watch the Christmas 2016 special, but I watched the beginning, then I watched a little more...then I watched the whole thing and totally enjoyed it...it was genuinely fun and interesting...if you didn't like it...I hope what little of a brain you have is replaced by a split-faced alien.

Автор Squidman760 ( назад)
how do even get a job like this

Автор John Patti ( назад)
Wow! Reminds me of the good old days, haven't laughed at an episode like that in years! For me, as entertainment goes and having started watching during Tom Baker's tenure, Doctor Who was always FUN! Yes the plots were always interesting but there''s a lot to be said for rubber spiders! Thank you so very much, absolutely my favorite episode in years!

Автор max alburg ( назад)
i turned it off half way thru -- and im a huge fan..... of Matt Smith.

Автор Claudio Lima ( назад)
Nardole is not funny!!!

Автор Julia Stetter ( назад)
You're so right about the romcom thing! I loved it 😁 Coincidentally I watched both Love Actually and the christmas special today 😋😂

Автор JellicleKat ( назад)
This was not Doctor Who, this was a Superman reboot with the Doctor thrown in so they could call it "Doctor Who." And personally, I like Peter's Doctor being a bit grumpy unlike Matt who ran around like a babbling child.

Автор Luke ( назад)
Well let say it wasn't the best Christmas Special but it was actually much better than I was expecting

Автор PratoFundo ( назад)
Oh, the blue sweater is so nice… I'm jealous! hahahahah

Автор Joseph ( назад)
How much do these guys get paid, I feel like they've got a list of buzz words they must say

Автор 8BitGinja ( назад)
Hurry up and make Toby Whitehouse the new writer for doctor who! Being Human was amazing let's hope he can bring back that drama Russel T Davies bought to the series! Not a fan of Steven Moffat with the 12th Doctor! 11th and Moffat worked but not with 12th!

Автор 8BitGinja ( назад)
I feel like Steven Moffat has spent so much time doing Sherlock that he's forgot about Doctor who and almost did this episode as a really last minute. It felt like a turned down episode of doctor who that he just picked out of a pile and wrote a quick Christmas intro... it always annoys me that Moffat can right really well for Sherlock but not for doctor who.

Автор HenryDude star ( назад)
can you see the tardis and the 12th doctor in the top right corner

Автор Bernard Duff ( назад)
Horrible channel.  A sponsored cast masquerading as a fan cast.  Shameful.

Автор Robyn Garcia ( назад)
a robyn-type... he certainly is my type (a bad joke I know but he was gorgeous!!)

Автор The Cypher ( назад)
I hate Doctor Who now.

Thanks, Moffat.

Right, I'm off to watch the only decent Doctor Who release of 2016 'The Power of the Daleks'.

Enjoy Pissterio.

Автор JulieG Vlogs ( назад)
would u like to know my thoughts about this?

Автор Jonida Sanço ( назад)
It was amazing! I just love that every episode is a thing of its own on Doctor Who and I love new characters on Christmas episodes! Loved it

Автор Sevilya Bugg ( назад)
It was good but somewhat cringy lol

Автор BojoPigeon ( назад)
The thing that most impressed me about Matt Lucas' performance wasn't when he was being funny - though he really was quite funny - but when he was being more serious confronting the Doctor about coming to terms with his feelings about River Song.

Автор massa_todotipodemassa-5TEAMPUNK #HSOGameplays ( назад)

Автор Helium Pickle ( назад)

Автор Oli Cowley ( назад)
Nice production values for this review

Автор Commenting Commenter ( назад)
The end credits. Well.. tbh the first 5 to 10 minutes was bearable but after the ghost flies in I felt that it got far worse. Just 2 make it clear this is just my opinion nobody needs to be angry u won't change it. Many others disliked it too. It was rushed and the superhero element didn't add anything it's all been done before in films like superman. Also I dislike river song and prefer a serious 12th doctor

Автор Miss Myoozikal ( назад)
Really great review! See you all next year!

Автор Dalek Human ( назад)
why do these guys never talk about the bad parts of the episodes

Автор Rúben Santos ( назад)
Merry Christmas everybody.

Автор Peter Outlaw ( назад)
Bill is not just a dinner lady. She has better be good.

Автор Peter Outlaw ( назад)
I love Nardo! I did not like him that much in the last show, but he is great!

Автор Peter Outlaw ( назад)
I freaked out when Grant said 24yrs. I had the feels!

Автор Timothy Le ( назад)
Doctor What

Автор setvenharis ( назад)
I wonder, with this being a BBC production, your reviews would be positively biased towards the show. If you didn't like a story, would you say so? This story has relegated the Doctor to a secondary character, also, why Nardole?

Автор Jay M ( назад)
Essentially a rip of the 2002 Spiderman move aesthetic down to the hero looking a bit like Toby McGuire and the love story despite the powers being generic superman-like.

Автор thereaISIimShady ( назад)
All this hate in the comments is very reminiscent to the Matt Smith hate from nearly a decade ago when he replaced Tennant. Sometimes all people really hate is change, and judging by the like to dislike ratio of this video, most fans actually enjoyed the Christmas special. But as always, the loudest voices are always going to be those that are negative and complaining.

Автор thereaISIimShady ( назад)
I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit and I'm surprised there is so much hate in the comments. But then again I remember all the Matt Smith hate a nearly a decade ago when David Tennant was replaced and I've come to accept that fans of Doctor Who often hate things just because they are different than what they are used to. As we all found out Matt Smith ended up being phenomenal as the doctor, adding his own quirky character to the role and bringing more to the show in the process. I think many fans forget that this is the longest running sci-fi show in history, and even even one of the longest running shows of any genre still on Television. Change is needed to keep things fresh, and I felt the superhero take on Doctor Who was a brilliant addition, and I can't wait for April!

Автор Tauane Ferreira ( назад)
I loved it!

Автор Jay Mcbride ( назад)
Dr who officially died with this cheese on toast dribble of a episode..why go Americanised every time that happens the episodes are just tripe just to applease the American fans rip dr who

Автор James French ( назад)
I wasn't a fan of this episode. I love Doctor Who and comics but not this. I thought it had funny moments. But it should NOT have been a Christmas Special. Because it wasn't. It was Christmas for 5 minutes. Could have happened at any time

Автор Doug Horton ( назад)
I wish I could have liked this story but... I was rather bored with it. As for Nardole, what a waste of space. So now the Doctor can perform impossible surgery by reattaching someone's head? Did he learn that from Solon in "The Brain Of Morbius"? And the excuse that was used: to keep from being lonely! Nardole??!!! He has no character. There's nothing to him. Why was he there? Oh Steven Moffat why, why, why??? Oh and speaking of Steven's huge loop holes... I thought that after the events of "The Angels Take Manhattan" that the TARDIS couldn't return to New York City? And that was one of Moffat's own scripts! So now he's ignoring his own continuity. Please, Chris Chibnall... bring Doctor Who back to a series I look forward to watching.

Автор _HobnobCraft _ ( назад)
Loved the episode and can't wait for series ten!!

Автор TheLabourMP ( назад)
I liked the space brain plot and Nardole but I hated the superhero plotline and the romance because it was so out of place in Doctor Who and a plot about space brains, how is this Sci-fi!If it wasn't for the superhero plotline and the romance it would have enjoyed a LOT more.Overall disappointing😔.

Автор Sauqina Rachman ( назад)
awesome! great story! love the ghost and doctor mysterio!!

Автор ThroatSore ( назад)
its OK, the Dr has Nordle, who was AMAZING. I think he did comedy AND straight acting really well.

Автор Eddie Gokov ( назад)
Such a disappointing episode 😕, nuf said.

Автор lgd661 ( назад)
We have a great Doctor being wasted on poor story telling/writing I don't say this in a hateful way it's just felt like it's been filler episodes for the last year or so and there is scope for so much more potential

Автор MJam ( назад)
I liked it. Liked Matt Lucas too.

Автор Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats ( назад)
I fell asleep watching it

Автор Rhys Benjamin ( назад)
I'm afraid that was - and I am not mincing my words here - the SINGLE WORST STORY EVER. Yes, even worse than Timelash. And Paradise Towers. And Fear Her. And Time And The Rani. And The Twin Dilemma.

Автор Michael Sheridan ( назад)
Ohh God Hulk 03 😂😂 but fair play for giving it a nod,Mate ☺

Автор SuperBondfan007 ( назад)
I thought it was one of the better Christmas specials of late. It was lots of fun, and funny and I liked the references to Superman, particularly at the beginning, when the guy was giving the speech and mentions Siegel and Schuster (Who created Superman) as employee names. Definitely liked the comic book/superhero aspect, too. Also, it was another episode set in New York. What's not to like about that?

Автор Daniel Sanderson ( назад)
I thought this episode was going to be terrible I thought it would be too cringe,and I still hold the view,But it was not the worse episode I have seen.It was miles better team sleep no more,

Автор Anthony Pirtle ( назад)
I think the (relative) warmth suits this Doctor so much because it's earned. He's gone on that journey.

Автор Stansman63 ( назад)
Charity Wakefield in that red dress is my most enduring memory of this Xmas Special.

Автор simon donnelly ( назад)
Brilliant, 11 year old on the edge of her seat as it should be and still very enjoyable for dad, bravo mr Moffat 👌👍👏

Автор eduardo montano ( назад)

Автор kam hagh ( назад)
the beginning was more fantasy than sci fi

Автор Andrew Fish ( назад)
I'm genuinely shocked that people disliked this episode so much.

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