Madonna - Evita (Part 1)

Presented in HD. Part one of Alan Parker's 1996 film adaptation of "Evita", starring Madonna, Jonathan Pryce and Antonio Banderas.

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Автор MidwesternDiva ( назад)
I think the biggest benefit of moving "Evita" from stage to film is the
childhood funeral scene. It explains so much of her character's desire to
be powerful and adored.

Автор James Bismarck ( назад)
My Chemical Romance at 7:25?

Автор christian martinez ( назад)
I saw this movie when i was in HS, it was the best movie, Antonio Banderas
was good in this film. 

Автор MrPeterpiper1969 ( назад)
So your response to a racist idiot is to make an idiotic racist comment of
your own? I don't know about you but my upbringing included "two wrongs
don't make a right" so perhaps you should refrain from sinking as low as
kcartesius in future. 

Автор MrPeterpiper1969 ( назад)
Antonio Banderas stunned me in this because he sings far better than I
expected him to, in fact I'd say his is THE best performance of the whole

Автор James Bismarck ( назад)
she can't sing

Автор juan augustus ( назад)

Автор juan augustus ( назад)
estados unidos that do not care in their stuff for example the korea war
and other wars. because they put a picture of washington shitting, or when
people killed. have enough problems and come here to Argentina to make a
shitty movie. stop making movies to fart that is not real. I am Argentine
and I defend my country fuck

Автор juan augustus ( назад)
mhoter faker estado unidenses. 

Автор juan augustus ( назад)
esto es vasofia esto no es real. odio los estado unidenses los odio

Автор misstotalyrandom ( назад)
Because actually whether you are a Mads fan or not she plays the part well
and sings better than Meryl too lol.. and yes I love both of them as it

Автор Nicolle Miller ( назад)
Poor quality

Автор Paula Belén ( назад)
uh, se enojaron los porteños

Автор CrazyFMadonna ( назад)
I still love it! 

Автор musicaltheatergeek79 ( назад)
EVITA was actually written before REQUIEM. That excerpt you hear is
actually from a bigger piece heard later in the film as "Latin Chant." It
first appeared in the concept album in 1976 but wasn't used in the stage
versions. It was put back in the film. The lyrics go: Respice, quaesumus,
Domine Famulam tuam Evita In infirmitate Et animam refove, quam creasti Ut
castigationibus emendata Se tua sentiat medicina salvatam Per Christum,
Dominuum Qui vivit et regnat Per omnia saecula saeculorum Amen 

Автор maca sanchez ( назад)
i was wondering you ignorants if you really know what happened in Argentina
:) not only about the "film" fuckin idiots. cheers from Argentina ;)

Автор Jared Goerke (Thephantomofthechoir) ( назад)
it looks like madonna was in the requiem as the blond haired women...

Автор DeltaHorizon22 ( назад)
I am afraid, they are going to hurt my family, out of retaliation. But i
don't have a choice, if i don't say anything, your blood will be on my
hands. Consider this a trumpet call.

Автор DeltaHorizon22 ( назад)
if you think you are being attacked electronically, for example,
unexplained numbness, weakness, chest pain, diffuculty thinking, speaking,
ringing in the ears, ect... Get a roll of tin foil, roll some out on a
large piece of cardboard, tape it to the cardboard, making a shield of
sorts. Take a wire and ground the shield to an outlet (look that up) and
put it in between you and the supposed source, if you get better,....GAME
OVER. P.S. Then right a letter and "mail" it to the police.

Автор DeltaHorizon22 ( назад)
for my family's sake, my mother, my father, my nephew's sake, i'm going to
shut up, and pray my ass off. GOD bless.

Автор smichelle65 ( назад)
@05:00-05:40 sounds like Andrew Lloyd Webber recycled some outtakes from
"Requiem" for this scene.

Автор Sherrie Bird ( назад)
Madonna played the role very well.

Автор Cristina Fong ( назад)
cómo me gustaría bailar tango

Автор Cristina Fong ( назад)
hay papacito!!!! me encantas!

Автор Agsfard Levi Cuenca ( назад)
la embarrada de este filme, fue haberla grabado en ingles y no en espaol,
de donde se supone que eva peron era argentina y no estadounidense ahí fue
el grave error

Автор Andrés Joel Arenas Pérez ( назад)
This is so far one of my most favorite musicals ever..... 

Автор Gérard Magnien ( назад)
Eva Perón valait beaucoup mieux que ces clichés. Le film ne lui rend pas
justice. Banderas est bien dans un rôle facile. Mauvaise comédienne,
Madonna est incapable de jouer un personnage aussi complexe. Jonathan Pryce
est risible en Juan Perón ! La vraie Evita, si sensible aux hommages
appuyés, aurait apprécié cette comédie musicale -qui la met en valeur-
comme une formidable propagande pour elle et ses oeuvres. A quand un VRAI
GRAND film sur ce personnage attachant, frappé en pleine gloire? 

Автор Hannah Jean ( назад)
Thank you so much for posting this! Evita is my all time favorite musical
(I watch it almost everyday! :D) and I found out today that they took it
off my on demand! I have plans to see the Broadway production today and
needed to see this before! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Автор LittleDogTurds ( назад)
right, coz of the love hate stuffs 

Автор LittleDogTurds ( назад)
haha, yesss...yesss!!!

Автор Feike May ( назад)
Haha, when the guy's like, "It is my duty to inform you that Eva Peron had
just died," all the people start crying and stuff... in their place, I'd
probably be, "Fuck that, I want to finish the movie I paid money for,
afterwards I'll cry." :3

Автор Rebecca Stern ( назад)
the beginning of the movie always gets me i dont think in the us they wont
stop a movie to announce someones death still gets and im not a Madonna fan
but i do like this movie and im a huge Antonio B. fan 

Автор tildenhellgate ( назад)
Dont you think Lady Ga Ga is the spitting image of Eva Peron?????

Автор Savannah Coon ( назад)
I feel like the young girl with the braid was the best actress out of that
whole scene.

Автор Zahira Lopez ( назад)

Автор kcartesius ( назад)
02:40 - dumb latinos with "temperamento" and small brains.

Автор Maria Fernanda Arrebillaga (1227 лет назад)
Qué onda!! carajo no está en castellano! ¬¬" 

Автор Randeep Purewall (1961 год назад)
I think it was effective and poignant how they juxtaposed her as an
anguished child against her funeral. No matter what she did in her life, I
think she carried that pain with her right to the end. 

Автор MidwesternDiva ( назад)
Interesting that they included some of Eva's childhood that is never shown,
only mentioned, in the opera. It's humanizing - a sort of justification for
her pathology.

Автор Heber HASBURG ( назад)
What we have done wrong and paid for it with his illness and even more
after dead rest in peace mother avoids the Argentine people. a Uruguayan

Автор 123Jenny90 ( назад)
Thanks for the upload:) 

Автор Emmy Johnson ( назад)
She hid her illegitamacy by changing her birth certificate, which was a big
problem for her.. 30 or 33 is shockingly young and makes you realise how
much she achieve so young...

Автор Emmy Johnson ( назад)
She was basically trying out a form of socialism which did not have a
system of government to back it up or a proper strategy..And she became
seriously ill which cut short her work...That is also why she was so
discredited because although it happened when the rest of the world was
distracted, she did something to got other people killed in South America,
people before profit and got rid of the exploitive English too. So she was
portrayed as corrupt by people that are also corrupt.

Автор Emmy Johnson ( назад)
Strange the girl that played the young Eva, looks very like Madonna's

Автор rise millt ( назад)
i dont like this because they sing throughout the whole movie, i like a
musical like the sound of music where they talk then go into a song scene.
this movie doesn't pause to have the actors talk they sing it out! dont

Автор Kokym8 ( назад)
Evita has become my Favorite MUSICAL EVER! because the songs fits my voice
and the type of vocals is my favorite :) But not Madonna's versions, only

Автор ZwarteKonijn ( назад)
I never said SHE didn't say much, we had it in History class for a long
while, but I've never seen the speeches and such, and I realize now that I
shouldn't had said MORE politics, because there are alot of politici like
that (we have one like that in our goverment), and I really like that
sentence (she didn't say much but she said it LOUD), and obviously some
people think so because they put it in the movie, but I'm sorry that said
it wrong about someone I don't know that much about

Автор Mickyeahh ( назад)

Автор Michael Chee ( назад)
Evita Peron's "WILL"? Argentinians you dig? 

Автор Kaitlyn Francis (Minecraft Player) ( назад)
Love it no matter wat

Автор Sara Christenson ( назад)
The Ricky Martin/Elena Roger recording? Agreed :D

Автор theweathergirl17 ( назад)
You told them not to cry for you but can't help it now since your dead

Автор ZwarteKonijn ( назад)
You let down your people, Evita You were supposed to be immortal That's all
they wanted That's not much to ask for lol :]

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
Madonna is brilliant as Eva Peron

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
Evita has become my favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical

Автор Nick Rhodes ( назад)
I don't understand, this is Kim Jung Il's funeral?

Автор Prawal Shukla ( назад)

Автор Whitney Pyant ( назад)
I think Madonna was pregnant with Lourdes at time she filmed this

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
i think they cast brilliant actors for the roles of Eva,Peron and Che

Автор Malena Beltran ( назад)
This is the first time I watch this movie and I am argentinian I really
like it, but you guys are really wrong with some stuff and thans
@themadonnahub by posting it is really good GO ARGENTINA!!

Автор mrhotness25 ( назад)
@ellenkingsley yes she did. my grandparents from argentina were in buenos
aires when she died. everyone truly did mourn her

Автор Roy Castillo ( назад)
chale, antonio banderas no canta ni madres!!! es un actorazo pero ps nomas
no canta nada

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
did the real Eva Peron actually die from cancer at the age of 33

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
Oh What A Circus is a brilliant song

Автор Arturo Gallo ( назад)
Antonio Banderas is "Che" (not Che Guevara as often mistaken with) just
"Che" the spirit of the people of Argentina, in general.

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
Oh What A Circus is a brilliant song :)

Автор ellenkingsley ( назад)
Antonio Banderas what a great singer didn't know he could sing Andrew Lloyd
Webber songs are hard to sing :P

Автор Kyle Sawyer ( назад)
Think of him as a Greek Chorus, showing the every-man's perspective on it.

Автор Jessie Bessie ( назад)
I like Antonio's performances in all movies especially this movie

Автор Maggie Yamashita ( назад)

Автор AndyG94 ( назад)
He was a representation of Argentina...

Автор Maggie Yamashita ( назад)
I still don't really get what antonio's role was in this movie. If it's
just to be a hunk, then he played it extremely well. like if u agree.

Автор Luciana Laurel (23 года назад)
:'( when our Queen of pop dies 13:12

Автор CeruleanFilms ( назад)
06:23 gives me chills every time I see it. One of the most epic jump cuts

Автор daniel pinzon ( назад)
en español por favor no entiendo nada de lo que hiceeeeeeee

Автор tubeutubeuful ( назад)
Evita -> AvoidHer

Автор Obaema (688 лет назад)
This is so fucking epic.

Автор TSdlight ( назад)
Madonna always does her best "acting" when she portrays a woman's life who
mirrored her own in a 2 hr video/ rock opera. She deserved that Golden

Автор therandomwriter ( назад)

Автор Alexander Kirk ( назад)
It's incredible how well those electric guitars work...

Автор Graceful Mango ( назад)
Madonna was in a film that isn't terrible? Who knew...

Автор Kylan Disher ( назад)
so i need subtitles... no hablo espanol

Автор citizenjamie (270 лет назад)
i'm a guy and i'm straight but when antonio looked up...gotta just
say...fucking bad ass mother fucker 

Автор li3mle ( назад)
look like madonna didn't ruin every film

Автор Se'Vone Coleman Jones ( назад)
We are putting this on for a performance this April! Somehow we managed to
get approved even though Broadway is doing it again! I don't know much
about this musical but Antonio Banderas is amazing and I'm gonna audition
for his part. Wish me luck!!

Автор AXS512 ( назад)
Thank you for posting this.I've always thought it was the best musical I've
seen.But as to the story,I'm torn with how to understand it.I'm a history
buff,so I don't mean how to understand the history.What I mean is how the
writers/producers are trying to portray Evita.I think the "official" line
is that she was a demagogue,out for herself.But secretly,I think they see
her,as I do.A woman who gained power and tried to use it to do good for her
countries poor.Even today she is loved in Argentina.

Автор KumuToon ( назад)
At 3:09, the e. guitar is like YEEAAAAHHHHH!!! ! ! ! and I'm like
WOOOOO!!!!! ! ! ! ! Gotta love that intro... So powerful and awesome. :)
Well done, Sir Andrew. 

Автор Sadyechester ( назад)
@Yaveyta the first time I saw this film, I thought thats what I heard too.
I am not sure now though.

Автор piano123player2 ( назад)
@georgiaonmymind2012 wow not nice

Автор tweetthang96 ( назад)
I had been dying to see this since learning "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"
and "Another Suitcase, Another Hall" @themadonnahub -- Thanks for
uploading! I also love how it seems to be a Spanish Romeo and Juliet-esque
movie was playing when Eva died.

Автор Yaveyta ( назад)
is it my hearing or are the lyrics "Eva! Evita!"?

Автор Justin DeFouw ( назад)
that tank fired on thier own people

Автор smrt887911 ( назад)
such a good voice!!

Автор Katie Faulhaber ( назад)
Oh the days when you could smoke during the movies.

Автор erisruvicred ( назад)
playing che this december.. antonio is so hot

Автор LalaLibre ( назад)
Thank you for posting, used to listen to the dvd over and over, glad I can
enjoy it here in visual!

Автор CeruleanFilms ( назад)
I love how that bird happens to fly across the screen at 10:12, almost in
time with the music.

Автор AndyG94 ( назад)
Got to love from 10:30 - 11:10

Автор Nicolas Urq ( назад)
@toysgowild Bueno,bueno gallego de mierda.....Por escribir rapido se me

Автор Juliaflo ( назад)
In a revival, Miss Germanotta could play Maria Eva Ibarguren Duarte

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