Madonna - Evita (Part 1)

Presented in HD. Part one of Alan Parker's 1996 film adaptation of "Evita", starring Madonna, Jonathan Pryce and Antonio Banderas.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 14:31
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Автор MrPeterpiper1969 (1 год)
So your response to a racist idiot is to make an idiotic racist comment of
your own? I don't know about you but my upbringing included "two wrongs
don't make a right" so perhaps you should refrain from sinking as low as
kcartesius in future.

Автор theweathergirl17 (2 года)
You told them not to cry for you but can't help it now since your dead

Автор AndyG94 (3 года)
Got to love from 10:30 - 11:10

Автор Cristina Fong (1 год)
hay papacito!!!! me encantas!

Автор Zahira Lopez (2 года)

Автор ZwarteKonijn (2 года)
You let down your people, Evita You were supposed to be immortal That's all
they wanted That's not much to ask for lol :]

Автор ZwarteKonijn (2 года)
I watched parts of this movie last year in History class, and had in on my
list of ´movie-i-want-to-see-sometimes-when-i-have-the-time'. A few days
ago I finally lent it by the library and now I cant stop watching it,
watching the movie time after time

Автор TheSmileySue (3 года)
First to comment... Thanx Q for uploading, I've been searching this movie
like forever..!!!

Автор Mickyeahh (2 года)

Автор ellenkingsley (2 года)
i think they cast brilliant actors for the roles of Eva,Peron and Che

Автор christian martinez (1 год)
I saw this movie when i was in HS, it was the best movie, Antonio Banderas
was good in this film.

Автор tildenhellgate (2 года)
Dont you think Lady Ga Ga is the spitting image of Eva Peron?????

Автор Jared Goerke (1 год)
it looks like madonna was in the requiem as the blond haired women...

Автор TheSmile007Z (1 год)
Most touching movie, one could see Juan and Evita as Jesus and Maria
Magdalena. I think people must have felt the love between them, any way the
movie managed to express that. Probably a perfect match Well-done of the
actors to sing a new side of Jonathan Pryce One understand Madonna´s golden
globe award 1997 for the role.

Автор CrazyFMadonna (1 год)
I still love it!

Автор therandomwriter (2 года)

Автор Prawal Shukla (2 года)

Автор misstotalyrandom (1 год)
Because actually whether you are a Mads fan or not she plays the part well
and sings better than Meryl too lol.. and yes I love both of them as it

Автор HouseOnSunset (3 года)
And that little buck toothed dark skinned latino girl grew up to be....

Автор SuperKingwow (3 года)
thumbs up if you still watching this in 2011 cause i know i am lol love

Автор Emmy Johnson (2 года)
She hid her illegitamacy by changing her birth certificate, which was a big
problem for her.. 30 or 33 is shockingly young and makes you realise how
much she achieve so young...

Автор James Bismarck (1 год)
she can't sing

Автор ZwarteKonijn (2 года)
I see. Hmmm~ I was thinking about this yesterday all of a sudden, and I
decided that I will stopsaying things about her here, because I don't know
her, and I've never been In Argentina nor knew what she all did. I really
respect her for what she did. Thank for giving me so much information! We
truly should all learn from history :)

Автор Jessie Bessie (2 года)
I like Antonio's performances in all movies especially this movie

Автор CeruleanFilms (2 года)
06:23 gives me chills every time I see it. One of the most epic jump cuts

Автор Andrés Joel Arenas Pérez (1 год)
This is so far one of my most favorite musicals ever.....

Автор Maggie Yamashita (2 года)
I still don't really get what antonio's role was in this movie. If it's
just to be a hunk, then he played it extremely well. like if u agree.

Автор Savannah Coon (2 года)
I feel like the young girl with the braid was the best actress out of that
whole scene.

Автор Kaitlyn Conway (1 год)
I love Madonna in this--she was the best choice for Eva, IMO.

Автор tweetthang96 (2 года)
I had been dying to see this since learning "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"
and "Another Suitcase, Another Hall" @themadonnahub -- Thanks for
uploading! I also love how it seems to be a Spanish Romeo and Juliet-esque
movie was playing when Eva died.

Автор Katie Faulhaber (3 года)
Oh the days when you could smoke during the movies.

Автор HernanNFP (2 года)
She didn't say much? Eva Perón spoke of poverty, destitution, of
capitalism, of the rights of women, always sent a message of hope, peace
and justice. Sorry guys, but you know what I mean. Read about the history
of Argentina and realize that Evita was one of the best things that
happened to Argentine Nation.

Автор MidwesternDiva (1 год)
I think the biggest benefit of moving "Evita" from stage to film is the
childhood funeral scene. It explains so much of her character's desire to
be powerful and adored.

Автор tobiaskamp58 (1 год)

Автор Blizzardfox (1 год)
Antonio Banderas. Aahhh always so perfect in his role

Автор Sherrie Bird (1 год)
Madonna played the role very well.

Автор Arturo Gallo (2 года)
Antonio Banderas is "Che" (not Che Guevara as often mistaken with) just
"Che" the spirit of the people of Argentina, in general.

Автор ZwarteKonijn (2 года)
it's kinda creepy how much antonio banderas looks like my dad; only wished
he could sing like him :P

Автор Emmy Johnson (2 года)
Strange the girl that played the young Eva, looks very like Madonna's

Автор Se'Vone Coleman Jones (2 года)
We are putting this on for a performance this April! Somehow we managed to
get approved even though Broadway is doing it again! I don't know much
about this musical but Antonio Banderas is amazing and I'm gonna audition
for his part. Wish me luck!!

Автор Sadyechester (2 года)
@Yaveyta the first time I saw this film, I thought thats what I heard too.
I am not sure now though.

Автор ZwarteKonijn (2 года)
For me, the best song in this movie start at 8:12, and gets the best at
10:30 And the best sentence out of this movie, and so true for more
politics is: She didn't say much, but she said it LOUD

Автор Az Butterfield (2 года)
Madonna was in a film that isn't terrible? Who knew...

Автор DeltaHorizon22 (1 год)
for my family's sake, my mother, my father, my nephew's sake, i'm going to
shut up, and pray my ass off. GOD bless.

Автор Kaitlyn Francis (2 года)
Love it no matter wat

Автор Paula Belén (1 год)
uh, se enojaron los porteños

Автор Roy Castillo (2 года)
chale, antonio banderas no canta ni madres!!! es un actorazo pero ps nomas
no canta nada

Автор DaffydBowie (2 года)
This is so fucking epic.

Автор Kylan Disher (2 года)
so i need subtitles... no hablo espanol

Автор kcartesius (2 года)
02:40 - dumb latinos with "temperamento" and small brains.

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