The pulser pump uses hydropower with no moving parts!
It is just pipes joined together. People have made pulser pumps and pulser pump models in Europe, Asia, and north America and posted them to youtube. Probably other places too. ( Please check out and make the pulser pump nano too. The nano began in 2011 as a suggestion from Virlusun on youtube) Nobody has ever made a pulser pump nano.
The one in the videos have worked for over 2 decades.
This idea was probably thought of and used (and lost) before I thought of it.
If you have ever seen a tromp powering an airlift pump to pump water (or reference to it), prior to 1986, please let me know. a entry, and more people will have confidence to use them.
The pulser pump began in 1988. This is a small one in Ireland. Thanks Wikipedia (june 08) for updating the definition for trompe at my request.

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Автор kristine robin linsangan ( назад)
Can it be used in aquariums?

Автор Zegwei Teoh ( назад)
can this apply to small home aquarium ?

Автор staciefil ( назад)
Have you tried taking bubbles or air to a separate air tank for other
pneumatic use? :)

Автор JokelaTurbine ( назад)
The physics of this stuff;

Автор Richie Mann ( назад)
Similar principle as a ram pump but instead of a chamber for air
compression, you are using a pipe. Nice thing about it are no valves are

Автор ruvim zaytsev ( назад)
this is soo amazing !! plz make more videos.

Автор jammapcb ( назад)
sounds like space invaders

Автор Sokheang Chan ( назад)
Hi thanks your video but it's not clear picture

Автор arekussu ( назад)
Much appreciated!
It truly shows the simplicity and the actuality of water and air power.
Thanks for the video, it gets my mind in a good place!

Автор sophat chan ( назад)
I love

Автор Brian Davis ( назад)
Sweet... didn't quite get how it worked completly, but have an idea...
should be put into use where ever needed, since it's so simple!!

Автор Tunahan İmren ( назад)

Автор Jose Benitez ( назад)
Is this similar principles to hydraulic ram pumps?

Автор Carlos Villa ( назад)
im very interested in building one of these for a project for a poor
comunity in Colombia. This looks like what I am looking for

Автор Stefan Sulzbach ( назад)
As a scientist I can confirm it works, like Bernoulli's principle. Its not
of industrial interest because of the low efficiency. At remote places it
can be useful, though.

Автор firstname lastname ( назад)
fascinating application of atmospheric energy in action, thanks for posting
this, as well I enjoyed looking up more information on this interesting

Автор Alen Combs ( назад)
I went to this site and understand the principle. It is a bit easier to
understand, at least the uptake of water and air in the middle (the part I
didn't understand before).

Автор Alen Combs ( назад)
I am looking for a simple water pump for an aquaponic system that doesn't
use electricty (or fuel). Do you think it might work for an aquaponic
system? I have seen this system used for compressing air for cobalt mine
work in Ragged Chute Air Plant in Ontario to run their drills (I might make
it one for to run machinery run by compressed air, refrigeration etc). I am
not sure why, and I honestly cannot wrap my head around using it for
pumping water. But I hope it can.

Автор sixmagpies ( назад)
You're a very rare and intelligent man Mr White, to be thinking totally
outside the box like this. Such clever stuff. And it's self-evident that
your 'organic' pumping system can so easily be leveraged to, either,
improve delivery height/pressure, or the total volume (larger number of
small pipes feeding from the plenum chamber.) This makes ram pumps look
positively over technical! 

Автор Madsaur ( назад)
at 2:00 i felt like playing Super Mario

Автор nick0sav ( назад)
The "bubble lift" part of pulse pump was widely used (at least in SU in
1970-s and earlier) as a pump for aquarium filters. The obvious advantages
were that it utilized the air flow of cheap air pumps anyways used for
aeration... and was stupidly easy for DIY. 

Автор Greg Simonson ( назад)
Pistons? in the oil industry we call them rabbits, when a gas well is
getting old and pressure wont lift the water to surface, we will set up a
timer and catcher on the wellhead, drop a steel rabbit down the hole, well
will shut itself in for a specific amount of time to let pressure build
then valve opens and gas water and rabbit come sailing up the pipe, up 1800
meters on some of our wells, then rabbit will stay up in the catcher for a
specific amount of time then valve closes and it drops to repeat the
So yea a piston would work well for going long distances

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi Spgandau. Yes it is better to extend the pipe up in the split process
version. Depending on your requirements, you might look at the pulser pump
nano too. Most people hate the idea of digging really deep like I have
done. With the pulser pump nano, you do not need to dig so deep but I do
now know how high the nano pumps. 

Автор spgandau ( назад)
I just stumbled onto this page. Very interesting! I was looking at the
split process pulser setup.
The air delivery pipe is shown to go UP, and then horizontally, and then
DOWN back into the water flow/source and enter the vertical pipe upstream.
I have a question...
Can the air delivery pipe be buried in the ground and go directly from the
air chamber to the vertical pipe upstream?...or it is necessary to have it
extend vertically above the top of the Head pressure before going back down
into the water?

Автор softtchtoo ( назад)
I am trying to use a windmill to pump the air for a hydroponic system.
So are there measurements of how much air needs pumped and can it be
length of pipe in water compared to lift?

Автор Ken Lee ( назад)
Subbed. So, a 15 foot deep lake, a bundle of 1/4 inch tubes and a fish
tank bubbler, how high can I go?

Автор abu muhamad Mustafa ( назад)
is this possible to be used taking water for dring or irrigation from
narrow well of 90 meters deep? how this can be ddone ? tthank you

Автор peter clemo ( назад)
clever but the narrative was awful I had to work it out for myself

Автор David Whiteley ( назад)
Near Cobalt Ontario is an old pump of this form used to create compressed
air for the mines. I think the intake pipe was about three feet across.
When the pressure exceeds requirement it blows off water in a mighty
fountain, a bit like Old Faithful. The design might have come form

Автор joelkonkor ( назад)
have you ever tried stacking this idea?
in my mind i have this picture of the ground level pump shooting water into
a smaller system such as this but on stilts. maybe you could double your
height out of that and ram pump it far off and away. sometimes i have
streaks of genius right before i fall asleep. figured id share that one
with the world. anyway, good night youtube. 

Автор Shun Sing Poon ( назад)
very good inspiration for further the environment preservation, no fuel
consumption need. thanks.

Автор TheRealDaneSullivan ( назад)
Brian, no mummies were ever found in the pyramids, they were NOT burial
chambers. They were laid to rest in the Valley of The Kings

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Vic, I am happy to give you some insights if you go ahead. I put on
this video because I thought that "scientists or engineers" could complete
the job and produce reliable figures to apply to any situation. My site was
very small, with a maximum head of 0.55 meters. The 10 cm diameter pipe
probably took a maximum of 350 litres per minute of water at that head.
Check out the pulser pump nano, and pneumatic grid, pallet gardens and
lungfish aquaponics (all can be powered by the pulser pump

Автор vic mende ( назад)
will try out,builds creativity in unexpected situations.thou i thought some
analysis cud help like:varying ratio of water head 4 intake,outlet and
whether any air goes through to lower basin.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Denis, you misread something. The place you are pumping water to is
several meters above your basins. This is the simplest way to pump water. a
few meters higher. It is a set it and forget it thing. There are no valves,
there is no water hammer, and no service technician if something goes
wrong. If you don't want to pump, you can use the low pressure air it
produces to do "Lungfish Hydroponics", "ebb and float hydroponics" or many
other things at a distance from the stream or river.

Автор Denis Natea ( назад)
this is complicated and useless.try to connect the water supply to the
other basin with a straight pipe and that's it.just because the water level
in first basin is above the water level in second basin...the fluid will go
in second basin just like that.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
I think that is a myth. If it did, the mummys would be damp and rotten.

Автор Luis Alberto Lucio ( назад)
i think the great piramid was a water pump of this style

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Bill went too big on his tromp for most people (including himself!. Mine
are smaller but I went too big too! BUT you can do useful work with a tromp
that is only 3 or 4 ft deep. A 1 meter deep tromp can pump water with the
pulser pump nano idea. (Bundles of tubes instead of 1 pipe for the airlift
can pump water effectively) I am working on several concepts. Pallet
gardens, ebb and "float" hydroponics and "lungfish" hydroponics all to run
on 1 psi air. (extremely low pressure air!) Brian

Автор rhythmriderone ( назад)
Interesting, and look forward to applying this concept for pond oxygen and
the washing possibly. A slightly augmented version of this is the trump
compressed air and refrigeration described by Bill MollIson in his
permiculture 02 presentation .

Автор Daniel Hoffman ( назад)
Brian, I understand you quite well...LOL.. Some folks that comment can't
seem to argue the principals outlined in the video so they have to pick on
phraseology, spelling, punctuation Etc...Very well done..

Автор Hugh Jaanus ( назад)
Howia again, firstly, as you may have guessed.....Hugh Jaanus is a joke
name (say it fast). Hee hee. Keep up the good work.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hugh, 969 thousand people have watched this video so it cannot all be bad.
And footage from another one was included as part of a program about
engineering around the world that was played on trams in Zurich a few years
back. (they sent me pictures of my video playing in a tram). Many in the
"windowfarms" community use my "T-joint method" to pump water to their
plants and my "airlift in a bucket" method too. I am successful. This video
does have captions. Use them if you have problems.

Автор Hugh Jaanus ( назад)
YOU don't have a problem with your English but others have a problem
understanding you. You say dis and dat, not this and that. The Queen and
her family don't have an accent, they speak English, A German speaking
English would have an accent, A French person speaking English would have
an accent. I am Irish and can speak Polish with a Cork accent. Anyway the
English don't speak good English, they say modern not modern, Americans say
hunnerd, not hundred, Australians say woda, not water.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Hugh, I don't have any problems with my English at all and I am proud
of where I came from and what I have achieved. Lots of people speak English
with an accent. Including the Queen and her family. And I think accents are
great. The more the better. As for spelling, I don't care. I think the
country with the most English speakers should decide how it is spoken and
give elocution lessons to the rest of us. What do you say to that, India
and China?

Автор Hugh Jaanus ( назад)
A pulser pump is a combined "trump" Is that correct?

Автор Hugh Jaanus ( назад)
Your English is shocking, you have problems with "th" in your
pronounciations. In the text I am replying to, you say THOUGHT where it
should be TAUGHT as in teach. I presume you are Irish (I am also) from your
accent, at first I THOUGHT you were from Holland or some other wierd
country. I also think you posted a video regarding using an air pump to
rise water using bubbles, and are living in Canada. Am I right or am I

Автор Brian White ( назад)
This doesn't use water hammer and it has nothing whatsoever to do with ram
pumps and bernouli's principle is only a tiny tiny part of how it works. We
all love the security of attaching unknown things to something we learned
in physics 101 but 2 phase fluid flow is not thought in physics 101 and
involves a whole range of physics principles that most of us have never
even heard about. But the good news is that these pumps are simple to make
and to use. They do not pump very high though.

Автор iqbal112233 ( назад)
There are many pumps as ram pumps on u tube same principle hammer effect of
water It just reduces the speed of flow on one side and increases speed
Remember bernouli's principle in phy 101

Автор johnthehappyguy ( назад)
well done, thanks for uploading

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Danny, I don't think Ping pong balls will work. I think the floating
piston (which is just an R+D idea) will work if you can find a wettable
hard foam or sponge that you can cut into spheres of a suitable size. I
only ever did it with little polystyrene balls that I broke apart from some
sort of polystyrene casing that was made of polystyrene "bubbles" of
various sizes stuck together. I manually submerged them and they produced
much better liquid holdup. Potential for large improvement!

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Danny, I guess I put it online as open source or free technology so by
all means try ping pong balls. I have not worked on a pulser pump for years
because I live in a City. People often ask me for advice and they probably
make them but generally do not tell me about their successes and failures.
Lots of promises but very very little secondary feedback of any kind. I was
away getting a needed medical procedure for my wife. Canada does not do it,
so I had to go to the States for a few days.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Daniel, I will get back to you in a couple of days.

Автор Danny Jewell ( назад)
Have you thought about Ping Pong Balls as your floating piston? I have a
design for an air lift pump using PPB's but only built part of it. I am
working on an air compressor and pump combination for existing wells, 1
moving part. Please let me know what you think. I am doing mission work in
Nicaragua, taught 2 classes on pumps, valves and air lift well drill. I
will head back in December. Facebook page NicaMission, Email
djquigly@yahoo.com, Phone 765-513-2063 unlimited text and calls.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
No, it works on a different principle. Thanks, Brian

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi Sunny, I have some playlists (mostly of other peoples work), that shows
ways to use "low grade power" and very small power sources to do useful
work. "weird and wonderful alternative energy machines", "wimpy power for
the masses". Combining low energy water power, wind power, solar power, etc
to pump air around a low pressure "pneumatic grid" is technically easier
and cheaper than an electrical grid. The compressed air can then be used to
pump water, etc. It runs my pallet gardens

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi Sunny, It is not really practical. Check the weird and wonderful
alternative energy playlist for for low tech ideas.These tanks filled with
water store energy but withdrawing some of that energy to pump water (as
the water is being used by the apartment dwellers) will also slow down the
water going the the apartment dwellers. And given that their system is low
pressure, it is probably slow to start with! And, even more important, more
pipework means more danger of sanitary failings.

Автор Sunny S ( назад)
Hi Brian,Lets suppose in case of apartments who have tanks filled with
water in cities which comes from the water supply and this water is then
pumped to the top of the apartment buliding so that its distributed to the
houses in the apartment this is how it primarily happens in India be there
is not much pressure for the water that sent from the water supply. Can
this PULSER Pump be used in this scenario since we have water already
accumulated in a tank and somehow this can be used to pump water

Автор MrFeelthy ( назад)
I love the sound of it. Fascinating machine, made even cooler because it
sounds so unique. Nice post, thanks!

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Yes, it needs a stream of running water. It is not very "efficient" and it
does not pump very high. Its advantages are that it is cheap and simple and
it uses water power that sits unused anyway. The big disadvantage is you
have to dig deep! BUT if you want something easier, there is the pulser
pump nano! The pulser pump nano goes about a meter deep, and makes approx 1
psi air (7kpa). You use that air to pump water through BUNDLES of 5 to 7 mm
tubes. Pallet garden playlist has more details!

Автор Abd Elhamid Elsayed Halayeb ( назад)
does it need a stream of running water to power it? - thank you for your
reply in advance

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Thanks, Tim, hope it works out for you, as long as you have at least 1.5 ft
(half meter) water fall and at least 300 litres per minute of flow you can
make one. Then it is just deciding how much air you can get and what
pressure you need. These things will never "take over the world" but they
do have niches where they are useful.

Автор tim76239 ( назад)
Thanks, I think you may have saved me big bucks. I am building a self
sufficient sustainable farm/ranch and currently was upgrading an existing
pond to raise fish. a pulsner pump will be a great way to circulate water
for aeration it is far less expensive than a windmill system

Автор Brian White ( назад)
No moving parts. For real.

Автор samppazzz ( назад)
No. Intake material including both, the air and the water. Different
hights, between water source and finale states, where the water comes out,
using kind of capillary attraction, which allows water to cyclically
pumpability. You can read more about wikipedia or somewhere on the Internet

Автор DarkBungleX ( назад)
What do you mean no moving parts. You still have to have a pump for the air
don't you?

Автор davisx2002 ( назад)
Good point. NPSH is good

Автор Kinder Kinetika ( назад)
Hi. Can you please send some more specifications if I want to build a pump
from out a dam or just normal measurements. Regards

Автор Brian White ( назад)
This is not a ariete hidraulico (Hydraulic Ram). It works on a very
different principle and it has no moving parts. (A ram must have at least 2
moving parts).

Автор luis angel galarraga ( назад)
ariete hidraulico es lo que se expone aqui........................ es mas
viejo que la injusticia

Автор Brian White ( назад)
You can look up trompe or tromp on wikipedia (for compressing air). Pumping
with air is simpler and nothing wears out. No adjustments were required to
pump to 1 meter or 5 meters. The real point was to prove that you can use
very low head water power to do useful work. (0.5 meters head and 250 to
350 litres per minute flow.) All the fish in the sea will be gone in about
60 years (sea will be too acid for fish to live from CO2!) but NOBODY uses
low head hydro. There is lots of it unused!

Автор davisx2002 ( назад)
how do you compress air without any moving parts? If you say a pump; why
not just pump water with a plunger instead of air?

Автор Brian White ( назад)
No, you are going into the perpetual motion world! It just does not work
like that. I think the limit with really low head like this is maybe 35%
efficiency. If you has 2 meter head, greater efficiency can be achieved.
They are testing the pump at a university in England probably before June.
Hopefully the results will be shared openly.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
I dug it by hand, one summer when the stream dried up. I think the hole was
about 15 ft deep. I have pictures on the tripod site. Most people hate the
idea of a deep hole. Eileen from the windowfarms community suggested a
"pulser pump nano" that doesn't go so deep (just 1 or 2 meters) runs a
bundle of 1/4 tubes to pump water. I did proof of concept (I have no stream
now) and that works too. Check the pallet garden project. 1 tube uses about
20 litres of air per hour. Many tubes needed!

Автор surfnfx ( назад)
Why not add a water wheel and pump to the part where the water /air comes
out. It would be your added air supply to the system to pump in more
air/water and keep it going? Like a turbo works.

Автор surfnfx ( назад)
Brian. A Coffer dam is a temp dam to divert water away from the area you
want to work in. Then it is removed after the work is done. Also did you
dig a big hole to put all this in? This is the part I do not get, how to
install your pump system. It looks great and also can keep a pond / head
water cleaner with the air in the return air water part. Can the return air
water mix be put under the water to get more air into the head water/ pond?

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Thanks HappyJack, I cannot build one because I moved to a city. So this is
all you get. Some people have done small ones across the world and shared
their results on youtube (probably big ones were built too). I really
expected engineers to test this in a big facility by now. 6 years and 876
thousand views should be telling them something. Politicians decide funding
for testing and politicians do not care about stuff like this. It is to be
tested in England this year, no word back yet.

Автор HappyJackSlade ( назад)
Thats awesome and thanks for sharing but you really need to build one for
us to understand and do a step by step instructional . This will take off
in a big way

Автор Brian White ( назад)
It has nothing to do with a ram pump. Look up trompe or tromp on wikipedia.
Also look up airlift pump on wikipedia and elsewhere. Also look up 2 phase
fluid flow. Unfortunately the airlift pump page of wikipedia has been taken
over (several years ago) by the maker of the commercial geyser pump so it
is biased. (But nobody seems to care!). Look up Mammutpumpe in the German
wikipedia and translate it for a better airlift pump explanation. Low
pressure airlift pumps are used in windowfarms.

Автор theThinkerator ( назад)
this looks like a variation of a ram pump that was in use in ancient Rome

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi surfnfx, I don't know what you mean by coffer dam. Costs are very low
but the windmill pump will probably pump higher. Depends on what you want
to do. Brian

Автор surfnfx ( назад)
Do you need a coffer dam to put down the well? It looks very simple. But my
thing is cost vrs a wind mill pump.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
It has 2 parts, I guess. The first part is called a tromp and it PRODUCES
low pressure air. The second part is called an airlift pump and it USES low
pressure air to pump water. Other people have made pulser pump videos too
and it is also on wikipedia and in the internet glossary of pumps. Check
those for an explanation that works for you. Note that the airlift pump
entry on wikipedia is a "commercial" for another type of pump. Wikipedia
don't seem to care.

Автор 650nj ( назад)
it is not clear idea .. it is useful but how does it works .. ? the
mechanism of the pump is not clear

Автор Tomas Vavricka ( назад)
Smart !

Автор Duke Nukem (1293 года назад)
Wow I think I just had a tear in my ear drums and I still fail in
understanding whats happening hahaha

Автор Edward Hernandez ( назад)
Great work indeed!

Автор Mick Wolf ( назад)
cool ive seen this in the fish tank filters, much larger though. If only i
had a creek in my backyard.

Автор deanosslewis ( назад)
Glockerman water powered pumps are an amazing solution for low flow
situations. glockemann

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Video is about 10 years old so no chance. It is in Ireland, I am in Canada.
There is a pulser pump playlist too with video from peole in England,
Indonesia, etc. There are also some newer pulser pumps round the world. You
just have to convince someone to film theirs and post the video. I live in
a city and do not have access to a good site. Sorry.

Автор sergey brain ( назад)
so bad video qualtiy. can you shoot part by part?

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Just a note that this video is currently being spammed with junk comments
from some nut who keeps opening new youtube user accounts. (Sorry for your
inconvenience). I don't think there is much I can do about it. Hopefully he
will get bored soon. Poor guy.

Автор Axel Maxwell ( назад)
He says he wrote that page but someone else edited this line in "The energy
of the falling water entrains the air into the water, but that is not the
energy that pressurizes the air, as is often incorrectly claimed. That
energy is solely a derivative of the hydraulic head." and he claims that
bothers him because he does not understand it. You are right, he does not
understand how this thing works. I think he wants to believe he has
discovered a form of free energy.

Автор Axel Maxwell ( назад)
The author here sites another video "Pulser Pump (air lift pump)" as proof
that pulser pumps can pump higher than the head, he claims it reaches the
height of ten feet- but does not tell us one significant detail. But in the
comments of that video his brother clearly states that the chamber is
buried ten feet below ground. It seems quite clear that the height of the
water is pretty much the sameas the height of the downflow pipe + a little
higher when one factors in the volume of the air bubbles

Автор Axel Maxwell ( назад)
"But a ram can not use a tonne of water per second and a large pulser pump
could." -what do you base that statement on? Ram pumps could be built
rather large. Ramp pumps can pump tens of times higher than pulser pumps
anyways. The height that the pulser pump can pump is limited to the
vertical height of the downflow pipe. Gaiatech confirms this himself by
pointing to another video "Pulser Pump (air lift Pump). Read the comments
there, pumped height-ten ft- depth of chamber-10ft.

Автор Brian White ( назад)
Hi, Ahxehl, you are blocked, didn't notice that this user was created
today. (and probably just to waste my time). Have a GREAT day!.

Автор Ahxehl Velicht ( назад)
Why do you say it is strange? Do you mean you do not understand what it

Автор Ahxehl Velicht ( назад)
OK I saw that video. What are the dimensions of that pump? How far
underground is the compression chamber?

Автор Brian White (444 года назад)
Yes, that line itself is really strange. I wrote up the trompe stuff first
as a "stub" then wikipedia were going to delete it because I didn't have
references. I appealed for the learned people to find them (which they did
and I am really grateful) but then it was open edit and probably many
people have changed things. Wikipedia is not perfect. The airlift pump
entry has been a thinly disguised advert for "geyser pumps" for years. I
don't get involved with it any more. Too many egos.

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