The pulser pump uses hydropower with no moving parts!
It is just pipes joined together. People have made pulser pumps and pulser pump models in Europe, Asia, and north America and posted them to youtube. Probably other places too. ( Please check out and make the pulser pump nano too. The nano began in 2011 as a suggestion from Virlusun on youtube) Nobody has ever made a pulser pump nano.
The one in the videos have worked for over 2 decades.
This idea was probably thought of and used (and lost) before I thought of it.
If you have ever seen a tromp powering an airlift pump to pump water (or reference to it), prior to 1986, please let me know. a entry, and more people will have confidence to use them.
The pulser pump began in 1988. This is a small one in Ireland. Thanks Wikipedia (june 08) for updating the definition for trompe at my request.

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Автор abu muhamad Mustafa (2 месяца)
is this possible to be used taking water for dring or irrigation from
narrow well of 90 meters deep? how this can be ddone ? tthank you

Автор Bob Thunder (5 месяцев)
Hi I really appreciate this video, this seems to be a large version of the
Ram Pump--am I correct in understanding this? Except you do not use a valve.

I am trying to find a way to do hydroponics without the need of an electric
pump, but need to pump the water to the same hight. 

Автор softtchtoo (18 дней)
I am trying to use a windmill to pump the air for a hydroponic system.
So are there measurements of how much air needs pumped and can it be
length of pipe in water compared to lift?

Автор peter clemo (2 месяца)
clever but the narrative was awful I had to work it out for myself

Автор Shun Sing Poon (5 месяцев)
very good inspiration for further the environment preservation, no fuel
consumption need. thanks.

Автор TheRealDaneSullivan (5 месяцев)
Brian, no mummies were ever found in the pyramids, they were NOT burial
chambers. They were laid to rest in the Valley of The Kings

Автор David Whiteley (3 месяца)
Near Cobalt Ontario is an old pump of this form used to create compressed
air for the mines. I think the intake pipe was about three feet across.
When the pressure exceeds requirement it blows off water in a mighty
fountain, a bit like Old Faithful. The design might have come form

Автор joelkonkor (3 месяца)
have you ever tried stacking this idea?
in my mind i have this picture of the ground level pump shooting water into
a smaller system such as this but on stilts. maybe you could double your
height out of that and ram pump it far off and away. sometimes i have
streaks of genius right before i fall asleep. figured id share that one
with the world. anyway, good night youtube. 

Автор MeTubeu333 (1 год)
dude, this is stupid lol... it requires more energy put into this system
than you could take out.. sorry, nice try

Автор Paul De Raque (7 месяцев)
animated with paint ^_^

Автор Brian White (7 месяцев)
This doesn't use water hammer and it has nothing whatsoever to do with ram
pumps and bernouli's principle is only a tiny tiny part of how it works. We
all love the security of attaching unknown things to something we learned
in physics 101 but 2 phase fluid flow is not thought in physics 101 and
involves a whole range of physics principles that most of us have never
even heard about. But the good news is that these pumps are simple to make
and to use. They do not pump very high though.

Автор Hugh Jaanus (7 месяцев)
YOU don't have a problem with your English but others have a problem
understanding you. You say dis and dat, not this and that. The Queen and
her family don't have an accent, they speak English, A German speaking
English would have an accent, A French person speaking English would have
an accent. I am Irish and can speak Polish with a Cork accent. Anyway the
English don't speak good English, they say modern not modern, Americans say
hunnerd, not hundred, Australians say woda, not water.

Автор Richards WasteLand (1 год)
Lol. Over sized squirt gun.

Автор deanosslewis (1 год)
Glockerman water powered pumps are an amazing solution for low flow
situations. glockemann

Автор Brian White (6 месяцев)
Bill went too big on his tromp for most people (including himself!. Mine
are smaller but I went too big too! BUT you can do useful work with a tromp
that is only 3 or 4 ft deep. A 1 meter deep tromp can pump water with the
pulser pump nano idea. (Bundles of tubes instead of 1 pipe for the airlift
can pump water effectively) I am working on several concepts. Pallet
gardens, ebb and "float" hydroponics and "lungfish" hydroponics all to run
on 1 psi air. (extremely low pressure air!) Brian

Автор fuelban (2 года)
Nice concept, Big Science as you term it... {Has little interest, Outside
there Own} my friend, don't look there for any help, you have a "fine Idea"
here, I can think of several applications for this, but need to let it
rattle in my mind a time or two, thanks, very good video. Thom in Scotland.

Автор felixIxilef (1 год)

Автор Phillip Galey (1 год)
And, for proof of principle, nor are any calculations necessary, . . .
you're confusing yourself, . . .

Автор Brian White (8 месяцев)
Hi Sunny, It is not really practical. Check the weird and wonderful
alternative energy playlist for for low tech ideas.These tanks filled with
water store energy but withdrawing some of that energy to pump water (as
the water is being used by the apartment dwellers) will also slow down the
water going the the apartment dwellers. And given that their system is low
pressure, it is probably slow to start with! And, even more important, more
pipework means more danger of sanitary failings.

Автор Brian White (1 год)
Nope, indygoguy. Rams are way more efficient. But a ram can not use a tonne
of water per second and a large pulser pump could. And pulser pumps are way
simpler. So it is just different strokes for different folks. If you bother
to go to my windowfarms research playlist, you can see a one psi aquarium
bubble pump pumping to more than 10 ft. By your "understanding" that is not
possible but there are about 30,000 windowfarmers and many of them pump to
10 ft and higher with the same method.

Автор Phillip Galey (1 год)
In attaching redundant and unnecessary technical info, sound like any of
many scientists and politicians, and to lay yourself open to confusion: in
the conversation of energy in thought, any pressure differential in the
bubble collection cone, does not bear mention; rather, the whole from there
on out is the simple matter of equalization by gravity, and than water, the
air being lighter, it travels by conveyance tube to push some trapped water
up and out, . . .

Автор davisx2002 (11 месяцев)
how do you compress air without any moving parts? If you say a pump; why
not just pump water with a plunger instead of air?

Автор Danny Jewell (7 месяцев)
Have you thought about Ping Pong Balls as your floating piston? I have a
design for an air lift pump using PPB's but only built part of it. I am
working on an air compressor and pump combination for existing wells, 1
moving part. Please let me know what you think. I am doing mission work in
Nicaragua, taught 2 classes on pumps, valves and air lift well drill. I
will head back in December. Facebook page NicaMission, Email
djquigly@yahoo.com, Phone 765-513-2063 unlimited text and calls.

Автор Brian White (1 год)
I dug it by hand, one summer when the stream dried up. I think the hole was
about 15 ft deep. I have pictures on the tripod site. Most people hate the
idea of a deep hole. Eileen from the windowfarms community suggested a
"pulser pump nano" that doesn't go so deep (just 1 or 2 meters) runs a
bundle of 1/4 tubes to pump water. I did proof of concept (I have no stream
now) and that works too. Check the pallet garden project. 1 tube uses about
20 litres of air per hour. Many tubes needed!

Автор Kinder Kinetika (11 месяцев)
Hi. Can you please send some more specifications if I want to build a pump
from out a dam or just normal measurements. Regards

Автор Brian White (1 год)
In a general low head situation, you cannot put the trompe on an incline
without major losses. (The air bubbles just go to one side of the pipe and
goes back up quickly). You need that vertical flow to keep them mixed
evenly. However, I do not know the what the case might be in high head

Автор MrBlueroads (1 год)
im very confused, i want to build one i live on a big creek but i cant
understand this diagram. what am i seeing? is it a pipe burried under the
creek ?

Автор Nick Kitchener (1 год)
Pull out a piece of paper and work it out for yourself. This is a hydraulic
so the air compressed = the weight of water in the primary column. This is
your force. The height with with you can then raise the water is dependent
on the volume of water in the hose. The max height will be when the amount
of water in the hose = the amount of water in the column. You could pump
the water 100 ft if the hose was thin enough.

Автор Brian White (8 месяцев)
No, it works on a different principle. Thanks, Brian

Автор Brian White (7 месяцев)
Hi, Danny, I don't think Ping pong balls will work. I think the floating
piston (which is just an R+D idea) will work if you can find a wettable
hard foam or sponge that you can cut into spheres of a suitable size. I
only ever did it with little polystyrene balls that I broke apart from some
sort of polystyrene casing that was made of polystyrene "bubbles" of
various sizes stuck together. I manually submerged them and they produced
much better liquid holdup. Potential for large improvement!

Автор Brian White (10 месяцев)
Yes, it needs a stream of running water. It is not very "efficient" and it
does not pump very high. Its advantages are that it is cheap and simple and
it uses water power that sits unused anyway. The big disadvantage is you
have to dig deep! BUT if you want something easier, there is the pulser
pump nano! The pulser pump nano goes about a meter deep, and makes approx 1
psi air (7kpa). You use that air to pump water through BUNDLES of 5 to 7 mm
tubes. Pallet garden playlist has more details!

Автор Hugh Jaanus (7 месяцев)
Your English is shocking, you have problems with "th" in your
pronounciations. In the text I am replying to, you say THOUGHT where it
should be TAUGHT as in teach. I presume you are Irish (I am also) from your
accent, at first I THOUGHT you were from Holland or some other wierd
country. I also think you posted a video regarding using an air pump to
rise water using bubbles, and are living in Canada. Am I right or am I

Автор Tomas Vavricka (1 год)
Smart !

Автор Brian White (8 месяцев)
Hi Sunny, I have some playlists (mostly of other peoples work), that shows
ways to use "low grade power" and very small power sources to do useful
work. "weird and wonderful alternative energy machines", "wimpy power for
the masses". Combining low energy water power, wind power, solar power, etc
to pump air around a low pressure "pneumatic grid" is technically easier
and cheaper than an electrical grid. The compressed air can then be used to
pump water, etc. It runs my pallet gardens

Автор Brian White (1 год)
Grow up.

Автор 650nj (1 год)
it is not clear idea .. it is useful but how does it works .. ? the
mechanism of the pump is not clear

Автор Axel Maxwell (1 год)
"But a ram can not use a tonne of water per second and a large pulser pump
could." -what do you base that statement on? Ram pumps could be built
rather large. Ramp pumps can pump tens of times higher than pulser pumps
anyways. The height that the pulser pump can pump is limited to the
vertical height of the downflow pipe. Gaiatech confirms this himself by
pointing to another video "Pulser Pump (air lift Pump). Read the comments
there, pumped height-ten ft- depth of chamber-10ft.

Автор hintzofcolorconcepts (1 год)
Funny, thats the same sound it makes when you hump a slurpie

Автор Brian White (1 год)
They are probably testing it in Loughborough university this year.

Автор Abd Elhamid Elsayed (10 месяцев)
does it need a stream of running water to power it? - thank you for your
reply in advance

Автор Brian White (1 год)
No, you are going into the perpetual motion world! It just does not work
like that. I think the limit with really low head like this is maybe 35%
efficiency. If you has 2 meter head, greater efficiency can be achieved.
They are testing the pump at a university in England probably before June.
Hopefully the results will be shared openly.

Автор Mike Poirier (1 год)
Great work, Very well detailed. Good explaination. Thanks for helping out.

Автор Brian White (1 год)
Southerncounties withheld his next comment but I still got it in my inbox.
You cannot sugar coat it, sometimes I have to deal with lots of foul stuff.

Автор berlusconi22 (1 год)
sounds like my harley :)

Автор Brian White (10 месяцев)
No moving parts. For real.

Автор Brian White (11 месяцев)
You can look up trompe or tromp on wikipedia (for compressing air). Pumping
with air is simpler and nothing wears out. No adjustments were required to
pump to 1 meter or 5 meters. The real point was to prove that you can use
very low head water power to do useful work. (0.5 meters head and 250 to
350 litres per minute flow.) All the fish in the sea will be gone in about
60 years (sea will be too acid for fish to live from CO2!) but NOBODY uses
low head hydro. There is lots of it unused!

Автор Tomas (2 года)
If you need help with diagrams, I'll be glad to help you. I mean some of
the pictures imply you dig under the riverbed... (at least to me.)

Автор Phillip Galey (1 год)
In reading some of the other commentary, I see that, you find difficulty
also, with others as easily; however, I don't wonder what's wrong with you,
. . . you appear to fulfill the definition of a rather hopeless mental
case, . . .

Автор Brian White (1 год)
It has 2 parts, I guess. The first part is called a tromp and it PRODUCES
low pressure air. The second part is called an airlift pump and it USES low
pressure air to pump water. Other people have made pulser pump videos too
and it is also on wikipedia and in the internet glossary of pumps. Check
those for an explanation that works for you. Note that the airlift pump
entry on wikipedia is a "commercial" for another type of pump. Wikipedia
don't seem to care.

Автор Brian White (11 месяцев)
This is not a ariete hidraulico (Hydraulic Ram). It works on a very
different principle and it has no moving parts. (A ram must have at least 2
moving parts).

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