Fields of Hope (English Fandub)

Hey everyone! It's been ages since I uploaded a new video but here it is. I had to write these lyrics twice cause the first time, it got the deleted. The first verse of the lyrics are from the original anime english dub, the second verse, I wrote myself. This song is from Gundam Seed Destiny, originally sung by Rie Tanaka.
All pictures in this video belong to their respectful owners! The karaoke instrumental version is by TyDaisuke so don't ask me for it and I did not say it was mine. I give no one permission to use my lyrics, sorry ya'll, but trust me, it's way better when you write your own :D This song is for Julie and that's all I have to say. Oh yeah, comment, fav, share, subscribe! x3


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Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Nice to know ^^

Автор 95Elizabeth (709 лет назад)
Thanks x3

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Thank you very much and thanks for subscribing! :D

Автор ShuffleDeck ( назад)
you have a beautiful voice, keep up the good work. ^_^

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Lol, sad and calm xD Nice... I'm the magical emotion manipulator hehe... Thanks spirally! You never fail to make me smile x3

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Thankies~ I really appreciate it ;D

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Really? xD And I'd love to do a duet with you some time! ^_^ I love Mizu no Akashi too ;) Thanks~

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Oh my gosh, it's been so long! So sorry for not replying x.x I'll talk again ASAP, things have just been a little crazy lately. Sorry about that! Yeah, I'm not really sure why it's off-sync, I'll probably fix that some time soon xD Thanks a lot of listening ^_^

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Aww gee thanks x3

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Thank you~<3

Автор 95Elizabeth ( назад)
Thanks so much ^_^ I'm really happy it made you feel calm :)

Автор Richard Coronado ( назад)
beatiful voice. is my favorite, now.

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