Metallica-Ride The Lightning-[Full Album]

Album:Ride The Lightning
Publicacion:27 de Julio de 1984
Genero:Thrash Metal
Discográfica:Megaforce Records,
Elektra Records.
00:00-Fight Fire With Fire
4:40-Ride The Lightning
11:17-For Whom The Bell Tolls
16:19-Fade To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Ice
31:37-Creeping Death
38:14-The Call Of Ktulu

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Просмотров: 742,137
Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 47:05
Комментарии: 893

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Автор Hope Lanza (1 месяц)
Didn't y'all know? Dave Mustaine wrote the first 3 Metallica albums before
they kicked him out.

Автор Mario Rondón (1 месяц)
This album is the main reason metallica is so big. It's simply perfect.
wouldn't change a thing

PS. Megadeth is still better

Автор Tamás Alföldi (2 месяца)
the times when Lars could still play drums

Автор wegotpoker money (2 месяца)
0:00 Fight Weed With Fire
4:40-Ride The Weed
11:17-For Whom The Weed Tolls
16:19-Weed To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Weed
31:37-Creeping Weed
38:14-The Call Of The Weed

Автор vanillasiciliana (2 месяца)
@Groovy Q Dave Mustaine's voice sucks. I like Megadeth but his singing
voice is just infinitely inferior to Hetfield's. High pitched, annoying and
melodramatic. He sounds like he should be singing in a cheesy glam hair
band, not metal. Or even worse, one of the singers of Rush. That's just my
honest opinion though.

Автор benjamin pursifull (2 месяца)
all good songs

Автор Zlazuja (20 часов)
Thanks Bob Rock, thanks Lars

Автор Carson Dow (1 день)
my favorite metallica album,the first four were the best

Автор Jason Talkington (1 день)
hi, i'm jason?

Автор Tommy Garcia (2 дня)
This is a great album idc how many people talk shit on Metallica. This
album in my opinion is one of the greatest metal albums in history. With
that they definitely deserve a spot in the big four.

Автор rapgenius300 (2 месяца)
lil b is better music then this #swag 

Автор Stefan Domuzov (4 дня)
Ride the nimbus 2001

Автор Jexx Livzin (4 дня)
Dave Mustaine is just a shitstain on rock and roll!!!!

Автор MrDemented669 (5 дней)
one of if not the best Metallica LP ever !!!

Автор acim acimovski (6 дней)
just one thing i listen these god of music loooong long time and kill em
all and ride the lighting was litle time play by me so who the fuck d
mustaine all of u who wrote things ....mustaine these mustaine that
.....wtf mustaine best thing 4 ppl whuuu love metallica is albums past
ride the lighting if mustaine is alive we never see this legends 

Автор Paul Lonsdorf (12 дней)
1. Fight Fire With Bacon
2. Ride The Bacon
3. For Whom The Bacon Tolls
4. Fade To Bacon
5. Trapped Under Bacon
6. Bacon
7. Creeping Bacon
8. The Call Of Bacon

Автор stilettosandshades (3 месяца)
Love how everyone likes to talk about the power chords - but is anyone
hearing that fucking double bass pedal during fight fire with fire? Holy
fuck! Kicks in at 2:55

Автор 027Blast (3 месяца)
Metallica was the big dick of the 80's-90's...now it's the gay dick up the
ass of 2000-2014.

Автор Dark Amethyst (16 дней)
My favourite album of Metallica 

Автор luke earthling (19 дней)
genio, this album is the best, every song, every minute is pure thrash, i
chuj w dupę...

Автор Douglas Scalzo (21 день)
My buddy Mike and I would be high as a kite blasting this in the 80's!
Those were the days!

Автор Paul Hackney (4 месяца)
My favorite thing about this album is that its metal with a classical
influence, and I absolutely love the guitar sound, it has that electric
sound in the power chords, its thrash, but beautiful at the same time, and
so well put together, its not quite master of puppets, but it has its own
special qualities that master of puppets doesn't have

Автор seto kaiba (25 дней)

Автор Skrull (27 дней)

Автор Bboy(with a banana) (4 месяца)
Fight fire with fire-The real kick starter. It has a soft opening and then
BAM a riff thats so simple, yet effective. And the solo is so good.

Ride the lightning- The main riff is not that interesting for me, but when
it gets into the ''second part'' it becomes much more intresting for me.
Still good, but not the best

For whom the bell tolls- A very diffrent take on metallica. Much more
meledolic, and it works very well.

Fade to black- What can you say, its Metallica's first ballad. They always
do those right, and this is no diffrence. And those solo's man, kirk knows
his shit.

Trapped under ice- This song is really underated, and its pretty good. A
very well put together, fast and certaintly trashy song.

Escape- I think this song doesn't have anything diffrent then the vocals.
The riff is kinda weak imo, but its not bad. Still shouldn't pass it.

Crepping death- One of the most meamberable songs on the album. It has a
riff wich is very fast again, just like allot of riffs on this record, and
when they sorta bridge comes, you just want to scream ''die,die,die!''.

The call of ktulu- This song, I dunno. I think the songs overstays its
welcome a litlle to fast.. I think Orion is much better.


Автор יניב מאור (5 месяцев)

Автор Dave Mustaine (1 месяц)
Happy birthday album 


Автор Andrés Páez (1 месяц)
El nombre de la ultima canción salio antes de que comenzara.

Автор Ed Lover (1 месяц)
I love when dickbags come on a vid like this and say shit about how much
better rap is. If that's the case then go "rap" your lips around your
favorite rapper's balls on your own time...people here don't care about
that no-talent sorry excuse for "music".
I mean, how may songs can you possibly write about 1. How much money you
(supposedly) have, 2. How many women you (supposedly) fuck, 3. How many
(supposed) platinum chains you have, 4. How big your dick (supposedly) is.
5. How large your rims are, and 6. How much "swag" (rhymes with "fag") you
have? And to top it all off it's mostly ignorant pants-sagging goofy white
kids buying that spam up and blasting it from the stereo of their mommy and
daddy's Ford Focus. 

Автор brian southerland (1 месяц)
Love old school Metallica

Автор basbas metal (1 месяц)

Автор anthony hesler (5 месяцев)

Автор Luis Acosta (6 месяцев)
El consumo de alcohol en exceso puede ser nocivo para la salud


Автор kevin johnston (2 месяца)

Автор Biltospill (2 месяца)
best Metallica album imo

Автор wolvesdawn (2 месяца)
Best record ever made on the face of this planet. Anthem after anthem. The
80´s 4 horsemen.

Автор Albert Marley (2 месяца)
Life changing information here: go to TruthContest◙com and read ~The

Автор David Mauricio Perez (2 месяца)

Автор Groovy Q (2 месяца)
Metallica is a joke. Dave Mustaine was the best thing that ever happened to
this band and they let him go.

Автор Beer .Nitipong (2 месяца)
WiFi With Fire LOL

Автор Rick sturart (5 месяцев)
39 bieber pecker heads

Автор Masataka Seki (2 месяца)

Автор CreeperLogic | Gaming, Tips, and More! (2 месяца)
Master of Puppets, AJFA, Kill 'Em All, all have NOTHING on this.

Автор yonik mamedov (11 месяцев)
Through The Cliff

Автор zoidstro (1 год)
haha Bacon.

Автор michael johnson (10 месяцев)

Автор Paul Sebastian (11 месяцев)
its like this after countless doobs and countless king cobras...all my
heart and soul went into my learning of the stringed vagina...metallica was
such a big part of my life(family life sucked cock total disfunction)
hetfield,hammet,burton,lars made my goal a this shit can maybe happen...
(without lemmys big beauty mark winking at me sorry bro hammet) so as i
fell into teenage shit that teenage guys do i got really good and without a
kid you gonna make get in there and play my focus was lost

Автор narofrosto (11 месяцев)
Their bassist at the time was Cliff Burton

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