Metallica-Ride The Lightning-[Full Album]

Album:Ride The Lightning
Publicacion:27 de Julio de 1984
Genero:Thrash Metal
Discográfica:Megaforce Records,
Elektra Records.
00:00-Fight Fire With Fire
4:40-Ride The Lightning
11:17-For Whom The Bell Tolls
16:19-Fade To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Ice
31:37-Creeping Death
38:14-The Call Of Ktulu

Просмотров: 1119890
Длительность: 47:5
Комментарии: 1061

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Автор Hoani Kepa ( назад)
I dont listen to any Metallica albums post-Load (except D Magnetic) cos
they suck after that!

Автор bamamgr1 ( назад)
Favorite Metallica Album

Автор Raymond Tolomei ( назад)
Great album! one of the top 3 Metal albums of all time! by any band..

Автор MrPLANI ( назад)
00:00-Fight Lars With Fire
4:40-Ride The Lars
11:17-For Whom The Lars Tolls
16:19-Fade To Lars
23:08-Trapped Under Lars
27:13- Lars
31:37-Creeping Lars
38:14-The Call Of Lars

Автор mohoono ( назад)
je m'en chie dessus comme lois lane dans superman l'idée de ma propre mort
me terifie...

Автор mrninninnin ( назад)
Currently Detoxing from 10 years of drinking. Day 6. Just in case any of
you are, he he, are stupid enough to do so, listening to your favorite
music of when you were sober, helps bring you back to reality. Amazing how
drugs and alcohol can make you forget about the simplest things. And just
an after thought. In a way, Mettallica is a christian band. Being that
James was raised Christian Science and all. 

Автор Rafał Grzegorzewski ( назад)

Автор scorpion king ( назад)
Metallica shorts albums had more affect on music than all other bands
thousand of albums!!

Автор Nayla Bezerra ( назад)
Fight fáia with faiá

Автор Rémi Villé ( назад)
2:28 3:23

Автор Elane Melo ( назад)
Metallica é foi e sempre será uma banda digna da perfeição

Автор Sydney Syd ( назад)
Uff de lo MEJOR !!!♥♥♥ \m/

Автор Aleph Bell ( назад)
█ █
█ █
Responder · 289

Автор ednaldo jose ( назад)
era digno da perfeição mais agora uma bosta mais escuto ate o black álbum
depois disso não presta

Автор Carson Wadge ( назад)
sweet solo in ride the lightning wish i could do it

Автор Johana Rivera ( назад)
metallica 4 live

Автор Johana Rivera ( назад)
ashole that its a great album fuck heaters

Автор Felipe Da Cruz ( назад)

Автор Casey Jones ( назад)
Fade to Black may very well be the most epic Metallica song ever written.

Автор Przemek EPIC ( назад)

Автор FullMasterGrunger ( назад)
00:00-Fight Tables with Tables
4:40-Ride the Table
11:17-For Whom the Tables Tolls
16:19-Tables to Black
23:07-Trapped Under Tables
31:37-Tables Death
38:14-The Tables of Ktulu

Автор darkstarVIII ( назад)
I'm 38yrs old and I'm looking for my board after listening to this. This is
gonna end bad.

Автор seaotter 98 ( назад)
A very fine album within thrash metal \m/

Автор Rob Tollefson ( назад)
Cry out, Infested with Lice!

Автор Éric Boucher ( назад)

Автор Danimal300zx ( назад)
Lulu is so much heavier than this.

Автор TheRabi71 ( назад)
The Call Of Ktuluuuuuuuuu

Автор Hulkjunior Hulkjunior ( назад)
Hustý :D

Автор Stacy Phillips ( назад)
who is this

Автор Kevin Dolan ( назад)
This is the weakest Metallica album in like EVER: I like TOTALLY hate
listening to it over and over again, even though I'm compelled to do so.
It's nice in between lattes at the local Starbucks; but it gets on my
nerves when I'm trying to decide between Versace and Christian Dior while
I'm shopping (sad face).

Автор Santiago Diaz ( назад)
One of the greatest Metallica albums ever mutha fucka's.

Автор Nikola Stefanovic ( назад)
31th years

Автор Eddienson Young ( назад)
00:00-Fight Bronies With Ponies
4:40-Ride The Applejack
11:17-For Whom The Fluttershy Tolls
16:19-Fade To Equestria
23:08-Trapped Under Pinkie Pie
31:37-Creeping Apple Bloom
38:14-The Call Of Celestia

Автор Laurelindo ( назад)
144p for best sound quality, yo.

Автор Mermeros ( назад)
My friend told me once that Metallica plays mostly hard rock. ok.

Автор Jonathan Gorman ( назад)
Old skool shit still rocks they shouldve never changed.

Автор Zarishea ( назад)

Автор Dan Pereira ( назад)
One of the heaviest heavy metal songs of all time. Oddly melodic for such
a banal heavy-over-the-top masterpiece.

Автор feras salah ( назад)
man dat fade to black solo ! emotional

Автор Carin Suzanne Danta ( назад)

Автор kenny coffey ( назад)
Absolutely one of the best albums ever made regardless of genre. This is
one that will live forever!

Автор ´ Walfar ( назад)

Автор Joker ( назад)
Are we gonna ignore how awesome The Call of Ktulu is? I mean come on.

Автор TheSultan79 ( назад)
We shall strike down our foes with sharp steel and cold hearts. The weak
die so that the strong prevail and none shall be spared. Then and only then
will our enemies know the true meaning of fear. 

Автор Maurice O'Neill (1948 лет назад)
16:25 - What is this instrument?

Автор Fumatulxx ( назад)
Thanks Joueur du grenier!!! ^^

Автор Maxime Phuket ( назад)
Bought this vinyl in 1986 in France for 5 bucks from a classmate, it was
the green rare fail edition.

Автор Rove ( назад)
Fight Fire With Fire one of their best songs.
Ride The Lightning one of their best songs
For Whom The Bell Tolls one of their best songs.
Fade To Black one of the best ballads ever
Creeping Death one of their best songs.
The Call Of Ktulu one of the best songs ever

Автор gpgpgpgp1000 ( назад)
1. Fight Pickles With Pickles
2. Ride The Pickle
3. For Whom The Pickle Tolls
4. Fade To Relish
5. Trapped Under Pickles
6. Cucumber
7. Creeping Pickles
8. The Call Of K'tuna Salad

Автор Azerionn K. ( назад)
Cet album c'est comme la cigarette, c'est avec celui là que j'ai commencé
donc c'est le meilleur pour moi ! Même si le black album et master or
puppets sont cool aussi !

Автор brian mock ( назад)
dave mustaine wrote the first 3 albums thats why they rock punkass bitches

Автор Krzysztof Banaszak ( назад)
One word - Legend

Автор Kolya Maratov (1386 лет назад)
410011982728161 Ребят хочу на конерт металики киньте на яд кому сколько не

Автор Fenriz28 ( назад)
Best album ever. Defenetive

Автор bro brader ( назад)
bagi saya ini adalah satu perkara yang tidak ada dalam diri

Автор R RUSSELL SCOTT (1028 лет назад)
Kudos to Richard Jumper. Your soliloquy was spot on. No one can deny the
impact Metallica has in the music world. They initiated the third major
shift in the evolution of heavy music in the early eighties. The first
being Black Sabbath in 1970 and then Judas Priest in 1974. 

Автор Eric trauthwein ( назад)
Love this album.

Автор Joseph Kurr ( назад)
So everyone knows that whole Megadeth/Metallica thing is kinda old now,
right? Just remember, they've both had hits AND flops. Metallica flop: St.
Anger... Megadeth flop: The World Needs a Hero... That's pretty much it...

Автор Brendan Whiunui ( назад)
im 42yrs and i still love every sound our metal gods play

Автор zelphree kilemen ( назад)
great solos on this one.

Автор Dial Upp (DialUp) ( назад)
I like lettuce.

Автор Jeffrey White ( назад)
No need to hear things that they say -- lifes for my own to live my own
way-- ESCAPE /M\

Автор Angela Gem Gaming (2034 года назад)
Fight Cupcakes with Cupcakes
Frost the Cupcakes
From whom the Cupcake Frosts
Fade to Batter
Trapped under Cupcakes
Frosting Cupcakes
The Frosting of Cupcakes

Автор Radioactive Since 1990 ( назад)
"Ride The Lightning" - God damn, the name alone is amazing.

Автор Montagem no Kimyou na Bouken ( назад)
I prefer black album

Автор TheDarkomasia ( назад)
Fartallica - Ride the Fart

1. Fight Farts With Farts
2. Ride the Fart
3. For Whom the Fart Tolls
4. Fade to Farts
5. Fartscape
6. Creeping Fart
7. The Farts of Ktulu

Автор Guido KutRo ( назад)
Obra maestra!!

Автор Mantte ( назад)
Metal sucks, all metal artists use drugs and you should listen to real
legends like lil wayne and chris brown, atleast they put some effort in
their music, that's why they are real legends.

Автор Capricious Gamzee (1704 года назад)
My favorite song by Metallica ever!

Автор Ryan Jackson ( назад)
Fight Vagina with Vagina
Ride the Vagina
For Whom the Vagina tolls
Fade to Vagina
Trapped under Vagina
Escape Vagina
Creeping Vagina
the Call of the Vagina

Автор trevor williams ( назад)
00:00 fight africans with africans. 4:40 ride the
africans 11:17 for whom the africans toll 16:19 Fade to
african 23:08 Trapped Under africans. 27:13 Slavescape 31:37
Creeping Negros. 38:14 The Negros of Ktulu

Автор Christian Haugaard ( назад)
Fight Macaroni With Macaroni
4:40-Ride The Macaroni
11:17-For Whom The Macaroni Tolls
16:19-Fade To Macaroni
23:08-Trapped Under Macaroni
31:37-Creeping Macaroni
38:14-The Call Of Macaroni

Автор Kathryn Dahl ( назад)
I love this band Metallica

Автор Cannibal potato lesbian ( назад)
00:00-Fight Ducks With Ducks
4:40-Ride The Ducks
11:17-For Whom The Ducks Toll
16:19-Fade To Ducks
23:08-Trapped Under Ducks
31:37-Creeping Ducks
38:14-The Ducks Of Ktulu

Автор jerdern nerlez ( назад)
dude metallica is life

Автор XcavadorSavage ( назад)
One does not simply...go to a Metallica video without Megadeth and
Metallica fanboys arguing back and forth which is better.

Автор Andycreep11 ( назад)
Dave Mustaine if u had a brian u would know that idot tryed to kill
metallica LOLOLOLOL

Автор ┼Adriano Metalfire┼ ( назад)
The best album of Cliff phase in my opinion.

Автор The Metal Fix ( назад)
Cliff 'Em All, Cliff The Lightning, Cliff Of Puppets..... RIP CLIFF BURTON.

...and Justice For Jason, The Jason Album, Jason, Re-Jason, Jason Inc. LOVE

St. Robert, Robert Magnetic, RURU.

Автор Eissari4 ( назад)
My favorite Metallica album

Автор consciousopinion ( назад)

Автор consciousopinion ( назад)
I just don't get how he sings that good with a big ol wingwang in his mouth

Автор Cesar Gil ( назад)
here sounds more thrash ....

Автор Zlazuja ( назад)
Thanks Bob Rock, thanks Lars

Автор Carson Dow ( назад)
my favorite metallica album,the first four were the best

Автор Jason Talkington ( назад)
hi, i'm jason?

Автор Tommy Garcia ( назад)
This is a great album idc how many people talk shit on Metallica. This
album in my opinion is one of the greatest metal albums in history. With
that they definitely deserve a spot in the big four.

Автор Stefan Domuzov ( назад)
Ride the nimbus 2001

Автор Jexx Livzin ( назад)
Dave Mustaine is just a shitstain on rock and roll!!!!

Автор MrDemented669 ( назад)
one of if not the best Metallica LP ever !!!

Автор acim acimovski ( назад)
just one thing i listen these god of music loooong long time and kill em
all and ride the lighting was litle time play by me so who the fuck d
mustaine all of u who wrote things ....mustaine these mustaine that
.....wtf mustaine best thing 4 ppl whuuu love metallica is albums past
ride the lighting if mustaine is alive we never see this legends 

Автор Paul Lonsdorf ( назад)
1. Fight Fire With Bacon
2. Ride The Bacon
3. For Whom The Bacon Tolls
4. Fade To Bacon
5. Trapped Under Bacon
6. Bacon
7. Creeping Bacon
8. The Call Of Bacon

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