Metallica-Ride The Lightning-[Full Album]

Album:Ride The Lightning
Publicacion:27 de Julio de 1984
Genero:Thrash Metal
Discográfica:Megaforce Records,
Elektra Records.
00:00-Fight Fire With Fire
4:40-Ride The Lightning
11:17-For Whom The Bell Tolls
16:19-Fade To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Ice
31:37-Creeping Death
38:14-The Call Of Ktulu

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 47:05
Комментарии: 835

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Автор Mario Rondón (4 дня)
This album is the main reason metallica is so big. It's simply perfect.
wouldn't change a thing

PS. Megadeth is still better

Автор Richard Jumper (6 месяцев)
Metal the way it was meant to be. Politcal without running for office,
heavey enough to bang yet unbreakable, lyrically expressive without over or
understating, thrash enough to be hard core yet simple enough to satisfy
some main streamers, slam dancible yet simply head rockable, anthem like
yet divisive, symphonic yet secular, raging yet soothing, thought provoking
yet mind numbing, substancial yet emptying and instrumental is

Автор Bboy(with a banana) (3 месяца)
Fight fire with fire-The real kick starter. It has a soft opening and then
BAM a riff thats so simple, yet effective. And the solo is so good.

Ride the lightning- The main riff is not that interesting for me, but when
it gets into the ''second part'' it becomes much more intresting for me.
Still good, but not the best

For whom the bell tolls- A very diffrent take on metallica. Much more
meledolic, and it works very well.

Fade to black- What can you say, its Metallica's first ballad. They always
do those right, and this is no diffrence. And those solo's man, kirk knows
his shit.

Trapped under ice- This song is really underated, and its pretty good. A
very well put together, fast and certaintly trashy song.

Escape- I think this song doesn't have anything diffrent then the vocals.
The riff is kinda weak imo, but its not bad. Still shouldn't pass it.

Crepping death- One of the most meamberable songs on the album. It has a
riff wich is very fast again, just like allot of riffs on this record, and
when they sorta bridge comes, you just want to scream ''die,die,die!''.

The call of ktulu- This song, I dunno. I think the songs overstays its
welcome a litlle to fast.. I think Orion is much better.


Автор Tamás Alföldi (1 месяц)
the times when Lars could still play drums

Автор HC Menace (6 месяцев)
For whom the bell tolls

Автор stilettosandshades (2 месяца)
Love how everyone likes to talk about the power chords - but is anyone
hearing that fucking double bass pedal during fight fire with fire? Holy
fuck! Kicks in at 2:55

Автор CreeperLogic (1 месяц)
Master of Puppets, AJFA, Kill 'Em All, all have NOTHING on this.

Автор nonesta13 (6 месяцев)
that outro on "for whom the bell tolls" is exactly what i needed

Автор wegotpoker money (23 дня)
0:00 Fight Weed With Fire
4:40-Ride The Weed
11:17-For Whom The Weed Tolls
16:19-Weed To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Weed
31:37-Creeping Weed
38:14-The Call Of The Weed

Автор josh beylinson (6 месяцев)
00:00-Fight Dick With Dick
4:40-Ride The Dick
11:17-For Whom The Dick Tolls
16:19-Fade To Dick
23:08-Trapped Under Dick
31:37-Creeping Dick
38:14-The Dick Of Ktulu

Автор cody santillo (7 месяцев)
Escape is the best song on this album and unrated song that Met has.

Автор Ante Sovulj (7 месяцев)
ride the lightning mmmmm

Автор 765DARKLINK (6 месяцев)
This reminds me too much of her...

Автор Brian Wisz (5 месяцев)

Автор benjamin pursifull (1 месяц)
all good songs

Автор 027Blast (2 месяца)
Metallica was the big dick of the 80's-90's...now it's the gay dick up the
ass of 2000-2014.

Автор יניב מאור (4 месяца)

Автор Rick sturart (4 месяца)
39 bieber pecker heads

Автор 7Spronge (7 месяцев)
Kill'em All and this one, than i lost interest in Metallica

Автор Bandit Alley (7 месяцев)
Best metal band EVER.....Not to heavy not too light....Just rightn in the

Автор Reggie Dean (4 месяца)
I went to this tour when I was a freshmen in high school, and thought it
was the shit.
now it sounds so dated.

Автор Daniel Felipe Rodriguez (8 месяцев)
the best album from metallica 

Автор Tibor Kópis (8 месяцев)
Clifford Lee Burton...forever...R.I.P.
Tibi from Hungary, Debrecen.

Автор Paul Hackney (2 месяца)
My favorite thing about this album is that its metal with a classical
influence, and I absolutely love the guitar sound, it has that electric
sound in the power chords, its thrash, but beautiful at the same time, and
so well put together, its not quite master of puppets, but it has its own
special qualities that master of puppets doesn't have

Автор anthony hesler (3 месяца)

Автор Ed Lover (9 дней)
I love when dickbags come on a vid like this and say shit about how much
better rap is. If that's the case then go "rap" your lips around your
favorite rapper's balls on your own time...people here don't care about
that no-talent sorry excuse for "music".
I mean, how may songs can you possibly write about 1. How much money you
(supposedly) have, 2. How many women you (supposedly) fuck, 3. How many
(supposed) platinum chains you have, 4. How big your dick (supposedly) is.
5. How large your rims are, and 6. How much "swag" (rhymes with "fag") you
have? And to top it all off it's mostly ignorant pants-sagging goofy white
kids buying that spam up and blasting it from the stereo of their mommy and
daddy's Ford Focus. 

Автор Victor Haplo (1 месяц)
My God, Ride the lightning and Fade to Blake do not end. Or i was sleeping?

Автор Sebastien Billaudel (11 дней)

Автор kallo182 (4 месяца)
Damn the slow Songs of Metallica are sooooo Epic!!

Автор MARVIN THE BOON (6 месяцев)
missile time, fuckin AAA

Автор brian southerland (10 дней)
Love old school Metallica

Автор shamurkh hurbablurr (3 месяца)
fight bacon with bacon
ride the bacon
for whom the bacon tolls
fade to bacon
trapped under bacon
creeping bacon
the call of bacontulu

Автор luis fsbre (2 месяца)
commerciality 100%....

Автор EminemDaGoat1 (5 месяцев)
Love their first 5 albums. So tough to choose a favorite but I have to give
this one a slight edge over master of puppets. Both are masterpieces
though. The Black album is also one of my favorites.

Автор clint oman (5 месяцев)
great memories listening to this...

Автор Ninja Flips (5 месяцев)
IMO their last masterpiece...this album defined 80's metal

Автор Shawn Kuriel (4 месяца)
I rode the lightning \m/

Автор wolvesdawn (28 дней)
Best record ever made on the face of this planet. Anthem after anthem. The
80´s 4 horsemen.

Автор UziKillYourMom (1 месяц)
1. Fight doge with doge
2. Ride the milkbone
3. For whom the doge tolls
4. Wow to doge
5. Trapped under shibe
6. Escape (the cate)
7. Creeping doge
8. The call of Dogeulu

Автор Kimon Matara (2 месяца)
Back when Lars could keep time on the double bass...

Автор Jhon Tracy (7 месяцев)
Yes James

Автор TYSON VOCALSBASS (4 месяца)

Автор Fernando Fonseca (7 месяцев)
np no the is kill´en all

Автор Jogador CSGO (2 месяца)
42 Pharaoh Sons

Автор Jamie Moll (1 месяц)
Peace Sells But Who's Buying... Is The Best and This... This is the
Masterpiece. Music for life!

Автор trsssss70 (3 месяца)
30 years ago this kicked ass and still does!

Автор Mark Williams (4 месяца)
Do unto others as they done to you BUT what the hell is this world coming
Nice parable.but what does it really mean?

Автор Albert Marley (29 дней)
Life changing information here: go to TruthContest◙com and read ~The

Автор Scooby Steve (5 месяцев)
one of my favorites for sure :)

Автор Damian Torn (6 месяцев)
FYI - I recall being told that ESCAPE was Metallica's attempt at writing a
radio-friendly single per the record company's command.
That's why the chorus has a pop-like melody - and that's as far as they
could go toward the record company's bullshit request. TGFM! o|^_^|o 

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