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Просмотров: 32306249
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Автор Rove (2 месяца)
Fight Fire With Fire one of their best songs.
Ride The Lightning one of their best songs
For Whom The Bell Tolls one of their best songs.
Fade To Black one of the best ballads ever
Creeping Death one of their best songs.
The Call Of Ktulu one of the best songs ever

Автор Bill Cunniff (4 месяца)
Metallica fans: Megadeth sucks!
Megadeth fans: Metallica sucks!
Slayer fans: FUCKING SLAYER!!!
Anthrax fans: I like this song.

Автор Ronaldo Marques (19 дней)
O segundo disco,melhor q o primeiro...

Автор XcavadorSavage (7 месяцев)
One does not simply...go to a Metallica video without Megadeth and
Metallica fanboys arguing back and forth which is better.

Автор Hysky Juhana (7 месяцев)
It's time to get back to the roots and fade to black...

Автор Angela Gem Gaming (4 месяца)
Fight Cupcakes with Cupcakes
Frost the Cupcakes
From whom the Cupcake Frosts
Fade to Batter
Trapped under Cupcakes
Frosting Cupcakes
The Frosting of Cupcakes

Автор TheDarkomasia (5 месяцев)
Fartallica - Ride the Fart

1. Fight Farts With Farts
2. Ride the Fart
3. For Whom the Fart Tolls
4. Fade to Farts
5. Fartscape
6. Creeping Fart
7. The Farts of Ktulu

Автор Robert Eskuri (6 месяцев)
The good ol' days before Metallica turned into commercialized pussys.

Автор cameron reed (1 месяц)
this is the same one lol

Автор Willy Seiner (1 месяц)

Автор Mantte (6 месяцев)
Metal sucks, all metal artists use drugs and you should listen to real
legends like lil wayne and chris brown, atleast they put some effort in
their music, that's why they are real legends.

Автор Boris Potušek (3 месяца)
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-[Full Album]

00:00-Fight Fire With Fire
4:40-Ride The Lightning
11:17-For Whom The Bell Tolls
16:19-Fade To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Ice
31:37-Creeping Death
38:14-The Call Of Ktulu

Автор Violent Potato (7 месяцев)
00:00-Fight Ducks With Ducks
4:40-Ride The Ducks
11:17-For Whom The Ducks Toll
16:19-Fade To Ducks
23:08-Trapped Under Ducks
31:37-Creeping Ducks
38:14-The Ducks Of Ktulu

Автор stilettosandshades (1 год)
Love how everyone likes to talk about the power chords - but is anyone
hearing that fucking double bass pedal during fight fire with fire? Holy
fuck! Kicks in at 2:55

Автор Ronaldo Marques (12 дней)
O segundo disco,melhor q o primeiro...

Автор Dan Pereira (1 день)
One of the heaviest heavy metal songs of all time. Oddly melodic for such
a banal heavy-over-the-top masterpiece.

Автор feras salah (2 дня)
man dat fade to black solo ! emotional

Автор kenny coffey (25 дней)
Absolutely one of the best albums ever made regardless of genre. This is
one that will live forever!

Автор gpgpgpgp1000 (2 месяца)
1. Fight Pickles With Pickles
2. Ride The Pickle
3. For Whom The Pickle Tolls
4. Fade To Relish
5. Trapped Under Pickles
6. Cucumber
7. Creeping Pickles
8. The Call Of K'tuna Salad

Автор Alfredo Gomez (19 дней)
fight fire with fire reminds me of homosexuality, sex (fight) with men on

Автор Nathan Slade (23 дня)
It goes like this.. Megadeath.... Slayer.... Anthrax and.... hang on.....

where the fuck did Metaliica go?

Автор Maxime Phuket (1 месяц)
Bought this vinyl in 1986 in France for 5 bucks from a classmate, it was
the green rare fail edition.

Автор Matt Murdock (1 месяц)
Are we gonna ignore how awesome The Call of Ktulu is? I mean come on.

Автор Alan Wendling (2 месяца)
Cet album c'est comme la cigarette, c'est avec celui là que j'ai commencé
donc c'est le meilleur pour moi ! Même si le black album et master or
puppets sont cool aussi !

Автор Eissari4 (8 месяцев)
My favorite Metallica album

Автор TheSultan79 (1 месяц)
We shall strike down our foes with sharp steel and cold hearts. The weak
die so that the strong prevail and none shall be spared. Then and only then
will our enemies know the true meaning of fear. 

Автор Carin Suzanne Danta (11 дней)

Автор Krzysztof Banaszak (2 месяца)
One word - Legend

Автор R RUSSELL SCOTT (4 месяца)
Kudos to Richard Jumper. Your soliloquy was spot on. No one can deny the
impact Metallica has in the music world. They initiated the third major
shift in the evolution of heavy music in the early eighties. The first
being Black Sabbath in 1970 and then Judas Priest in 1974. 

Автор Eric trauthwein (4 месяца)
Love this album.

Автор bro brader (3 месяца)
bagi saya ini adalah satu perkara yang tidak ada dalam diri

Автор MrDemented669 (9 месяцев)
one of if not the best Metallica LP ever !!!

Автор Jeffrey White (4 месяца)
No need to hear things that they say -- lifes for my own to live my own
way-- ESCAPE /M\

Автор Joseph Kurr (4 месяца)
So everyone knows that whole Megadeth/Metallica thing is kinda old now,
right? Just remember, they've both had hits AND flops. Metallica flop: St.
Anger... Megadeth flop: The World Needs a Hero... That's pretty much it...

Автор zelphree kilemen (4 месяца)
great solos on this one.

Автор Spreen | BL Alarm | RB Spreen (8 месяцев)
Too bad Cliff died two years later after the release of the album.

Автор Maurice O'Neill (1 месяц)
16:25 - What is this instrument?

Автор Fenriz28 (3 месяца)
Best album ever. Defenetive

Автор Brendan Whiunui (4 месяца)
im 42yrs and i still love every sound our metal gods play

Автор wegotpoker money (11 месяцев)
0:00 Fight Weed With Fire
4:40-Ride The Weed
11:17-For Whom The Weed Tolls
16:19-Weed To Black
23:08-Trapped Under Weed
31:37-Creeping Weed
38:14-The Call Of The Weed

Автор trevor williams (6 месяцев)
00:00 fight africans with africans. 4:40 ride the
africans 11:17 for whom the africans toll 16:19 Fade to
african 23:08 Trapped Under africans. 27:13 Slavescape 31:37
Creeping Negros. 38:14 The Negros of Ktulu

Автор Stefan Domuzov (9 месяцев)
Ride the nimbus 2001

Автор acim acimovski (9 месяцев)
just one thing i listen these god of music loooong long time and kill em
all and ride the lighting was litle time play by me so who the fuck d
mustaine all of u who wrote things ....mustaine these mustaine that
.....wtf mustaine best thing 4 ppl whuuu love metallica is albums past
ride the lighting if mustaine is alive we never see this legends 

Автор Fumatulxx (1 месяц)
Thanks Joueur du grenier!!! ^^

Автор Mario Rondón (10 месяцев)
This album is the main reason metallica is so big. It's simply perfect.
wouldn't change a thing

PS. Megadeth is still better

Автор TsunaGamerBr (5 месяцев)
I prefer black album

Автор ´ Walfar (1 месяц)

Автор seto kaiba (9 месяцев)

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