Portal to Equestria | Episode: 1

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Episode: 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hun_Du4wqYo&index=2&list=PL0dBbtyDXx9sa0ZhTqf_yUN0tryADC_79

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Автор Idan Chen ( назад)

Автор ShadowAxon ( назад)
*me looking for a new series to watch stumbles upon season 8) Well this
looks well done, lets go to the beginning.


It dose not take itself to seriously, I LIKE IT!

Автор Rainbow Berry2000 ( назад)
Ofcourse no and I will make friends

Автор Emma Derrick ( назад)

Автор Peaches Lavine ( назад)
"Hail to the king,baby" - Puts glasses on- Lol

Автор LPS Katie (katiecat000) ( назад)

Автор Joseph Cardoza ( назад)
ok yes the portal to the ponies

Автор ShinySS1 ShinySS1 ( назад)
ok as long as I. am my OC

Автор Jacob Schaller ( назад)
it is hot in topeka...

Автор 채널팝콘 ( назад)
0:01 derpy?????

Автор Jhorie Hadley ( назад)
i would like to go to equestria. And i would be able to turn into anything
and have a cutie mark in the shape of a flower made up of every cutie mark
there is even fake ones. i would have every talent and go every where.

Автор useless person ( назад)
20 minutes into neflix and chill and he gives you this look 2:26

Автор DarkBluefire91 ( назад)
Yes I would take it, and will spend my first day eating cupcakes!

Автор sara Zoubi ( назад)
oh yea lololo hahahaha

Автор Sarah Folger ( назад)
I will want to be a pon y

Автор Tamy Guranovic ( назад)
2:00- 2:03 Twillight: Hey im Twilight SPRINKLE!!!?

Автор Truu Love ( назад)

Автор Emily Young ( назад)
Yes I would take the portal

Автор James Glennon ( назад)
The same thing happened to me! I might be stuck here, but Equestria is

Автор Essa Alyaqoub ( назад)
And wares my cutey Mark!!??

Автор Essa Alyaqoub ( назад)
wares ed+s cutey Mark???!!

Автор ☻ Spezzy Lemon and Banana ☻ ( назад)
playing with danger ftw

Автор paul buckle ( назад)

Автор Kaye Buñag ( назад)
What is derpy doing on the bed?

Автор Dionna Edwards ( назад)
now Derpy is in the bushes.

Автор Dionna Edwards ( назад)

Автор Nassata Kromah ( назад)

Автор Andrea Saccaro ( назад)
I saw derpy a couple times

Автор Dillmccathron Mccathron ( назад)
I would never leave equestria I would be a mage weather pony with wings and
be happy with the many 6 .

Автор Tomboyish She-cat ( назад)
Yes if I can be my OC, Clover (I made her be for FIM and then changed her
design so I'm not the one who is copying from the show here it's the show
copying my OC's Name.) And I would become frienses with Vinyl and Octavia,
and join them in a band!

Автор obliviongamer gamer ( назад)
lol I can keep thing that Ed want to do sex

Автор S Luera ( назад)
that was amazing

Автор jodry zabdiel ( назад)
this is where ti started

Автор J.K. Ninja ( назад)
Objective: Derp
Location: Under your bed

Автор Freddy Fazbear ( назад)
1. YES 2. IDK

Автор Adrian Corona (229 лет назад)

Автор Melia Martin ( назад)
she just wants friends

Автор Mariana Ridge (cockerspanielover2007) ( назад)
did anyone else see derpy hooves under the bed in the beginning?

Автор William Mcglashan ( назад)
so there is no way back .... could we bring some phone line through if so
set up a phone and leave a note

Автор William Mcglashan ( назад)
derpy is all

Автор Dr.Atmosphere Hide ( назад)
I would get a job in the Rainbow Factory and make Some Beautiful Rainbow's

Автор Dr.Atmosphere Hide ( назад)
And then there was ED+77

Автор Dr.Atmosphere Hide ( назад)
The Great And Powerful Trixie

Автор Metallic Scratch ( назад)
I would take the portal to equestria and spend most of my time with Rainbow
Dash and Vinyl Scratch!

Автор Girl Link 27 ( назад)
Soow did any pony notice durpy pony in begining of episode cuse i did:3.

Автор Addy Wants Candy ( назад)
this is too funny omg

Автор Rainbow Dash Blast ( назад)
1:16 XD

Автор Wind Breeze™ (MsQueenSheep) ( назад)
2:07 "OH YEAH" x'D

Автор Dr. Vince ( назад)
I would go but not if i turn into a pony human is master race

Автор SleepingPuddle 2 ( назад)
Hell yea I would

Автор LPS Rainbow (1040 лет назад)
I will go in the Portal .

Автор Robert Jenkins ( назад)
i would go there but not in it forever

Автор super trioponys GAMING ( назад)
the fucking cape again

Автор AngelCake ( назад)
I would want to go if I got devices I could game on and keep for free

Blue and orange mane
White coat
Yellow eyes
Dark blue glasses
Hair styles tomboyish and easy for me to hide my face behind
Eye lashes shaped like fluttershys
Cutie mark is either a goldfish,a cumputer mouse,cake or a pencil with a
doodley looking paper
(Sense I'm good at taking good care of my petfsh Stamps,Luvs computers and
uses them a lot/ I'm a gamerholic,I bake cake just for fun and a lot of
times they turn out good,I doodle a lot)

My reaction: o-0 ooo < a pony? .0.ooo color? Ooo! I have wings!!! ;-;ooo these wings? Hopefully ponys eat frys/potato kind or else I will die

Автор Mi759876's Channel ( назад)
This is so funny XD

Автор articbunny8888 Shawn DeLisle ( назад)

Автор TheHappyHuskies ( назад)
Twilight sprinkle.......

Автор mey saelee ( назад)
very cool and sounds effect 👍👏

Автор xiomara umanzor ( назад)
lol twilight sprinkle

Автор Superbuddy10AJ ( назад)

Автор xXYukoTheNekoXx ( назад)
Yes I would take the portal. You don't wanna know what I would do >:3

Автор Random Pony Videos ( назад)
me to

Автор Daniela Oaksmith ( назад)
I mean derpy

Автор Daniela Oaksmith ( назад)
Did anyone see detour under eds bed ?

Автор Emily Wescott ( назад)
Have you ever watched mlp cupcakes

Автор Keven Juarez ( назад)
Portal to do random crap

Автор Johanny Mejia ( назад)
Spend time cause I wanna be friends with RAINBOW DASH!!!!!!! 👭

Автор Wisdom Johnson ( назад)
Well due I will go to get RD and yous sing nature and I will explore I
would most likely be a filly Pegasus I would be a light shade of blue
cookie for a cutie mark because I loooooooove

Автор Crystal Waters798 ( назад)
First id grab some friends but I'd take that portal and my time in
equestria would be spent making friends and flying around ( I'd be a
pegasus) helping the weather team

Автор whisperlily ( назад)
i wanna go to equestria maybe

Автор Human “& Pony” Rarity ( назад)
Hmm if im in equestria I would go to Twilights house first.

Автор Carolina Mishelle Castrillon Fernández ( назад)
i would spend my time on meeting the elements of harmony and help applejack
with apple bucking.Anc find a place to do drawings for ponies.I love you

Автор Carolina Mishelle Castrillon Fernández ( назад)
I would definetly stay in equestria forever taste the msgic of friendship
baby 😎😎

Автор mrfussion74 ( назад)
Look at the beginning of this end look like at the GMOD

Автор Amy Gerrard ( назад)
I woulr

Автор Zhane' the Hedgehog ( назад)
0:01 DERPY!!!????!??!?!?!?!??!?

Автор Re Set ( назад)
i'm already in equestria, what now? pinkie took my last pills :\ net
bandwidth is not the best, but ok.

Автор Rachel Valentin ( назад)
I would definitely go to Equestria, and I would definitely be a pink
pegasis with dark brown main and tail and have a rainbow heart with a paint
brush as a Cutie Mark!

Автор Sarah Younus ( назад)
I wanna be a pony and my name will be RareDiamond

Автор Hilary Fox ( назад)
yes I'd take it as long as my boyfriend got to go as well

Автор Painted Alpha ( назад)
he'll yeah I would as long I can be my oc

Автор Chase Davis ( назад)

Автор Chase Davis ( назад)

Автор Shreya Karan ( назад)
when this video started I saw derpy in the back ground

Автор Quinta The Pack ( назад)
Y⃟e⃟s⃟ I⃟ w⃟o⃟u⃟l⃟d⃟ b⃟e⃟c⃟o⃟m⃟e⃟ a⃟ p⃟o⃟n⃟y⃟ a⃟n⃟d⃟ m⃟y⃟ f⃟a⃟m⃟i⃟l⃟y⃟
w⃟o⃟u⃟l⃟d⃟ t⃟o⃟

Автор Derpy Hooves LPS ( назад)
ahhhhg memoriess

Автор Teh Engineer ( назад)
Thomas the fucking tank

Автор Cameron Wright ( назад)
2:56 duke nukem really rocks even in equestria

Автор Tony Castro ( назад)
I wish there's a dimensions were anything that has been made come true

Автор Jerry_The_Fox22 THE FOXY FAN (858 лет назад)

Автор Jerry_The_Fox22 THE FOXY FAN (903 года назад)

Автор Juan Sepulveda ( назад)
If a portal to equestria appears in front of me i would go through it

Автор Arty Saphire ( назад)
I would take the portal! !!!

Автор Ella Ungs ( назад)
I would go to equestria, here's what I would be
A teal mane and tail
A white coat
Red eyes
Cutie Mark: Dj Headset, cuz I love music and gaming
Am I forgetting anything?

Автор mlp ben the pony ( назад)
hey can you make season 3 to this series for me.

Автор Brogamer ( назад)
I'd spend my time thinking what the hell just happened and then don't giv a

Автор SkinnyGreenKiller ( назад)
Lord help them if I ever went to Equestria! it'd be Cupcakes all over
again, but with Special Stew ^w^

Автор Equestria Ghoul ( назад)
That depends, is this one of those deals where you only have so long to
live after going through the portal? Or are you just unable to come back to
this world?

Автор MLP Sparkle Star ( назад)
i would go there too

Автор The One And Only ( назад)
3:04 "Equestira"

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