Portal to Equestria | Episode: 1

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Episode: 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hun_Du4wqYo&index=2&list=PL0dBbtyDXx9sa0ZhTqf_yUN0tryADC_79

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Автор Derpy Hooves LPS ( назад)
ahhhhg memoriess

Автор Teh Engineer ( назад)
Thomas the fucking tank

Автор Cameron Wright ( назад)
2:56 duke nukem really rocks even in equestria

Автор Tony Castro ( назад)
I wish there's a dimensions were anything that has been made come true

Автор xXMLG_Toy Bonnie xX (857 лет назад)

Автор xXMLG_Toy Bonnie xX (902 года назад)

Автор Juan Sepulveda ( назад)
If a portal to equestria appears in front of me i would go through it

Автор Arty Saphire mlp ( назад)
I would take the portal! !!!

Автор Ella Ungs ( назад)
I would go to equestria, here's what I would be
A teal mane and tail
A white coat
Red eyes
Cutie Mark: Dj Headset, cuz I love music and gaming
Am I forgetting anything?

Автор mlp ben the pony ( назад)
hey can you make season 3 to this series for me.

Автор Liam Jarvis ( назад)
I'd spend my time thinking what the hell just happened and then don't giv a

Автор DJCAKELOVER99 ( назад)
i would go if i got a free cumputer and all devices that i could game on

skin:a light pink cuz i am part girly girl
hair:dark dark brown with some light red
hair style:long and some hair hideing my right eye
eyes:dark brown
do i talk:nope i am to shy to.
cutie mark:i donno i have so meny talents that i am good at
horn or wings:wings!!!
accessorys:shades,a bag to put my device in if i ever get one i don't even
have a phone yet ;-;

wher would i want to live:i would want to live with fluttershy

Автор Victor Dredg ( назад)
Lord help them if I ever went to Equestria! it'd be Cupcakes all over
again, but with Special Stew ^w^

Автор Equestria Ghoul ( назад)
That depends, is this one of those deals where you only have so long to
live after going through the portal? Or are you just unable to come back to
this world?

Автор MLP Sparkle Star ( назад)
i would go there too

Автор The One And Only ( назад)
3:04 "Equestira"

Автор Attila Bradjan ( назад)
I'd find the sexiest girl pony!!!

Автор The Warner Show ( назад)
Sorry i can't take the question seriously as it's written in comic sans!
But in all seriousness I WOULD take the opportunity to go to Equestria

Автор lisa melinn ( назад)
I would

Автор Giapet (947 лет назад)
One question why did trixie take him to equestria in the first place?.

Автор Dj Fluttershy Vinyl Scratch (Mlp MLP fan) ( назад)
yes awesome

Автор Cloudchaser101 ( назад)
i would most definitely go to equestria.

Автор Charming Masquerade ( назад)
I would definitely go to equestria if I had the chance!!!!

I would be like this:
Skin Colour: Light Brown
Mane Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Greenish
Cutie Mark: Games Controller because I love video games!

Автор Angelica Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор TOMMY NGUYEN ( назад)

Автор TheEnderCrew788502 ( назад)
I would spend my life in equestria by..... BEING THE BEST HACKER DA WORLD!
Also what I would look like:

Skin color: Black

Mane color: Purple

Eye color: Red

Cutiemark: It'll maybe be a computer cause im also a gamer.

Name: Techno Server

Accessory: Headphones

And there
we go :3

Автор THUNDER BOLT?! ( назад)
ok, this is a comment on where i type in the places where a cape (Trixies's
cape, that is at the beginning) is. if anyone sees it where i did not type,
plz let me know. :)

1. when Ed+ met Twilight (its behind her)
2. when Ed+ met Fluttershy (behind her too)

thats it. plz let me know if u see it anywhere else. :)

Автор Elisabeth Andreola ( назад)
I would risk the portal and I would tell the mane six what I am and I would
tell them What games I play In the old world. I then I would politely ask
for a tour of Equestria.

What pony would I be?

Here's what Pony I would to be:

Blue skin

A unicorn horn

And wings

My cutie mark:

A pencil to know that I like drawing.

Автор Niceguy21205PlaysWith Friends (Play4Fun) ( назад)
Take the portal but what I would do there? Well of course I might bring
like 1 of my dads safety guns just inncase

Автор THUNDER BOLT?! ( назад)
at 2:02, it sounded like Twilight Sparkle said Twilight Sprinkle.

Автор Salomon Simmonds ( назад)
I.. i.. i.. I would Defenitly do it CUZ I WANT DEM CAKES! :P

Автор That Peasant Named Danny ( назад)
I.. I was just watching dan and Phil play sims and basically lose Dil..
How... How did I get here..

Автор Kimberly Link ( назад)
I'd take the prortal

Автор Emilio Tanaka ( назад)
Twittlelight Spickle*

Автор Kylie Norman ( назад)
Wow... I didn't know your oc is a human character that was changed! An- OMG

Автор mr.tf2parody ( назад)
Portal fuck yea!!!

Автор Doodle Doll The Creator ( назад)
Of course i would take the portal
I would tell Lyra about the human world.
Make a living
Meet friends
Have my own adventures
Be a unicorn :D
Hug Pinkie Pie
Study with Twilight
Model a dress for Rarity
And never ever leave

Автор Sky Milk400 ( назад)
Would you take the portal?


I would pull pranks on twilight,bake cakes with pinkie,hang out with
fluttershy, be friends with rarity,fly with rainbow dash, and eat apples
with applejack. I would hang out with all of them!!!!

Автор Victor Lamb ( назад)
Why is do they play the song where they say "Oh Yeaaaah" Everytime he meets
a new pony? Cause they played it at: 2:05 and: 2:15 and: 2:25.. and also...
why did FlutterShy like just come FLYIN' in and HIT Twighlight Sparkle at:
2:10. Oh yeah and how the HECK can twighlight just like go CRAZY on the
window!? And yeah why did flutter shy's hoof SMACK Ed's muzzle at/after:
2:12? and I saw troll face on the pony at celestias castle. and behind the
log ed and his friend (the blank flank) were sitting on! XD and why do
doors always fall? Also why does ed have 0 voice? But he FINALLY TALKS in
season 3, and 4. Remember when Ed found the create? Well when he got
inside, he was given a voice, but how could Ed just LEAVE the blank flank
there, in that hot-tub when she was DROWNED FOR REAL wow! Ed should be a
shamed of his self! I mean he deserves to be PUNISHED for that! cause just
leaving a DROWNED PONY JUST LYING THERE, DROWNING! Oh and that thing about
ed thinking the blank flank was pretending yeah it happened in season 4
episode 4 at: 6:15 - 7:46 episode is called: Spa time nightmares I season
4 episode: 4. why does everything EXPLODE when they throw it? for example:
when Ed throws an electronic like: Ipad, Iphone, Computer, Nook, bike,
ANYTHING will explode when ya throw it! It's so weird... and what does SFM
stand for? and why is celestias pupil so small!? and why is her head tilted
so far on episode: ??? i cant remember. :( oh well i think it was called
the magic of friendship. I dont even know but anyways imma watch

Автор Victor Lamb ( назад)
2:22 0:10

Автор madison mata ( назад)
Can you make a episode of a new pony in town name drummerina and has a
cutie mark of a ( drumming set ) that is a wing pony and a girl with brown
hair blue eyes and green skin

Автор Night as Toothless ( назад)
OH MY GOSH A ED+ !!!!!!!!!! :O

Автор Lina Reyes ( назад)
They use good

Автор emerald gameplay ( назад)
Would you take the potal

Автор pika bolt ( назад)
I wold be an a lo corn and be the swag

Автор Ivan Junior ( назад)
1;17 levei um susto

Автор GamerOF Junaidy ( назад)

i have girlfriend

i got family

i got professional job

i got invitation to hollywood

Thats whyyy!!!!!!!.....

if no!


Автор Rosette Bush ( назад)
i would stay and meet princess twilight sparkle
and also use my magic

Автор Denzel Smith (1971 год назад)
Anyone else realize that twi said sprinkle instead of sparkle when she
introduced herself to ed?

Автор Irna E Strada ( назад)

Автор kittylover5342 ( назад)

Автор Ole “RandomFudge2334” Johnson ( назад)
I would take portal

Автор Alejandra Montalvo ( назад)

Автор Shark King ( назад)
i will go threw the portal and stay there forever

Автор friki.B frik ( назад)
I wanted to go to the site

Автор Inazuma Lightning ( назад)
I'd take the portal!

Автор Terri Fung ( назад)
I would first find rarity

Автор Regann Abunny ( назад)
What ED heard: "Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle!"
What I heard: "Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sprinkle!"

Автор TheWilliamMaster ( назад)
Love the tf2 music.

Автор Mackenzie Willson ( назад)
If I whent to equestria I would hang out with rainbowdash 

Автор Hilary Fox ( назад)
Well me and my boyfriend whould adopt scoot a loo and I'd use magic to give
her wings big enough where she can fly and all my love and caring.

Автор Troubled Chaos ( назад)
also spoiler alert :P
and yes i would totally take that portal as long as i can be my oc :D

why did you say theres no way back to the other world but then the cape
thingeh makes a portal to the other world? |:T

Автор xeronik69 ( назад)
holy snap, there is a ponyville map in TF2? :O i want to see!
as for the question at the end, i am not sure if i would want to be a pony
in that world, the universe isn't quite my style to the point where i could
stand living in it, like visiting a country like Japan, yeah, it would be
cool to visit, but there are plenty of things that make me not want to live
there. MLP:FiM is a guilty pleasure, i don't normally like or care about
anything with a tv rating lower than TV14, and aside from my past interest
in kids cartoons when i was younger, i have been more into anime and
HBO/Showtime type shows before i started diving into MLP. but yeah, i
wouldn't mind a week vacation in Equestria, but i couldn't handle being an
actual pony living there.

Автор Eff_Kay ( назад)
The human body is the perfection (vetruvian style XD)

Автор Harry Sparkle ( назад)

Автор happytreefriendsmusicvideos ( назад)
Trixie did the same thing in bfe

Автор Denzel the brony ( назад)
I will love to b
a pony 

Автор Ethan Linton ( назад)

Автор Angel Chronicles ( назад)
I would try and find out why there was a portal in the first place, and
give the person who put me in there a ARROW TO THE F*** NEE

Автор LPSJoy Love (1159 лет назад)
I'd take the portal
Trixie: HERE BE A PONY BRO XD *Turns me to pony*

Автор Francheska Stegall ( назад)
Which software did you use to mKe these episodes

Автор Joseph Rodriguez ( назад)
Check out this playlist on YouTube:

Автор Joaquin Johnson ( назад)
Can you make more EDplus videos.

Автор MLP RockMotion™ (Rocky) ( назад)
Oh yeach XD

Автор Nick Wager ( назад)
Hell yeah I would jump In and the first I would say and do is make a bumber
car appear and yell WOO! BUMBER CAHRS! SO CRUNCHY!

Автор Daniel Grec (Trick Master25) ( назад)
How I'd spend my time in Equestria, "Well bang Mkay."

Автор Daniel Grec (Trick Master25) ( назад)
I SAW DERPY, you can't tricksy me...

Автор GENESISCentral1 ( назад)
so why he a mare? o_O

Автор paul Ashcraft ( назад)
ed was a human once

Автор DestinyDisneyQueen Vu (Univera) ( назад)
I would totally do it and become a pony! I would hang out with twilight and

Автор the dragon puppy ( назад)
i wold play with flutershy

Автор Twilight7103Sparkle ( назад)
I love this!

Автор Rarity Diamond ( назад)
I would and I would eat ice cream 

Автор Alison Tucker ( назад)
when Fluttershy told Ed her name her smile was so sexy

Автор PettieSims ( назад)
I really want to go through the portal now!

Автор Stonelover180 Lynn ( назад)
I saw derpy at 1:31

Автор doggy1223 AJ ( назад)
How do you get this game were do you go im looking for it i want it. :(

Автор фурря волкава а нто на ва ( назад)
крутой мултик

Автор B80575 AJ ( назад)
Hi Ed, question, Do you play with the MLP toys?

Автор MJ Boett ( назад)

Автор Mirey ERTURK ( назад)
Twilight sparkle not twilight sprinkle

Автор The Best Raptor ( назад)
What's the player model called

Автор Ur Mum (1840 лет назад)
I would take the portal.

First I would get my OC (Blueberry Pie) to steal AJs hat,
Then bounce around with Pinkie,
Then read Daring Do with Twilight,
Then race Rainbow Dash,
Then teach Fluttershy how to fly better,
Then I would jump in a pool of mud and give Rarity a hug :-)

I'm so evil.

Автор Anela Miller ( назад)

Автор Emily Foster ( назад)
I soooooo love ed his quest of life is great to watch

Автор Joanna Kirby ( назад)
i wold be rainbow dash boy ver

Автор LunarSolstice 123 ( назад)
2:10 XD yay

Автор sophie01 nuevo ( назад)
Female pony has those eyes

Автор snakeeater1215 ( назад)
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I would take it, and why not? That's like saying no to the doctor.

Автор Miniya Danish ( назад)
I sure would go thru that portal it's so boring in the human world no

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