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Автор Epic_Brony129 (22 дня)
I wish that could happen to get us away from this cruel, cruel, world...

Автор PandaKaj MSP (25 дней)

Автор Tailterrier27 (1 месяц)
Why is he a mare?

Автор The pixel story book (29 дней)
i so wish i could get teleported to equestria that would be awesome! 

Автор Zakari Cook (3 месяца)
I would take the blue pill (pill = portal)

Автор chickenNinja bob jones (3 месяца)
Lets just say.... your animation has gotten better from the beginning.

Автор Raeon cat (2 месяца)
Is it me....or did Twilight say her name was Twilight Sprinkle?

Автор Glaze Coster (2 месяца)
trixie:*falls down trough the portal*uff!
ed:*wakes up*wha...!!who the heck!*falls down the bed*ow my head what
trixie:behold the great and powerfull trixie!!!
ed:the great and powerfull t-uhh wait a talking pony
trixie:thats right,and the great powerfull trixie will now turn you into a

Автор Pen (3 месяца)
I would come but im in training.

Автор zahara abdi (1 день)

Автор Daniel Morales (4 дня)
I am with you epic bronie

Автор Isaiah Ikhine (3 дня)
I saw derpy and cape

Автор Frankie Guns (8 дней)
i would want rainbow dash as my grilfriend if i laft my old world

Автор Tye Dye (15 дней)
Dinky's in the corner! Lol.

Автор Heartbroken 〈/3 (2 месяца)

Автор The Makoto Days (26 дней)
Great xD

Автор Greatandbeautiful Mawile (3 месяца)
0:42 derpy's in the corner lol!!

Автор ShikamaruXT (1 месяц)
I would take it. With all consequences.

Автор Zack Owens (4 месяца)
I would take the portal but I would spend the first day or two wondering
why I was a mare. Then realize that statistically speaking there must be a
healthy number of lesbians in equestria given the female population. And at
that point I'd set out to give my wings a test fly! That would be

Автор redhairgirl123 (2 месяца)
i would take the portal and i would spend ALL my life there,and OF COURSE
my family would come too,i mean,i CANT go alone so yeah.

Автор Rarity Isbestpony (3 месяца)
Equestria oh how I wish I lived there

Автор Renee Conley (1 месяц)
Did you make all these seasons and episodes? If so I need to ask you

Автор Crux of the Core (2 месяца)
Erm.. XD

Автор Joshua Lopez (3 месяца)
Hey edplus777 can i use your fan character ed pony for my foxbox Xhub
crossover fanfic?

Автор Maria Rozens (22 дня)
I would go through, live with Twilight, and just act like a normal pony.

Автор Cecilia Ang (1 месяц)
Ed didn't have his cutie mark

Автор Sofía Gómez (4 месяца)
lol nob

Автор Fluttershy Kinder (1 месяц)

Автор Jonathan Bigbeo (1 месяц)
I would take the portel send the rest of my life with fluttershy

Автор Eva Gomez (2 месяца)
i will take the portal

Автор Ali Worthy (1 месяц)
i'd take the portal

Автор S.I.Star (3 месяца)
Hail to the 'Queen' baby

Автор jake the fox (3 месяца)

Автор Margad Erdene (2 месяца)
Boy human girl pony

Автор lolfang phillips (4 месяца)
me 2

Автор seath spencer (2 месяца)
I would go then pass out from happiness then make friends with fluttershy
ask if I could live with her then I will live a pony life.

Автор Mecha Wolf (2 месяца)
Took them 2 years to make ed speak in equastria

Автор Doomstone rulez (3 месяца)
Take the portal yes and try to be the fastest pony alive

Автор Jacob Pence (26 дней)

Автор Tankanator92 (2 месяца)
Would I take the portal? I'd jump through it just cuze

Автор kathy pham (2 месяца)
YES I Would Help And Live With Twilight!

Автор RainbowDash (2 месяца)
I would defiantly take the portal.
And I would fly with Rainbow Dash

Автор Connor Hemphill (4 месяца)
Of course I would take the freaking portal

Автор Rainbow Dash (3 месяца)
Take the portal? No need! 

Автор Celestial Heart (4 месяца)
Yah I would take the portal!

Автор Niah Chavez (3 месяца)
i wanna take the portal!! XD
soo that is ED+ when he was a human

Автор ann21630 (1 месяц)
well I be a unicorn that hads red skin, brown hair, brown eyes with the yin
yang cutie mark and I wound ponys if they need help. 

Автор joshua rosales (3 месяца)
I wish there's a real portal to go to equestria

Автор Bowser Ridly (2 месяца)
That guy is a male, but turns into a female pony :/

Автор Jaiden Wiles (2 месяца)
I would go and adjust then ask vynil out and if not then maybe Octavia

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