Skinny Model in Lingerie Catwalk Show!

Beautiful skinny model walks down the A/W Lingerieplease.co.uk catwalk show in a stunning lingerie set by Gossard!

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Автор Anastasia Souzdaltseva ( назад)
ofcourse no one should be that skinny to have anorexia, but this is
deffinitely not anorexic!

Автор Anastasia Souzdaltseva ( назад)
it's just that these girls get their asses up and do something about their
body, not like other girls which comment mean comments on these videos
which are actually fat and lazy!!!! :S

Автор chrisscruzzz ( назад)
she's hot!

Автор rsairung ( назад)
small bone structure

Автор ashk005 ( назад)
She is so not skinny

Автор Korbin Dallas ( назад)
u people need to get a life

Автор Sociopathics ( назад)
I would... Lots of people would. Some people don't have that body type.

Автор angelogior ( назад)
she's NOT SKINNY!!!

Автор GwennyBee ( назад)
LOL moron.

Автор TheTruthHurtsYou ( назад)
Quit being so jelous.

Автор Anastasia Souzdaltseva ( назад)
ohh,, you all are soo jalouse! That you are soo fat and they're beautuful!

Автор yelahabril12 ( назад)
i'm naturally the same

Автор GwennyBee ( назад)
Oh dear, we have another walking skeleton. And the worst part is that young
girls are starting to actually look up to them... Moronic women.

Автор Barbara Solé ( назад)
too much skinny

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