AK-47 beginner's buyers guide


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Автор TheNiXxoO ( назад)
What are the price range on Norinco Aks ? Under folder Norinco prices.?
Been trying to do some research but can't find much info and want to know
what's a fair price to pay for one.

Автор wrightconnection ( назад)
Thanks for the video but it's titled "a buyers guide" and you don't mention
the prices. Plus first hime buyers would like to see a better video of what
they look like. For most of your video the camera was still and we could
only see half of the rifles. I've also heard not just one person say that
the WASR10 is way better than it used to be I've heard a lot of people say
how much better they are now. You discounted them all as being junk. I
don't think that's true anymore. You rambled a lot and got confusing.
Thanks for trying though. I'm gonna do some more research.

Автор Robz Channel ( назад)
laying your rifle against the wall like that will over time bend your
barrel it will trust me.

Автор NORINCO AK47 ( назад)
I love my Chinese norinco ak47 type 56s-1 underfolder preban with a blue
bolt S# m005xxx new in the box from NY NY and I sold my arsenal sam 7
Chinese ak47 r the best of the best of all time in ak47 rifles

Автор Matthew Burke ( назад)
Is the Norinco MAK-90 SPORTER built to the same quality as the standard
Norinco MAK-90?

Автор Peter Dassira ( назад)
Out of date

Автор Paul Camacho (333 года назад)
Just on and on and on rambling!! Lost interest!!

Автор venomkiler ( назад)
tbh i would get myself a izhmash ak if i could, yugoslavian and chinese
arent too bad either
, but it all comes down really on if you want a milled or stamped receiver.

Автор jacob chandler ( назад)
The triggers are sloppy...???? They come with a Tapco G2, and from my
experience ALL YUGOS I have owned are right behind Arsnal in quality and
dependability, I had to stop watching at that point, that statement on
YUGOS are crap couldn't be further from the truth, you don't have to buy a
2000.00 dollar ak to get a reliable, functional, and good looking weapon.

Автор AKMer47 ( назад)
You said most Yugos don't have chromed barrels and do not take AKM
furniture, none have chrome barrels and none take AKM furniture. If you
know what to look for WASRs are fine, they all have chrome lined barrels.
QC was improved in 2008, all WASRs since then have had all new parts. As
far as American made barrels Green Mountain is the only one I have heard
good reports on.

Автор milkshooter75 ( назад)
Any thoughts on a Bulgarian, East German or Russian models..????

Автор DeltaEcho7792 ( назад)
Any opinion of the Centurion 39?

Автор thealize808 ( назад)

Автор randomfatblob ( назад)
it looks like it to me for some reason

Автор Parlusk ( назад)

Автор randomfatblob ( назад)
is the front sight on you MAK-90 on backwards???

Автор PaintballHazard ( назад)
I was listening to this while doing my homework. I don't see the problem

Автор Parlusk ( назад)
I went to your videos and the first thing i see is a video titled
"kyacking", If you are going to post videos learn how to spell and or type.
I did not watch any of your videos due to that fact that I am not going to
waste any more of my time. This is my channel, where I post videos my way!

Автор Johnny McNair ( назад)
You need to learn how to make videos. The web is a sight-based medium...No
one is interested in looking at a wall,. If your speaking of model X then
show a model X while you're speaking. Get a voice conditioner and improve
the quality of your voice...Learn to pronounce your words (verbal acuity)...

Автор tommygunm1a1 ( назад)
If it has a stamped receiver, it's NOT an AK-47, excluding the type 1, of

Автор Parlusk ( назад)
SAR's are great aks... The triggers are a bit sloppy but tapco g2 trigger
are really cheap and easy to install!

Автор Hunter Thompson ( назад)
SAR1's any good?

Автор East Coast Young Gun ( назад)
There is a norinco under folder at a shop up the road. The guy wants $1800
bucks for it..... Yeah right. I don't doubt it's a great gun but just to
expensive right now.

Автор Ron Lasting ( назад)
If it's an AK-47, I'd rather have a stamped receiver instead of a milled

Автор M70AB2 ( назад)
I like your video, but I have to disagree with you on Yugoslav M70s, you
dont truly know Avtomat untill you shot full automatic 4-5 clips at once,
than weapons weakness will surface and you will see what is Yugoslav M70
difference. Try it if you get a chance.

Автор M70AB2 ( назад)
Yugoslavenski Avtomat Kasanjikov is BEST!!!!, battle proven and proven
again in all Yugoslav armys all seasons.

Автор AngryWMA ( назад)
Wrong! This Tyrant and his administration you voted into power will do
everything to outlaw all weapons/guns and the prices will continue to go
up. Supply and demand my friend. Buy now and try not to let the government
know you have any guns because they will come for them! Just like they did
post Katrina.

Автор tommygunm1a1 ( назад)
Mis information, like calling an AKM an ak-47, for example.

Автор aluisious ( назад)
No, he was right, you're a dumbass. Don't make a bunch of bullshit up and
post it on the net when the answers are well known by all and easy to find.

Автор nizam jawhari ( назад)
dude theres no need to talking like that I just started in to getting into
assault rifles and guns.So take it easy on the negativity i'm not here to
dis respect people just trying to learn... Peace and God bless you

Автор Zachary Zoglman ( назад)
youre a dumbass

Автор Sporty Tone ( назад)
Guess I'll wait until the prices go back down. The gun speculators have
driven the price of guns & ammo up so high it's ridiculous! Even the Ruger
Mini-14 that could be found easily for $400 or less 2 years ago are being
sold now for almost $1000. The prices will go down once the profiteers lose

Автор John Doe ( назад)
You're wrong with so many things it makes my head hurt. The ak47 is named
after Mikhail Kalashnikov who was a Russian tank sergeant in ww2 who made
the ak47 with some help from the designs of the german stg44 while
recovering in a hospital. Also, the USSR absorbed Czechoslovakia in 48
before forcefully invading them in 68 due to an attempt to leave the
communist bloc. They eventually became the Czech Republic and Slovakia in
93. Yugoslavia has nothing to do with it at all

Автор nizam jawhari ( назад)
it originated in Cech republic The Russians when they invaded took the
original scamatics ! then they named the Russian ak the cleshnicoff after
the general that took the original former Yugoslovia

Автор Cory Thomas ( назад)
if i was to get one i would try to get a russia made one cant go wrong with
the origin country

Автор redfirekla ( назад)
Best AK are the Vepr or Saiga from the motherland and if you can find a
norinco AK especially a milled one u can't go wrong.

Автор jittychitty ( назад)
Polish are the best.

Автор PockeyFox ( назад)
The economy and all the political/crazy shit that's been happening drives
up the cost of firearms and ammo.

Автор agent5250 ( назад)
Wasr 10 is the best

Автор DudeofGwinnett ( назад)
How much do you guys spend on ammo for your aks? Also, why the Hell did aks
go up in price so much over the past two years? I remember some of the
WASRs used to be around $400, now they are all in the 5,6,700 range.

Автор Squid For Hire ( назад)
I noticed you liked the Wasr 3 but not the 10. You didn't mention the GP
1975, and I did a quick search of your vids for it and didn't see anything
so I hope i'm not asking a redundant question but what do you think of the
Romanian GP 1975s?

Автор Chris Noel ( назад)
What do you think about a M10?

Автор ThugRandles ( назад)
Thanks for the video- looking to pick up my first AK this summer, and sheer
number of varieties is mindboggling. This helps to clear a bit of it up. Is
the mak 90 chambered for 5.45? The mag looks less curvy than the others.

Автор Firearm channel ( назад)
Must just be the lighting from your camera

Автор Firearm channel ( назад)
Why does the Ak on the far left look like the barrel is bent mr ak ?

Автор Firearm channel ( назад)
What you think about the SAM7R-61 ARSENAL? I just picked one up I have a
close up vid on my channel

Автор Freddie Walker ( назад)
Love my mak 90 had a lot of people say they are junk . Not mine

Автор coleydb ( назад)
you can make anything full auto. and none of his are

Автор Giotiner ( назад)
ZASTAVA the best!!!

Автор rkrzbk ( назад)
The far left and far right are beautiful guns

Автор POPJack1717 ( назад)
Shoot sounds like you need to mover here to good ol texas. Leave that
communist state behind.

Автор ThePhototropism ( назад)
I just bought my second MAK 90 on gun broker and I have to tell you it is
the best AK you can buy. These days with the gun grabbers doing there work
the prices are high. My first one cost me $500. my second $1000, but the
second is unfired new in box with all issued accessories from the early
90's. The deals are out there but they are pricey. Go used these things
last forever.

Автор bringthenos ( назад)
And your reasons?

Автор AgentoftheSystem101 ( назад)
Keep the Bulgarian.

Автор bringthenos ( назад)
Wasr is a Romania

Автор bringthenos ( назад)
I have three have to sell two. Yugo folder, .gp wasr 10/63, and a bulgarian
slr 95 arsenal. What do I keep.

Автор Parlusk ( назад)
i would check armslist dott com or gunbroker dott com. you can find new
ones from time to time. arsenal makes real good aks too

Автор Nicecardude100 ( назад)
which models are full auto?

Автор Alan Solingen ( назад)
Not really. It sais Serbia on it now lol. Don't get the regular PAP model,
get the n-pap. The PAP has a single stack bolt in it..wont feed reliably.
Some MAY...but the n-pap has the regular bolt in them.

Автор The1224ms ( назад)
lol Totally agree!!! thats why I have some.

Автор ryan d ( назад)
And i would rather have a bulgarian or russian cold hammer forged barrel
then a US made barrel.

Автор ryan d ( назад)
Thats why you just buy a 107slr or a 101slr arsenal ak and save yourself
the waste of money

Автор HawkenConstnt ( назад)
AK-47 first then the RPK

Автор SmackontheWeb ( назад)
Then please, PLEASE try Mr. Rambo Wannabe. But then treasonous scum like
you always "lead" from behind (behind your computer monitor that is). This
country could use a good enema and flushing shit like you is a sorely
needed treatment this country could use.

Автор Mick Scarborough ( назад)
Stupid child. We have those in Afghanistan yet we cant seem to beat them.
It doesnt matter what the gvt has as a weapon, we can still win a war
against it.

Автор TheBloodwaraxe ( назад)
Did anything change between the Yugo and the Serbian models?

Автор TridentMissileTech ( назад)
In no other country are ordinary civilians armed the way America is. The
gun is what gave Americas their freedom. The gun is what will keep our
freedom. Peace through strength. You never have to worry about drug
cartels, Mexicans, Canadians, or anyone else taking over as long as
Americans are armed to the teeth. I don't care how many drones the pentagon
has. If you think Vietnam, Korea, Iraq or Afganistan was a struggle for the
pentagon, imagine the struggle if the govt turns its own peple

Автор TridentMissileTech ( назад)
wasr are sold by century arms. I was not impressed with their customer
service. The gun control advocates say you do not need a 40 round magazine
to hunt with. That is true. But you may need it for protection. The musket
was the assault weapon of the 1700-1870. Our fore fathers felt if a weapon
was good enough for the military it should be good enough for law biding
citiziens. When they take away hi capacity magazines, then only criminals
and the ones that make the rules will have them.

Автор BIZKIT ( назад)
video feeds are not encrypted. You can setup a make shift antenna using
your wifi or off the shelf radio equipment and see their video feeds, IE if
there is one near by you can see what it sees. And the people flying those
drones are your neighbors, cousins, and friends. How many will follow that

Автор fuzzymon ( назад)
The first ak I bought was was a wasr-3 in 223. and the worst thing about
that gun was finding mags,now I have a mak-90 and alot of mags I will never
sell that thing.

Автор SmackontheWeb ( назад)
The government also has drones they can pilot from hundreds of miles away
from which they can drop a freekin bomb on you from 5,000 ft that you'd
never see or hear. Do you SERIOUSLY think you can fight that?

Автор 89grand ( назад)
The Steyr Imported Maadi's are the best, probably the closest to a Russian
AK. Many say some such as the Maadi Misr are bad. I have a Misr, and I also
have a Norinco Mak90, the Mak90 is a well built gun with a great trigger,
and better than the Maadi Misr, but my Maadi is pretty decent. I replaced
the stock set, and refinished it, in black header paint of all things, and
now it looks great, with a durable finish and shoots great as well. I back
the video though, the Mak90 is the shit in AK's.

Автор MrTactiCALi ( назад)
What are your opinion's on m10-762?

Автор timsricochet ( назад)
What do you think about the Poly Tech Spiker built in the 386 factory?

Автор victorwyo ( назад)
Have you built an AK? If so what to look for parts kits etc...

Автор JohnnyBoyCali ( назад)
Dont liste to the haters. I appreciated your video. Whast your opinion
about the Saiga AK's?

Автор kahner7 ( назад)
Aren't the slant cut maks cut like the veprs (opposite of the angle u

Автор kahner7 ( назад)
I wonder if people are capable of responding to a comment without
insulting..... douche

Автор dumpster baby ( назад)
lolz. i think the camera is just distorting the image. noob.

Автор kahner7 ( назад)
Lol... that is funny though, cause I was sure thinkin the same thing.

Автор Parlusk ( назад)
that is the way the light is hitting it jackass

Автор kenny johnson ( назад)
how can u tell if the ak is a sar vs mak90 , will it say it on the reciever
looking to buy , thanks

Автор corey2203322 ( назад)
thanks for the reply. and your video was interesting and it helped alot.
hope to have an AK soon.

Автор Parlusk ( назад)
the sgl 21 is a great ak , you cannot go wrong with it.

Автор corey2203322 ( назад)
what do you think about this AK?

Автор NoGuff ( назад)
With the Egyptian AKs, I hear their customer service is great, especially
these days!

Автор Darrin Thornburg ( назад)
The one on the far left its barrel is bent

Автор rednecklowlife ( назад)
Besides not having a chrome lined barrel. What about the YUGO PAP SATAVA?
what i do know is. The fit and finish is better than alot of them i seen.
And the wood stalk is full size and the wood looks really nice!

Автор 1977BangBang (1439 лет назад)
Well Said !!! Mak 90's are The best bang for your Buck

Автор Howudooinralph ( назад)
Thank you very much for this info. I had no idea....Just subscribed...A+

Автор SAR0311 ( назад)
Then you only know about 3/4 of the AKs out there judging from your
description and comment. Your comment shows your ignorance of current
modern variants. I'm an AR man myself for my own reasons. I'll pay 800-1800
for various ARs. I'd only spend 800-1000 tops for an AK. But you are
describing 300 dollar AKs. There IS a difference.

Автор GUNNUTPT2 ( назад)
7.62 by 51 = .308 winchester military nato version

Автор KC O ( назад)
maybe optical illusion but the far left ak looks like the barrel is bent


Автор kylecook9186 ( назад)
7.62x39 or 7.62x51? Any real preference? I was thinking 7.62x51 since it's
a NATO round.

Автор Craig Paulsen ( назад)
If Im going to spend 1200 on an AK Ill add a couple more BENS and get a LMT
Defender or REM 700 police sniper rifle Now that Quality

Автор Craig Paulsen ( назад)
I have a new WASR 10 I paid $250 for NEVER GAVE me an issue Can you site
why these are junk please. The weapon was unfired when I got it

Автор Focus1025 ( назад)
I find that my 10/63 wasr is very nice and almost comparable to my arsenal.
I feel that as long as you know what your looking at, you can go through a
selection of wasp's to find one that is best built

Автор Rickugg ( назад)
Hello: I got a mac 90 thumb hole stock gun in 1993 for $235.00 . Is this a
good gun, I have not shoot it yet. I also got a 1000 rounds 7.62x39 for
$99.00 non corrosive. If you know akout this gun I would like to know.

Автор GMeyers1231 ( назад)
what are your opinions on a Polish Underfolder?

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