George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (Live)

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Turn Down The Light
Turn down the bed
Turn down these voices inside my head
Lay down with me
Tell me no lies
Just hold me close
Don't patronise
Don't patronise

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something that it won't
Here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart
And i feel the power
But you won't, no you won't

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
I'll close my eyes, then i won't see
The love you don't feel when you're holding me
Mornin' will come and i'll do what's right
Just give me till then to give up this fight
And i will give up this fight

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something that it won't
Here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart
And i feel the power
But you won't, no you won't
'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't

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Автор mangawarra ( назад)
Achingly beautiful. So special. I guess we've all been there sometime. George! Thanks for singing what we feel and touching our hearts, ever more.

Автор Gabrielle Adkisson ( назад)
so missing  your music R,I,P

Автор Sotiria Sotia ( назад)
Rest in Peace angel , we love you #forever. RIP.

Автор J0ny P0wer ( назад)
A minha paixão de miuda o q eu amei este ser magnífico lindo lindo lindo,lá se foi a juventude sim essa ficou em 25/26_12_2016 RIP Yorgos.

Автор Anthonystjoseph I ( назад)
I absolutely love this man and his talent!

Автор Sotiria75 Loramatilda ( назад)
Rest in peace George Michael. For me George Michael willnever die as I keep him #alive in my memories for all the #timeless music 🎶 he gave us #Always loved and remembered. I hope people will keep making Tributes honoring and respecting his memory as the Grammys and British awards did a few days ago.

Автор dhanya raj ( назад)
I envy every great singer... They are the luckiest born as they live forever through these beautiful lines.. Ageless wonders!

Автор LillianaBMS ( назад)
So much love for you, George, RIP

Автор jaylovespti ( назад)
Why is he not in the rock and roll Hall of fame??!

Автор Dennis Pj ( назад)
Wow.. Such passion and depth in this song....
I always believed really good musicians are doing so much to the world... We listen to their music in every part of our life.... So much is emmbeded in our minds that a simple line can trigger all the memories along with it... This song willl never die..
RIP george

Автор Brendan John ( назад)
Angelic voice !  Love and miss you George !

Автор Darren Eaton ( назад)
Excellent version, done by Bonnie Raitt but I prefer George's version....what a Voice, always brings a tear to my eyes 😢😢 R.I.P George Michael "YOG"

Автор Kamila niepokorna dusza ( назад)
kocham kocham

Автор WT 00wee ( назад)
Morning Will Come and Joy will come with it. So sorry YOU did not believe your songs like I believed them
RIP George Michaels

Автор Paul Anderson ( назад)
The big GM! Rip

Автор Katarzyna Kaluza ( назад)

Автор Cecilia Vazquez ( назад)
the best cover of this song is this one. George you were a genius, I sadly miss you my love, is so unfair you are not between us anymore

Автор Zye Rico ( назад)
This song though 💔

Автор luther daviesl ( назад)
such a loss,rip george.adex

Автор luther daviesl ( назад)
love this song,so app to me.thanks george.you and luther awesome,simple.adex

Автор Diane White ( назад)
I regret not having the chance to see him live! His voice is a dream.............

Автор Rosi Bogazzi ( назад)
George in this song has not only put the soul, but he's got inside. Every time i listen i shudder.

Автор Josiel Rodrigues ( назад)
Os 229 que não gostaram estão com desgosto da Vida, São mal amados coitados infelizes.

Автор Patricia Serrato ( назад)
This song gets me in my feelings and I don't even have relationship problems! His voice was so beautiful I love his music RIP 😢

Автор Rachel Weston ( назад)
He was definitely sent from up above and unfortunately, for us, he had to return. I love you George xx

Автор Bacon Moore ( назад)
This is so powerfully sung.. He is missed..

Автор Fred van Munster ( назад)

Автор jerriel61 ( назад)
Rest In Peace George Michael

Автор eagle boy ( назад)
If u thumbs down this u need to check your pulse!!

Автор Roxana Cano ( назад)
why wasn't this released on dvd?

Автор Lisa Paz Witcher ( назад)
I am still sad RIP

Автор DESTROYER PLAYS ( назад)
still break my heart that you gon 😖😢💔

Автор Lee Garcia ( назад)
i am the biggest country music fan ever but if i was asked my two best voices it would be george micheals and adele

Автор Mailén Grance Vera ( назад)
Thanks for all

Автор Iwona Szalkowska ( назад)
George... still miss you 💔

Автор TheSunnybunny2000 ( назад)

Автор Neil Reed ( назад)
R.I.P George you're greatly missed by millions around the world I pray your in a much better place God Bless you always Amen xxx

Автор Martin Grayson ( назад)
What a ballad, that will last forever...

Автор Yeshim Ergench ( назад)
There was something so special about this man.

Автор Katharine Brashears ( назад)
George helped me get over some of my depression, with his music.

Автор Steven Heeps ( назад)
Beautiful absolutely amazing

Автор Anahita Haurvatat ( назад)
dear George...thank you sweet soul...beautiful Greek butterfly...

Автор RICHARD MINETT ( назад)
rip as have said before you , gary barlow guy chambers who wrote angels what a team x you would be xxx

Автор MARIA MYHRES ( назад)
I can't stop the damn tears.

Автор Margaret Thompson ( назад)
loved his voice!

Автор Scarlett Dawn ( назад)
i love u George

Автор Paradis743 ( назад)
Je t'aime George.

Автор JACKIE KIRUI ( назад)
May he rest in peace, really loved his music......

Автор Hasan Rahim ( назад)
😭😭😭😭😭😭 Great Star

Автор Philip Peet ( назад)
One of many beautiful performances ... I just wish there could have been more ... but still  what a great legacy he has left us .....

Автор Velg channel ( назад)
Linda versão na voz do rei George Michael!!!! R.I.P

Автор Sano Black ( назад)
I was just singing this song but the tears have stopped me from continuing... i felt he was here thru music !

Автор Debbie Johns ( назад)
You didn't have to make us love you George, all you're fans did, beautiful man, beautiful voice , I will miss and love you forever. Xx

Автор Ebony George ( назад)
The best version ever!

Автор Felipe Alva ( назад)
Sensibilidade a flor da pele!! 💓

Автор Kathleen Leonard ( назад)
Ultimate Truth~~~~~ But, we fans adored you George. Rest Easy Friend!!! We will always love you.

Автор Eva Gould ( назад)
Sublime. Your music will live forever in our hearts as you will

Автор Louise Dy ( назад)
man, this hurts me to very bit of my soul

Автор Rosie Goulis ( назад)
Ακούω την φωνή του και νιωθω τον πόνο του !

Автор barth paskie ( назад)
♪ I Can't Make You Love Me ♪
{Je ne peux pas vous faire m'aimer}Rejetez la lumière
Rejetez le lit
Rejetez ces voix à l'intérieur de ma tête(responsable)
Posez(Fixez) avec moi
Ne dites-moi aucun mensonge
Tenez-moi juste de près
N'être pas un client habituel
Ne soyez pas de moi' Caus je ne peux pas vous faire m'aimer si vous ne faites
Vous ne pouvez pas faire votre sensation(sens) du coeur
quelque chose qu'il ne fera(sera) pas
Ici dans l'obscurité dans ces heures finales
Je poserai(fixerai) mon coeur
Et je sens le pouvoir(la puissance)
Mais vous ne ferez(serez) pas, non vous ne ferez(serez)' Caus je ne peux pas vous faire m'aimer si vous ne faites
Je fermerai mes yeux alors je ne verrai pas
L'amour vous ne sentez pas quand vous me tenez
Mornin ' viendra et je ferai ce qui est juste
Donnez-moi juste jusqu'à ensuite pour renoncer(céder) à
ce combat
Et je renoncerai(céderai) à ce combat
' Caus je ne peux pas vous faire m'aimer si vous ne faites
Vous ne pouvez pas faire votre sensation(sens) du coeur
quelque chose qu'il ne fera(sera) pas
Ici dans l'obscurité dans ces heures finales
Je poserai(fixerai) mon coeur
Et je sens le pouvoir(la puissance)
Mais vous ne ferez(serez) pas, non vous ne ferez(serez) '
caus je ne peux pas vous faire m'aimer si vous ne le faites

Автор Kamyuu GoldSaint ( назад)
magic song for a wonderful moment live :) rip George Michael. Great masterpiece :)

Автор Mary Young ( назад)
my heart still hurts for all of us his fans I truly loved him

Автор Iza Malczyk ( назад)
you will be missed so much and for so long...

Автор Duduzile Magazi ( назад)
He was a true Legend

Автор Lucas Larson ( назад)
He has such an amazing voice...so smooth and passionate. We'll miss you brother

Автор Ray Wygant ( назад)

Автор jimdreves ( назад)
The voice of an angel... God bless him. He will never be forgotten.

Автор Karen Van Schalkwyk ( назад)
Aww Georgie the man with a voice like liquid velvet what a loss to music

Автор Ute Schm ( назад)
Best voice ever!!! RIP George, thank you 🎶💞

Автор Karine Monteiro ( назад)
Une voix en or. ❤

Автор Miss Lisa ( назад)
Oh how I miss you; George❤

Автор Nancy Gee ( назад)
Sweet soft voice...

Автор Sheenagh Caddies ( назад)
love this song so true in many ways I never imagined.

Автор Sue Richardson ( назад)
I love him so much. How could he not see how adored he was all over the world. I hate the media for what they did to him.

Автор Mily Martell ( назад)
Such an incredibly beautiful, beautiful performance. One of my favorites of all time for sure. :')

Автор Amy Andrews ( назад)

Автор Rahul Chakraborty ( назад)
my all time favourite song............

Автор Christine Griffiths ( назад)
beautiful song.. beautiful voice.. amazing man.so sad he's gone :'(

Автор Claudia S ( назад)
This song breaks my heart.Miss him. xx

Автор Remigijus Velykis ( назад)
You are in my heart forever...

Автор Candace Guilliams ( назад)
He can turn any song into beautiful magic.

Автор Hrvoje Čule ( назад)

Автор Seipati Tshabalala ( назад)
Beautiful track this!!

Автор Tony Leigh ( назад)

Автор Angela Minnefield ( назад)
unlimited talent...beautiful song

Автор Myblockny ( назад)
I didn't think it was possible to calm my sadness, until I heard the pure sound of George Michael voice.

Автор Alexis Corona ( назад)

Автор Shay Johnson ( назад)
Love this version also like the cover by Tank

Автор Liz Springett ( назад)
I love this song rest in peace George you are such a beautiful singer we will always love ❤️ your beautiful voice thank you for the beautiful music you gave us so sad your gone 😢

Автор Saycsar Fleurima ( назад)
Even though this is supposed to be a sad breakup song, I can only imagine my fiance to this. You can hear the love in his voice even though it's over. I feel like ill always love them even if thing don't work out as planned

Автор Rory Hennessy ( назад)
This is fucking beautiful.

Автор Rima Zurghani ( назад)
Fabulous version,like Prince.
Both of them....with their Unique stiles.
Hope you're singing together.....
And David.

Автор Ellie Vl ( назад)
Still can't believe it...

Автор Sophia Kim ( назад)
what a beautiful song, and beautiful voice. Thank you George^^

Автор 162 tsb ( назад)
pitch perfect what a voice what a loss r.i.p

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