George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (Live)

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Turn Down The Light
Turn down the bed
Turn down these voices inside my head
Lay down with me
Tell me no lies
Just hold me close
Don't patronise
Don't patronise

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something that it won't
Here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart
And i feel the power
But you won't, no you won't

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
I'll close my eyes, then i won't see
The love you don't feel when you're holding me
Mornin' will come and i'll do what's right
Just give me till then to give up this fight
And i will give up this fight

'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something that it won't
Here in the dark in these final hours
I will lay down my heart
And i feel the power
But you won't, no you won't
'Cause i can't make you love me if you don't

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Автор katerina kakitsi ( назад)
brilliant...soft...romantic...filled with love...gentleness...on a soft breezy night...with lace curtains billowing..the blue sea as calm as a velvet sheet shivering in the moonnlight...George Michael...a gifted man who made us all feel the greatness of his gift..man should undergo changes in his lifetime....hes not a tree. He underwent changes...God bless this man..and he is somewhere up there in the heavens..probably unstoppably writing new music:)

Автор Georgetta Alvarado ( назад)
Love this song. has special memories.

Автор Hot Celebrities ( назад)
One of the Best male voice in 30 years of pop music! Now... is gone! Great Legend Singer/Songwriter! Love you George, Forever! Your legasy is Eternal in our hearts! As the music dies.......................

Автор Jen A ( назад)

Автор Gemma Torres ( назад)
Que caricia para el corazón. No me cansaría de escucharte GM

Автор Jackie Wise ( назад)

Автор Dian indriyanti ( назад)
It bring me tears every time I listen beautiful voice and he sing like this song was written by him

Автор Yuli Yanuardi ( назад)
incredible voice..goosebump

Автор Kat ( назад)
So beautiful.....I want this song played at my own funeral.... RIP GM xo

Автор Michelle Andrews ( назад)
By far one of my favorite songs such a talented man . may God and the Angles be with you always.

Автор Bridget ( назад)
Favorite of all time ♥

Автор Patrick O'Connor ( назад)
I love this rendition......miss his music......was a fan since 1982 in hs......when I lived in London saw him perform live....George Michael farewell...you touched many peoples lives........

Автор Lorraine Rowarth ( назад)
love this song 💘

Автор Kamakiri Sassorichan ( назад)
Whoa . . . George . . . Dude. Why the fuck did you have to go? I was never a big fan until much, much later . . . after "Go-Go" had been dead for 20 years. But you nailed this one.

Автор Philip Peet ( назад)
It's interesting that he made such brilliant covers of other artists' songs (Elton John,  Roberta Flack, Bonnie Raitt) and duets with Aretha and Beyoncé, but no-one has attempted to cover his own songs ... Just a great indication that he was such a fantastic that others couldn't keep up with him ....

Автор Paul Greenfield ( назад)
I already miss George, what a tragic loss for mankind. Taken from us well before time. RIP Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, you're sadly missed now and forever...

Автор Jane Bates ( назад)
Always makes me cry his best song I think, still can not believe he is gone always will love him xx

Автор Twin Peaks ( назад)
I've always thought GM has the most magical, astonishing voice. He was able to sing pretty much anything and his vocal cords were always outstanding. Not only was he talented to sing but he was very attractive too.

Автор Bianca Dellore ( назад)
what a voice!

Автор Birgitte Kjær Souissi ( назад)
RIP <3 George Michael such a beautiful voice - this song make me cry every time i hear it - thank you for all this wonderful music you made <3 <3

Автор Shoraana Kazak ( назад)
He's not with us anymore. I didn't know. Miss him very much. My favourite song ever.

Автор La Marie Gui ( назад)
missing you sweet george

Автор Claudiu Merlusca ( назад)
a fost un mare cantaret ,dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca in pace

Автор James Dalgleish ( назад)
What a fantastic song...George nails it then some. What a voice

Автор Lucas L ( назад)
He has such an amazing voice...so smooth and passionate. We'll miss you brother

Автор frank english ( назад)
I can't make you miss me.

Автор Anthony Howarth ( назад)
Rest in peace very talented man

Автор Heather Fawcett ( назад)
awesome x

Автор Zolik Zolik ( назад)
You are my superstar. Still tears in my eyes.

Автор superadp1 ( назад)
This world is horrible and beautiful all the same. George made it beautiful. I still cry knowing his wonderful soul no longer blesses this cruel world. I love him so much. I will forever love him.

Автор Marc Schild ( назад)
I love how he made this song to HIS song! He gave it a special depth.

Автор Niekompatybilna Banitka ( назад)

Автор MrMan Dan ( назад)
Every time I hear you're voice I have to remind myself you're gone
You still feel so alive in the power of a song
One day in the future when the volume reaches zero
My soul will come for you and I'll finally meet my hero

But for now I play the songs and hear the words and feel the pain
Then I press them back to the start and hear them all over again
For though you may not be here as body or as man
Your songs will live forever and you will always have this fan


Автор Gelato Finale ( назад)

Автор Cedric Hampton ( назад)
excellent. rip😢

Автор Barclay Behie ( назад)
Strange how someone I didn't know had such a huge impact on my life. His music was the soundtrack to my youth. You are missed!

Автор Natashahoneypot ( назад)
We do love you George.

Автор GM MegaFan ( назад)
Every passing day does not seem to make it any easier. Just miss this wonderful man so much. At some point I wish I can watch his songs without the tears

Автор The Survivor ( назад)
R.I.P man you were the best!

Автор Amy Lovendaal ( назад)
Thought nobody could beat Bonnie Raitt's rendition of this song - I was wrong !
It's like he means (meant, unfortunately) every word - moves me to tears ......

Автор louise reynolds ( назад)

Автор louise reynolds ( назад)

Автор Bridget ( назад)
This song makes me cry EVERY time.

Автор Judy Inman ( назад)
George Michael's did the greatest rendition of this song of anyone ever! Such a gorgeous voice, man.....there will never be another singer like him. Rest within the Angels wings George.

Автор Egli Pissa ( назад)
This speaks to my heart ❤❤

Автор LadyReesa ThreeDee'sMom ( назад)
I've always loved his voice.......He'll be forever missed.

Автор saltwatercb ( назад)
A respectable cover, but not nearly as powerful as Bonnie Raitt's original in which the ache in her voice is never less than palpable. I'm a big fan of George's, but I find this rendition overly polite and there is very little variation in the way he sings it throughout. Nice try, but not terribly convincing. I wanted to love it, but find myself completely underwhelmed.

Автор Chris Hansen ( назад)
It's Bonnie Rait's song, and it beautiful, but when George sings it...I can't stop crying, the emotion is so amazing, with all the heart and soul

Автор Louise Millar ( назад)
Greatest singer EVER. Sending LOVE heavenwards George ❤

Автор Toni Stark ( назад)
Such soul and hear in this iconic beautiful song! RIP George

Автор Mids Guy2 ( назад)
Heartbreakingly beautiful......

Автор diana ( назад)
2,000,000 views say, we love you george!

Автор Michael B ( назад)
ThankYou, Sir George.
I´ll keep loving U. Kisses, Michael

Автор ntrlmstk ( назад)
How did I miss this? George Michael's version of this song is now my favorite. So much emotion and passion. I could tell that this song meant something to him. It's like he lived it. Thank you George. Rest in peace.

Автор breeze901 ( назад)
Rest In Peace~

Автор Bert Flavio ( назад)
rest in peace king

Автор Cristian Halmagean ( назад)
There are things, people, songs, bands, artist, musicians and so on that come and go, but there are some that never perish. George Michael's music is one of them. It's simply immortal ageless music.

Автор arsenalmanic ( назад)
Gorgeously sung! Blissful! Raw natural talent!

Автор Liao Roger ( назад)
I am still missing your voice. Wish you were in heaven with joy.

Автор Yolanda Ouwejan ( назад)
love u always u dont need to make me love u

Автор Yolanda Ouwejan ( назад)
so spunky sad he's gone love u

Автор Mark Nixon ( назад)
We love you George ..Mark & Sarah xx

Автор augusto camacho ( назад)
Hermosa cancion, que llega a mi alma en un momento en el que entiendo cada palabra. en el fino contenido de su letra ....A.B

Автор Chrissie Webster ( назад)
Slight change of words and this applies so much to me and my son...... miss him so much

Автор Malika Amazouz ( назад)
Tkanks !!!
George sings this song amazing, beautiful
When i listen I get chills from head to toes .
I deeply miss you .......
My love YOG forever ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Xxx

Автор Bernice Guercio ( назад)
I love this song George Micheal write The best love songs I have ever heard in my life. What a great artist. I love listening to him sing ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Автор Chris Hansen ( назад)
I know it's Bonnie Raitt's song, and she sang it beautiful, I love Adele, but she just sang it, George, wow George, talk about love, tenderness, and soul...he just rips through the heart and brings tears to your eyes...love you George...Always

Автор Amanda Cipriano ( назад)

Автор Fabio Emanuel Queiroz ( назад)
rip Michael ¥

Автор sam van Egmond ( назад)

Автор julie carroll ( назад)
Always loved this song xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Автор feefers3 ( назад)
A beautiful song and a beautiful, talented man. The world is a sadder place without him in it.

Автор Angelina Vieira ( назад)
In did this is my favorite song. GOD portect him

Автор xfiore ( назад)
Michael the voice of an Angel 🌹 R.I.P. 🌹

Автор danimac M c M ( назад)
Just stunning x

Автор Chris Hansen ( назад)
This song is so beautiful but so sad

Автор Samantha Baker ( назад)
brilliant artist beautiful mind xx

Автор Kim bo ( назад)
so many have covered this....
not like u

Автор godot789 ( назад)
RIP my favourite voice of all time you ARE special so sad thanks for your gift to the world xxx

Автор Aaliyah Dozal ( назад)
everytime i hear his cover of this song. he never fails to make me cry

Автор Manderas World ( назад)
the best version ! Even better than the original ! But George was a master in covers !

Автор Sabine Krause ( назад)
I love this voice!!! THE BEST!

Автор brian mahoney ( назад)
this was played at my brothers funeral.  suce a beautiful song . I didn't choose the song personally but what a great choice and so very much apt for my younger brother.

Автор john roberts ( назад)
One of a very few artists who sing just as good live. Out of all the artists who died in 2016, his death was by the far the most shocking.

Автор Ivette Martinez ( назад)
My favorite song by Bonnie Raitt. Did not know he sand this. Great job, George Michael.

Автор Ilia Lamboy ( назад)
I will LOVE George's music forever!

Автор rokus100 ( назад)
Divine Talent...born musician.

Автор Trey Smith ( назад)
George made you feel it. sounds better coming from a man

Автор Sheri Taylor ( назад)
This is a true testament of how much talent this man had. An original. A classic. The one and only George Michael. Irreplaceable <\3 I will always cry tears of joy and sadness listening to a gift that was so generously shared with the world. He made you feel like he was singing to you...and for you. Like he understood what everybody else was feeling and needing. I wish we new what he needed so we could have given it to him. 😪👑🎄🥀

Автор Dave Williams ( назад)
it speaks for it's self

Автор Maria Saturnina Valencia ( назад)

Автор christian mumbles ( назад)
What a production,world class ,how can you replicate this?And it was live.......#Tears

Автор sam mcclurg ( назад)
the very best George, I love you

Автор jim uk ( назад)
just pure class, would go as far , to say life changing music . will be missed .

Автор Debra Lynn ( назад)
George Michael sang with so much emotion and love. I will miss you forever.

Автор Tony Carey ( назад)

Автор Elsa Sá ( назад)
My favourit song Ever!

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