How to make your own Loincloth. (Spartan Style)

Check out my site for written instructions: http://tj357.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/how-to-make-a-loinclothe-spartan-style-4/
A "Subligarum" is great for lounging around the house, working out, toiling away your years at the end of your masters whip, or for impressing your woman. The impressing part is up to you however. Here are some basic instructions, followed by pictures.

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Автор 501 Army Group Captain ( назад)
This is a fundoshi.......

Автор AnarchiousGaming ( назад)
Senegalese lutte wrestlers, some of them use this style of Loin Cloth...
this helped me big time

Автор Darragh Grothier ( назад)
this is great until you need a piss

Автор Abraham Nedumparambil ( назад)
Neat Job Jo !! In the native martial arts of Kerala (India) making own
Loincloth was an art of its own. The complicated manner in which the cloth
was thrown around the fighters loins was even sacred and secret ! It was
passed on by the masters to their students after years of training !!

Автор Sara Martin ( назад)
Hey Tim, I think you know my mom and dad? You look good though. Where are

Автор SuperMasterTurtle ( назад)
The music is so loud can hardly hear the instructions. 

Автор Bry Guy ( назад)
How long is the first piece, the sash?

Автор Bob Macdonald ( назад)
OK. It's a little too tight for your groin, thought. Six inches wide of
softest fabric draped under and over to 18 inches and applied with a very
loose cowhide rope would take 20 years away in about 18 months if worn
periodically only. Loincloths are abrasive to your groin integrity, but
they are indulged in a very careful way among natives who live in them

Автор Lunix033 ( назад)
I don't know if you know it buy your thing is a fundoshi not a loincloth

Автор Zachary Moehn ( назад)
Music is much too loud, please edit and town that down so we can hear your
voice easier. (Not that it's necessary, we can just watch.) Just a strong

Автор SuperMachead1 ( назад)
Hey man, cool video....

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