Ronda Rousey 48-Second Knockout

The UFC star lost quickly against Amanda Nunes in the main event of UFC 207.

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Автор LeGrant Nielsen ( назад)
they fluff the hell out of her no matter what

Автор gratia xantos ( назад)
As for Ronda Rousey created the women's UFC talk do you really think Dana
White and the Fertitta Brothers would not have tapped in to the women's
MMA, *Gina Carano, Dr Rosi Sexton and Cyborg* were already established and
created a division why folks believe of the PR and *try to deify one trick
pony Ronda Rousey who got Bronze by repechage at the 2008 Olympics after
training for 10 years in world class facilities*

Автор windemberg barreto ( назад)

Автор windemberg barreto ( назад)
Kkkkkkkkk a Ronda ficou grogueeee kkkk

Автор rikstang02 ( назад)
What really ticked me off was that everyone was more excited about Ronda's
return and all they talked about was Ronda's next big fight and to top it
all off she was getting $3 Million. Amanda Nuñes is the champion defending
her title, yet they pay very little attention to her and she even got booed
in the weigh-in. I'm glad Amanda and Holly knocked that bitch out. I
never liked Ronda she's arrogant, rude, ungracious, unsportsmanlike and a
big mouth bully. Those are Not qualities of a true champion.

Автор MrMethadrine ( назад)
My god shes fucking pathetic

Автор meowmeow44444 ( назад)
Even after all the shit talking she did and now the ass whoopin's and be
being exposed as not only a loser cunt, but as a average fighter....the
soulless media is still trying to put a soft pleasant spin on her.......I
hate main steam media.

Автор love n pain ( назад)
damn i can't stand it when a woman is weak minded it doesn't look good
people what's sad is that she really is not weak minded i think she wanted
pity from people

Автор Gbrucekee G ( назад)
Hepmeetravees!! Huhuhu..

Автор Jenny Moreno ( назад)
What's next? Retiring for good!

Автор Yure Ylychy ( назад)
Ela humilhou a Misha, quando ela foi cumprimentar a Ronda....Vadia se

Автор G hrvyck ( назад)
At one time, Ronda bragged that she'd easily beat Laila Ali. This last
fight proves that Ronda can't beat a boxer. Laila Ali would've beat Ronda
without working up a sweat.

Автор dwayne blenkinsopp ( назад)
its all for cash

Автор Terence Buie ( назад)
Shes has already been overated and whos stupid enough to pay her thtee
miillion dollars please I wouldnt pay to see this garbage theres plenty
women from the streets that will beat this women up plenty of them

Автор aintgonnalie aintgonnalie ( назад)
Maywesther would beat tht white pussy up

Автор WileECoyotey ( назад)
Did they find some random fat girl to take the beating instead? She didn't
even throw a punch that landed before she got knocked out

Автор Faculdade Unip ( назад)
Parabéns Ronda! O tempo ainda está à teu favor. Você é exemplo de ser
humano! Não se preocupe: você também valorizou sua oponente.

Автор pete antonio ( назад)
is tough to listen to bull shit when after Ronda gets expose they try to
find the need to say some thing nice about this horrible human being. the
fact that after loosing to holmes she wants to kill herself says a lot
about this sore looser.

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
Watched Nunes vs Zingano, Nunes got beaten to a pulp. She evolved to become
someone who beat Tate. My message to Rousey is to accept she needs to
evolve too. If Nunes got pounded so hard and came back, my money is on
Rousey to come back too. Rousey just needs a kickass boxing coach, her judo
is already world class.

Автор ChicagoHerps ( назад)
Fuck that white bitch...white people always trying hype up themselves. You
all are week

Автор Christian Prepper ( назад)
*She's gorgeous. She's rich now. She's a famous movie star. She can kick
the ass of most men. And she's crying & thought about killing herself???
Wow! She really is a woman.*

Автор Veightsc ( назад)
With this second loss, you can go kill yourself Rhonda. You're a worthless

Автор spurtalisterous ( назад)
Is Diane covering a cold sore with lipstick?

Автор Satar Amade Daudo ( назад)
you don't just stop being a good fighter, overnight.
ronda was only shit... and now the truth is emerging.
well done Amanda.@

Автор codiciosa tigre ( назад)
They said that RONDA SHITTED HER SHORTS during the fight

Автор codiciosa tigre ( назад)
They said that RONDA SHITTED HER SHORTS during the fight

Автор CSquared ( назад)
Gonna kill herself? What a fucking baby! Go to Syria bitch! Get some

Автор Simon Smith ( назад)
Ronda was on losing side before she started ...because she shows so much
emotion with her angry face etc ....that alone make the her opponent just
want take that smug look off her face ..and it works !!!
so so happy she lost

Автор btsmanman ( назад)
Congratulations, she's a pioneer...that means she's ancient and it's time
to move on...Why does the media feed this narrative that we have to like
her and cheer for her every time? Why not celebrate the new champ?

Автор Jorge Manuel Miranda Trigo ( назад)
Como é possível !Amanda teve muita sorte será só eu vejo isso?? O treinador
de Ronda deixou Ronda entrar no Ringue sem instruções !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mike Jenkins ( назад)
is that herpies on her lip lol

Автор John Sorrow ( назад)
Ronda got 3 million dollars just to take a 48 second ass-whoopin'. Damn,
and all these years i been getting my ass whooped for free.😭

Автор Evil Plum ( назад)
do nothing bitch

Here is Brazil ... ha ha ha ha ha ha
chup chup chup

Автор jovelino junior ( назад)

Автор Nubias ( назад)
She was not ready.

Автор Rod Houston ( назад)
she got her ass whooped

Автор Viviane Flor ( назад)
A brasileira Amanda Nunes

Автор Hector Rodriguez ( назад)
Ronda, look in your bank account, if your happy with what you see, you won!
Just heal up and move on. Thats what i did, the last time i got my ass

Автор HypersonicWave ( назад)
Ronda has two choices:
1.Change Coach
2. Retire
Note: Retiring now would be bad for her career.

Автор gujogi bi ( назад)
Ha ha ha! Loud mouthed bitch, done.

Автор May Bao ( назад)
You people have no clue on what you are talking about. You failed to see
the greatness in Ronda Drowsy a once in a lifetime greatest fighter. You
bunch of simpleton minded people failed to see the obvious in the last
Ronda Drowsy fights. Let me break it down for you once and for all. The
Great Ronda Drowsy and her coach Edmond Tardiness are secretly working on a
new invincible fighting style called "Face Stomping Fists". In her last
fight vs Nunes, she's showed she's almost perfected her new fighting style.
I can't wait for her next return when she have finally perfected this new
fighting style. Everyone will once again bow down to the great Ronda Drowsy
and her new unstoppable "Face Stomping Fists" fighting style. OMG! it will
be the most epic thing the world had ever seen.

Автор manmachine30 ( назад)
Because of Ronda women can participate at UFC...
Big deal. Thank you Ronda, but you can go home now.

Автор aluisious ( назад)
Such a psycho. Psycho relationship with a shitty coach, moronically chooses
to forgo her strength in grappling, and this weak ass mopey nonsense. Time
for a new career.

Автор Carlton J. Smith ( назад)

Автор pete antonio ( назад)
you know Ronda is having a bad day when her make up taps out first.

Автор dewerbylhserf ( назад)
fake news ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS

Автор FRE FLO DO ( назад)
Ok, to sum it up, she's a pioneering sore loser! Does that cover it all?

Автор Nadine Simpson ( назад)
that ass whooping was worth 3 mil ma'fuckas Lmao 😂😂😂 She got her ass
beat 😢😖 but at least she can pay her plastic surgeon to fix it
😂😂😂😭😭😭 Rhonda Done she best make good investments on that 3 million

Автор Daniel Porfirio ( назад)
fuck you EUA

Автор Guerrier Lory ( назад)
She can go the brock lesener route.

Автор Mike Rausch ( назад)
The lady commentator needs to fire her make-up artist or learn how to apply
her own lipstick. Jesus, I was more in awe of that then the fight.

Автор James Love ( назад)
Let her open mouth on Mayweather again...congs Nunes

Автор n “koll” k ( назад)
she wasn't a champion, she was lucky to fight with mediocre fighters. Now
she cant win cos there r real fighters out there

Автор 240fxst ( назад)
time to make babies.....

Автор Hype Knoxville ( назад)
Yes I love it. Ronda is such a trash talking pussy bitch. I love seeing her
fail again and again. I only wished it had gone a little longer so Nunes
could have completely knocked that bitch out.

Now is hard to watch but when Ronda beats people is the best on the world
So miserable and bad
When Ronda don't win is hard to watch competition is about winning and


Congratulations to Amanda

Автор Jj ( назад)
She is very pretty. She should consider modeling, action movies or opening
gyms. What woman wants to take a chance of her face being disfigured. Get
out now, and do something else.

Автор Khalid Jose Mahamoud ( назад)
The lioness is loose and her bite is fierce and her claws are deep.

Автор Noneof Theabove ( назад)
She can teach MMA in her own academy and be comentator and other stuff for
the res of her life, even try 1 more, she will be probably fine, she has a
great future ahead, she is just depressed now, but she should check for
concussions and neurological damage, all foghters should after each fight.

Автор Mark Mc Donnell ( назад)
great champion Ronda but if I'm being honest she got took to school but
amazing champion one of the best ufc female fighters of all time

Автор FUZILEIRO ( назад)

Автор Chuck Friedrich ( назад)
Sorry but Amanda Nunes is not even a real girl, fuck her! Ronda fought vs a
man inside a women body

Автор Will Nance ( назад)
She left the ring without shaking Nunes hand nor gave her a hug but walked
off like a poor sportman. No matter what they coulda got a beer together at

Автор David Nice ( назад)
Lol. I'm glad she lost. Big mouth Ronda is a sore loser. She can not beat
the top contenders in the UFC. Bum.

Автор david hammond ( назад)
Rhonda will go down in history as one of the biggest failures in history
when it comes to fighting ,But damn that STRAW weight whipped that ass,
Rhonda just cannot handle really good strikers

Автор Andrew Manche ( назад)
Rousey rode the wave to stardom,, but no wave lasts forever - time to move
into commentating biatch (i would have said "young lady" but god only knows
she's the farthest thing from a lady i have laid eyes on)

Автор Gabriel Gonzalez ( назад)
retired that is what you should do

Автор Anime Addict ( назад)
seriously? she wanted to kill herself for losing ONCE?! im glad she got her
ass whooped

Автор swiz 37 ( назад)
hahaha hate to harp on this...but wasnt she saying she could BEAT
mayweather...lmao...he would literally have peppered her ass about 30
times, beat a woman first then talk about boxing a man smh...

Автор Allen Irwin ( назад)
Love that facial Amanda gave Ronda!!! Ronda is nothing but an arrogant,
selfish Bitch. I'm so glad she was shut down and got another ass whooping.
She's done, she won't come back!! TEAM AMANDA

Автор Mark ( назад)
She was thinking about killing herself after her first loss? Let's hope
she follows through this time.

Автор Jojo Crazy Cat ( назад)
If she wants to win, she will have to fight for it.

Автор Mr Ornelas ( назад)
she thought about killing herself, wow shocking you poor baby I'm so sad
for you and your millions of dollars and endorsement deals oh no.... well
had she followed her own advice she would not have another loss now.....

Автор Mx GJ ( назад)
On Ellen, she said she was depressed for a while after her previous loss,
now someone should keep an eye on her. After this beating, she may commit
suicide, and I am not being funny.
Now her UFC career is over, and probably the endorsements will dry out, and
so will be her movie career. That is a recipe for a lot of depression.

Автор kidfall1 ( назад)
what a joke....so the opponents she beat down are supposed to take it in
stride but buttercup gets a fancy ball when she loses cus she's a little
princess who said she can beat men in boxing and that she the baddest mf to
ever walk the earth-yea those was her words. Grow up lil baby..the
opponents you beat had too.

Автор Kar Fos711 ( назад)
48 sec!! Ouch!!!

Автор James Oliver ( назад)
every time White people go through something they all ways try to do
suicide or think about it they are weak-minded

Автор Janet Wood ( назад)
Usually, the winner, the champion gets all the attention. By focusing on
the loser, it clearly shows how racist and bias ABC news is!

Автор Jason Walker ( назад)
she'll go nowhere in hollywood either. she cant act. she should just live
off her winnings till she needs more money, then do porn

Автор Friend ( назад)
switch camp she can be champion again.

Автор Veronica Munos ( назад)
Me and my husband waited 3 hours to see the fight, waisted $80 bucks on
beer, just to see her fight! SMH......

Автор Paul Cowsill ( назад)
"Ronda Rousey is not just a once in a lifetime athlete, she's a once ever"
-Joe Rogan

Автор bluedaddy23 ( назад)
She could move to Mexico and do Donkey Shows for a dollar.....if you can
find a Donkey with low self esteem to tap that fat cow....."I thought about
killing myself" good Lord, pull up your big girl panties and go on
.....sore loser

Автор Franklin Culbreth ( назад)
all she does is try to intimidate her opponents with a ugly face before a
fight.Well lately her opponents have been giving her an ugly face with
their fiat. call it quits you're done.

Автор marcus rav ( назад)
North American is very weak, kkkkkkkkkkkk

Автор Victor Valero ( назад)
these fake rappers post dumb comments watch to much TV shows. need mom to
get the belt for ass whipping time

Автор Luis Miguel Prieto Soria ( назад)
esta acabada Ronda Rousey

Автор Chucklez Deezy ( назад)
she scattered out of there like a rat 😂

Автор Mauricio Mattos ( назад)
Even the grandchildren will hear birds singing

Автор Emma Goossens ( назад)
Whenever length harm luck next deep demonstrate mix display twin function

Автор Charles lowe ( назад)
She made C.M.punk look like a pro.

Автор misanthrop1958 ( назад)
She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl

(Bob Dylan)

Автор Mat Nelson ( назад)
even after this humiliating loss she won't commit suicide she just a cry
baby with a level 8 stare down and a skill level 4 in fighting.

Автор Model 9000 ( назад)
Bitch did nothing on that fight...(DNB)

Автор b bc ( назад)
The worst 48 seconds in her life. Never shook the hand right hand of your
opponnent in victory. Take the right the hard way in this eruption of
punches to your face in the Ultimate Loss! She was stunned with that right
and her unsportsman like conduct was terrible. No one was shocked when she
got beat down. "Ronda Rousey on that beat"! Get it!

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