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Автор Bree Gui ( назад)
There's Jet😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Odette Simone ( назад)
LittleBrown girl

Автор Alize Valenzuela ( назад)
lol its funny wen lil lizza said i have balls and david said me 2

Автор Chloe Fletcher ( назад)

Автор Morgan Crandell ( назад)
I can't be the only one that remembers liza saying "like that " after little Liza and David go to play with the balls

Автор calistabc5 ( назад)
the mustache guy is my fav

Автор hamnah Ali ( назад)
I'm a kid

Автор Emily B 2009 Gaming ( назад)
Fuck hgegegehehhehehehr

Автор Alexandra Velazquez ( назад)
"Im 4." Holds up three fingers

Автор A Unicorn ( назад)
“David !!“
Shows the balls
“What ?“

Автор Faith Chadha ( назад)

Автор Amira Ahamed ( назад)
Drowning in laughter

Автор CutelyEnergetic D ( назад)
Oh my gosh she legit said WHO'S YO DADDY!!!! I mean.... who is your daddy? 😂

im cying

Автор Yasmine Alg ( назад)

Автор CutelyEnergetic D ( назад)
You should really do more of this stuff Liza it's very interesting!!

Автор \\XX Gamertag0912345678 XX// ( назад)
"Man that's dope," said little Liza 😂

Автор Amanda Ciesla ( назад)
Emma gray lol

Автор Amanda Ciesla ( назад)
I'm watching this in 2017

Автор gabby Sanchez ( назад)
do more little me

Автор Ava Rodriguez ( назад)
Baby Liza: I have balls

David : so do I

Liza: David

Me : omg really David

Автор rubylee223 greenwood ( назад)
u cute

Автор Darlene Smith ( назад)
when lixza got slapped I started laughing

Автор Yadiel 1738 ( назад)
i love liza sooo much she always put a smile on my face

Автор bookworm yay ( назад)
whos yo daddy!

Автор shenell smith ( назад)
more baby lizza

Автор Stephanie Lopez M. ( назад)
Omg please have David in more of your Vids!

Автор Angelina Whitely ( назад)
Life lesson: never drink anything while watching Liza

Автор Mario Domingeuz ( назад)
Make more of these plz

Автор Mario Domingeuz ( назад)
Make more of these plz

Автор Yashira Byas ( назад)
"That's freaking dope."

Автор Tashaun Williams ( назад)
whos yo daddy

Автор The Emoji ( назад)
So cute :3

Автор Lol Okay ( назад)
liza: "mommy and daddy order a baby online"
baby Liza: "that's fricken dopeee"


Автор Nevaeh Flores ( назад)
I love u your so hilarious

Автор BTS 95 ChimChim ( назад)
"monkey bars?" "well, yeah. that goes wild..." "well what r u doing there?" "well we're there to drink.." "drink what?" "uhh....many water? like many many water so we have a lot of energy in the monkey bars. haha..yeah." "well u should drink alcohol coz thats better." "what the fuuuuhh?---" 😂😂😂 I DIED😂😂😂

Автор Paige Nicholoy ( назад)
when her younger self who's yo daddy I died XD

Автор Weird Person ( назад)

Автор Natane Toa-temarama Whiparata ( назад)
can u make more

Автор vane v ( назад)
"Honey I'm home, haha, I love living alone, but I also love dressing up as other characters and talking to myself"

So me

Автор Watermelon baker ( назад)
You should make merch plz like this comment so she can see or you just agree with me

Автор Cookie Monster ( назад)
You should do more talks with your younger self

Автор shishkabob286 ( назад)
its true balls are fun to play with

Автор Morgane Bvn ( назад)
Lil Liza: WHO YOU'RE DADY ??

It's nothing but it kill me

Автор Brandon Lowen ( назад)
david is funny when he meets lizzas younger self

Автор The gamer ( назад)

Автор Hugo Briones ( назад)
I died when Mini Liza called David Ma'am and she called Liza Man 😂😂

Автор Jenny Chi ( назад)
I am 8

Автор Lexi Hale ( назад)
This is halarious I'm one of your biggest fans liza

Автор Flawless Arii1473 ( назад)
3:05 "My balls!!" lmfao😂😂😂😂😫

Автор Ashari Morris ( назад)
I love you so much😂😂😂

Автор Twenty Øne Piløts ( назад)
Omg I love this make more

Автор Yovanka Vendrell ( назад)
I'm a kid

Автор Katalin Snowmountain ( назад)
No matter how many times I watch it, 0:30 kills me every time

Автор Milla Ciciani ( назад)
I'm 9

Автор Čřěëpý Đóğ ( назад)

Автор Arrionna Gamrak ( назад)
anyone else notice little liza did not say calm down​ liza she said calm down Nike

Автор Llama Livs ( назад)
That's freaking dope

Автор IZZEM DARK ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор Kittens FOR LIFE ( назад)

Автор Zaavon ( назад)
This girl is amazing

Автор Angel Miquel ( назад)
whos watching in 2017,?

Автор RainbowWhale 2 ( назад)
0:50 "I'm 4 years old." *holds up 3 fingers* LMAO 😂

Автор xXJohnGamingXx ( назад)
Guys dont be inerpoopreit xD in er poop pre it

Автор Alexus Garcia ( назад)
I'm sorry I love David and all but at 2:52 he seems so creepy

Автор Alexus Garcia ( назад)
Little Liza:you have a wienie
Jet:big one


Автор jesica lopez ( назад)
Hahaha the ending

Автор Myah Stylez ( назад)
"I'm not that good at babysitting, I'm only 4"😂😂😂😂😂

Автор BigLipTip ( назад)
"Whose yo' daddy!" 💀

Автор Olivia Carreiro ( назад)
I died laughing when little Liza said "I like playing with balls" 😂

Автор Lucy Campbell ( назад)
That's DOPE

Автор Glory Shawt ( назад)

Автор Zenobia Gonzales ( назад)

Автор tekoma34chaney ( назад)
I love your video so much. 1200000

Автор Rheya Arulampalam ( назад)
I'm a kid watching this baby

Автор Mia Townsend ( назад)
More of dis pleaseeee!!! 😂💕

Автор Rosy Posy ( назад)
Liza cute hair

Автор Skyler Corlett ( назад)
Make more of these I love them so much

Автор Hillary ( назад)
I have balls
me too!!

Автор radioactive ood ( назад)
It's my bazzilionth time watching n I cannot stop laughing or snorting 😂😂

Автор HarmonyTooFly Bowles ( назад)
Do more of tbeese do more do more do more do more

Автор Me Be ( назад)

Автор Haden Helojoki ( назад)
I died watching this

Автор Master Cruz ( назад)
I laughed when this happened " Do I have a wennie? Big one "

Автор Cobiana Glosson ( назад)
1:38 im dying i can't deal with it

Автор Ninjaf0rLife Baker ( назад)
my ball XD

Автор Da Coconut Fruit Girl ( назад)

Автор Alistine Inniss ( назад)

Автор Cutie Pies ( назад)
liza im 10 and have bigger boobs than you

Автор H. Bob ( назад)
"I like playing with balls!" 😂😂😂😂I'm dead

Автор Monica Anguiano ( назад)
2:57 - 3:05 I DIED :):):):):)

Автор JanSport League ™ ( назад)
Her freak noises sounds like jesse's from Pokemon

Автор Jorja Blythe ( назад)
I laughed so hard through this

Автор Becky Boone ( назад)
This is so Hilarious! 😂😂😂😂

Автор Becky Boone ( назад)
1:17 😂😂

Автор Fitv Ptro ( назад)
Do more

Автор Tracy Williams ( назад)
Who else watches these over and over

Автор Simone Butler ( назад)
Little Liza has a wedding ring it's so funny but little Liza is Liza koshy

Автор Chris Barnett ( назад)

Автор Ashilda Ganguly ( назад)
"i dont need diapers to pee on myself"
-Liza Koshy 2017 😂

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