2016 KBS Entertainment Awards | 2016 KBS 연예대상 - Part 2 [ENG/2016.12.27]

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- MC: Lee Hwijae, Yu Huiyeol, Hyeri
- Synopsis: The variety shows on KBS in 2016 that made us laugh and cry! A festive year-end ceremony to celebrate the entertainers that made KBS variety shows shine! 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards!
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Просмотров: 318738
Длительность: 1:43:47
Комментарии: 274

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Автор ktango94 ( назад)
lol San E's performance at 41:12 it was great despite knowing KJM will get
the award

Автор hong huong nguyen ( назад)
Congrats my park bo gum and song jong ki

Автор ahvic lopez ( назад)
KBS please, give Irene and Park Bogum a Drama!!! 🙏🏻😘

Автор Squishy Velazquez ( назад)
Who's that at 9:37 ?

Автор Тадеуш Костюшко ( назад)
Настроение Рождества !!! Спасибо большое !!!

Автор yuli lisbeth ( назад)
twice 8:56

Автор Tyas Muthia Anjani ( назад)
San E slayed his performance👌👏

Автор spark heart ( назад)
Running Man PG not here?

Автор BoGum 2410 ( назад)
came to watch jongmin taking the daesang award !!!👍👍👍👍
Congratz to our stupid but sometime clever "shinba" 👏👏👏👏👏
Jongmin , KimJongmin really deserve to take the daesang award hope he will
stay 2d1n forever !!!! 💓💓

and last congratz 2d1n for winning the award too !!!!!👏👏👏👏

Автор H K ( назад)
전현무... 1년을 함께 했다면서 스태프 이름도 모르고 지냈군요. 뭐 알 필요도 없었겠죠.

Автор Nina Bou ( назад)
nice coz of sub. other network cnt understand

Автор theproplayer 2016ender ( назад)
cAN I just say that sohyeon and that tall dude looks so good together, the
height difference is perf

Автор xo xo ( назад)
:) :) :)

Автор Austen Light ( назад)
Kim Jongmin hwaiting!!!

Автор Gamequeenie _493 ( назад)
why do siyoon always cry??

Автор Verlina Myles ( назад)
2 days 1 night <3 OML KIM JONGMIN DESERVED IT !!! 😭😭😭❤️

Автор Miss J ( назад)
the immortal Kim jong min, congrats
i love u

Автор Emily Foster ( назад)
Came here just to see Bogum and Hyeri's interactions 😂

Автор b3n7 aryesa ( назад)
SanE's song is damn dope :D

Автор Cynthia Yolanda ( назад)
so happy jongmin finally win the daesang award :') he deserves it! I love
the way he mentioned yu hojin PD and joonyoung :'( I hope joonyoung can
come back to 2D1N

Автор mintymint ( назад)
Omg!! Ki taeyoung and Eugine <3 <3

Автор Janica Rose Lim ( назад)
I think I saw Sandeul in the Immortal Song's clip, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Автор Chandra Pirda ( назад)
2D1N rockssss kim jongmin !!!!!

Автор Marian Ticzon ( назад)
I'm so proud of Kim Jongmin. He really deserved the award!!!

Автор Tang Ta ( назад)
I watched the Hwarang special of 2D1N & Jongmin was hilarious!! Congrats :)

Автор JOHNNY'S DEBUTING!!!!! ( назад)
is JJY coming back to 2D1N?

Автор Shelly-Ann Morgan ( назад)
One of the best award shows I have watched in years. Love from Jamaica.

Автор Amanina Tarmizi ( назад)
I'm waiting for kbs song festival! please upload it asap pleaseeee

Автор Nina star ( назад)
Cong jongmin you deserved this award💗

Автор Oluwapelumi Oyenekan ( назад)
when I saw park bo gum for KBS background award. Am like, I gotta watch
this😍😍😍. The drama name 'moonlight drawn by the cloud" is so
interesting, it make me cry at the same time laugh. Congratulations park bo

Автор Xandra Mia Lecaros ( назад)
Am I the only one who ship Jongmin with Shinji? 😂💖😍

Автор Xandra Mia Lecaros ( назад)
Am I the only one who ship Jongmin with Shinji? 😂💖😍

Автор Jhenski Mamaril ( назад)
Where is the part 1

Автор Tessjohn Butac ( назад)
congrats kim jong min...u deserve the daesang award.

Автор what the hell bighit ( назад)
yes kim jongmin❤
how sweet of him to mention joonyoung tho (my 2dn1 ship sailing tho😂)

Автор Maria C Mestres ( назад)
Park Bo Gum es encantador. Ya empezo a sobresalir entre otros.

Автор Barbara Vire ( назад)
Oh? I don't think so where is Kim?@

Автор apollo ( назад)
I really love yu jaesuk in here, feeling so proud for Kim jongmin.

Автор Yoseline Aravena Ibañez ( назад)
no entiendo mucho de lo que dicen, pero PARK BO GUM es tan guapo que no
importa nada <3

Автор Alla Bord ( назад)
Am impressed with all the ladies gowns, they are so beautiful! Am glad
Daebak's daddy won the award this year, and am even happier that he
mentioned his love for his wife who was sitting at the table and thanked
her for raising their kids too. That's a husband who loves his family.

Автор Jo Paul ( назад)

Автор kawaiinoodles ( назад)
im so happy for jongmin! he deserved the award so much. all those years on
the same show, always making people laugh. what a legend

Автор Fatima EL Hainouni ( назад)
I was happy and laughing hard when Jongmin was giving his speech but then
he had to mention JJY.. I want him back FOR GOD SAKE TT

Автор Lillian Le ( назад)
~~Spoiler~~~Congrats to 2d1n for the best program award 🎉👏🏻!!! You guys
deserve it and love you all 😘!! I'm so happy that jong min won the grand
prize ☺️!! The tears of joy overflowing my face when they announced his
name😊!! I rooted for him soo much 🤗. Please continue to be awesome 2d1n!!
Hopefully jjy can return soon 😔.

Автор Mary Kwon ( назад)
can music award shows be this fun please

Автор Mubashira Mahboob ( назад)
THE YEAR??????????????

Автор PINK PASTEL ( назад)
lol I shipped borene so hard❤
Pls.done wgm or drama series for them!

Автор Barella Bairre ( назад)
i really miss joong yound too jong min TT

Автор Nur Farhana ( назад)
Ki Taeyoung and Eugene is the best couple ever. their sweetness looks like
movie/drama. 😍😍

and Goblin's ost played during Jongmin's intro. 😁😁

Автор Nur Farhana ( назад)
I can't stop looking at Donggu. he looks so happy when twice performing.

Автор Yuki Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa ( назад)
the highlight is not grand award it's actually kim jongmins acceptances

Автор J Lt ( назад)
Donggus tearducts are like light switch he knows when to cry especially
when he is on stage or when he is aware the camera is on him

Автор mia stamm ( назад)
All the love for jongmin....

Автор Xin-xin Cai ( назад)
There so funny

Автор kyoko dizon ( назад)
although i already know who won the entertainment grand award through
comment, i still shed tears hearing them announcing kim joongmin name..
im rooting for him , he really deserve it!! daebak!! 💕👏👏

Автор Pradita Ananda Hanafiah ( назад)
What a click bait. Even KBS is shipped Bogum-Irene

Автор Wendy T Nguyen ( назад)
wohoooooo Kim Jongmin..... You deserved it after all hard work (y) (y) (y)

Автор MissyCuteBear ( назад)
anyone knows where we can watch the full 2016 KBS?

Автор alex lao ( назад)
this is probably the first time Ive seen Defconn in a formal in an award
show...very nice with the chinese collar and the bling

Автор Noah Francisco ( назад)
Congratulations Jongmin! So happy he mentioned Pd Na and JJY. This guy is
such humble and genuinely warm person. He deserves this. ♡

Автор Sharon Malone ( назад)
Thank you for subbing this video into English. :)

Автор the statue that Jin kissed ( назад)
park bo gum and irene 😍

Автор mirafiori ( назад)
"Be a clown , be a clown, All the world loves a clown. Act the fool , play
the calf, And you'll always have the last laugh"
- Cole Porter

Kim Daesang, you are definitely no fool to me. Despite the insults and the
mocking, you had your last laugh when you won that award. :)
I'm your fan forever.

Автор VIP_SONE_IKON_RM ( назад)
16:41 Park Bo Gum & Irene couple ❤ Welcome 😉 Bo Gum oppa you already
worked with Cha Tae Hyun in 1N2D remember? Hahaha

Автор Hifsa Soomro ( назад)
Omgg uri donggu, cried in all the awards, when he won, when 2 days, 1 night
won and when jongmin won, u can really feel that he loves the show, I hope
he lasts long on the show... Saranghe 2 days, 1 night!!!

Автор Jannatul Mithila ( назад)
Kim Seolhyun, congratulations angel♡♡♡♡
Your look just GODNESS♡♡

Автор hyonggi 배효 ( назад)

Автор Gamma Lopez ( назад)
congrats kim jongmin
lee dongguk
and to alll the winners...

Автор Helen Xx ( назад)
Been rooting for 2d1n s3 and Jongmin deserved it <33

Автор Lyn Villaruel ( назад)
Kim Jongmin should date Shinji already 🌼🌼😍😍😍😍

Автор Zahrah Ainun ( назад)
Just imagine Joohyuk voting for 2D1N as the Best Program Chosen by Viewers
and now I'm sad

Автор Ryl Aguilon ( назад)
2d1n is a basic necessity to me(it may sound exag..) but it really a stress
reliever, i see the show as it seems like em enjoying my life while
travelling with ur friends and most of all being naughty, hahaha! Everyone
can relate thats why people love to travel with friends or love ones

Автор Andrien Neal Co ( назад)
Who are the winners of KBS ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2016?

Автор belmira tuazon ( назад)
taehyun ang jongkuk 😍😘

Автор Vet Lee ( назад)
taeyoung's reaction when he saw his wife was the best!!!

Автор danica kim ( назад)
Aigoo. Even the thumbnail is Borene! KBS better just offer them lead roles
for a drama.

Автор 라멜karamel 카 ( назад)
minsang the cards😂

Автор Maria Dewi Octavia Purba ( назад)
Congrats Jongmin oppa..

Автор Lala Banks ( назад)
IOI and Twice can be thankfull to 2 Days 1 Night crew cause they're the
reason I know their songs

Автор frozernex ( назад)
well-deserved award for kim jongmin. very glad for him

Автор belmira tuazon ( назад)
9:37 is my life 😍😘

Автор andrea reyes ( назад)
kim jongmin deserved the award!
so proud of him!! TT- TT

Автор Annette Samy ( назад)
Congratulations Kim Jongmin u deserve the award. Keep on rocking ,Fighting

Автор Doka Habbo ( назад)
No one notices that a rose was falling from bonquet at 59:37 and what song
in 1:20:00

Автор Phuong Anh Nguyen ( назад)
The song for Dongyup is too great. I love watching that couple on Immortal

Автор tweetmei ( назад)
been rooting for Kim Jong min! thank u for the laughs!

Автор kim taehyung ( назад)
I HOPE NEXT YEAR THAT WOULD BE KIM JUNHO. Hes really working hard also to
make the show more enjoyable. CONGRATS!!

Автор Nel Arch Canja ( назад)
yes finally. Kim Jongmin won.. you deserved that award...

srsly "Tell me that you be my tummy"are they kidding?!?!,

Автор Hane Fyah ( назад)
Im crying when know Jongmin win TT-TT *tears of joy*

Автор Hane Fyah ( назад)
Im here for The Return of Superman Family <3

Автор shysingergirl14 ( назад)
Lol whoa there the cameramen went for quite the closeup for reactions.
Could see their makeup and errthang

Автор tn_ 37 ( назад)
congratulations to all the winner especially .. winner members of sister
slam dunk.. and the last winner grand award he deserve that award. congrats
everyone and thank you KBS for making us laughed through all those variety

Автор shysingergirl14 ( назад)
Ughhh bogum is so cute i cant even focus on what he's saying. How does such
a beautiful person exist?!

Автор Munirah Dsse ( назад)
congrats to all the winners! you guys are all the winners for working so
hard to get the best viewers ratings. thankyou kbs for your best programs
and keep your head up! 💛☺

Автор shysingergirl14 ( назад)
Home alone theme song!!

Автор 감옥이답이다 ( назад)
김종민 왕 감동 주르륵

Автор Mary Rose Palma ( назад)
I been fan of 2d1n since season1.i am so happy for the crew,cast,staff, for
winning the "best variety show" for 2 consecutive years. Fighting!! Keep
going 2d1n. I am your number 1 fan here from Kuwait to Lebanon to Canada I
always with you..

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