300HP K24 Civic Rips Thru Traffic

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Длительность: 6:18
Комментарии: 1927

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Автор Dumb Dead1 ( назад)

Автор Will Stromquist ( назад)
What transmission? Dogbox?

Автор Gregory Hamlet ( назад)
I wonder how Many time time he checks his rear view mirrors to see what
carnage he leaf behind, when zig-zagging though traffic at 160mh...

Автор cTurtle ( назад)
k20 heads?

Автор HellaFlush070 ( назад)

Автор HellaFlush070 ( назад)
Hahahaha rob rob rob rob!!! fken sick footage... but ye thats crasy w/o a
seatbelt haha salutee

Автор inane. ( назад)
rob is kanjo ready hha.

Автор Eric Nunez ( назад)
Just watching gave me chills but good chills like an adrenaline rush

Автор Curtis Battle ( назад)
fucking beast!!

Автор Christopher Macedo ( назад)
This was sweet

Автор The Argos ( назад)
This guy is BONKERS

Автор Lord_Trumoo ( назад)
I want my em2 tuned like this

Автор Daniel Bargas ( назад)
That's how a man drives. NO that's how fucking people get killed, keep it
on a track you civic jack ass driver

Автор blizzard2398 ( назад)
What a dick, blasting through traffic with his brights ON, driving
extremely dangerously through mild traffic at very high speeds which can
kill both parties instantly if in a two vehicle accident. That would be
very bad and unhealthy on the person at fault. The camera angle was very
shakey and unable to see much. Besides that, you're a good driver, but with
bad motives.

Автор Sandro Cavaliere ( назад)
Take a shot of smirnoff for every time he said rob😂😂

Автор Charmer4856 ( назад)
I thought about going 24 or Frankenstein but I love revving up to 85, long
gears baby

Автор mcookrowe ( назад)
Passenger is a pussy. I would pull over and tell his bitch ass to get the
Fuck out

Автор Jarrod Fincher ( назад)
What a dickhead.

Автор JasN MoNey ( назад)
wassup with the idle revving up and down like that, makes the car seem like

Автор Cameron F ( назад)
Theres a time and place for everything. This person chose to go 160mph
while theres moderate traffic on the highway in a car that has the
structural integrity of a beer can. Its individuals like this that destroy
the racing world.

Автор Forrest Fischer (662 года назад)
ur passengers a bitch lol

Автор Austin Doby ( назад)
I would ride with him anyday

Автор Freddie Gunter ( назад)
part two please awesome

Автор Freddie Gunter ( назад)
Goodjob rob wish I could meet you

Автор Freddie Gunter ( назад)
I don't care what anyone says speed is speed if it kills you so be it your
doing something you desire and cherish and enjoy why not.I love speed I do
140 every now and then to get my adrenaline out as long as you take care of
the maintenance. so I believe in speed I need it.

Автор That Car Guy ( назад)
Kev was probably shitting himself lmao

Автор J.W Wick ( назад)
He can go fast but drive fast in traffic is a whole lot different....he
almost crashed a car about to exit the freeway

Автор tee tee ( назад)
hectic driving! need to learn how to gear change like him

Автор NoOneImportant556 ( назад)
Yea thats a honda guy alright... Doin stupid shit like a high school kid
with his fresh license.

Acting stupid for no reason.

Автор Jonathan Nieves ( назад)
"You sound like my wife" Lmao

Автор Justin Kaczmarek ( назад)
What an idiot. This is why cops hate car enthusiasts.

Автор Shredder_hero656 ( назад)
post ur build mate

Автор Nathan Crespel ( назад)
Why the fuck do you Americans always put it in neutral when you let off the

Автор jimmy johnson ( назад)
buddy strAight up said.. "I don't have a seat belt" lmaoolol.. how dumb an
suicidal an ignorant are y'all. lol

Автор thelastDAN ( назад)
160mph on a public road? moron, save up some cash to hit up a circuit track

Автор Almonte Wilson ( назад)

Автор Larry Belt Pkwy Highway ( назад)
how are you going to say "why you stop" then bitch when he doesn't lmao..

Автор Mark Avangard ( назад)
People crash because of that lane changing-no signal-no looking-no brain
jerks, and mobile phone message typing while driving!

Автор Mark Avangard ( назад)
Why they put it in neutral all the time after the pulls? like rob dude was
going over 160 mph and then puts it in neutral? what about slowing down
with your gears/engine? is it better to put it in neutral so the rpms go
imeddiatly low?

Автор Yabadabado0o0o ( назад)
What a pussy passenger lol, he aint gonna crash or hit anybody. He is
obviously a professional driver and knows what hes doing.

Автор Unkwon Malaysian Guy ( назад)
God !
my left ear is ticklish xD

Автор Alex Reid ( назад)

Автор cana 2233 ( назад)
I will show you the real FAST AND FURIOUS in the bigg trafic... X) X) X):P
:P :P

Автор cana 2233 ( назад)
Bouuuu you dont now how drive loosee :PXXX)))))

Автор Juan Mendez ( назад)
lml passed by my city while i was getting off the exit saying wtf is this
guy doin lol

Автор CJmk3supra ( назад)

Автор evo Fanz ( назад)
a matured man would not risk innocent"s souls just like that,no that's not
how a man drives,i feel sorry for my self

Автор 12anded ( назад)
Fucking spick.

Автор 2slofouru ( назад)
I'm making 320wtq in my 95 impreza, I would like the wtq of being fwd but
that traction on street tires tho

Автор 2slofouru ( назад)
That car is fast as fu but I hope he didn't do the airbag delete. I
wouldn't be worried about the car as much as the other people on the road
freaking out and stopping short. yeah I know "but did you die?" lol

Автор nick neyra ( назад)
did he die yet

Автор Michael G ( назад)
I gotta say, this dude is legendary at shifting...my god. If you just play
the sound track of the car in this video, it sounds like a fucking paddle
shift car.

Автор MannyFresh1x ( назад)
That guy can shift! So fucking fast damn I need to get that good.

Автор 16ValveVtec ( назад)
life on the line terrible

Автор pullnonyou ( назад)
hahaha that Foo was dipping lmao good shit!

Автор Carmela Guanzon ( назад)
Thats how a stupid showoff drives!! CUNT ROB! But no challenge!

Автор Jimbo Jerry ( назад)
All motor?

Автор babusiaN1 ( назад)
robrobrorborb get a seatbelt.

Автор TheArizonawildcat12 ( назад)

Автор Rick Rabies ( назад)
meet an rob. typical guy. but has no respect for others or the care for
life God gave him

Автор A. Choice ( назад)

i would be the same way lmao that shit crazy

Автор Skrilla games ( назад)
Ya it's dumb to be doing that but look that's slot of skill

Автор Ryan Austin ( назад)
Somebody is getting scared! XD

Автор silentbob71420 ( назад)
I would of brake checked the shit out of this guy. Why you ask, because I
want a new car and I have a in car DRV to prove the dude was driving like a
ass hat...

Автор Juan Gudino ( назад)
i get scared just watching this damn video

Автор Nelson A ( назад)
That's how a man dies! You would've had a Bad driver Cut you off going 160
mph you were dead simple as that! yeah he's a good driver but that doesn't
mean the people around him are! Stupid thing to do

Автор Jr Rodriguez ( назад)
Is it all motor or import?

Автор TooManyChoices1 ( назад)
Rob is an idiot, and you are too for being in that tin can at over 160 in
traffic with no seat belt, ...and with shit brakes 😳❕I don't wish bad
things on people's property, but I hope that engine blows before he kills

Now to go find some OPEN ROAD and flog the Mustang some , the vid did give
me the need for (safe) speed lol. 

Автор Dennis Rader ( назад)
Rob is a bald loser. All that torque put his hairline on his back. My k24a2
would spank him I'll race when I win u got to rock a wig. 

Автор jdmhondaboi85 ( назад)
That's how a man drives!! Lmao... Love it 

Автор Derick Mejia ( назад)
Dream car 😭 dream driving skills 😭

Автор Scorpion The Best ( назад)
Yoooo home boy crazy bra he a beast

Автор marsdog ( назад)
my butthole is so tight just watching this

Автор Allan Macgillivray ( назад)
Lmao passenger is a shit bag :-)

Автор Johnathan Drake ( назад)
Rob brought the kanjo to Cali

Автор StimuliCALCIUMTREE ( назад)
Stop snitchin on Rob, bruh.

Автор YellowMach1 ( назад)
I don't mind this kind of driving. It's natural selection at its finest.
You crash, you weren't meant to handle it, if you make it, you're a beast.
Rinse and repeat.

Автор Bocky Mx ( назад)
shifting like a PRO

Автор Brady Deckard ( назад)
thanks for telling me what gear hes in i would never have known

Автор ARIZOGAMER ( назад)
I think the passenger is the guy that be on 4bangers with the pov cruise to
car meet videos! Am I right?

Автор Ivan Nosic ( назад)
Come to my country you can see that kind of driving very offen even on
heavy and rough traffic... lmao :-S

Автор DjHiTech1223 ( назад)
Rob could of act as brian in fast & the furious 7 lmfaoo

Автор flyromeo3 (266 лет назад)
At those speeds. A seat belt isnt going to do anything for you.

Автор projjectX xxx ( назад)
How do I get in contact with rob.... I have a type R right hand drive teggy
.... need to put big turbo in within next two weeks.... I have everything I
just need a bay and robs motor head to help me build a 400hp integra 

Автор Simple Skyline ( назад)
Damn I need a friend like Rob. 

Автор James Chapman ( назад)
Rob and I would make good buddies

Автор clokedbigman ( назад)
Can somone say no traction

Автор Camrenn r ( назад)
That dude was hella scared, I can't ride with other people like that
either, I only have two homeboys that can hang with me in the car when I go
all out.

Автор Michael Celestin ( назад)
the power to weight ratio in this car is enormous putting 300hp in a 2000
pound car 

Автор davon bethay ( назад)
Yo this is self incriminating lol

Автор Chris Walker ( назад)
This is how I drive on forza

Автор mikesanto70 ( назад)
When a passenger pleads with you to slow down you FUCKING DO IT!!!!

Автор phajej1993 ( назад)

Автор Pred 212 ( назад)
its only cool if your Tuned up car has at least SOME RICE on it. no
seriously. i like legit rice. especially if you have that kind of

Автор Covert ( назад)
Meet Rob. Hes a fucking savage.

Автор Careless Boii ( назад)
rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob
LMFAO CHill ma NIGA lmfaooo im fuckin doneeeeee dont worry nigaa get it up
to 200 :) its only a lil faster.

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
I'll take one please lmfao bad ass car 

Автор Jay860293 ( назад)
The reason they hate Hondas is because they'll have a past of getting
smoked by 1.... Be a man 

Автор DA BEARDSMEN ( назад)
Rob,Rob,Rob,Rob,Rob,lol but I would've did the same.

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