300HP K24 Civic Rips Thru Traffic

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Автор Mcp2570 (2 месяца)
Yet another reason everyone hates Hondas. If he hasn't already I sure hope
he wraps his slow honda and himself around a pole before he kills someone

Автор bobba84 (2 месяца)
I guess 300hp is a lot for a civic. But the traffic was obviously in top
gear idling away lol

Автор sweetj16real (9 месяцев)
I was just waiting for someone to brake check his stupid ass. Driving like
that in heavy traffic plays with surrounding people's safety. Selfish,
immature and unsafe move.

Автор Ozdemir1993 (5 месяцев)
Lol why the fuck are u power shifting 5th into 6th what a waste of clutch.
Driving like this doesn't make u man. Your endangering innocent families.
This is why the laws are so tough on innocent car enthusiasts who actually
oblige the law because of dick heads like you we cop it. Also btw your cars
a worthless piece of shit thats worth like peanuts. 300 hp is for kids now
a days. Good bye faggot

Автор Bill Hamilton (1 месяц)
The funny thing is at 150mph this car has the same momentum as an SUV /
bloated cop challenger doing 75mph. He wasn't doing 150 around traffic, he
definitely slowed the car down in dense traffic, so in terms of physics a
cop cruiser that chooses to follow this guy is the real danger.

Автор GreenCR21 (1 месяц)
everyones talking shit about the civic why? its not some riced up piece of
shit with an intake and exhaust, its a boosted civic that could run 11's
with traction no doubt. fucking haters.

Автор Le Enderman (1 месяц)
Yeah! Override those synchros! Better have a spare transmission laying
around if you're going to shift like that. 

Автор goldnose2 (1 месяц)
If someone needs a getaway driver, they should call Rob

Автор DempsyRYDERGaMeZ (11 дней)
You only hate these Hondas because there better than you cars standalone I
have a old Honda si 456bph 

Автор Kris Demers (7 месяцев)
What a tool. If a passenger in my car says "Slow down" I slow down. Scaring
the shit out of people is fun, but that's just being a dick if they're
begging you to slow down, especially when you almost rear end like 5
different cars you douche 

Автор Ricardo Milagre (5 месяцев)
(Come back to this comment in 2015)


Автор David PhoTWENTY (22 дня)
Dam that thing moves! All motor on a 4banger 300+ dammm what's that a
10second sleeper? Sick build

Автор Kevin kozak (15 дней)
Ive never seen anyone drive that fast so badly...and he thinks hes so
good... wow

Автор itscherry (1 месяц)
I don't understand why people hate Honda's so much. If you think there
shit, why are you watching this video? No offence, but go watch videos on
the cars you take pride in. It's like saying you hate the mall/gallery,
then go too the mall just too tell people how much you hate it. It's
stupid!! Personally I think our car world is ruined, people can't respect
others builds, then wanna compare it to their boys car, or some guys car
from their town. So what, I put time and money into this car because i like
THIS car, i don't care what you have too say. Ever heard, if don't have
something nice too say, don't say anything at all. stop comparing apples,
to oranges, to pears.. their all different. Some people prefer one over the
others, just get over it. 

Автор Jeb Clowney (1 месяц)
HOLY SHIT! He did all that with 300hp? Damn I wanna see him in the 700hp
Civic. Man this dude should be a freelance get away driver for bank
robbers. Or better yet Fast and The Furious movies should use him as a
stunt driver. This dude is a beast behind the wheel.

Автор Ralphy M (26 дней)
He clearly drives like that all the time... He got in his zone lol.

Автор Michael Calvano (2 месяца)
love the engine, hate the driver. Keep it on the track.

Автор DGOfTheCentury (3 месяца)
you would think they would have some type of radar detector or something
driving these speeds on the highway...but no LOL

Автор Zympress (23 дня)
Best EJ on Youtube hands down. Good job Rob...

Автор XxSnow Goon (1 месяц)
I guess i'm the only one who likes his driving. Ya'll commenting don't know
what an idiot is if you ain't come over to the valley here south of Texas
and see all the idiot drivers going 25 mph on 45 mph zones in both left and
right lanes. I drive like Rob when others piss me off and don't move.
Haters are incoming... lol

Автор YouTube d (1 месяц)
"thats how a man drives."

no, thats how a stupid kid drives.. quit putting other peoples lives in
danger, dick.

Автор Armor Section | Editor (3 месяца)
Damn this guys a fucking savage. Then he violated yout whole life by saying
you sound like his wife...damn

Автор Bruno-pierre Cyr (27 дней)
Ahah what would be the world without haters lovs u guy :) Honda FTW 

Автор Johnny Salvattore (2 месяца)
This is wrong and stupid, car is bad ass nonetheless so like from me lol

Автор Gustavo Cesare (1 месяц)
I didn't know there were so many fucking pussies here. If you can't handle
the video, simply step away from your computer.

Автор mrnoah1124 (2 месяца)
Passenger (you) is a fucking pussy 

Автор PcKiller Here (24 дня)
Anyone can do that! So what is the big deal?

Автор ThatDude458 (1 месяц)
Yo this dude's shifting skills... Straight butter! Smooth as silk dam 

Автор Julio Liriano (1 месяц)
i love Hondas! but brakes heating up and having non abs f*cking sucks and
could be very dangerous, telling from experience.

Автор crxter (1 месяц)
"That's how a man drives" Fuck off, I couldn't care if you kill yourself in
an accident, but don't involve innocent people.

Автор Shaggy Rogers (2 месяца)
the guy driving is a jackass 

Автор Kyle F (3 месяца)
He shifts like a retard

Автор GixxerManiac4dub (1 месяц)
pretty lame the vids sped up at 2:30

Автор Ricardo Summers (1 месяц)
more like how a fucking dickhead drives...

Автор Colten Wortman (2 месяца)
driving like that is a fucking stupid idea. but damn is that car clean!

Автор Jvmxs Ramirez (1 месяц)
Lol I would of fucked my friend up as soon as that car came to a stop 

Автор MRsteezy123 (10 месяцев)
i have driven allot of fast cars and believe me im not no grandma
driving..i make my way thru traffic allot you can say but when i switch
lanes im precise...i love to do pulls but doing 160 in traffic is stupid i
dont care how good of a driver he is one wrong move he kills everyone in
the car and somebody else..hondas hold well in accidents but 160 in that
piece of tin can? forget it.

Автор Joe11Blue (9 месяцев)
160 my ass. You're not hitting 160 with a 300WHP Civic without some custom
gear sets... This is just as bad as Bisi claiming to hit 230...

Love the, "This is how a man drives." with his squeaky voice....

Автор Shaggy Rogers (2 месяца)
the guy with the camera is a pussy lol

Автор brandoGTR48 (2 месяца)
this guy is endangering innocent people for no reason. "this is how a man
drives" lol

Автор notionSlave (3 месяца)
doesnt look like 160 LOL.

Автор Wendell Wise (1 месяц)
lmao I would have been pissed

Автор rayan gazader (8 месяцев)
Yo idc what anybody says that niggah can drive! Yo I drive fast and junk
switching lanes I can see the control and his shifting ability bro he can
drive just he needs to save it for a track! 

Автор Ariel Guerrero (1 месяц)
The intro was so corny 

Автор kidkidu2 (2 месяца)
I guess he didn't really trust Rob, and probably also didn't have much
speed experience; there was still a little more room on the gas tho' :D

Автор Ernie De La Torre (2 месяца)
You guys are a bunch of pussies ... 

Автор Aliciana Fuentes (2 месяца)
300hp. shits thats slow af. dam ricers

Автор Alome Chanthasinh (1 месяц)
Pretty quick

Автор mae bogs (1 месяц)
that vtec very nice men

Автор Bob Dabuilder (8 месяцев)
This is why people hate honda owners, keep that shit at the track man where
you only endanger yourself, dumb ass people.

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