Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - Block Installation - Part 1

MHE International has been involved in the Construction Industry and Construction Management since 1982. We specialize in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) projects a Green Building material, which is Energy Star rated and is used to build Zero Energy buildings and Passive homes.

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Автор Ivo Carlos da Silva ( назад)
coisa mais linda que ja vi adorei o projeto

Автор Mycroft Holmes ( назад)
what is the density for load bearing walls? foam concrete comes in a
variety of densities.

Автор RSD Trust (1548 лет назад)
I saw an accommodation block built like this in the Middle East. Superb
insulation properties and completely sound proof. Steel framed with
additional insulating polyurethane cladding followed by blasted concrete

Автор sankardas banerjee ( назад)
Every bodies has to construct their building by using ACC Block for
environmental safety

Автор Tony Neil ( назад)
there is no concrete fill except for bond beams ? so with a regular drill
and saw i could just cut a doorway through ? compare that to concrete fill
cmu or other icf products which have concrete and rebar throughout the

Автор Manish Modi (657 лет назад)
this is going to bring a new change in construction world.

Автор Yan Zhang ( назад)
Kingstyle, a manufacture of aluminum paste & aluminum powder. For
fireworks, paints, AAC blocks, other general industry coatings.

Автор Jaime Alonzo ( назад)
Zyah you can be the best mason in the world but it does not make you an
engineer .

Автор Aircrete Europe ( назад)
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, or simply aircrete, is much more than just
blocks. In Europe its a leading building material for decades. More
advanced products include: wall panels, floor panels, roof panels, facade
panels, lintels and partition wall panels. They come in load bearing and
non-load bearing types. To answer the "sturdiness" question - building made
with aircrete can be easily protected against hurricanes and earthquakes
with anchors systems. 

Автор jammapcb ( назад)
are AAC the same as cinder blocks?

Автор brasled ( назад)
Do a little research. AAC is very high compression strength, has met all
the standards for earthquake resistance, and is extremely fire resistant.
This is an exceptional product. 

Автор pacific1waters9 ( назад)
"It just doesn't seem sturdy enough..." Now that's scientific way to
evaluate a building system. It withstands compression tests as well as
lateral load tests. It's not used here because of narrow minded attitudes
like yours. It is used in Europe extensively without any problems.

Автор kent gallaway ( назад)
i think this aac system would be a natural for the use of surface bonding
cement rather than thin set motar .surface bonding cement is troweled on to
look like stucco and is stronger than a mortared wall without motar between
the block.

Автор Angel Fernandez ( назад)
is this system more expensive then concrete block construction? what is the
price for a 4000sq home?

Автор Scott C ( назад)
A company I worked with used AAC to construct a church in Kentucky about 12
years ago. I'm currently designing an addition for a Veterans Affairs
project using AAC. We choose AAC for it's reputation as a 'green material',
thermal value, it installs a bit faster due to being light and applying
finishes directly to the block makes the product cheaper to install over
CMU. The hardest part about using this product is finding qualified
contractors to lay the block.

Автор CN ( назад)
This would not be good to use as a structural material. However, if they
used a 4" thick version of this block, it would be good for insulation.

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