How to do your own "Coffee Enema" Gerson Therapy Treatment

Roslyn Uttleymoore takes you through the simple steps of doing your own "Coffee Enema" in the comfort of your own home.
"Coffee Enema" form the basis of the "Gerson Therapy" treatment for cancer.
"Coffee Enema" as a safe and easy method of cleansing your body, gaining many health benefits.

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Автор Mukto Logue ( назад)
Very nice and clear video. Thank you.

Автор anczerewicz1 ( назад)
I’m not sure I understand the beginning of the video. You mention using 2
tablespoons of organic coffee that you place in an empty glass jar. You
then pour hot water into the glass jar containing the coffee grounds. You
then add cold water to make a litre coffee mixture.

Is there a reason you don’t mention boiling the grounds In water first to
extract the beneficial components from the coffee? Is the proper Gerson
procedure not to bring 32 oz of water to a boil & then add 3 rounded
tablespoons of organic coffee that you let boil for 3 minutes? After which
you turn down the heat and let it simmer (covered) for 15 minutes and then
let the mixture cool (i.e. warm to the touch) before straining (e.g. using
a cloth-lined strainer or white linen or nylon). After straining you would
check the coffee-water mixture and add water to bring the total amount of
the mixture back to 32 oz (i.e. 4 cups, 1 liter). Then you’re ready to go.
I’m curious why you presented it the way you did?

Автор Brian Bloomfield ( назад)
Do you use the coffee grounds go inside you for the enema?

Автор Marco Nunez ( назад)
Is coffee enema safe for fatty liver treatment?

Автор rossharmonics ( назад)
I didn't catch the name of the kit you recommend.

Автор Kay Chan ( назад)
Now I drink a glass of 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea salt water to solve the
tired and weak problem. It works. Looking up the internet. It should be
electrolyte imbalance or dehydration. I could not sleep non-stopped. 

Автор Kay Chan ( назад)
I am tired and fatique after several times coffee enema. What should I do?

Автор scott goodman ( назад)
Hi!Im doing eneman almost 2 days now and i feel tired headache and joint
pain after coffee enema.what do you think by the way im doing enema just to
detox my body.And can you please give me advice i cant hold it for 12 mins
i can only do is 10 to 11 mins.Hope you reply Thanks!God bless!

Автор mkaytanli mert ( назад)
Enema coffee is instant coffee?

Автор mkaytanli mert ( назад)
As a begineer, What is your advice at first according to coffee quantitiy?
1 tablespoon per 1 lt water is enough as total enema solution? regards

Автор mkaytanli mert ( назад)
You use 2 tablespoon coffe for 1 lt? and you have not boiled it why?

Автор Andrew Schmidbauer ( назад)
I appreciate the video but seems to be off on how to make the coffee ,
after looking at the gerson , instructions again .
boil 1/2 a quart of water, remove from heat , add 3 table spoons of organic
coffee , put back on the heat simmer for 12-15 min. let cool . adding cool
water so quickly isn't going to bring all the important elements out of the

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
I have to agree with you there stefan homano LOL Roslyn

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Hi Mike :) It really comes down to time, and priority for you, daily would
be good combined with a cleanse of some sort. weekly if that works for you.
Any time you do an enema, it is effective in cleansing your body :) Trust
this helps LOL Roslyn

Автор Mike from Louisiana ( назад)
I am going to try this! Thanks. I watched your other video where you boiled
the cofee gerson style. How many times should you do this? Once a day, or
just very now and then. I am not sick, would just be doing it to enhance my
raw diet :)

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
So sorry for the delay in replying, :( I am confident you will find your
answers with Gerson. Good luck with your journey LOL Roslyn

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Thanks for the feed back LOL Roslyn :)

Автор kellsterwellster29 ( назад)
Proponents, like myself, who have been sharing this with as many friends
and family as possible say what I'm going to say: TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! I
had to get past the barrier too, but when I considered all the years I took
prescribed pills without much thought, but was so confronted with the
"alternative" of a coffee enema... They are amazing Robert. Trust yourself.

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Hi Ella Cruz nothing to be confused about, every single person will have
their own unique experience when administering a coffee enema, depending on
your own personal caffeine tolerance level will determine your body's
response. You will feel more alive simply from the benefits of cleansing
your body when combined with a plant based diet LOL Roslyn Trust this helps

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
I'm sorry but I do not give online consultations, this video is a guide
only. My suggestion would be if your husband is a meat and potatoes guy and
he is happy why change ?? There would be absolutely no reason to add juices
to a meat diet, in my opinion there are no healthy meats. If you need
further information on your thyroid condition and Gerson I suggest you
contact them direct. I trust this has helped in some way LOL Roslyn

Автор Julya Murillo ( назад)
ALSO: My husband does not have any type of cancer, disease, etc, but was
wondering if he should be following the Gerson diet anyway as well. He is a
meat and potatoes type of guy and would probably never go completely
raw/vegetarian. Do you have any suggestions for his diet? Could he do his
regular healthy meats and just add the 13 juices and coffee enemas??

Автор Julya Murillo ( назад)
Ms Uttley Raw Food, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroiditis Hashimotos Disease
which is an Autoimmune Disorder of the Thyroid Gland. I am planning to go
on the Gerson Therapy Diet and Lifestyle route! I am currently taking a low
dose of thyroid medication, as it is crucial to my health at this point. Do
you have any suggestions for me?

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
KravDr After you have inserted the tube, undo the clip and allow small
amounts of the liquid to flow, until you feel full, some people can hold
the litre quite comfortable, others need to do the process in smaller
amounts. You will know when you are full LOL Roslyn

Автор KravDr ( назад)
How do you know how much coffee to uptake? How do you know when to stop the

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Lets just agree that Hawaiian Coffee is king !! ALOHA :)

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Hi Robert, thank you for your comments and questions. I have based my whole
experience on Gerson, here you will find all the positive information for
coffee enema's you need. Administered properly there is absolutely no
danger with CE. I am a total believer in CE and personally use them every
day, plus encourage my clients to do so also. Trust this helps. Regards

Автор Robert4RealEstate ( назад)
I'm new to trying to understand the benefits of a Coffee enema. What do
proponents of this technique have to say about how it is described on
wikipedia as dangerous and unproven.

Автор Miri Marshmallo (562 года назад)
Wow, looking great for 56! Thanks for this!

Автор Mister EIE ( назад)
A hot 56 too!

Автор balderdashery G ( назад)
Thanks! I will do that!

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Makes me very happy that the video has inspired you to get going with the
enema's, please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can assist
you with, Roslyn

Автор balderdashery G ( назад)
Thank you so much. I've been thinking about doing this but to shy to
actually talk to anyone about it. Now I have the info and am comfortable
with going on my own.

Автор Robin Bishop ( назад)
You literally add coffee grounds to boiling water rather than brewing it
through a filter?

Автор zestydude87 ( назад)
56?? You dont look it. Jm 42 and i would go out with you in a heartbeat...

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Thanks for the feed back, glad you enjoyed it <3 <3 <3 Roslyn

Автор John Palmer ( назад)
@UTTLEYRAWFOOD Amazing, I must admit!

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
@sidecrank 56 actually :)

Автор John Palmer ( назад)
I tried it and forgot the sugar!

Автор John Palmer ( назад)
It has not done her much good,she is only 29.

Автор Esmée La Fleur ( назад)
I am not sure where you got your coffee recipe from, but it is different
from the way Dr. Max Gerson recommended making it: he says to use 3 tbsp
coffee simmered in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes. It is my understanding
that the coffee must be simmered in order to extract all of the active
components. And the coffee must never be strained through a paper filter
because most of the active components are present in the oils which will
get trapped in the paper filter.

Автор addvoc8 ( назад)
Real men "drink" their coffee enemas straight-up! The ONLY thing I take
lying down.

Автор STORYTASTIC ( назад)
@PJohnny76 yes and that is highly recommended..Amazing health
benefits....let us know!

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Hi luvintherawlife, thank you for your comments <3 Cleansing your liver is
paramount if you do not have a gall bladder. with Love Roslyn

Автор PJohnny76 ( назад)
Can you drink the coffee after? I'm really into recycling and would love to
give it a try.

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Aloha <3 thank you for your inquiry. I don't feel there is any particular
brand of coffee to use other than organic. Go with what you feel is right
for you. Just keep doing the enema's, they are one of the best treatments
you can give your body. Cleans the blood, colon, & liver, awesome cleanse.
LOL Roslyn

Автор Roslyn Uttleymoore ( назад)
Aloha again wwotin <3 It is my experience, through being a Colon
Hydrotherapist for 13 years, I recommend my clients do the enema's in the
morning. This is due mostly to the natural body cycle of elimination in the
morning and the coffee can have an effect on some peoples sleeping. It
varies with each individual. Thank you for sharing LOL Roslyn in the RAW

Автор wwotin ( назад)
Does it keep you awake?

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