Strongman vs Powerlifting vs OLY Lifting

Which sport is THE HARDEST?
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Автор prgm001 ( назад)
The only fundamental difference between being gay and straight is the
ability to have children. The only reason being gay is a "lifestyle", or
that it's different to being straight in any other way, is that society as
a whole has repressed and excluded it for decades. Take that negative
judgement away and almost of the downsides disappear.

Автор timfosho ( назад)
This man's words are as glorious as his beard.

Автор Kocis19 ( назад)
All beautiful and tough sports in their own respective manner, requiring
different skills and training for each. Tough to compare them to one
another, all different physical and mental aspects. Good talk.

Автор Alexander McGarry ( назад)
this is a great fucking video true passion for the sport amazing

Автор kakkashin ( назад)
Strong men are generally big dumb oafs? Sickening generalization from you.
Anyone can do a farmer walk? Well, anyone can do an olympic lift! Same shit
applies to that too! Never thought of it? Fucking moron ROFLMAO!

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Nice argument, dolt.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Being gay is not fun. My gay friends all wish they could be straight. Aside
from the sex, its all downside in that lifestyle.

Автор TheQuindawg ( назад)
I dont think MightySaxon55 you have any clue on how powerful or explosive
olympic weightlifters are. Weightlifters are by far the most powerful and
explosive athletes in the olympics! chigishev, klokov,akkaev im sure would
destroy any of those strongmen at sprinting or jumping!

Автор kraig9 ( назад)
Huh... I didn't know Serj Tankian was big on weightlifting.

Автор Damon Perkins ( назад)
Great video man, coming from being a distance track runner I can say
weightlifting is a whole new monster, but I definitely agree the
satisfaction from hitting a nice clean and jerk or a snatch whether its
just a 135 pound snatch pr or a 205 power clean pr cannot compare to
getting a new 800 pr(2:05). Awesome video, I hope to see more!

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Fair enough :)

Автор prgm001 ( назад)
Sure. But every time you write or say something like that, it reinforces
the notion that being gay is something bad or shameful, and that being
called gay is an insult. It's also hurtful to gay people. So if you don't
have anything against gay people, don't say stuff like that. :-)

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Not trolling, was just a bit bored. Look man, I have nothing against you
and certainly not against gays. If I had the power I would turn every guy
in the world gay (except my spotters and the football team I play on - that
would just be too weird) :D The guy I was replying to was trying to troll
me, so I replied in kind.

Автор prgm001 ( назад)
I hope you're now trolling me.

Автор Alan F ( назад)
My second sentence tells you I am afraid of gays?

Автор prgm001 ( назад)
It's pretty clear. Your second sentence.

Автор Alan F ( назад)

Автор prgm001 ( назад)
Why the homophobia?

Автор Gym Brown ( назад)
You're also an idiot. I'm not fat. I'm like 9% body fat last time I
checked. I'm 204lbs, 6'0. I'm an olympic weightlifter of 1yr. I'm trained
in brazilian jujitsu, just not into that shxx for sport. The end

Автор toooooooooooooor ( назад)
Well put. Love your enthusiasm :)

Автор kakkashin ( назад)
Dat ignorance.

Автор deadstockk ( назад)
I liked the fact that this didn't totally shit on two and hail one option
as the true weightlifting sport. Everyone is so territorial, what gives?

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Never tried lifting rocks, but thanks for asking. Did you have fun at the
gay bar afterwards?

Автор MightySaxon55 ( назад)
I agree that it is one of the best, but an olympic jerk is not a true
overhead lift. It has a lot of snap and dip. A log press or axle press is
much more testing because the whip of the bar is not there and the drive
from the legs doesn't help spring the implement as much and stonelifting
has been around for thousands of years as the standard of measuring
strength which are also lifted overhead.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Sorry bro, I just dont see the reason for those quasi-weighlifting sports
to even exist. Who can lift the most weight overhead is the best simplest
uniform test of strength.

Автор MightySaxon55 ( назад)
well seeing how you are just being extremely ignorant and not giving other
strength athletes their credit, I think you need to check your own drug
lvls their pal.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
"Mariusz pudzianowski and thor bjornsson could easily outrun hossein
rezazadeh or Matthias steiner in a sprint" You know how I know youre on

Автор MightySaxon55 ( назад)
Dude why are you hating on strongman. yes Olympic weightlifting is crazy
hard. if you look though at the strongest of the men at both sports.
Mariusz pudzianowski and thor bjornsson could easily outrun hossein
rezazadeh or Matthias steiner in a sprint and I bet if they got into a
deadlifting contest I know who would win. I like the fact that you love
your sport, but strongman destroys bodies. Even the greats last at most ten
years at the top. Where as the Olympic greats can last up to 16 yrs.

Автор MightySaxon55 ( назад)
You want to know why man? Because people who are mediocre at one strength
sport have to make an excuse that it is not what they do. I agree we are
all lifters. All of them take a vast amount of technique and time to master
and become good at. Stop comparing and just sample each one of them and be
good at all of them, but master one if you have a preference:). Right?

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
I did front squats and high clean pulls today, how many rocks did you lift?

Автор darkwasabi2 ( назад)
This guy is seriously moronic... You aren't doing anything other than
giving a bad name to olympic weightlifters.

Автор Alan F ( назад)
But you didnt lose at Olympic weightlifting nor did I win some dopey
competition. You lost the argument, which I won :)

Автор Jamie Smalls ( назад)
MUSASHI is an idiot!

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Better to have lost at olympic weighlifting than to have won some dopey
strongman stump pulling competition.

Автор adsf ( назад)
awww...don't be sad, cupcake

Автор Vikas R. ( назад)
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another minute in the gym, then you should keep an eye on this online video
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spirit because it focuses attention on self rather than on the other person.

Автор Christopher Case ( назад)
Incredible! I loved it.

Автор TheBlackRaveSF ( назад)

Автор PolKsio ( назад)
Fat powerlifter jealous of olympic weightlifters detected

Автор Gym Brown ( назад)
You're an idiot

Автор John Smith ( назад)
A lot of fighters use weights, which obviously makes them gay yeah?

Автор adsf ( назад)
all this is homo....real men do battle with each other boxing, mma,
jiujitsu, whatever....as long as it's man against man man against weight is

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Sweet. I do love a good victory.

Автор SistorCarrera ( назад)
love this guy,v powerful and honest few are

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Defeat noted.

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Aha, so saving face it is :) Tuck your tail and run baby :D

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Go lift a cement ball and leave real weightlifting to real athletes.

Автор Alan F ( назад)
I am going to ignore that nonsense and ask you if you truly are incapable
of understanding the point I was making or if it's just about saving face
for you right now...

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
That would be most retarded because oly lifter lift the most weight.
Strongman hides behind obtuse implements, and p-lifting hides behind poor
technique and compression suits.

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Clearly you didn't understand what I was saying. So let me simplify it for
you - the definition of a sport is not based on the complexity of a
movement (or whether an athlete from one genre could do the moves from
another). I could just as easily ridicule olympic lifters for not being
able to lift as much weight... but that would equally retarded.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Let me simplify it for you: oly guys can easily perform any powerlifting or
strongman lift, whereas those stiff lummocks couldnt rack the bar let alone
snatch it.

Автор millertm89 ( назад)
Powerlifting is tested in the premier organization (USAPL), don't know
about strongman

Автор Alan F ( назад)
Wow, that makes no sense at all. Even if your original statement that
anyone can do a powerlifting movement is true (which it really is not), the
idea here is that they could not do it with as much weight. If you say
powerlifting is not a sport, then neither is running, biking, rowing, etc.
After all, anyone can do the movement. Looking back at your comment, I
wonder if you are capable of seeing the irony in calling other people dumb.

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
The level of skill required is far higher in oly lifting than in strongman
or powerlifting. Anyone can do a farmer walk, whereas the Snatch is a
highly complex movement not easily learned. Strong man guys and
powerlifters are generally big dumb oafs, oly lifters are superathletes.

Автор darkwasabi2 ( назад)
Are you implying you need to be smart to oly lift? Because if you are, you
are stupid. Stop hating on other forms of fitness. Just because it isn't in
the Olympics doesn't mean it's not a sport where people compete in
extremely high levels. Your entire statement is biased, narrow-minded, and

Автор Roberosein Someonesmomovich ( назад)

Автор MUSASHI108budo ( назад)
Only oly lifting is an actual sport, strongman and power are just dumb
lifts any moron can perform.

Автор The Unsung Voice ( назад)
Amazing. You earned yourself a subsriber. This was a recommended video btw.

Автор Pratheek Vasishta ( назад)
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Автор Milford Cubicle ( назад)
you should get that growth on your chin checked o....wait a minute....

Автор johngalt191 ( назад)
Bash on clint all you want but until you can put up more weight than him
nobody cares

Автор jooodsdssdd ( назад)
10:32 for yargggggggggggg.

Автор AnotherAvenger ( назад)
This man looks like a fatter and hairier Jack from Lost

Автор TheHansiraj ( назад)
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Автор kakkashin ( назад)

Автор joe pg Pom ( назад)
elliot hulse is better jack

Автор joe pg Pom ( назад)
all talk no game.

Автор joe pg Pom ( назад)
go run track i no doubt it isnt hardest for u=]

Автор DimebagVision ( назад)
Which is harder? ALL OF 'EM!!!!

Автор Kocis19 ( назад)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Weightlifting is the only sport amongst these
three in America where Steroids are tested for? Hence why America shits the
can in weightlifting internationally.

Автор JonnaaM ( назад)
You crack me up

Автор E - Money ( назад)
You look like one one of those Kazakh brutes we see dominating Olympic
lifting. Are you originally from Kazakhstan?

Автор sgzartan ( назад)
Good analysis and analogies. I agree with the points that you've made,
especially the training hundreds of sessions just to improve 1 kg in the
oly lifts. That level of frustration (and my knees) can't deal with it. The
best saying I've ever heard about oly lifters is "Olympic lifters are born,
not made". I could get psyched up to 100% and still miss an oly lift.
There's a much, much less of a chance of that happening in my strongman or
power training. I

Автор joethefuckup ( назад)
i thought it was a really interesting look at all three. i've been doing
strength training for the past 3 years and am now looking to switch to
olympic lifting or add a lot of the elements into my regiment. the biggest
reason i wanted to start olympic lifting is exactly the reason clint talks
again..you have to be "perfect" you can get away with a lot of bullshit in
other disciplines after you suffer a serious injury like a disc herniation
or otherwise you take a close look at form.

Автор nickv11763 ( назад)

Автор Will T. Baghard ( назад)

Автор Hello They're ( назад)
strongman and Olympic weightlifting help a lot more with real world
strength then power lifting ever could. Powerlifting was the first one I
did and I feel it was by far the easiest. I ate way more food when I did
Olympic weightlifting compared to powerlifting. Olympic lifters are
smaller, but they use more fuel then powerlifters so they have to eat more.

Автор billy mead ( назад)
Loved the squat analogy

Автор bobharrisa ( назад)
Clint I like you and want to agree with you, but Olympic lifers need to eat
just as much. They probably train longer than any other iron game

Автор HrHaakon ( назад)
Unless you do quarter squats.

Автор john marsh ( назад)
If you're going to scream at the camera could at least normalise the sound
so I dont have to keep adjusting the fucking volume

Автор jzb111 ( назад)
With Olympic Lifting you must be in a even state of mind. Very true. But we
can't as human beings. So when we aren't, we focus on the power lifting to
get stronger.

Автор julian marcuzzi ( назад)

Автор MyThelema ( назад)
Lower that god damn voice or get a new camera haha! My ears are bleeding
right now hehe

Автор SistorCarrera ( назад)
Clint was rly helpful vid,i dont know much but i know your right ty

Автор Multistyles ( назад)
Awesome video man i love your passion

Автор Danil Shimanskiy ( назад)
love your videos man. i subscribed. keep it up!

Автор Mia Hannah ( назад)
You can sure fuck off,If you want I'll even email you the pictures and
videos (miahannah88@gmail.com).That was almost a year ago so Ive gotten a
lot stronger. You're probably the same dumbass that thinks going hard in
the damn gym is half squats and curls.Bitch, take your shit somewhere
else.Americans are so fucking ignorant to olympic weightlifting it's a
fucking shame. Men like you are the ones that bitch and complain when shit
gets heavy. Fuck off.

Автор Maxim mamona ( назад)
You are correct. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but
nothing was coming. Between I heard that most of the celebrities used to
follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. you can watch out here

Автор festdir ( назад)
I wasn't expecting William Shatner's school of speech inflection. It's like
Capt. Kirk grew a goat. I can dig it.

Автор crazefaze27 ( назад)
Why are all strength athletes now wanting to be seperated and distinct from
each other? We're all the same dudes who want to be strong (but in
different ways). Back in the day, Tommy Kono competed as a body builder,
did tons of powerlifting movements, and won the Olympics in Olympic
Lifting. Back then the goal was to just be strong. Now everyone says, "No
I'm a weightlifter not a powerlifter, or Powerlifters don't do strongman"
Who gives a shit, we all want to kill the iron!

Автор Palpac ( назад)

Автор Palpac ( назад)
The hardest he has done, is what I am sure he said.

Автор Reidar Skofteby ( назад)
I wouldent say any of those sports are the hardest. Try running a Marathon.
I bet you would think thats harder by far ;)

Автор פרט שם ( назад)
who is this fool?

Автор fred stat ( назад)
hahah you're really enthusiastic about sport, just like listening to a 8
year old talking about his first trip to disney world.

Автор Nelson Silva ( назад)
I already told you. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6
pack. But I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks
about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. if you are serious go for
it now bit.ly/1bVwMaq?=xdryy

Автор Daniel Bstfup ( назад)

Автор caprajn ( назад)
lol so tru...i think for you clint you're so strong that its easy for you
right now but weightlifting is not strength its explosive power...but like
you said towards the end you just need more time with it when youre putting
up heavier weight you'll see the same difficutly as if you were doing your
1rm squat/deadlift/bench press...would love to hear your about how ur
weightliting is going in the future

Автор Dennis Kolenovic ( назад)
I tried strongman training once. It rlly was extreme as hell

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