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Автор Patrick McMenamin ( назад)
love how this guy talks about the iron game

Автор Dragnesi ( назад)
His passion is viral u_u

Автор InMyDen ( назад)
Seriously i think he just broke my speaker with his fucking shouting.....!

Автор Jason Bloho ( назад)
This guy looks like a dwarf straight out of Lord of The Rings.

Автор Jason Bloho ( назад)
This guy looks like a dwarf straight out of Lord of The Rings.

Автор cody bunker ( назад)
Oly lifting isn't a strength sport? I guess it requires no strength to lift
over 500 lbs over head. Haha! I guess you could say power sport. Oly builds
your neuromuscular systems.

Автор Yorn Flarp ( назад)
strongmen is like powerlifting for reps and your cardio vascular system
full of cholesterol from extreme eating and testosterone injecting is
pushed above 180bpm regulary..... that is scary,I wonder why these guys
dont get heart attack regulary

Автор Matthew Boydston ( назад)
Not to mention all the roids you need to do for strongman 

Автор Georgie Greig ( назад)
REALLY interesting video dude (Y)

Автор Techorexia ( назад)
Nomatter what you do. Just... Push as hard as you can :)

Автор StevenTocher ( назад)
great video, I love the building of the experience and the way you
illustrated each point!

Автор Styrkr ( назад)
dude shave everything but keep the long ass soulpatch. 

Автор geo1210able ( назад)
Hey clit!

Автор Rey ( назад)
All he did was TALK!

Автор klasyka polskiegoHH ( назад)
holly crap you look like osama :D

Автор Ragnar Lodbrok ( назад)
Makin me wanna lift right at this moment dude! Nice vid!!

Автор Adam Milic ( назад)
Nice video but a bit unfair for O-lifting. It's a lot easier to black out
from Olympic lifting because of the blood pressure that goes to your head
when the bar is over it,especially when you go for PRs. That is why you are
meant to drop it when you are done with the jerk, you can easily pass out
if you hold it up for too long. It requires more technique than any other
lift, and the focus to pull it off, not to mention the overall discipline
to keep going at it. Plus no americans in the last 30years have been
successful at it despite the high population and easy access to the sport.
Even with genetics you can't cheat your way to the top, look at Yuri
Vardanyan's son.

Автор Adam Milic ( назад)
JOUKO AHOLA! World strongest man x2 at 265 pounds body weight, check him

Автор Kyle Rosinke ( назад)
Really excellent video.

Автор El Papi Grande ( назад)
Clint Wyatt will crush you. 

Автор Eric Winter ( назад)
died at 3:43

Автор MrTresto ( назад)
You have such passion, and you convey it very well! I enjoyed your video
very much. Thank you for sharing.

Автор Harry Belfore ( назад)
The last couple statements were the most truthful statements about olympic
weightlifting. My trainers are brothers and are both incredibly good one
won the US Open this year and put up big big numbers for both snatch and
clean and jerk and everytime he starts a lift he gets fired up. His best
squat is 600 lbs in the olympic style back squat and we don't know how much
he can deadlift because he experiences back problems if he pushes too hard.
But you will enjoy it more in the future as you get into it.

Автор NOLIFT LOL ( назад)
Cliff u look like Rich from hardcore pawn

Автор Sean Ye ( назад)
all three are very different. i think the more you train the easier it is.

Автор nerdlova ( назад)
that was poetic

Автор TheSick83 ( назад)
I haven't done or competed in any strong man competition, but i dare say
the technicality behind Olympic lifts are so simple and extremely important

Автор Michael Mayers (beast mode) ( назад)
strong man u need to be crazy, power lifting u need to be brave and olympic
lifting u need to bebold

Автор callmemrcohall ( назад)
Snap snap snap

Автор Josh Oberly ( назад)
That passion is what it's all about.

Автор RF Johns ( назад)
Once again to clarify both power and Olympic do have enormous strength but
it is without this strength/endurance combo that you need to do the
strongman series.

Автор RF Johns ( назад)
The strongmen series especially the annual contest combines endurance and
enormous strength that powerlifters and Olympic lifters don't have because
it is just not needed for these 2 sports.

Автор Carlos Ramos ( назад)
Well said respect

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