Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Jimmy take turns trying to guess what the audience chose when given random "Would You Rather" scenarios.

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Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Просмотров: 8368343
Длительность: 7:4
Комментарии: 3346

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Автор Hailey Wells ( назад)
i know right

Автор Hailey Wells ( назад)
kevin hearts so funny

Автор Udit Raizada ( назад)
rip cricket, u shall be missed your life matters.... i will name u spooky

Автор Clay Vinson ( назад)
Does Kevin realize how fucking disrespectful it is to wear ribbons that he didn't earn. Sorry, just pissed me off.

Автор aracely jarquin ( назад)
Chapolines. Crickets are actually good

Автор Erick Barragan ( назад)
crickets are actually really good, we have them here in Mexico

Автор Asakura Shinobi ( назад)
the dog gonna tell ur girl u cheated

Автор Linda Goffigan ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon selected the cricket because he wanted to shock the audience. Ratings, folks.

Автор Hooper Chheang ( назад)
in my country cricket is very good when seasoned well...and it's healthy to eat

Автор Carson Anderson ( назад)
I holds worms all the time when I fish it's not like it's a snake that can bite

Автор Leila Botetzayas ( назад)
Was the audience a green screen?

Автор Clorox Bleatch ( назад)
0:31 WTF IS WR IS THIS BITCHES HAIR (top left corner

Автор Jman Pdiddy ( назад)
Beyonce doesn't even sing good

Автор W.W Heinsenberg ( назад)
name of the outro ? please

Автор Makaelah Napolitano ( назад)
My fave

Автор Zoie Cleghorn ( назад)
I pick up worms for fun!

Автор Weki Weki Gaming ( назад)
if they asked me, eat 10 crickets for 1 Million Dollars
I am going to eat 20 just in case

Автор OreoThePanda ( назад)
When you've eaten cricket and it's actually good and healthy despite what they are and held worms for more than half an hour because you were a curious kid...

Автор Dulceamorati ( назад)
The accent is going the wrong way in Beyoncé...

Автор Bang Bang ( назад)
I can't believe he ate a cricket over a holding worms hahahaha :D

Автор Tiesha Alanis ( назад)
I would rather pick up the worms

Автор Jasmine Harrison ( назад)
Its just worms though

Автор Celine StClair ( назад)
kevin heart is hilarous he should have a talk show not jimmy fallon

Автор Sanajaoba Chingtham ( назад)
the way Kevin Hart laughs 😂😂😂

Автор woube kebede ( назад)
Kevin hart's just not what used to be. 😞

Автор Lll Lll ( назад)

Автор Faith Arnt ( назад)
I love worms wth

Автор Vanessa Oriella ( назад)
He ate a cricket I think I'm going to be sick 🤢

Автор raykiller 9000 ( назад)
jimmy falon turned into jimmy criket

Автор Deez Nuts ( назад)
See into the future is what I want so I can know the answer for my test math and chemistry to pass grade 7

Автор spiderpandasrule ( назад)
jimmy cricket

Автор Alex M ( назад)
crickets have parasites so he just ate one.... all crickets have em

Автор Tylii Boo ( назад)
Omg Jimmy is so much taller than Kevin lmao

Автор Drayton Smith ( назад)
now u can call him Jimmy cricket

Автор Ekrem Taslak ( назад)
Picking up worms? Here in Australia we did that for school in year 4

Автор Rob White ( назад)
really? nightcrawlers? that's hard to hold??

Автор Rosela Lovato ( назад)
That was a good impression of Jerry Seinfeld.

Автор Kim Jaeyoon ( назад)
and bear grylls would be like. why and what the fuck are they bitching about

Автор Edward Garix ( назад)
Turned my stomach

Автор Sir Joshawott ( назад)
dude a talking dog would suck... they know too much...

Автор notfromspiderman ( назад)
You know he's a city boy when he would rather eat a cricket than pick up some worms. Y'all disappoint me...

Автор Jada Walker ( назад)
i was doing what kevin hart was doing

Автор Dank Swish ( назад)
every single answer I was opposite from the crowd. I'm such an edgelord.

Автор fantom8207 ( назад)
I don't think they ever went fishing with worms for bait

Автор Siddarth Krishnakumar ( назад)
Jiminy Criket!!

Автор jelli belli ( назад)
i hate when he said from the movie Kevin hart:what now its Kevin hart ya we know

Автор FRESH NAGY ( назад)
Kevin hart and jimmy Fallon should be in a movie with each other

Автор lawd moomy ( назад)
i wish kevin would have lost it would have been funnyer

Автор Bryan Lopez ( назад)
eating fried crickets is a snack in Mexico & they're actually really good

Автор S a L o O o M e ___ 7 ( назад)

Автор FaZe Tank ( назад)
he is sweating at 2:59

Автор Kira Gaskins ( назад)
i love crickets and meal worms covered in cheese powder

Автор Luke Cassidy ( назад)
Oh, come on. Rhett and Link would have mastered that crickets. Hell, they probably could've eaten all of them and the worms.

Автор T Mc ( назад)
OK, Listen up!! I want you to watch these two RKM SHEKELGRUBBERS on your SEWERVISION SETS as your children sit there with dumbed-down MATRIXitis and ask yourselves : Is this entertainment or is this just more crap pumped into your SEWERVISION SETS to keep your children's minds in the dark? (RKM stands for : Rothschild/ Rockefeller Khazarian Mafia who own all the media in America including The SEWERVISION STUDIOS OF HOLLYWOOD)
How long are you brain dead matrix trapped zombies going to allow this worthless crap into your living rooms while your children become wannabe rap stars and Lady Gaga idols? Worse yet, these worthless SEWERVISION EXECUTIVE SHEKELGRUBBERS laugh all the way to their (FEDERAL RESERVE) banks with your money in one hand and your children's future in the other.

Автор Zoë Elise ( назад)
Why would u eat a cricket over holding worms they are harmless!!😂

Автор zewie ( назад)
why do i get the feeling like the audience is faking everything, everyone look so fake for some reason hahahaha..

Автор Kawaiisquishies !!! ( назад)
I got goose bumps when he ate the cricket

Автор Madison Root ( назад)
bruh holding a worm isn't bad at all growing up that's all I did was get them out of the ground and play with them like wtf.

Автор Madison Root ( назад)
bruh holding a worm isn't bad at all growing up that's all I did was get them out of the ground and play with them like wtf.

Автор 337on ( назад)
I'm sorry first of all I don't wanna hear a dog talk. They Bark. lick their nuts eat shit.

Автор Marian Glenn ( назад)
thats disgusting to eat a freaking bug

Автор Thomas Knelsen ( назад)

Автор Basty Lacson ( назад)
In the philippines they eat crickets

Автор James Burgess ( назад)
Is that Solange in the audience? lmfao

Автор Сохатый. ( назад)
May I ask, I'm not from USA, I'm form, kind of Russian, anyway, do u Americans afraid of fucking worm? I mean it's just a worm or mb we r so cruel or what?

Автор Brodzzzzz ( назад)
Kev hates animals lol

Автор How to You ( назад)

Автор Jilito Jiménez ( назад)
Everyone throwing shit on him for eating the cricket, it's for SHOW, people would rather have him see him do that.

Автор TheJeenbeen ( назад)
I would eat a cricket while holding worms in my other hands

Автор Wello Andi azizah ( назад)
Cricket its taste good actually many asians people eat that

Автор Kaniesha Burkley ( назад)
Kevin Hart Had Me Rollin 🤣🤣😂😂

Автор Toilet Trip Advisor ( назад)
Thats so stupid, Pet dogs last WAY LESS Than humans. So basically having a pet dog that could talk would only last a couple years. plus if you have a clone human and you need to go on a date with someone, But also have a VERY important meeting you cant miss. Tada! Plus you can use him for your entire life! instead of a dog for a couple years

Автор Brandi Jordan ( назад)
Kevin is funny

Автор Jack Werstroh ( назад)
What the fuck are those punishments they aren't even bad

Автор alex groot ( назад)
jimmy ate it like a boss

Автор Davis Herrick ( назад)

Автор Marisol Anthony ( назад)
Those are oaxaqueños hahaha

Автор Project -42X ( назад)
Holding worms for 10 seconds was too much for him?
Jimmy would SUCK as a gardener.

Автор Justen Harden ( назад)
No one will ever be on Rhett and Link's level

Автор yeyeyeye ( назад)
What's wrong holding worms?

Автор joseph nattrass ( назад)
What if the dog is an asshole?

Автор Perry Williams III ( назад)
6:00 me when my sibling gets in trouble

Автор K.Martinez ( назад)
when you're Mexican and already eat crickets 😂

Автор Davis Herrick ( назад)
Kevin Hart is super funnny

Автор T Mc ( назад)
If these idiots are funny, then I am a monkey's uncle. Wow, that would make a good question: Would you rather be an idiot or a monkey's uncle?

I bet Kevin would be tongued-tied! (now, that's funny!)

Автор ash shaho ( назад)
Seeing the future meaning u know when u will die, errrrm no thanks

Автор Morgan Ratcliff ( назад)
am I the only country one in the sea of comments? I would hold all them worms for 5 minutes. JUST FOR FUN!

Автор help me reach 1000 subs before my friend ( назад)
when i was little i did both of these for fun lmao

Автор Brittany Hardyman ( назад)
everyone said eww at the worms is it, like cmon that's free bait I would've went fishing 🐟

Автор Brittany Hardyman ( назад)
everyone said eww at the worms is it, like cmon that's free bait I would've went fishing 🐟

Автор Brittany Hardyman ( назад)
everyone's said ewwww at the worms but is it bad that I would have taken them and gone fishing? 😝

Автор Brittany Hardyman ( назад)
everyone's said ewwww at the worms but is it bad that I would have taken them and gone fishing? 😝

Автор The savage Bro ( назад)

Автор CJ Jorgensen ( назад)
Clearly not a fisherman

Автор Mr. Shadow ( назад)
What now Kevin hart

Автор ImJamie ( назад)
When Jimmy's turn Kevin tried to do reverse psychology 😂😂😂

Автор Joel Neufeld ( назад)
Is that a price tag on Kevin harts jacket at 3:02

Автор max w ( назад)

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