Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Jimmy take turns trying to guess what the audience chose when given random "Would You Rather" scenarios.

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Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Просмотров: 9566110
Длительность: 7:4
Комментарии: 3484

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Автор Joon ( назад)
I really don't understand the use of military medals/awards as a fashion statement. It looks ridiculous, like a child playing dress-up. It's even worse since he's wearing a Navy SEAL trident...

Автор Santiago Bd ( назад)
Crickets with lemon and salt taste delicious

Автор Logan Miller ( назад)
His nam is jimmy and he is eating a cricket so it makes jimmy the crocket

Автор EraseMeWhole ( назад)
Come on, this was funny but how is holding worms a punishment? I do nastier shit than that in my sleep (like nutting on my dogs head)

Автор Macy Grande ( назад)
I pick up worms all the time what's the big deal lol

Автор Kuo Lee ( назад)
for some reason kevin hart (5'4) look like baby next to jimmy fallon (6'0)

Автор Holdengillespie ( назад)
Why is everyone scared of worms

Автор TaliaThe Unicorn ( назад)
I honestly have no idea why people make fun of Kevin for being short, im extremely short standing at 4'11, and i love it. There are SOOOOOO many perks of being tiny, and its amazing. Sorry tall people.

Автор TeC Ant ( назад)
5:24 found the new Daniel Bryan

Автор Black Shadow ( назад)
hahahahahahaha I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😅😆😆

Автор Shamar Palmer ( назад)
anything for TV ratings

Автор Ruwayda Mukhtar ( назад)
It's real or fake tho I can't

Автор Rosalia Espinoza ( назад)
sieck bor.

Автор Jessie Girls ( назад)
I still wacthing😂😂😂

Автор meg flight ( назад)
yes eat an insect when you can hold a chill AF worm for 10 seconds.

Автор Benito Llan Matos ( назад)
Would you rather...
... hold the worms for 10 seconds?
... or eat the cricket?

Автор Daniel Castillo ( назад)
Jimmy's impression sucks of Seinfeld. just saying

Автор masih mirmohammadi ( назад)
its fkn worms not snakes !!

Автор AdmacEdits ( назад)

Автор Kinah Faulk ( назад)
i would rather pick up a worm. i did it before anyway

Автор Redarm Leader ( назад)
City slickers.

Автор Isabella Escobarg ( назад)
The last question was twilight all over again

Автор Fuzzy Wuzzy ( назад)
lol such a fake reaction to the crickets, cuz crickets are actually rlly nice when cooked

Автор Chris Mentalist ( назад)
Of course Fallon would go for eating the cricket! Classic party pleaser.

Автор Dash TheGamer ( назад)
This might sound weird, but I pick up worms all the time.

Автор Josh Lucas ( назад)
you know we live in a beta male society when holding worms and dirt for 10 seconds is considered a punishment

Автор Oscar Khan ( назад)
he ateeee itttttt,ewwwwwwwww

Автор Josh Kraak ( назад)
Rhett and link have trained you well Jimmy

Автор BlackoutKalico Beta ( назад)
haha i love crickets theyre soo delicious and theyre are also great to do hot sauces

Автор James Courtad ( назад)
the crickets were probably fake

Автор wanna_go skateboards ( назад)
the one place your vote actually counts

Автор Angel Ortiz ( назад)

Автор Eli Martinez ( назад)
What is wrong with eating a cricket?!?!? Crickets are really good so I don't see the big deal about it😐

Автор Saurabh Gautam ( назад)
Only if bear Grylls was on this show.

Автор ACAwesomeness ( назад)
I definitly wouldve picked the worms

Автор Garrett Jones ( назад)
ya like jazz?

Автор The gamer Crew ( назад)
It's disgusting

Автор Avery Sax ( назад)
4:18-4:21 😂🤣😂🤣

Автор DCComics123 Thug life ( назад)
If anybody is reading this have a good day but I know you people are going to scroll past this

It would mean a lot to get 5 likes

Автор Clownfish Breeding for Dummies ( назад)

Автор Carington Bebee ( назад)
Why were they so grossed out about that. I play with warms everyday and I have ate a millworm and a cricket roasted before it's not that bad

Автор nick green ( назад)
Picking up worms isn't even gross you do that when you go fishing

Автор betwen ( назад)
jimmy dont eat me 6:16

Автор Nick Grand ( назад)
All he does is SLAM WHITE PEOPLE in his stand up and you guys love him ? Lost . Asleep .

Автор Gabriel Marcial ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks crickets are good?

Автор Shane B. ( назад)
Who let a toddler on the show again

Автор Allison Heise ( назад)
He had to eat a cricket

Автор Bertil Ramsgaard ( назад)

Автор Nikita Dunnage ( назад)
Tbh I would pick up the worms (there is nothing wrong with worms) AND eat the crickets 😂

Автор Nasser Albloushi ( назад)
I really wanted kevin to take the punishment

Автор H1J4X CODE: 7355608 ( назад)
wtf why did you eat the bug when YOU CAN HOLD SOME WORMS FOR 10 SECONDS WTF


Автор Santi Meraz ( назад)
Crickets taste great actually

Автор Mariela Natali Teran Quezada ( назад)
i love jimmy

Автор adj rahamn ( назад)
+44 7555 633563

Автор Best One Here ( назад)
Jimmy cricket

Автор Bro Life ( назад)
If you chose the hunger games you'd get shot by Katniss

Автор Mr Void ( назад)
Bugs aren't that bad..

Автор John Doe ( назад)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Wow how dare Kevin wear those medals.. My brothers and I have fought. and some even died in war to protect his freedom, and he had the nerve to disrespect. Like he earned those metals shame on you Kevin Hart

Автор RICO NEIL ( назад)
What i would rather:
1.Usain Bolt
2.Hunger games
3.Talking Dog
5.Read peoples mind
6:02 lol Kevin!!!!!

Автор RICO NEIL ( назад)
0:46 #jamaican #fast #representin'

Автор Nick Johnson ( назад)
Pick up worms lmao

Автор Royal Panther - Mgario ( назад)

Автор Gilgamesh lll ( назад)
crikets taste good when cook, in many countrys they eat them with tortillas, and worms they dont even bite, imaginé holding spaggetti

Автор Luis Rojas ( назад)
5:24, Kevin is returning that jacket. Price tag is still on...lol

Автор Lem 1212 ( назад)

Автор Joey Gh ( назад)
I would rather do a Robert Dinero impression for the rest of my life.

Автор Ellie F ( назад)
"You are the worst friend ever and so are you" -a thing you only say to your actual friends who are assholes in the way only real friends can be.

Автор Luke Awt ( назад)
Are the eyes of Kevin Hart... wrong?

Автор Appletreedork miss nuggets ( назад)
fuck u people my answer ella always be dogs!!!!

Автор Appletreedork miss nuggets ( назад)
true i would wanna be fast two fuck Beyonce voice it alright sucks

Автор URB2ful ( назад)
As soon as he said "or eat a cricket," I immediately thought of Rhett and Link

Автор Aracely Lopez ( назад)

Автор Nathan Ninham ( назад)
he ate the cricket because I'd be more entertaining to watch lol

Автор Torab Abdullah ( назад)
thumbs up for eating the cricket

Автор Jack Sanders ( назад)
Honestly since he asked if he wanted to eat one with him I would have been like "Fuck it, I won. I'll eat one with you" haha bad sport Hart is.

Автор Stephen Flatt ( назад)
i am using my dads laptop

Автор Stephen Flatt ( назад)
i am a 16 year old girl who does damn fishing as a hobby so in that case i would hold the worms

Автор sweetlikez ( назад)
cmon you can't hold worms for ten seconds??? lol

Автор Hamza Darwish ( назад)
I was that white guy spit the cricket out if u look closely

Автор im better than you ( назад)
but Beyonce just makes a bunch of werid sounds. to want to so g better than her would not be that big of a great thing,

Автор Tony Free ( назад)
Jimmy "cricket" Fallon

Автор Forehead Republican ( назад)
Beyoncé doesn't sing much anyway

Автор Stefan Domuzov ( назад)
weak "comedians".... no wit whatsoever.

Автор Lina Mertens ( назад)
reserve naked along gvyhyl fun talent handful coach priority.

Автор Andrew Nguyen ( назад)
My buddy and I used to catch Cricket to eat!
Of course after cooked it!
Best thing ever

Автор dcos5 ( назад)
Fallon tries to be too positive and he over does it, in a way that is kind of annoying.

Автор N0tY0ur4v3r4g3N0th1ng ( назад)
1. Wrong
2. Right
3. Wrong
4. No Right Answer
5. Depends How Each Works

Автор Cameron Barron ( назад)
what kind of sycopath picks eating crickets iver holding worms lmao

Автор Shefa Khairullah ( назад)
wtf is with Kevin's laugh at the end when jimmy has to decide between the two? XD he fricking hiccup laughs.

Автор Bin Laggin ( назад)
for us Mexicans we eat fried crickets with hot sauce sometimes

Автор Chase Terrell ( назад)
0:17 when he is mic'ed up but insists on miming out his words to make the crowd seem louder :/ this guy is just too fake. He is the politician of Late Show hosts. Just... idk it annoys me.

Автор canadian gamer ( назад)
are you a germafob

Автор canadian gamer ( назад)
beyonce is hot a bolt cheats

Автор piaisnotcool ( назад)

Автор Hardy Thakur ( назад)
pickin up worms was a mch better option....but he seemed to be hungry...idiot.😭

Автор Mystical_Anime_Cookies And_Cream ( назад)

Автор Mastahcheech ( назад)
I'm a white dude, not even supposed to like crickets.. But they actually taste pretty damn good. Especially with salt. And they're super good for you.

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