Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Jimmy take turns trying to guess what the audience chose when given random "Would You Rather" scenarios.

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Would You Rather with Kevin Hart

Просмотров: 7607397
Длительность: 7:4
Комментарии: 3156

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Автор PHNX EN3RG ( назад)
Usain bolt is objectively the fastest person on earth. There is no way to
measure who is the best singer and even if you could Beyoncé definitely
isn't the best.

Автор Rade007 ( назад)
I don't want to know what gonna happen in the future,so I would rather to
read peoples mind.

Автор Ed, Edd n Eddy ( назад)
There is no living thing on earth that doesn't envy a cheetah because of
its lightning speed. So who the hell wouldn't wanna be faster than Usain

Автор Kate S. Borling ( назад)
Wtf!! I touch worms all the time 😂

Автор Calsefire ( назад)
Wth... Just hold the worms

Jimmy is sooo f*cking FAKE!! 5:10 FAKE as F*ck bruh!!

Автор Marie Tagbo ( назад)
Stress level: Kevin Hart trying to chose an answer

Автор fanfic 4ever ( назад)
Why would you choose EATING a cricket over HOLDING some worms? Makes no
sense to me, whatsoever.

Автор Lachlan Callaghan ( назад)
1:02 look at the guy and two girls on the right in the middle, they didn't
find the joke funny...

Автор Jake Garcia ( назад)
who all thought of the Sharingan from Naruto when he said "Would you see
into the future"

Автор Gerry Nightingale ( назад)
I can't understand why fucktards feel some innate need to be self-righteous
over medals? Most of which mean NOTHING! As if wearing a bunch of
meaningless shit 'means something'...no, military service grants no
benediction from God...period.

Автор Alex KH ( назад)
Why would they sing better than Beyoncé ? If your faster than using bolt u
awesome! Imagine if someone was chasing you? Who would you choose?

Автор Nikki Dijkstra ( назад)
Supporter exception end opponent volunteer sun member diabetes writer.

Автор Daily Scraf ( назад)
My List..
1.) Sing better than Beyonce
2.) Trapped in the Jurassic
3.) Have a clone of yourself
4.) IDK.
5.) See the future.
You can do this too, my answers ^

Автор Daneillea Wadsworth ( назад)
**no crickets where harmed during the filming of this show** lol

Автор AfroSenju XL ( назад)
pick the blue pill or the red pill, DA CHOICE IS YORS!!

Автор Richard Watterson ( назад)
I would much rather have a clone of myself instead of a dog that can talk,
wtf is wrong with people!

Автор PJ MUSIC ( назад)
from all the tonight show hosts jimmy is my favourite

Автор Your Mom ( назад)
I'd rather slam my balls in the kitchen drawer for a hour

Автор DesertDog1178 ( назад)
What do you mean, you people?

Автор Fernando Gomez ( назад)
those crickets that he ate r eaten in Mexico all the time and when ever I
visit there I eat them and r really good because they put lemon and salt on
the so they have a better taste, granted I eat the smaller ones but I think
the biggers ones aren't so bad

Автор Leo Lutz ( назад)
Makes it funnier when Steve Higgins is on there! Love that guy! #hilarious

Автор Martha Neufeld ( назад)
but if u read someone's mind u could choose how ur future goes easier
instead of just looking at the set one in front of u, AND still live the
mystery of life tho. plus if u just see into the future it doesn't mean u
can see what choices u made during present time that got u to there

Автор Stephen Jacksington ( назад)
Rihanna sing better than Beyonce

Автор Jack Dominic ( назад)
But worms are so cute

Автор Eric Hoffpauir ( назад)
Jimmy just likes eating gross things lol, I saw him on Spill your guts or
fill your guts having a feast 😂😂

Автор Anna Shimizu ( назад)
If dogs talked, they won't necessarily be cute.

Автор Tom Powell ( назад)
Wish restrict worry oxblxz loss come.

Автор alana terrel ( назад)
pick up the worm duh

Автор Piggers71 ( назад)
The fact that they thought it was a big deal to pick up worms really tells
you something.

Автор alana terrel ( назад)
it's pronounced yousane not oosane damn Americans can't pronounce shit

Автор Tiddles G ( назад)
I would love to hold worms! idk why but I have a love and appreciation for
all living things! bugs don't gross me out, not even removing an ingrown
toenail will gross me out! I would eat a cricket but I'm a vegetarian now

Автор Fabian Hofbauer ( назад)
Lol you guys discussin what you would rather be whilst im looking at this
guy in the right corner each time the guy on the mic talks, especially at

Автор gale webb ( назад)
oh heeell no! i would have picked the worms hands down!!

Автор JacobasCool ( назад)
I would have picked the worms that's not bad

Автор Omo Irumundomon ( назад)
This entire video put a big smile on my face.

Автор Micheal Santana ( назад)
I was like boiii if you don't pick up these worms...but the motherf****
still ate the cricket

Автор Jack Armstrong ( назад)
Media roll proof traditionally comment light represent break.

Автор Armando kasemovic ( назад)
6:02 Kevin Hart's like 😂😂😂👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾

Автор Terry Coleman ( назад)

Автор ultimate Aidan ( назад)
well you can read someone's mind and discover what they are about to do if
they are thinking about it. so you can read the future if you chose reading

Автор Mike Kenny ( назад)
Girl in bottom left looks like Justin Beiber

Автор Jawel Zimbabwe ( назад)
When I clicked on "Would You Rather with Kevin Hart," I was under the
impression that this game would be going in a different direction.

Автор Gõld Quęęnîe ( назад)
looool 😂😂😂

Автор Jules Sinclair ( назад)
"If I could read your mind does that mean that I could see into the

Автор Zachary Drake ( назад)
I know it's easier to pick up a warm. But I would still totally eat a
cricket just for the heck of it lol

Автор Adriana Gamez ( назад)

Автор Christi 〈3 ( назад)
Guess we should start calling him JIMNEY CRICKET 😂😂

Автор Tom Zimmermann ( назад)
I'm really into that girl on higgins right. If you read this, message me ;)

Автор Victoria Androli ( назад)
What is wrong with picking up worms I used to do it all the time.

Автор vicente renteria ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon , remember when Gibbie's pants fell down on live tv ( icarly)

Автор HollarForADollar :D ( назад)
Kevin sounds like a zebra at the end

Автор Alig8or V2 ( назад)
I really want to try rating insects but idk where to buy them

Автор KendraS ( назад)
Funny video but I don't see holding worms as a punishment. Worms aren't bad
lol 😂

Автор Julian Pagano ( назад)

Автор Noah Davis ( назад)
Why does he have those medals on, was he in the military?

Автор Gerald Beauton ( назад)
I wish that Kevin lost because it would have been so funny if he had to
choose those two options

Автор christian catalan ( назад)
That answer makes no sense if you see into the future that you might do
certain things to achieve that future but in doing so can change and ruin
that future with the other option you could read others minds and create
your future to me reading other's minds seems like the better choice

Автор Monica Alston ( назад)

Автор Nick Childs ( назад)
There are some real cuties in the audience fucj

Автор Maritza Hernandez ( назад)
Stolen Valor! Stolen Valor! Stolen Valor! Stolen Valor! Stolen Valor!

Автор Destany Makel ( назад)
I would've just held the freakin worms! Used to pick them up all the time
when I was little.

Автор Tori Jackson ( назад)

Автор Little Adventures R/C ( назад)
Having eaten crickets before...THEY HAVE NO TASTE!!!! They are crunchy but
they really have no taste.

Автор Mr. Pugs ( назад)
Running is way better than singing. All people have different tastes and
some might hate your singing voice, but you can't have an opinion about the
world's fastest runner. Running is also more useful than singing.

Автор DobrePytanie ( назад)
Cutie on the bottom left tho <3

Автор Vebjørn Johansen ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the song that The Roots are playing at the end
of each of these videos, or is it just made for The Tonight Show with Jimmy

Автор ben crosier ( назад)
I am pretty sure that the dog who could talk , provided he was of ordinary
dog intelligence , would get a little irritating after a while.

Автор sandra dixon ( назад)
is it just me or does the guy in the front row look like a young Jim Carrey

Автор Erhan Achmad ( назад)
How the fuck is he able to eat a fukin cricket?

Автор Juan Diaz ( назад)
you kno what that sound means ... rain ???

Автор spacy ( назад)
should have been eat either. btw....Jimmy Rock!!!! Best talkshow in a
while. Only better is Graham Norton.

Автор ezyah perales ( назад)
hunger games i be like katnis

Автор Little Joe ( назад)
What's so bad about picking up a worm? I've picked up both when fishing,
but I leave the eating part for the fish. They like to eat them for dinner.
I don't.

Автор Micky J ( назад)
I would of picked up the worms

Автор Nick McPherson ( назад)
Has Jimmy never gone fishing before?

Автор Marmi Mihaila ( назад)
I puked.

Автор 00juls00 ( назад)
...you'd literally rather eat a cricket than just merely touch some
worms?!! Whaaaat?!!? That's insane. lol

Автор Peter C ( назад)
Holding worms? That isn't a punishment lol

Автор SupaSonius ( назад)
seeing into the future would be cool, but if you were to prevent something
does that mean the future will change because you're going to prevent

Автор Marshall Lee ( назад)
I wish it Was a pet that can talk and not specific to a dog like I'd have a
talking lion fuck outta here soooooooo amazing

Автор M3AMG63 ( назад)
gotta admit, freqin love fat thighs in ripped jeans though....

Автор Leon Cathey ( назад)

Автор King Souljaz ( назад)
he rather have people shaking his hands than having someone kissing him

Автор Kai Chongloi ( назад)
crickets are good source of protein

Автор Derek Short ( назад)
Speaking of a barn burner I had some dope addict friends once who burnt
down a old abandoned barn

Автор Derek Short ( назад)
I love how youtube ads will never, ever, under any crcumstances, failt to
play the entirety of the ad without interruption. But the actual youtube
video is fair game and can stutter or buffer on a whim. I could probably
unplug my internet modem right as a ad starts and it would still play all
15 or 30 seconds of it.

Автор Jeremy Young ( назад)
I am an engineering student, please donate any amount bitcoin:

Автор nacho martin ( назад)
dude, pick up the worms, these americans never went fishing and searched
for live worms in the mud near a river

Автор maureen fox ( назад)
head Chuck cicisbeo Costco

Автор Valerae Rose ( назад)
the girl on the right side of the guy giving them the would you rathers
looks like justin bieber

Автор Frida Aguayo ( назад)
Nah my dog knows to much

Автор Lou Bonnet ( назад)
Mess interpretation meeting narrative instead influence.

Автор Reaper Games ( назад)
Please tell me that Kevin hart isn't wearing a trident on his left

Автор Martin michel ( назад)
Yo left right deerbra. How does one figure out how dey bank account set up
to deal with dey DM. G-ones poppin thriller from billie Jean V rings & she
doesn't wanna give MySpace. Do u give da POP i love u and i would... money
or you just i don't understand my rocket Cajun dis here invasive to bless.
oh red POP Vrings Gone everything Gtap earn legacy. we know who wat just
pay paper stop looking dishonorable with hotcharge

Автор Toon Meulemans ( назад)
Love kevin hart

Автор hayden singletary ( назад)
Holding worms isn't even a punishment

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